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🖳 Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 Walkthrough

🖳 Diamond Penthouse Escape 2

[REPLAY] TeraLumina's Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 is the sequel to Diamond Penthouse Escape point and click room escape game by TeraLumina. the sequel to Diamond Penthouse Escape. You escape the original Diamond Penthouse through a secret exit only to find yourself stuck in another room. There's no going back, but at least there are more diamonds around! Can you find a way out and leave with all the diamonds? Game progress is automatically saved. Good luck and have fun!

Play Diamond Penthouse Escape 2

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


click painting till all sides go green to open for safe
use #of wine bottles to open safe

hammer bench

Annnnnnnnnnnnd out...... really good game :)

Hi, All! Nice to catch a live one, if it still is, LOL.

And I'm out. I'll stick around in case you guys need any help.

hi ty where is the black and white clue?

I have the gears placed, but don't understand what to do from here.

black white clue on wall

Help! Stuck with what to do with dart score. Doesn't seem to work for 4 digit code in key box?

Need one more gear and screwdriver

use the dart book for the score then multiply

       Anonymous  9/12/11, 8:43 PM  

There is a clue in a book to work out the dart board score and code.
The gears - all the green diamond shapes have to be green at once. I got there by putting them all on, turning them once, taking one off and putting it on again (changes it position) and turning again. Very much trial and error. Someone probably has a better explanation.

Ohh thanks. Been so long since I looked at that book, I forgot about multiplying.

ugh finally got my gears fixed and got the parachute but sounds like i landed on a car and hurt a cat!! lol

Can someone explain the picture frame for me? isn't the clue the dart board? But I cannot figure it out...

Nvrmnd, just saw clue, duh!!!

MsDe~use trail and error till all sides turn green

tried counting the bottles for the draw, wont work

for roman numerals use hammer on bench

bottles tell the order to push buttons behind the picture

Is this a bug or something? I only found two gears, I put them in the box and when I went back to it all four gears were there??? I ended up opening the closet anyway though

there is something goofy with the gears!

And once I opened the closet I lost all my items but I picked up the telescope and found parachute and.... craziest ending ever.

I can't find any dart, I had one gear then 2 others randomly appeared but I assume I need one more. I am also confused about the grey squares behind the picture. Where is the clue for that? And where is the screwdriver? I'm so stuck!!

The clue for the grey squares are the bottles on the wall
--see how many bottles there are and in what squares. Press the buttons in the same order.

Ok that was bizarre. Not at all what I expected. Didn't use many of my items. Oh well.

I counted the bottles for the draw, dont work

sherry which drawer?
the bottles are used for the safe behind the picture

Is there a clue for how to put the gears in or how to activate them???

the draw where the globe on it, It has roman #

You mean the picture when you click the frame it turns colors

sherry~use the hammer on the bench and it will show you roman numerals

For the roman numerals you use the bench.

MsDe~i think i got lucky but i was subtracting the number of turns it took to turn green from the original cog at the bottom so when it turned they would all turn green

get all sides of the picture green and it will open to reveal grey buttons

Well that was whacky!!! I missed one diamond somewhere...

MsDe~u can also see nooms suggestion above on how to do it

oh great u got it!

got the picture open, how do I use the black squares

thanks for the hint for using the hammer on the bench, I didnt know that.

sherry12~see the comment from Gail at 9:09

Thanks Larue, got it finally. I didnt see the hint before Thanks for your help

glad u got it open! well done!

now have , B R G keys, 3 gears, 20 diamonds, lighter now stuck again, Maybe I should just go to bed, I dont know where to put the gears, Feeling pretty dense tonight

sherry~it says the game will be automatically saved, so you can continue tomorrow!

       Anonymous  9/12/11, 9:57 PM  

I have used everything but the four gears, can't find where to put them... I feel so dumb

       Anonymous  9/12/11, 9:59 PM  

POP.... lol, DUH. Now to figure out the gears

That was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!
The gears almost stumped me, but it is 1:00 in the morning so I don't feel so bad!!! Loved this game!!

that was a pretty good game. I thought it froze when all of my items disappeared. Cexy yoou use the gears in the box to the right of the door.

       Anonymous  9/12/11, 10:12 PM  

I found it, but thanks jbg. Not the ending I was expecting, lol! Good game though, got out with all the diamonds :)

gonna start playing anyone gonna play with me?

That was a very good game - love the end!

Fantastic game!!

And excellent design, too.

If there hadn't been the tricky gear puzzle, I would have been out with no help!

For the gear puzzle, use this strategy:

- With every new gear you add, determine the position where its green side is and how to get there with the ones already there. (watch out for gears running clockwise resp. counterclockwise!)

- Example: if you have two added currently, and you need one turn with the third one to get to its green side, set the current ones to one BEFORE green so that with the next turn, you will get all three green. Hope I was a bit clear.

bottles spoiler for anyone who might need it

Numbering of squares in my spoiler:

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16

So it is


I loved this game. Great fun!

yes..got the perfect escape..only 1 diamant missing =)

I love this series of games, long may it last!

This was one of the best escape games i ever play!!!!

Top game, thank you TeraLumina

First game I managed without help :)


Very nice game. Thank you!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Using hits above it is possible to escape with out opening all drawers. for all gems you must open all drawers to get darts, etc.
the drawer that stumped me was the bottom right one. Look at the book shelf for clue.
Love the sound effects at the end.

       Anonymous  9/13/11, 8:42 AM  

where is the clue for the key colors?

       Anonymous  9/13/11, 8:50 AM  

POP, I wasn't using the hammer enough :)

cannot get gears right, ugh!

