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Chestnut Avenue 101 Walkthrough

Chestnut Avenue 101

Chestnut Avenue 101 is another point and click room escape game created by Reyge. First game of the "Chestnut Avenue" series in which you'll have to solve some interesting puzzles in order to get out of the house. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Stefan]

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Happy sunday!

I have a drawing of a home with symbols similar to the ones in the bedroom on the mirror and a dice puzzle I dont get, where is everyone? Help!

I will come back when there is help around lol

hmm got the matches

lit candle in bathroom

So far got: drawing, matches, note with numbers and hair clip

This comment has been removed by the author.

Used hair clip to get a pencil and something white

got toilet paper with numbers on and tweezers

key in plantpot

codebox and wires in kitchen

having a bit of trouble connecting wires

Can't find hairpin or key.

can't find the key in the plant pot

Haha, scratch that. Found pin. Tiny hot spots in this game.

@emily, hair pin is in soap dish in the bathroom

Emily, hairpin is in Bathroom, you need to light the candle using a match from the bedroom puzzle, and key is in the bedroom buried in the plantpot by the wires

Ah, use pencil to dig up key.

how do you find it? do I dig with the pin? seemed to have clicked like crazy all over the dirt and plant with and without pin

Key to kitchen. Get wires and puzzle box.

what are symbols for on mirror

got wires connected using mirror clue/house pic

@Jo-Ann After getting pencil and eraser from drawer with hairpin, use the pencil in your inventory to dig up the key in the plant dirt, right side.

That lights lamp giving H1 for puzzle box i assume

oh dear... so where is the pencil? Looks like I am not going to be escaping anytime soon!

Ahhh thanks @Emily

I'm betting since matching wire colors with the found wires doesn't work, the image in the mirror is the solution to which wires to connect. Remember, we're looking at a mirror image. Match symbols up with color of the object on the paper, perhaps.

I'm guessing eraser gives final clue, not found where to use it yet

you are spot on there Emily

whats with the points on the wall? which points should be connected?

you can draw on the dot to dot on the wall and then use the eraser to eraser it

Alright, got the colors to stick. Don't even look at the colors in the wall. After flipping the colors you figured from the picture, imagine that order is the way they are in the wall and connect like colors.. if that makes sense.

Hi all, got the the wires by chance lol..... no going on.

Using pencil on numbers gives hint where to find the key!!!

k how did you get the matches plz?

I think the number clue on from the bathroom is for the dot to dot, but havent figured it out yet

How'd you figure that, @Anja? I'm not making sense of the numbers.

the dots on the wall shows you where to find the key in the plant, use code on toilette paper in order to connect the points with the pencil

Ah, well, I suppose it doesn't matter then since I've already dug up the key. :P

Hmm don´t get the numbers, the paper hint isn´t a big help to me.

start with the 26, then subtract 7, add 2 and add 8 and repeat

did the dots for the key i already got, lol. No idea on 2nd letter/number combo

@SebaS I'm really not sure where you're getting those numbers, unless our number sheets are different. And I'm at a stand-still. Not sure what to do now.

and out!, nice game!, the clue for the box was tricky

its a knight in a chess board, think of the only two possible moves

O.o Where'd you get the second clue for the box, @SebaS (Not H1)?

I just paintet the plant....the key was already there lol, now what with this green box ?

Oh i am very bad in chess :(

Thank you so much SebaS!!!!

Out now too!

if the knight is at H1, the the only possible moves are


Same here, Zazie. I've no hope. lol.

Ah! Thank you, SebaS!! I was trying and failing to work that out.

Haa got it !!

Great clue SebaS, and out :)

Beautiful game. Could have done without the chess bit, though. :P

Thx SebaS....There are only two possible moves from H1 Emily (i googled)

Thx all for the hints and N8 N8 !!!

Beautiful game. Only needed help with the last bit (chess clue). So many of the games recently have been formulaic, it's great to have something different and original.

Can't get the wires, any help??

going in..

where is chess board?
my wires are white
what lamp?

