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Escape from the Woody Room Walkthrough

Escape from the Woody Room

[REPLAY] Escape from the Woody Room is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Tesshi-e for MildEscape. In this game, you are trapped in a room and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:16 AM  

Oh goodie - I am hopeless at these but love them :o)

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:19 AM  

Battery and blue 'v' from jars on table

hi maryD! goin in!

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:22 AM  

Hi! I need help LOL. Green 'I' in cupboard and chickens I can;t take - pumpkins in front of window have direction arrows needing a clue.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:25 AM  

Clues everywhere - but no answers for me so far.

A new game, going in.
These are usually challenging if I remember correctly

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:26 AM  

Hi all, I'm joining you. Let's see .....

MayD, at the beginning of the game you can set the language to English

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:28 AM  

Got 'elegant cupboard' open with clue from the magazines on the shelf - seem to have a urinal and another roman numeral.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:29 AM  

I am playing in English thanks, Cool - I'm just dumb LOL

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:29 AM  

Second battery under pillow and wine bottle in left cb.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:30 AM  

Got lockbox under window open with clue from chickens/glasses in cupboard. Now I have a key! Getting places!

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:31 AM  

Now have bottle opener, funnel, two batteries. Feel sure I have seen a clue for the pumpkins but can't work it out.

Hi everyone... joining you all :)

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:34 AM  

Aha got the pumpkins -from nose clue on the pumpkin picture, directions on the ship's wheel and the compass. Now have a 'R' tile.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:34 AM  

Put batteries in birdy devices. Now the birds light up.
Got a funel part from doing 9 grid puzzle.

Hi JO!

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:35 AM  

Ooh wine bottle Catqueen - I have an opener - join me for a drink?

first round: 2 batteries (used), bottle of wine, paper with clue, and a key.
Got the birdy device working.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:37 AM  

Huh. Just the delicious scent of wine LOL. I need more than that!

got a corksrew and opened the bottle of wine, Anyone care for a drink?

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:38 AM  

My birdies are alight now thank you for hint - but what to do with them?

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:39 AM  

Funnel goes on the 'thing' below the window. Can;t pour the wine in and there's a button I can't press yet.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:39 AM  

Oh - pressed the button again and the wine poured.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:40 AM  

Hi Mary! Where is the bottle opener?
Look at red bird and notice the sequence it lights up. Use it on the right cb. Got a prism.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:40 AM  

Got a clover shaped key and another tile W from the other cupboard drawer.

I may have had a bit too much wine last night... the thought is making me feel a bit sick LOL

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:41 AM  

There's also a secret passage in the box. Got sd.

Goddie tesshi e LOL

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:41 AM  

Bottle opener is in the cupboard drawer - you need the key, from under the chickens on the windowsill. Use the gasses and chickens in the cupboard for up and down of chickens.

got another key using the funnel and the wine

I like those games!! always need help with it..but i like them =)

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:42 AM  

Thanks Catqueen :o)

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:44 AM  

Which cupboard for the colour clue? Having a dumb moment again!

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:45 AM  

NVM found it LOL. the right cupboard.. as you said...

well i got out, but now i'm back looking for the elusive happy coin. if anyone needs a hint or anything let me know.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:48 AM  

The prism goes in the weird thing with the roman numerals but I think I need more numbers. and a hint for the order!

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:48 AM  

I still don't get the 3 pumpkins in the windowsill.
Got second key. Where to use the prism?
So many items and clues:)

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:48 AM  

Anyone found a lightbulb for the lamp yet?

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:49 AM  

Or a clue for the little girl pic?

Save your game when you get the heart key...so you can go back and look for the Happy Coin ;)

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:51 AM  

Yes Mary: place the prism in the device. It gives you hint about corners of the girl painting. There is another hint and a lightbulb.

woo hoo! found happy coin. that was tricky.

Aaah .... got the pumpkin device.
Now have ne board with W and one with R

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:52 AM  

for the 3 pumpkins - note the compass beside the bench is reversed, look at the shapes on the pumpkin picture noses, and the ships' wheel has corresponding shapes. Then move the arrows...


Left to right - SW, S, SE - upside down.

hi all! @Catqueen ...use the arrows for the shapes upside down...:) 10, 12, 2 o´clock

has anyone found, where to use the SD?

