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Studio 27 Escape Walkthrough

Studio 27 Escape

RogueJoker - Studio 27 Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Rogue Joker. s a world renowned abstract artist, you were busy working away on your latest masterpiece in your trendy studio by the bay. Then you discover you have accidently locked yourself in. Try to find clues and items to help you escape from studio 27. Good luck and have fun!

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Am I alone? Key and number clue in cabinet

paint brush, pencil, paints, canvas...put canvas on easel, can change paint color on brush..and one battery

I'm in


got painting stuff - glasses and one battery - need another one

There is a blue key behind the other canvas - it opens the drawer.

I now, rather annoyingly, have a paint pallet attached to the left corner of my screen

Green key in blue cb opens green cb on wall. Adjust dials like flowers

Just click the pallet in your inventory again and it will go away.

Finally, help...lol...click paint palette again in inventory, it will disappear, RSA Momma

hi kimbo

also got green key and funny radio and got the printer working

I am totally late...

Where to use the printed paper and where are the glasses?

Glasses behind stand that flowers are on

Thanks :)
That pallet was getting awful irritating.

Nvm. glasses are behind the flower cupboard thingy.

Hi ! Got printer working too, don't understand it...and paper clue...no glasses for me either

Put printed paper on the projector. I have both batteries, but I can't turn it on.

Use pencil on placed canvas...

I'm doing something wrong with the radio.
6, 2 , 7 doesn't work

printed paper goes on projector - when you turn it on and look at it with glasses you get highlighted numbers

Glasses are used on the screen once the overhead is switched on - no clue what the clue is though

Momma - it is about 6, 2, 8 o'clock

lovelygiraffe, the button isn't working? next to where batteries go?
Also can paint squares on canvas any color...hmmm

Has anyone found a 5?

Oh, no, you can use the glasses anywhere - still no clue

Thanks S-T for glasses...

No, I can't turn it on. I don't know, I might be doing something wrong. I don't feel like reloading, so I'll just quit now. Good luck everyone!

one can draw with pencil on canvas (grids) and then fill them out with paint

No clue why the printer wouldn't take the code the first time. Had to put the same code in 3 times before it accepted it

I only have 2,3,4 and 10 - has anyone more?

I can't do the whole grid on the canvas?
All I have is Red is 2 White is 10, blue is 3 and yellow is 4. Did I miss some numbers?

look at canvas with glasses....fill only those? Not sure...how to erase?

lol small-tool


Add numbers to get color. Some are brown. Fill in colors on canvas.

Seems like we have a couple of number colour clues missing

Really need another batt which 1 i found it in dust bin

S-T you have all the colors you need

Also have drawing clue that seems to be directional for the one of the grids.

@Dark other battery is in drawer you open with blue key from behind canvas on floor by green cb

I did fill it out - thank you Stryboh -
my palette has gone and now what

POP.. Found it

Thanks Styboh.

Use the door code now.

i still don't get it..haha

Put on glasses and look at painted canvas. Follow paper hint to get color order for door

Thanks @Stryboh - i got it, now trying to understand the grid using the glasses

and out - nice game

pop did it in the meanttime - ty s-t

Trying to remember what colours were mixed in pre-school was a bit fun but out too now - thanks Stryboh

Hmm...I'm almost there. What is the color for 9??? I have brown...

I can't do the radio either. 6, 2, 7(8) doesn't do anything. Can someone give me the correct numbers that should show up? 6,2,7 gives me 64, 30, 68....is that wrong?

There is brown paint on pallette

I hoped my 2nd cup of coffee would help, but no..any more hints?

Someone said they had to try a few times. Don't forget to press green button

out - color mixture are tricky.. gtg.. thanks guys

@Stryboh - I don't see a green button on my radio...but thanks for helping!

So is 9 brown?. My colors aren't working. Do we have to fill in all colors on grid or just the ones that show up with glasses. Probably all colors and that's why it's not working. I'm too lazy. Let me try that.

@kimbo Paint canvas according to grid on overhead projector. You may have to add to numbers/colors to get a number (7=4+3). After you paint canvas put on glasses. Follow arrow on paper hint to get color order.

