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The Honeymoon Is Over Walkthrough

The Honeymoon Is Over

The Honeymoon Is Over Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by TimeFall. Trapped! You have spent a nice long week enjoying the honeymoon but now you’re stuck in your suite. You panic! What can you do to escape? Look around? Find tools? Who would do this? Why are you here? Can you call for help? No. What will you do to escape your before something bad happens? Can you break the door? The whole week was grand except for this. Is there something in your bathroom that could help? Let’s just hope. Will the management come to check on you? Doubt it. Break a window possibly, but isn’t that dangerous? Can you find your way out in the "Vacation Is Over" game? Good luck and have fun!

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key from red puzzle on table

Hello all!
So far: Key, 3 pieces with numbers and knife

Going in...

Hi guys :)

Now have 6 pieces, key, remote and cd

called 0705 for my horoscope - nothing happened?
Use stool to reach clue above tv, use on mountain picture...

Found safe behind picture using hint from card.

Use knife to open drawer

the cd can go in the cd player, but you need a battery for the remote, which i'm guessing is in the bear. I can't find any clues for any of the drawers

I thought I got the monkey right - but apparently not

turn the phone number upside down, for the drawer code and use knive on other stuck drawer

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@Swiss, the monkey has to be horizontal and facing right

Thanks Truus!

SwissMiss, I thought I had him right too!

hint from bathroom, to get glasses

now have 2 keys, remote, 11 pieces, and sunglasses

cleaned the painting with the cloth (made it wet first)

Used hint from phone to open the drawer with password got another key and piece

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then use the glasses on the color code and it changes again

clean picture with damp cloth

thanks zoz - keep on trying

what cloth?

In bathroom now - hint for shapes-drawer, got another piece and glasses.

got SD from drawer now, used it on bear and got battery

got it, but i can't change the colors on the color code drawer

missing one more number

monkey - is he upright with tale on left and paws on right?

Dan, from the bathroom.
hmm, missing a number, got code for safe...

pop, OUT! Good game :)

am i not just supposed to click the color boxes to change them?

You can only change the colours once you have seen all the clues I think

i think this site has become more for just people who want to brag and update others on the status of their own game

Dan, did you use the glasses on the painting? It changes the code

out use numbers for key pad with tv code

Wet the cloth you got from the bathroom, use that on the picture and then use the glasses. Then you should be able to enter them in the drawer

Out too - that was a good game!

@Dan, you have to use the sunglasses on the painting first, then you can change colors.
@Swiss, the monkey is kind of on all four legs, with head to the right.

i'm out now, thanks everyone

Not at all Dan, we drop hints but were still trying to play the game ourselves.

I like this Time Fall! But why does nobody ever have batteries in their remote???

lol @ zoz, very true!

finally out too!
Don't forget to take the key after entering the code, I thought when it said "open" it opened the door...

I have finally that darn key from monkey but cannot open any of the doors

Great game, excellent logic!

@Swiss, one key can be used inside the bathroom, maybe that's the one I can't remember.

I cannot get inside a bathroom

have glasses, remote, key and a few letters

SwissMiss, think you have to do other things before you can use the key.

One key opens the bathroom, then the other opens the cupboard to get the cloth

I have key (left in inventory) and it does not open either of the doors?

yes, you have to enter the phone number first, then you can enter the code on the drawer (number upside down!) for the bathroom key

Also, the bathroom door is to the left of the TV.

Good game, thanks for all the hints!

to the game maker, I had trouble on the red monkey puzzle, solved it numerous times but didn't have it standing the right way so I thought I had done something wrong. That was frustrating

@SM the key from the red monkey puzzle goes in the bathroom where the towels are apparently locked up.

Where's the phone number hint?

@small, under the dish-tray (or whatever it's called)

@S-T phone # hint is under food dish, on the Times magazine

have to go - thanks - shall wait for a WT

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Thanks, got it, but can't use it on the phone anymore, the numbers I tried before won't go away anymore?