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:53 AM  

Sorry, it's no the ships wheel it's the ornament beside the door with the pumpkin clue.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:54 AM  

Thx, finally got pumpkins to give me the 'R'.


       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:56 AM  

Ah.. simples - thanks Catqueen. I was looking for something more complicated from that prism!

ok not doing so well at the moment, I still need to open the grid cupboard, pumpkin puzzle, figure out the number machine with the prism in, and the strange device with the button in it lol

ann, use the screwdriver on the left of the prism device thing, then you can open the middle cabinet.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:58 AM  

I'm stuck with W and R and sd. So close and yet so far LOL

anyone use for the SD? i clicked everything and everywhere....nothing..:(

Ann there's one cupboard that does not open. Find the screws.

LOL in the time it took for me to type, the answers have been provided above! :)

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 2:59 AM  

Thx muhlisuh. It seems I'm missing 2 letters.
Diving in again.

Thanks cool, but i cant find around this cupboard any screws? not inside the others not outside...i am really stucked... where are these dammed screws?

Where is the screwdriver and the prism?

Thanks, out.. EFWR..

Okay got the 4 plates, but now which order?
Ah .. found that too. Got the heart key, looking for happy coin

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:02 AM  

ann: in zoomed view click between device and pumpkin. Screws are on top of cb.

thx catqueen, you made my day!!!!:))

Ann, the screws are on top of the workbench

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:03 AM  

I am missing a tile.. and a clue for the order. What haven't I done?

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:04 AM  

Mary: i'm still missing 2 letters but the clue is on the ships wheel.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:04 AM  

Ahhh got it - back to the prism thingy with the colour clue and the roman numerals!

and thx Cool, i got it:))

Can anyone tell me where the screwdriver and the prism are please?

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:06 AM  

and the clue on the ship wheel for the letter order! Now - just need that happy coin too.

Princess, you have the box? There's a secret compartment in it.

Anyone gets the clue for the four-letter anagram?

But where, oh where is the happy coin?

Can someone please tell me the code for the grid on the elegant cupboard

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:08 AM  

Princess: sd is in chest. Prism you get when you do the color sequence from the birds. (look in posts above)

Easygoing look at the shipping wheel and notice the capitals.

Sorry Princess, i dont remember, may be behind the picture? did you get the order to click the picture-corners?

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:09 AM  

@geraint.owen12: find a paper clue between te magazines.

I refuse to leave without a happy coin, Please ... where is it?

Don't get the order for the picture. Eskiz mentioned an order, but that doesn't do it for me. How does is work?

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:10 AM  

Can someone point me in the right direction for E and F?
And haven't found happy coin yet, but I saved my game.

thanks Catqueen but unable to decipher the paper clue.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:11 AM  

Yvon: after putting in the prism, push the buttons and note the lit corners.

Yvon, when you place the prism on the machine, press each number starting with I and notice which corners of the frame light up

hihi Catqueen ... we're equally fast :)

allready tried that (first thing i did), but will try again.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:13 AM  

Geraint: it's a 9 grid. First clue is the third, second is the sixth and the next is second. And so on.

of course, only worked after i asked for help ;-D

Tx Cool

I'm almost positive :) I found a blue "N" somewhere, is that some clue that I missed?!

hmm..missing the "E"

thanks Catqueen

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:16 AM  

Aha overlooked the F under the painting of the girl.

Cool: Yes you are fast! ;)

Easygoing, it's on one of the things on the wall. Really can't remember if there was any use for it.

@easygoing, the blue N tells you where is the north, for to use it on the pumpkins

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:17 AM  

Hoi Alkmar! That's the one I'm missing too.

Well I AM out, but still have not found the happy coin, and I will not leave before I got it :(

Hoi catqueen!! we both need the E? lol..well Sinterklaas is coming ;-)

Wasn't the E in the device with the roman numbers?
There's an opening in the device. If you press the right numbers in the right order you get another plate.

Sinterklaas told me to look at the colors under the girlpicture.
Then remember that all the roman numbers you found in the room had some color ... you can figure it out from there .... I think

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:21 AM  

Cant' remember where the tiles came from now.. pumpkins, drawer, prism thing? and behind girl picture? Might be wrong sorry. Looking for happy coin before I go back in to check.

