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Escape 3D: The Rooms

Escape 3D: The Room is another 3D point and click room escape game from Bored. Prove you are a professional puzzle solver. Somehow you are locked in a room of an house with no exit...try to use the available tools and objects to escape. Examine objects for up close inspection and combining items to make new useful items. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Escapeartist]

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going in

Hi bigtank - joining you

so far key and batteries

Hi slow loading....

lots of stuff now
cable, wrench, LP, SD, knive

spanner , s-d .cable 3 parts of clue ,knife used batteries . key used now i have to go out

Hi Zazie

dont forget you have to drag the items

And wrench, cable and vinly disc

OH thx SM i am always forgetting this, lol. You know me :)

A pity bigtank that you have to go, have a great sunday !

Got a white string from hat.

The PC wants an USB device...

I wonder where bigtank used the knive and the batteries

Found a paper from the pic on shelf and one behind cb.

have two paper clues and two clues from book

unused wrench, batteries, usb cable, vinyl disc,
knive and white thread

use knive on the back of the left chair

And SD used....i cannot find where to use anything except SD.

Thanks Truus, the black paper fits on the half note with letters, need the other half.

thanks Truus - now we need the second half of paper clue

Hello all! Jumping in!

did you find the paper in the fireplace?
I'm still missing one..

I find no clue how to press the buttons in drawer in mirror-cb

no not in the fireplace - I shall go looking again

pop did it - thanks Truus

Oh found the 2nd paper in fireplace, thx again Truus, we need a nother one.
My first was right behind big cb.

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 4:25 AM  

for drawer in mirror cabinet, use book on bookshelf - first page with X and O are playstation controller buttons for pattern

Still loading........that shooting game is rather addictive :)

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 4:27 AM  

3rd paper in green floor plant

thanks DrLee - have key now - never used a playstation before


left square, right circle
up triangle and down cross

where drlee - I clicked a thousand times there - did you use something?

thanks @DrLee and @Swiss!

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 4:30 AM  

swissmiss - a little white sliver about 1.3 up on right half of plant - hard to see...

got a car now and remote with batteries but need to open that crate

4 digit code probably to do with paper hint

used key and got magnet, combined it with thread

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 4:31 AM  

not using anything - just clicking

gives full pattern for that grid from back of seat but not sure what it means

Where do you use this ? (square, circle etc)?

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 4:32 AM  

where is thread?

thank you Drlee - got it now

it spells wonderland - but how does that help us

The letters must be an anagram, i found WONDERLAND

in the hat drlee

zazie - top drawer below mirror!

DrLee, on the hat ...

SM but there are only 4 round buttons.

@Swiss, where did you get that car?

Ok i got it now...

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 4:36 AM  

got it - ty - put magnet on car

Truus - you get the key from the drawer-puzzle which gives you a magnet
combine magnet with string and on bottom shelf of bookcase is a hole - fish a key out which openes chest

dr lee have you opened the 4-digit-drawer and have you opened that grate next to desk?

Used magnet in the big cb for another key.

aah, thanks @Swiss, forgot about that hole.
btw did you all notice there's a switch in the wall left side of desk?

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 4:41 AM  

swissmiss - don't know about code or that grate

have these unused: record, usb cable, wrench, codepaper with icons, remote (w/batteries), car with magnet, and still have screwdriver and knife

since SD and knife are still there i think we need them again at some point

I am where you are DrLee

is the other paper for the 4-digit code?

also stuck with you

I think the codepaper might be for the 4-digits

and what about the first clue in book - this is also not yet used

For 4-digit code look at paper and on picture on shelf!!!!


Used password on pc and grate opens

Don´t get it Anja :(

Great @Anja!!, still don't know how though...

anja - you mean the one of the room?

dont get it either

anja - any help perhaps

Look at picture. For first digit go from plant to fireplace to shelf: 1
For seconde: from plant to grammophon to door to clock to shelf to fireploace to plant: 0

.... and so on

there's a little black rectangle on the wall unit, on the first shelf. Don't know it's significance yet.

thanks @Anja, will try..

thanks Anjy - I always thought the flowers are the tulips not the plant

Now I'm stuck. Don't know where to place the car

in the new room with a million numbers....my head hurts

some items are hard to spot, for everyone having trouble with 4 digit code:

Ah got it!!! Take a look at hole (with grate)

How do you turn on the computer after attaching the USB cord?

In second room now!

hit the red button Siobhans sis

what do you mean Anja - I am looking through the grate and see a key - but the car does not go

@Siobhan, zoom in on the computer and click the little red button

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:04 AM  

Hi all, joining you.
Got a HD from numberdrawer and attached cable. Though the pw for pc was wonderworld but that doesn't work.