Is any one here? How do you solve the puzzle with the matches?

guess everyone left......the points on the wall don't help me either ..... so sad

       Anonymous  10/2/11, 6:41 PM  

you need to get the matches out the hole in the bottom. try getting the dominoes to one side, then all the other pieces are single squares and easy to move around.
brin, there is no chess board, it's a chess-related clue you get from the lamp. once you place the wires step back from the wall and you'll see.

what lamp? the one by the bed? i click on that and nothing happens

       Anonymous  10/2/11, 6:44 PM  

yes, that lamp. connecting the wires turns it on, until then there's nothing to do with it.

hmmm....thanks for the hint on the lamp but how do you connect the wires? mine are white and can't do a thing with them.....

nevermind it's working now.....must not have been clicking on the right spot

       Anonymous  10/2/11, 6:48 PM  

they're white so that we have to figure out the puzzle ^^
there are 4 colors of wire and 4 different symbols on the drawing and in the mirror. think about how you would color the drawing.

thanks nestraya! finally out!

good game the chess was hard to get I didn't think about H1 being a move in chess lol Thanks for the spoiler :-)

Hi everyone. Really can't get these wires to work! I have read all the above comments but cannot figure it out (Monday morning lol)

Just mirror the combination you see in the mirror.
I think it was like this;

So top one connected with 3rd bottom one etc.
Not sure though if I remembered right.

Thank you small-tool, I clicked out the game but will go back in and try it your way! :)

What are we supposed to draw on the wall (numbers and dots) ? Many numbers are missing...

The number sequence from the bathroom tells you to connect what number with what number.
The sequence goes like this; -7, +2, +8.
So if you start at 26, the next number is 19 (26-7), then the next number is 21 (19+2), the next 29 (21+8), the next 22 (29-7), etc. etc.
But in fact it doesn't matter what you draw, when you only did one line, you can already dig up the key in the soil of the plant.

Thank you Small-Tool. I have already dug the key from the plant pot. Before that, I drew some lines starting from 30, but I didn't use the hint from the bathroom. That's weird...
I have connected the wires and seen a hint (knight H1), but I don't know what to do, now. I can't open the green box.

       Anonymous  10/3/11, 6:06 AM  

I googled a chess board to see where to place the knight, then the figure can only do two moves (see spoiler above from SebaS 10/2/11 4:27 PM) - that's the code for the green box.

       Anonymous  10/3/11, 6:09 AM  

I didn't draw anything at all on the wall with the dots & I found the key anyway...

ok even with all the clues, I still can't get the wires to work. Giving up :(

       Anonymous  10/3/11, 6:18 AM  

connect upper wires with lower wires:

R with B
G with R
B with G
Y with Y

Thank you @ premiere!! I did just manage to do it but it was only me guessing lol

:/ ...the game wont load...

Thank you Premiere... I've found the key !


- Click the coat and take NOTE 1 from the pocket.
- Go in the second room on the right.

- Zoom in on the flower fase on the right. Do the sliding puzzle to get the MATCHES. To do that you have to drag pieces to an empty place. Not gonna describe all steps, but it comes down to this;
1) move the 3 single pieces from the right column to the bottom row and then you can move the 2 part piece down and the matches to the right.
2) now you can put the two single pieces in the second column all the way up and then the two single pieces from the third column to the left, so you can put the 2 part piece one step to the left as well.
3) now put three single bottom row pieces in the 4th column and then the two single pieces from the second way on the bottom row and the 2 part piece can go one step left again.
4) now you can put the top single part of the fourth column to the third row and the matches can go down one step.
5) the two top single pieces of the second column can now go above the matches and the two piece part can go all the way up.
6) and from now on it's easy to move around the single pieces to get the matches one step down and after that you can put the two piece part above the matches and with some more moving of the single pieces you can get the matches to the exit.
- GO OUT and in the room on the left.