For the monkey puzzle, once I had the right picture, I just clicked each one so it turned round but stayed as the picture until it was the right way round.

Can you not clikc the 'C' button small-tool?

Nvm. Had to use the number hint on the drawer.


Nope Jo.C,
It stays there.

I was about to say, did we need to type the numbers in the phone? Can't remember if it done anything?

@S-T yes they turned green and then I think you can use the password on the drawer

@Jo.C that's what I ended up doing too but not until I read here that the monkey had to stand a certain way. I would prefer a hint as to how it should stand or else as soon as it is solved regardless of orientation, it should open

Thanks Jo-Ann,
was afraid I had to start over, but I'm out now.
Probably it's like you said. It triggers the drawer.

Oh and btw. Didn't had much problems with the bear.
When you have the right picture, just click all the rings 1 step (so you don't lose the pic) and keep doing that till it opens.

yes i agree @ Jo-Ann, a hint would be nice, don't like having to guess the right way round. Was just letting anyone else know, incase they had trouble :)

@S-T that's what I ended up doing but first I solved it, then made the head up, then made the head to the side, then though maybe I was missing something and stopped too soon.

That's why I prefer another hint, or else it opens regardless of orientation

Kind of like the phone clue, a sound, or something (text saying something clicked/moved) to show that what you did caused something else to happen

lol you just put the same thing small-tool

I can't get the picture off the wall. I see the hint on the card :

3, 1

2, 4

and I press the corners that way, but picture doesn't fall.... do I have to do something else first?

POP...just realized you have to click on the picture to see the safe!

I cant use any hint on drawers.
cant change letter (A-Z under TV, where you make them up or down - no reaktion, cnat change the letter "A"), cant do anything with the drawer with the yellow squares under food, only can change the pattern (circles, square, triangle), but need hint......
is this a bug?
( i have 1 key from puzzle (cant use it in one of the 2 doors), cd (in player), remote (without battery), 6 of 12 pieces, "opend" picture for safe,

3a35e...you have to do things in order. After a while it makes sense. The first thing is to solve the puzzle on the right table (it's a picture of a monkey) and get a key. You don't use that key right away.

It's a little trickey because some things you have to do in order, but not others.

You use the phone number that is on the Times magazine two times. First on the phone - just put in the number. Then you can do the four-letter word puzzle on the drawer - look at the number upside down for the word. Then you can go into the bathroom. It gets easier from there.

What a cool game that was!!!!!
I almost did it without any peeking....but I had to look to see that the cloth only worked when you get it wet!!!

Thanks, @Yalcin, for posting this!!!!


- Zoom in on the round table on the right and take button 1. Zoom in on the box on that table and make the picture of a bear (or monkey) with his head on the right.
It should look like this;
The Picture
And take KEY #1.

LITTLE TABLE with WINE under it
- Take the STOOL.
- Zoom in on top of the table and take button 2. Click the food dish and see the NUMBER HINT (0705), but also notice the 'upside down', so it's a WORD HINT as well (SOLO).
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the table and take buttons 3 and 4. Take the KNIFE.

- Zoom in (2x) on the phone and use the number (0705) and click E. Nothing seems to happen, but it triggers the code panel below the tv.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the tv cabinet and open the right drawer with the knife and take the DVD and button 5. Open the left drawer with the word hint (solo) and take KEY #2 and button 6.
- Put the stool in front of the tv and then zoom in above the tv. Take the REMOTE and button 7. Zoom in on the card and see the CORNERS HINT (1=top right, 2=bottom left, 3=top left and 4=bottom right).

LITTLE TABLE with WINE under it
- Use key #2 on the door.

- Take button 8 at the bottom right of the cupboard.
- Zoom in on the plant and take button 9 and see the SHAPES HINT on the wall (left-circle-right).
- Zoom in on the cupboard and open it with key #1 and take the top CLOTH.
- Zoom in on the middle of the bath tub and take button 10 (next to the soap on the right) and open the tap and use the cloth on it so you have a WET CLOTH.