Opened the crate now what, my car doesn´t want to go there ...

to get to the second room, open grate, zoom in, use LP as frisbee to make key drop, then place car and use remote, get key to new room to see lots of numbers....stuck

@SwissMiss: Turn the car and combine it with magnet

Catqueen : it is wonderland

I through the record but the car does still not go

how do you make the remote work Anja

Ah, Thanks @Jon

pop - I always looked at remote in close view to try to stir - lol
have key now too

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:06 AM  

swissmiss - drag remote to car after throwing record at key

stuck at green numbers...

Thx jon, i am in the new room now.

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:07 AM  

Zazie: hahahaha I just noticed my mistake by looking at paper again. Thx!

I have been trying to read the numbers downwards (if that makes sense) to get 5 digit codes but nothing working so far

thanks - I am looking at green numbers now

this is not an easy game but fun

File 2 on the computer has lots of pictures....maybe clues?

I tried reading them according to the hint in the book and got a 6 digit code, but no go..

Any hint for paper in fireplace please!

@Hipicimi, just click the logs a few times

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:13 AM  

@Hipi: I thought it was near the centre, just a bit to the right.

btw did we use the wrench yet?

Thanks, got it now.

Stuck with numbers, PC games do not help.

I dont think we have used the first clue in book yet

I tried to start with the 8 (black ball) and then follow the pattern of the arrow but no luck

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:17 AM  

I'm trying to combine the numbers of the clock with the billiard balls.

In the new room with safe. Only things I haven't used are the symbol clue & wrench

rachel - symbol clue was for 4-digit-drawer

but not used first clue in book

I am well and truly stumped, been playing for 30 mins and have spent the last 5 looking at a wall of numbers!

I know @Swiss, I tried using it on the green numbers and got up with 653527, but that's not working

using the first book clue gives a 9 digit numbes but display doesnt take that many!

Aahh, I cheated there and used the Truus' spoiler ;)

not used chess clue, dominoes, dice, cards, 1st clue in book or wrench

and what does V = O (black) mean?

jon - if they are clues at all - I think that probably was only for the drawer (playstation)

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:25 AM  

@SwissMiss I think that the black O is the light switch, so one has to turn the clue 90° counter clockwise.

I can't remember being so stuck in an escape game Swiss, my poor brain is grasping at straws

Green, glowing numbers. At least it's not math!

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:28 AM  

I am quitting, too difficult for me :(

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:30 AM  

V looks like the shape the balls are placed. But where to start? Is the one with the white ball the top? It has to do with the clock for that is the thumbnail for this game. And how does the clue from the book fit in?
Squeezing brains to max here.

V (could be roman 5)
black dot in clue could be snookerball no 8

and there my brain stops

My counter says I've been playing for 54 mins. I've tried the shape of the number five dice, various different types of V shapes and nothing. Grrrr!

Im stuck I cannot find a thread on the hat. so what part of the hat?

I know V stands for Victory, meaning we can beat this one! but how....? lol

the thumbnail is posted by the person posting the link, so the Clock can still be a red herring

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:33 AM  

@Leroy: the white part.

Derr me Nvm found it LOL

leroy - hi - dont turn it around - I think it was on the hatband

I unlocked the safe door

click a million times leroy, it will suddenly appear

I got 2 big ladders

want to give a hint Anja?

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:34 AM  

Rachel, you have a point there. I am sooooo stuck.
Waiting for a serious POP

I've been looking at a V in the clock hands. It's on two o'clock so maybe we can get something out of it.

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:36 AM  

on clock in the room the 9 10 11 12 are half colored like pool balls?

Anja - we are all stuck - if you have the solution it would be nice to give a hint at the same time

Shuchun posted the game, she wouldn't use anything other than an official image for the game

HOW Anja?!!?

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:36 AM  

@Anja: just wait with your ladders....keep typing girl :)

I'm out !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Count the how many 5 per row is:
First row: 1
Second row: 2 and so on

thank you very much Anja -

I thought the spirit of the game was to play TOGETHER

Spoiler alert!!!!!


       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:39 AM  

Thx Anja... got ladders too now.

SwissMiss ??????

tough game, hated the last clue


Thanks @Anja, I knew you wouldn't leave us behind!
btw remember to hit # after the numbers

Cheers everyone for your help (esp. Anja for demistifying that crazy safe code). It's good to see the sky!

what was the clue that made you think of the 5's, Anja? And my ladders are going in the fireplace!!