MaryD, if you find that coin ... please tell me, please?

@Cool!! you are great thanks!!! Me is sooo stupid..I was thinking for that before. But because i already used it before...made me to think it would be useless to try. next time: I try everything what is coming up in my mind...Thanks again @ Cool!!!

and thanks Sinterklaas :p

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:24 AM  

Alkmar: I hope the Sint will bring me a black # cause I can't find it :(

and now...lucky coin....zwarte Piet..? =)

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:27 AM  

LOL @ Alkmar, I wish!
Finally got my beloved E.
Now.....happy coin where are you??? (must be in the sack of sinterklaas)

Catqueen...you remember the colours under the girlpainting? and the romannumbers has colours toooo
use it on the thing where the diamond is.



       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:29 AM  

Black number or letter, Catqueen? Black number in secret compartment of chest.

lol...great @catqueen!!!

Alkmar, sorry, I have a good contact with Sinterklaas, but Zwarte Piet does not speak to me ever since I refused to go in the bag.

Catqueen, every number is used once, so you must be able to figure out which one to use for the black spot.

SPOILER coming up


       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:30 AM  

Thx Alkmar:
@muhlisuh, if you're still here, give us a hint for the coin please.

I'm looking for the happy coin...

@maryD..any luck with the coin already?

@Cool..for the blackspot I did find the V1 ( somewhere)

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:32 AM  

sigh... no happy coin. Anyone found it? Thought the 'eyes' on the pumpkin picture might be a clue, mucked about with the chickens again, but no joy.

black V1 was in the box..under the first bottem

That coin does not make me happy :(
I seached everywhere

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:34 AM  

I opened the door but didn't get out yet. Too bad muhlisuh has left cause he found it.

I wrote a message to @MartinD, hope he will read it soon..and help us =))

Maybe we need another clue for the devicething with diamond..but wich one ? :p

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:37 AM  

I saved the game and hope Martin will respond soon to Alkmar. Sorry muhlisuh you a She and not a He.

I'll subscribe to this game so iIcan follow the progess.

Thank you all for the help. I enjoyed playing with you all.

Found happy coin!! look again at the decoration with symbols and north and go again to the pumpkins

For happy coin,

same from me to you all!!! Will save it too...;-)

aaahhh..thank you valeria and eskiz!!!!

Valeria, I don't get it

Happy coin: a look at the shield of the figures (the other arrangement) and put tips on dyniach sorry for english:)

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:43 AM  

This always happens to me. The second I want to leave the solution is there.

@Cool: it's kind of placing the arrows on 11, 8 and 6 in plain view.

@Cool, if you look at the decoration on the wall with the star, triangle, square... it's changed, point the arrows on the pumpkins in the new direction

ah great. thx

doh! sorry everyone! i just came back to this page, but looks like you guys figured it out with the happy coin!

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:44 AM  

Thx to valeria and eskiz!

lololol..catqueen!! I was writing a long not logical clue for the coin..but you explaned it at the most easiest way!! thanks for all those who might need it ;)

@muhlisuh, thanks for returning ;-) we know you would have helped us too :))

So, did we all escape? i have to go for work again... see you next time =)

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:48 AM  

@ muhlisuh: No problem girl. I just wanted to thank valeria and eskiz. But now my post is just below yours and now it 'looks' sarcasme, which is absoluty not:) Forgive me.

       Anonymous  10/27/11, 3:50 AM  

Ahhh I knew it was something to do with the pumpkins LOL - thank you to all for all the help - and OUT with the coin :o)


There is no diamond ... its a prisma ... the prisma is in the box

I have the coin, but I don't know the hint


Hello ! I'll try to write in English but I'm not English speaker: sorry then for the errors ...
I read you all very often but it is my first post.
I need HELP :} ... I can't have the E. I follow the colored numbers and the suit under the paint but nothing come !
So I do the romans numbers 3 5 1 2 6 4 Is that not righ ? Thank you very very much for your help :)

Tajina, the is in the 3
e cupboard: the passcode comes from the places of the red birds: 1 4 3 4 2

* the box ;)

Why are writing only big letters??

The Box:

The Box


Gazoline: Deutsch?