- It's dark, so use your matches to see a bit. On the right there are candles, use the matches on them and now you can see.
- Take NOTE 2 (the piece of toilet paper next to the toilet).
- Zoom in on the soap next to the sink and take the HAIR PIN.
- GO OUT and in the second room on the right.

- Zoom in on the desk on the left. In the mirror you see the WIRES HINT. Use the hairpin to open the left drawer and take the ERASER and the PENCIL.

- Zoom in on the dots on the left wall next to the door. Now if you look at the toilet paper note you see; 20,13,15,23,16, 18. It's a sequece that goes like this; -7, +2, +8, -7, +2 etc. etc. Now take your pencil and use that sequence on the numbers on the wall to connect the dots; If you start at 26 the next dot will be 19 (26-7), the next dot 21 (19+2) etc. So the dots are connected like this;
26-19-21-29-22-24-32-25-27-35-28-30-38-31-33-26 and you have drawn a picture of a plant and the arrow is pointing to the right part of the pot it is in.
- Go in the second room on the right.

- Zoom in on the plant on the left and use your pencil to dig up KEY 1 from the soil on the right.
- GO OUT and in the first door on the right (use key 1).

- Take the GREEN BOX (from the shelf) and the WIRES (they were under the box on the shelf).
- GO OUT and in the second room on the right.

- Zoom in on the plant on the left. Connect the wires with your wires according to the hint in the mirror. But remember it was a mirror, so in the mirror the top row was triangle, cirlce, b , d and that's b, d, circle, triangle when it's not mirrored. And the same goes for the bottom row. Anyway, connect the wires like this;
top red with bottom blue
top green with bottom red
top blue with bottom green
top yellow with bottom yellow.
- Zoom out and see you switched the lamp on by connecting the wires and on the wall is now the BOX HINT (a chess piece; the knight and the position H1). Well, that's a knight placed in the corner of a chess board and from that position it can only move to two places G3 or F2. And that's the hint to open the green box. So put the left dial on G and 3 and the right dial on F and 2 and the box opens and you can take KEY 2.
- GO OUT, use key 2 on the door at the end of the hallway and you're out.

       Anonymous  10/3/11, 6:28 AM  

& I only need to choose the pencil in inventory in plant screen & bingo! - the key was already digged out, lol.

Lol, I wrote 'flower fase'.

       Anonymous  10/3/11, 6:39 AM  

lol, s-t,
btw, where's the hint, that we have to start with 26 (arrow on wall is at 31)...?

Pixel hunt spots highlighted by pressing TAB key !!

No idea what the notepaper picture was to mean. Blue sky, green grass, yellow sun, and red(?) house I thought; but it doesn't match wires. Just matching symbols from inverted mirror clue worked fine.

Once you draw on the wall with pencil you can get key, you don't need to draw the correct picture.

Chessboard numbering is a 8x8 square grid with A1 at the bottom left corner and H8 at the top right corner. That should have been the clue on the notepad paper in my opinion.

Great graphics and music.

       Anonymous  10/3/11, 6:50 AM  

Beautiful game with nice graphics & music, with clever hints & puzzles (therefore I had to peek in comments more than once, lol, so thx all posters above & @s-t for the WT)...!
For me, the slider puzzle to get matches was the most difficult one... (& forget about my awful drawing, even with dots, lol!)
& how to use the inventory was only a matter of getting used to it... (btw, I think I'll never use a pencil to dig in dirt, haha!)
& a bit of pixelhunting, too (I prefer a cursor that change into a hand on a hotspot & forgot to look, if tab work...)

I think the hint with the house was an extra hint to show it's mirrored, because the shapes in the top left corner was the mirror image of the shape in the right corner.

Premiere, you don't have to start at 26 you can start at another number too, just keep the sequence and maybe you then don't start with -7, but for exmaple with +2, but all you have to is doing the sequence in the right order.
And the little arrow was not where to start drawning, but was to show you where the key is.

       Anonymous  10/3/11, 7:03 AM  

Hartelijk dank, s-t!

surprisingly tough little game. I needed help with that darn chess clue. I need to learn chess along with Japanese someday!

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