@zoe enter the radio numbers on copier and push green button to get printout for overhead projector

I guess I have a buggy game. Oh well..

Yep. That did it.

OH... THAT green button!! Thanks!

stryboh...thank you...finally painted canvas correctly but which 9 colors for door is getting me?

Ohhhh, haha...feel stupid now...after painting is complete you see which 9 colors only with glasses....out now...thanks everyone:)

@kimbo Put on glasses and look at canvas. Starting from top left follow according to paper hint and get color order.

I got W, Y, B, Pu, R, Pi, O, G, Bn.

But that doesn't work, where did I go wrong?

I'm in the same boat Morgan. My palette hasn't disappeared either :(

Oh Hi Abigail, I'm glad i'm not alone on this, I pressed the Help
button but got back here so that wasn't any help..

The help button NEVER helps :(

press the palette in the inventory box. it should go back.

Yeah, that I got, but using the grid the door still wont open. I'm 99% sure the painting is correct, have the same string colors Morgan does.

If we are the Help well then I'll have another
go - after dinner - and when I get out I Will
post the correct colours!

*string OF colors

what number did you use on copier? I did 64 14 86 then pressed green button. it said error

michelle d, try 64 30 68

Thank you Morgan I just got it!

Restarted, played everything again. I thought maybe because I had painted every square white prior to understanding colors that perhaps that might have prevented it from being correct. Still nothing. My canvas looks like this:


So what have I done wrong here?

You have to paint all the squares.

Bl - W - Pi - R - Y
G - Br - Pu - Bl - Br
R - W - G - Pi - O
Pu - O - Y - Bl - W
Pi - G - Pu - Br - R

And what color do I paint the ones that aren't assigned a color?

Nevermid, I think I got it.

Hey Abigail I think we were being a tad lazy, hehe

And out!!!

THAT did it. I thought we only had to paint the squares that we needed for the door. I'm out, thank GOD! And thanks ST!

5 = 2+3 = R+B = Purple
6 = 2+4 = R+Y = Orange
7 = 4+3 = Y+B = Green
9 = 4+3+2 = Y+B+R = Brown
12 = 10+2 = W+R = Pink

And s-t you came back for the rescue, just as we POPed !

You're welcome.

And for others;
When you did all the colours, use the glasses on it and see what colours you need. And for the order of colours you use the paper with arrow hint.

So you end with

This game may not be "buggy" but it has some quirks. The number I got from the radio: 72 30 68. But found different numbers here that did not work and it worked for me.

Numbers from grid:
10, 4, 5, 3, 2, 12, 6, 7, 9

Numbers to colors squares on canvas:

Following path on paper to get order of colors:
White, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Brown

And all of that does NOT open door.

Lol Morgan,
Missed the comments here (just did 2 WT's).
Anyway, congrats

That's strange 4red3s,
I'm pretty sure I used 64 30 68.

LOL Morgan, we were ;)

I turned the knobs just like the flowers. However, the top flower looked like 7 or 8 o'clock. It was the 6 o'clock position that gives 64. I went back and checked.

Since my colors are not working on the door, I can't leave. I enter the colors and back up, click on the door knob and .... nothing. The colors reset each time I back up.

Using Chrome which rarely has problems but ... ?

Oh...... many postings while I played ....

Just saw the one where we are supposed to paint ALL the squares.

Ok game if I had known that to begin with. Still a well thought out game and in spite of the frustration worthy of a decent rating.

Very strange, you have the right colour order and the door should open when you zoom out.
But, did you paint all the boxes on the grid. You really have to do that to get out. And if done correctly the palet will disappear.

Very nice game!
First, I was lazy, too & I only painted the colours needed for the code & not all the squares...
Or another LOL-boob: I tried to mix two colours ON the canvas itself - sheesh! (slapping forehead)

When you finish the painting correctly, the palette and brush disappear.
THEN use glasses and clue for color order.
After you enter the colors, back out and click the door handle to open it.