This comment has been removed by the author.

ROFL... i loved this game... especially the ending... perfect parachute end... then glass is crashing... car alarm... then: well, almost perfect end... its absolutely worth to view the whole end... never laughed so much at the end of a game

@Pascale, in case you come back. You have the amounts correct, but the book also tells you to multiple the 3 darts. So you multiply the values (27x8x6) for the solution.

Out, but I had to replay for the last 2 diamonds -- one was in the plant by the bench, and the other was in the book.

loved the way out :D


There are 4 corners to the room.
Zoomed out, use the down arrow to go to opposite corner.
Zoomed in, use the down arrow to zoom out.
When you solve a puzzle, zoom out once, then click door/drawer to open
Going right corners are fireplace (F), globe (G), vent (V), bench (B)
You can get to middle of walls from either corner.

Picture above fireplace (F)
- click edges in order to turn all green

Safe behind picture (F)
- click 5 squares in order to open
- Hint is shelves (B)

Panel next to door (B)
- Hint is tree pictures to right (B)

Drawer under globe (G)
- Hint is use hammer on bench (B)

4-key cabinet (V)
- Hint is on TV, use remote, click 3x

(Inside 4-key cabinet)
Slider drawer (bottom right)
- hint is shelves to right

Circles drawer
- Hint is looking through telescope

4-number drawer
- Hints are dartboard (using darts) and hint book

Gears box (right of door)
- place gears so that all show green

If you don't have all 30 diamonds and want to keep searching, DO NOT OPEN DOOR.


Green key behind picture (F)
Red key under globe (G)
Blue key inside c lock (F)
Yellow key in candle (use lighter) (V)

- behind picture (F)
- drawer under globe (G)
- china cabinet, right side (use hammer) (F)
- in vent (use SD) (V)

- hammer in panel next to door (B)
- lighter under couch pillows (G)
- Allen wrench by globe (G)
- batteries in china cabinet, blue bowl (use hammer) (F)
- remote in basket, bottom row, use batteries (B)
- eyepiece in slider drawer (V)
- darts in circles drawer(V)
- screwdriver in 4-number drawer (V)

1 behind photo right of clock (F)
2&3 in safe behind picture (F)
(on shelves)
4 next to #1 bottle (B)
5 tip vase in top row (B)
6 in covered bowl 3rd row (B)
7 in panel next to door (B)
8 in plant right of bench (B)
9 black shelves (V)
10 left of 4-key chest (V)
11 & 12 bonsai tree (V)
13 & 14 below & to right of TV (G)
15 in bowl on table (left couch) (G)
16 under couch pillows (G)
17 right of dartboard (G)
18 & 19 near globe (zoomed in) (G)
20 inside clock (F)
21 in china cabinet, use hammer (F)
22-25 in unlocked drawers in 4-key cabinet (V)
26 slider drawer (V)
27 circles drawer (V)
28 hint book on black shelves(V)
29 4-number drawer (V)
30 in vent, use SD (V)

Picture: LRUD
4x4 Safe (look at wine bottles):

Panel next to door: middle-bottom-middle-top

Drawer under globe: IX-III-IV-VI

4-key cabinet: RGBY

Slider drawer:
Number of times to click from starting position (does not reset)

Circles drawer (numbering circles smallest to largest: 2431

4-number drawer
You throw triple-9, 6, and double 4
Book says multiply the numbers: 27 x 6 x 8 = 1296

Gears box (right of door)
- Place all 4 gears in box, then hit button several times.
You want the white arrows in the following positions:
Right (3 turns)
Down (2 turns)
Left (1 turn)
Up (0 turns)

Here's one solution
Turn once (3rd is right)
Remove and replace bottom gear (3rd and 4th are right)
Turn again
Remove and replace top gear
Turn again
Remove and replace 2nd gear
Turn 2x and all will be green

End game
Take telescope and use to break middle window
Click on chair in front of fireplace and take parachute
Use parachute on window (WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)

This game is buggy - for me at least! There is no green key and no gear behind any of the pictures on the fireplace and the code for the safe does not work!!

@Kate --
Sorry I wasn't clear -- except for 1 diamond walk through "picture/picture above fireplace" is the big yellow picture.

The green key and gear come from
1. turning picture frame green to reveal 4x4 safe
2. opening 4x4 safe behind -- push the buttons in the order shown, starting with upper left.

You can also watch the video walkthrough on the game site.

Thanks, CA, but the code still doesn't work and I am sure that I have got it right (1st in 1st row, 2nd and 4th in 2nd, 3rd in 3rd and 1st in 4th). I will give up now, don't feel like starting over ;(((

       Anonymous  9/14/11, 3:12 PM  

in case you wanna go for it again...:
Your placement of buttons to push is correct, but maybe not the order... Referring to the quantity of wine bottles in shelf, you must push buttons in following order:
1) first in first row
2) third in third row
3) second in second row
4) first in last row
5) last in second row


Hi premiere,

thanks so much for clarifying that - I feel really dumb now....

       Anonymous  10/19/11, 1:42 PM  

Wher is the green key?........ I'm so stumped lol Please help :)

I really enjoyed this game... Only needed help with the bookcase puzzle, darts puzzle and the wine bottles one. I got all 30 diamonds without help, completed in 29:20. 20400 points in all.

A rare 5 star game, thanks for the replay! My stumbling was solved by the very first comment (press picture frame edges in the single order that they turn green), rest was pretty serial after that.

Enjoyed this game but felt somewhat cheated by the ending. If our ultimate means of escape was available all the way through, why did we waste all that time gathering stuff to open a totally useless closet door?!

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