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Escape 3D: Elevator Walkthrough

Escape 3D: Elevator

Escape 3D: Elevator is another 3D point and click room escape game from Bored. Going up? Top floor please. Suddenly the lift stops in between floors and the lights go out! You hear strange noises and then the man next to you passes out onto the floor. You can barely see anything through the darkness and the elevator shows no sign of resuming. The help buttons aren't working, maybe they need to be fixed? Good luck and have fun!

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Wow, did I catch a live one?
I have a flashlight, insulating tape, a wire and pencil (combined). Stuck.

Ok, all alone here it seems. Have a flashlight and insulating tape. Found a wire and a pencil which were combined and then used on camera on ceiling. Now stuck.

there are a glasses on the floor ;) after you put a flashlight on the ceiling

It says it is dark...I hope I can see.....loading...

use wire/pencil combo on camera & then put flashlight

Hi!Put the combined pensil-wire up to the light then nonzoomed put the flashlight

in and out

beavinator, don't forget to combine things in inventory :)
this looks like stoneagegame

oh yeah...these are the ones with the wonky cursor...Hi everyone!

That did it. I'm out!

hi, nokra,
little relaxation after jon's riddle (not finished yet...) before going to bed...

Did it...lots of near random clicking ...lol...thanks for the game, Megi!!!!

Any more coming, megi?...I am not much of a riddle player...have fun, Premiere!


- flashlight
- insulating tape on camera on ceiling
- pencil from guy (right on floor)
- wire from code panel

- combine wire & pencil
- use combo on camera
- use flashlight on wires from camera hole (not zoomed in)
- let there be light!

- sun glasses under flashlight on floor
- coin on floor
- certificate from guy (right on floor)
- screwdriver on floor in front of lift/elevator door

- use screwdriver on holder for metal rod
- combine glasses & certificate for code
- use coin on code panel
- use insulating tape on wires in panel (zoomed in)
- use code from certificate on panel
- use metal rod on now a bit opened lift/elevator door
- click in dark lift/elevator

Really wish these guys could gt the cursor accuracy right. It is always way off. DO YOU HEAR THAT GUYS?

and a hint for anyone as dumb as me - you have to actually mouseclick on the numbers in the code panel - don't waste minutes trying to click on the keypad buttons....

@MaryD: thanks so much for saving me... I tried to click the keypad buttons... also mine... wasting so much time... ROFL

Navigation stinks.

I give up, I can do anything but pick up the flashlight and shine it on the door.

Yeah, i hate these games cause of that stupid cursor. Can´t do shit. Worst ever. Gonna stay away from these until they fixed that stupid thing. Impossible to play and only frustrsting when these could be good games if only....yes, fix the damn cursor please so we can enjoy the games!

on hell no

hello :) heart

I love these games
I have a ps4

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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