Where the numbers are
Red -- right blue door
Blue - left green door
White - above flowers
Yellow - on crayons, next to palette

Other things
- glasses zoom on flowers, then click lower shelf
- green key - in blue cabinet (left, I think)
- blue key zoom on canvas on floor, click left side
- batteries green basket, blue key drawer

radio dial clue from flowers:

Where to put batteries (I missed this for quite awhile and was waiting for an electric cord to appear!)
Zoom on projector
Bottom right is the battery compartment (bottom left is the switch)

neat little game. I liked the complex color code to get out. Kind of a change from the usual number or letter ones. :)

came back to do the walkthrough:

Zoom on the blue cabinet
Open the bottom left door for the GREEN KEY
Open the right bottom door for the hint red is 2
Back up
Turn left
Zoom on the upper cabinets
Use the green key on the locked door to open it and see a radio inside
You can change the stations by clicking the knobs, but you don't know the settings, yet
Open the left door to see the hint blue is 3
Zoom on the table below the upper cabinets
Zoom on the crayon box on the left end of the table to see yellow is 4
Zoom on the cups on the right end of the table
Also get the PENCIL from the right cup
Back up
Get the EMPTY CANVAS from the stack to the left of the table
Zoom left of the canvas on the floor and find the BLUE KEY
Zoom on the trashcan to the right of the ladder
Note the copier needs a number code
Go left
Zoom on the flowers on the shelf
Note the pink petals and note white is 10
While zoomed in, click the shelf behind the flower shelf
You can place the canvas on the easel, but you don't know what to paint, yet
Go left
Zoom on the black cabinet and use the blue key on the locked door to find the PAPER and SECOND BATTERY
Turn around to the view with the table
Open the top middle cabinet and enter the correct settings on the dials
Solution below
Enter the numbers into the copier and press the green button
Turn right
Zoom on the projector
Click the battery cover on the right side facing you
Place the 2 batteries and click the switch to turn it on (it will turn on and a red light will appear)
Place the transparency paper from the copier onto it
Back up and zoom on the screen
Make note or print screen the grid and numbers
Turn around to the easel
Zoom on the canvas you placed on it
Use the pencil to make the grid
Click the pallet and then the paint brush
Touch the brush to the pallet to pick up a color and fill in the grid correctly (if you make a mistake, just paint over the square)
Solution below
Once you have them all filled in correctly, the pallet will disappear
Now use the gasses to see certain highlighted squares (click the glasses again to put them away)
Make note of the colors and order
Turn left and zoom on the door
Enter the correct order
Back up from the door and click it
It will be unlocked if you have it correct

Radio Dials
The pattern is from the pink petals of the flowers in the vase. The first one is down (6 o'clock), the second is up right (about one o'clock), and the third is down left (about 7 o'clock). This changes the numbers on the radio to 64, 30, 68.

Paint the Grid
The transparency and projected grid gives you values for each square. We know that yellow is 4, white is 10, red is 2, and blue is 3. You can fill in those squares easily. For the other squares, you need to add together the colors whose values to equal what a square is worth. Such as 12 being a combination of 10 and 2 so white and red makes pink.

The grid should be:
SPOILERpurple, orange,yellow,blue,whiteSPOILER

Door Code
Putting on the glasses shows you which squares you need. The paper with the arrow on it tells you which order to use. Top row left to right, second row right to left, third row left to right etc. So the correct pattern is SPOILERWYBlPrRPiOGBrSPOILER (0 clicks,3 clicks, 6 clicks, 8 clicks, 2 clicks, 1 click, 7 clicks, 4 clicks, and 5 clicks)

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did you actually paint the white square white or leave it blank?

@slartismum -- You paint the white square.

KKF -- thanks for the thorough WT!

First, I was lazy, too & I only painted the colours needed for the code & not all the squares...

Same here! But then I thought I might do something wrong, because there was no way of ERASING a square! There would have been required an "eraser" option if "white" and "blank" had been supposed to make a difference,if you get what i mean.
Because in this case, every painted square that was supposed to be free and was accidentally painted would have blocked the entrance (one mistake - restart game! ;))

I figured out, that I just could paint a square white again to erase the wrong colour...

Yes, but you did not erase it, but repaint it :)
In some other games, this would have been deemed a "square painted in white" instead of an "erased" square. Depends on the programmer's goodwill, as usual...

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