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:43 AM  

I combined the ladders and used the wrench. Now where to place them? Brains are cracking up here.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

@catqueen, up in the fireplace

catqueen - in the chimney

WRENCH!! Arrggh! My brain is fried!

the clue was with the V = five

but what I dont understand is the first book code with the arrow in the 9 grids

@Rachel: I tried so many things:
Using V on numbers and then going like arrows
Using only the 5. numbers of all
Using only 5. number follow arrow pattern and so on.

To count the 5 was my last idea and it works!

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:46 AM  

@Truus: thx! Hahahah though it was for a swimmingpool instead of playing reversed santa.

I'm out now.
Thanks all for playing and giving hints.

@Swiss, I think @Anja helped us a lot!

there were a lot of red herrings in this game!

yeah it looks like a puzzle the author wanted to make, but decided against ;)
the arrow in the 3x3 grids WOULD make lots of sense if the "light grid" had been a 9x6 instead of 9x5!
We could have gotten 6 numbers (just by taking the innermost number after following the "worm" line)

I came back and you are out. Great.
Thx Anja for the final code, but how did you find the "5s" ?

Well, whatever your stroke of genius was, it was truly genius! Now can you solve the maths on the G2R Messy Room Escape ;)

       Anonymous  10/9/11, 5:49 AM  

Some clues really confused me, like the dice and domino's on the pc.
First book clue was terrible imho.

I have to go now and take some asperine. ;)
Bye all

(remember a 9x6 grid can be seen as assembled from 6 3x3 grids. 2 rows, 3 per row)

Ok i got it now, i did not read the last posts.
Thx all for the great help !

Was the arrow grid the clue on how to move from point to point on the room picture to get the numbers for the drawer?

I'm totally stuck ! I have 2 pieces of a grid with letters (from behind a cupboard and from the plant), another grid that hides most of the letters, a wrench, 2 batteries, a screwdriver (used), a box cutter (used), a paper with symbols, a vinyl record and a cable. I saw 2 hints in a book, but I don't know how to use them...

where is the second paper in fireplace

Where to find things
Warning: Some items are fairly obvious, while others are a pixel hunt.

Thanks to the first players for their many helpful comments and especially to Anja for figuring out the safe code in the 2nd room!

Batteries: cushion of right chair
Book hints: 2nd shelf, "old" book missing part of binding (page forward for 2nd hint)
Button puzzle: top drawer of bureau
Car and remote: in chest next to door (need key)
Cutter/knife: top drawer of desk (need key)
Key #1: behind left picture
Key #2: in Button puzzle (use 2nd book clue)
Key #3: in bottom right of book case (note hole in bottom shelf)
Key #4: through little grate (need to unlock, then use tools)
Ladder: behind safe in 2nd room
Letter grid papers:
--top: fire place (2nd log from right),
--bottom left: plant (face mirror, zoom, click on right side near stem, frond that's 2nd from bottom frond
--bottom right: book case (zoom on bottom, click to right, click black spot above baseboard)
Magnet: locked cupboard under book case (use key #2, unzip back of cat)
Record/LP: on phonograph
Screwdriver/SD: 2nd drawer of desk
Stencil: back of left chair (use cutter)
String/thread: headband of hat
Symbol paper: back of picture above bookcase (use SD)
USB cord: left drawer under phonograph
USB drive: bottom desk drawer (need 4# code)
Wrench: bottom drawer of bureau

       Anonymous  10/10/11, 12:22 PM  

This game gets a "F" from me. The graphic work is very nice but poor game design. I never got the 4 button puzzle. When you press each button, it stays down until you press the next button. This is ok until you have to press the triangle shape button twice. This means that you have to press it 4 times to click it (3) three times to get two down positions. Whatever way - I never got the prize on that one - some kind of magnet - I think?

It was also way to much of a pixel hunt. I never saw the pixel that produced out of thin air a piece of paper. I just clicked all over the place and suddenly it was there. Same thing with the one in the fire place.

It feels like the game designer got bored with his / her own game and didn't finish it.

However, it has A LOT of potential. I hope whoever did this game tries again. Maybe take a break and come back and finish it. :)

Hi there,

Instead of counting the "V", for the puzzle, this is the right way to solve it, according to the Author ( Ahmed El-Monofy) : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/41075381/illust.jpg

Thanx to him :)

That is the answer he gave to me :

"Thank you ..
since you are out now, I guess you got the last code by just counting the numebr of fives in each line, but unfortunaltely this isn't the right way to solve this puzzle.. to solve it correctly check this illustration "

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