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EGL Relax Lounge Escape Walkthrough

EGL Relax Lounge Escape

EscapeGamesLand - Relax Lounge Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Escape Games Land. You are stuck in the room. You have to find items and solve puzzles to get out. Good luck and have fun!

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key and flashlight, flashlight gives color clue in vase

color clue for clock, got a ? not sure what it is

something tells me this won't be relaxing

got multiple bulbs (used) key (not used)
used flashlight
got tonges

slight bug, you can take the light bulb over and over

stuck with grey color code from lamp
key and tonges (tweezers??)
are there really only 2 scenes

Stock with key and pincers.

object from clock is a marker, use it on the rug for clue to puzzle beside fireplace - got tongs


Pincers do not work in fire.

stuck in same place with tongs, key and grey color code from lamp

Haa i am out !

we seem to be stuck at the same place

how zazie!

but at least I have an endless supply of light bulbs!

Combine pincers with key and put it in fire.

what to do with the books is it a clue

found a hot spot on the bookshelf in the fireplace scene

but I have no fire - only logs

The books go from white to black (from left to right) Ignore the first book.

there's a bug. I also have so many bulbs...

how to start fire?

my key won't go in the fire after combining

Matches you get after doing the colors on the books.

Jo-Ann, did you put fire on the logs ?

Oh got it. That flashing add was annoying!

but it was too easy...

which books - what to do with books

nope no fire, also, my books are all the same color? are you talking about the books when you zoom in at the fireplace scene?

Very easy yes !

click on white part of books to change colors

@SM looks like we are both stuck here in the relax lounge. Too bad there is only one chair!

I cannot click any books for colors!

Left of fireplace is a zoom on a row of books. Above they are all white, click the white parts to set colors from white to black as i said above.

Click the top white parts of the books.

GAacckkkk! I tried clicking the white part, but only the first book! doh!

ty zazie - clicked those books a thousand times
how stupid

thanks zazie

The leftmost black books left of fireplace SM, click there.

out now. thanks for the book hint. never thought to click on the white part.

Zazie's the winner on this one!

and out now. thanks for the book hint!

Yw everybody !

Very good, actually, puzzles were logical, and the books one stumped some of our best players! (and me as well)!
Multiple bulbs problem has been fixed.

First scene:
Key on coffee table
Bulb in far right white pot
Torch/flashlight on chair
Chair in left pot for color clue
Color clue on clock for yellow marker
Yellow marker on rug for Shapes clue

Right scene:
Shapes clue on panel right of books for tongs
Bulb in lamp above picture (click picture) for black & white clue
Black and white clue on books, upper left, for matches
Matches in fireplace for fire
Combine tongs and key, then put in fire for working key
Key on yellow dot (door knob) to exit

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Puzzles being logical?!?

Some are, yeah, but with some others I beg to differ :)

Or did someone see any difference after he/she put the key in fire by means of the pincers?
Well, I didn't.

To me it felt like the insane will to make things unnecessarily complicated (though for no obvious reason).

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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