LITTLE TABLE with WINE under it
- Zoom in on the drawers and open the left one with shapes hint (left-circle-right) and take the GLASSES and button 11.

- Zoom in on the picture and use the wet cloth on it and then the glasses to see the COLOUR HINT (RBYG).

LITTLE TABLE with WINE under it
- Zoom in on the drawers and open the right one with the colour hint (RBYG) and take SCREWDRIVER and button 12.

- Zoom in on the teddy bear and click it to see the backside. Use the screwdriver and take the BATTERY.
- GO LEFT (2x)

- Put the battery in the remote so you have a WORKING REMOTE.
- Zoom in on the DVD-player, click the right button, put the DVD in and click the button again.
- Zoom in on the tv and use the remote on it and see the END-CODE (4286).

LITTLE TABLE with WINE under it
- Zoom in on the picture and click the corners according to clue from the card above the tv (top right - bottom left - top left - bottom right) and then click the middle to see the safe. Put the 12 buttons in and click the code (4286). click E, open it and take the END KEY.

- Use the end key on the door and you're out.

Phone number upside down????
5070? 7 is not a number upside down...

Can't play this game!! (at least in FF)
The scenes keep randomly jumping around.
Trying to solve bedside puzzle, the view keeps jumping to the TV.
Trying to enter code in 4-letter drawer, the view keeps jumping to the food cover!

Restarted & it's working ok!

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With the glasses you see another colour hint.

S-t -- Thanks, I just figured that out -- went through your walk through to see what I'd missed and READ it!
When I restarted, I had the same problem as the first time, but the 4th time it worked again (and using glasses I got out)

Nice game, not too difficult, not too easy !

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where do i put code 4286

@guppy -- check end of the walkthrough!

Puzzled you got it perfectly right. This is quite a nightmare to play on FF.
And lo and behold, I did play it on Opera, just for that reason. :)

On FF my double mouse cursor annoyed me much too much.

Unfortunately not only do Timefall kill time, as the name may suggest, but also my CPU resources!! (Probably also due to the insane ads that always have to be Hi-Q in 16M colors, yeah right.)
So I had to play the game in "Above Normal" priority of Opera to get a fluent cursor movement instead of sluggish behavior and weird jumpyness!

got it now and out

@Zoe - and others

Thanks that helped - i only wonder...i use the phonenumber some times before in right order - now the numbers went into green and i can chnage letters on drawer.

Sorry for my long "name" - i use AOL/AIM-Account, dont know how to use my real account.

Hallo Arbeitsloser - bist Du auch von flashplasticthinking? Ich bin da Rucksack


After that phone-thing i m out without any problems


LOL! Cool game!
Btw: It played itself in FF...!
After experiencing the same as @Puzzled (& @arbeitslooser), I suddenly received congratulations, haha!
In Chrome then no quirks (brain included)!
& dank je wel, s-t,
for another solid WT!

It was a lovely game -so far - but I still have troubles with picture. I keep pressint the right corners (or even on picture) according to the card hint, but I can't drop it.

and now, I must give it up, too tired. Good night

I' m out!!!
After clicking the corners, we were supposed to click the center of the picture where the heart is. Silly me!

Sailed through this one, reminded me of a TomaTea.
Whoo Hooo :)

out with help to use the number code 2 times. I thought I needed a cord for the phone so I didn't think of using the numbers again. Other than that, easy game.

Thanks for the help, small-tool!

did it lll on my own

I was wondering where my beloved sweet spouse was while I was so trapped! Paying for the room, perhaps? Or did we book our honeymoon in TESSHI-e's Escape Hotel?!

I truimphantly finally got to the final key - and went back into the bathroom by mistake LOL. Actually that's the sort of thing that happens to me in hotels...

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