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Hormiga Escape 2 Walkthrough

Hormiga Escape 2

Hormiga Escape 2 is another point and clicktype adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In Hormiga Escape you have to help the ant to find the anthill escaping from the dangers of nature. Good luck and have fun!

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Hello... let's have fun.

huh... what actually i should do here, keep moving the animals but the keep on coming back to their original place.

put sticks on leaf and starfish

Hi Dark - I need help here

put the stick on the stone to the ant - but antcannot pass crab yet

Hi Megi
two sticks placed but now??

i keep on putting fruit on the leaf next to bird but nothing happen.

if you make the right bottom ant walk and same time place food for bird then ant is redirected and eaten by lizard - lizard disappears

use stone on big rock on ur left hand side than u can take seaweed

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second scene!

give seaweed to crab than click on ant, ant walk till end of the stick

Thanks Dark_o_Heart, got the seaweed. Give crab seaweed and keep clicking ant to move forward to next screen. You also have to click turtle to let ant to shore.

plant green twig in middle - move ant over poisen via stick

how to move the lizard?

and out - that was a short one lol

make ant fly balloon lol

dark look at my comment 11.06

Short game!

In order to move the lizard, you have to highlight the little branch, then keep clicking on the leaf next to the bird until it is covered with 'seeds.' Once you stop the bird will start eating, so you have to be quick. Next switch to the hand (usar) mode and click on the ant while the bird is eating the seeds. The lizard will then eat the ant.

give seaweed to crab, move ant, move turtle, move ant
Greetings, L&G!

ok... i'm gonna restart.

Hi Premiere :)

2nd scene:
take jar bottom left & little green leaf branch right of fly...
aaargh, my mouse has some quirks at the moment...

branch top right over poison, move ant

ok, am stuck after putting 2 stick on the rock infornt of bird, i gave seaweed to crab, put seeds on leaf for bird and click the turtle but ant don't want to move and lizard keep on sticking out his tough

oh ok.. i need to click the fly too. silly me, thanks guys,

lol, I'm an after poster...!

dark - you have to click that fly at bottom right then quickl give seed to bird
the ant is moving away and the lizard eats it

thanks @SM, that is what i miss, got it, 2nd scene now.

Hi all....
how to across the white powder on second scene?

finally out, too...
cursor was often stuck on game screen (well, I shouldn't play games & upload a video at the same time, too much for my old fart of computer, lol)

put stick over it

LOL... finally out... relief... Thanks guys... can't concentrate cause i have important work to do in the same time

Stick across white line, move ant
pick up jar, move bee,
water in jar, water plant, move ant
free seed (right), move ant

@premiere -- THANK YOU IN PERSON!!
That was a love song (I listened all the way through!)

lol, Puzzled,
YW - those were the days... (btw, did you hear the groupies screaming 'cause of that young eye candy guy?)

I'm afraid I never heard of him, but he could move!

lol, Cliff Richard in his best years...!

very cute and logical game in and out :)

Not sure if anyone will ever need it, but I was stuck for a short while because I was missing a step in PuzzledinCAs mini-wt for the second part:

...water in jar, SPOILER , water plant...

cute and easy :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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