EGWandOUT, please can you help me for the E :)))

I Love BIG letters,hheee...
thanks a lot ! I found it!

Tijana: You must solve the puzzle from the desk ... zomm it

And please don't write only capital letters...

Tajina, you clic on the cupboard wish EGWandOUT take you the photo. Up right there is 4 squares
So 1st - 4th - 3th - 4th - 2th

Can anyone one help me?
I only got the F & R
and can't see any funnel thing...
And what's that pink sheet work for?

*delete the extra one ....

Not Deutsh, I am a belgian French speaker but ik can proberen in Nederlands ... just a little ;)

what about grid on cupboard??

@egwandout...i had another order of the numbers: 3-4-1-6-2-5

Lottie: W from desk next door the bottle opener an E from the prism (color code)

@alkmar: sorry yes ... Have the the wrong Number 341625 is right

641625 ? Nothing happen

Tajina, for the grid you use the pink paper: each hole indicate the square to put: in this order

- 3 1
- 5 2
- 4 -

Did you seen the illuminated birds: places of red bird

@tijana, for grid on cupboard use the paper you found in the magazines

Tijana: you need 2 batteries, use them at the mr birdy device an look remember the order the bird is red

Gazo: My fault .. the right Number is 341625

I must be stupid - I can't get the pumpkins (the first time) to work. The clue says

10, 12, 2 upside down, so I did

7, 6, 4

which didn't work.

another clue said:

SW, S, SE - upside down

so I did


Nothing works.

Can you tell me if I look straight at the pumpkins and don't turn anything upside down how the arrows should look?

Lol..like @gazoline said @tijana... ;-)

@zoe...you must imagine that the North is under..so on the place where the 6 is in the clock....

Zoe: like this: / | \

Thankx a lot !!! I have it

Yes, that is what I thought. I have a bug because /|\ does not work for me. I don't get the R. I have the F, W and E, but just can't get that one. Oh well. I still love Tesshi-e.

ok..I did it !
and for picture on the wall? what is the order?

That didn't look right:

/ | \

doesn't work for me...

The picture on the wall:
Press the roman numerals in order (I, II, III, IV, V, VI) and see what corners light up.

@tijana, just click at that prisma thing at the normal order( start with 1,2,3,4,5,6 ) and see where the lights are going..in wich corner. that is the order for the painting for the girl

(lol..I do the doubleposting often..have to type faster..well, I guess tijana will catch the painting now!! )

lol alkmar! Now, can you fix my bug?

@ZOE!!! I see the problem with the pumkins: the first is at the (7) the second is at the (6) and the last one is at the (1) like in the clock ...hope this helps..

It drives me nuts when I can't finish because of a bug. I've done everything else but the pumpkins...

And, with your help, out with the happy coin !
You all have me already often helped.I'll come and hope I 'll could help too ;)

@ alkmar
I nearly got crazy with the 4 letters machine
can you tell me the ans for that machine?

@alkmar - nope, that didn't work either! Still no R

ok..and what is the word with letters w,r,e,f?

@lottie..the machine , you mean for the letters: W R E F ?

if so: look at the shipswheel: it wrote something on it, starts with Escape...etc. Look at the capitalletters... =)

Could someone please tell me where to find the roman numeral III?

@Zoe, what is the order from your pumking?

triangel, star, diamond ?

For the pumkins, put 1x on the 1st and 5X on 3d
and at the end, for the happy coin, 5x on 1st, 4x on 2d and 3x on 3d

ooooo napokon swrsila!!!

@ alkmar
thank you so much
although I've been out with HC before I saw your post...
but you've help e a lot

Now replay one more~

@Alice - it's on the lampshade when you put in the light bulb

Out, finally.

Lottie, glad you made it!! Congrats ;-) See you another time =))

On my "ornament with symbols" the arrows are like this:

triangle = NE (or 1 on a clock)

star = S (or 6 on a clock)

diamond = SE (or 4 on a clock)

the pumpkins' noses on the poster are:

triangle, star, diamond

thank you twin 2. alas, don't have the lightbulb either

@ Tajina: Is that allwrite ?

@ Alice: III is on the lamp when you put the
' globe '( ? ) and light it

*yes ' lightbulb '

It is, if I remember, behind the paint above bed.
You need for that see wich corners are high lighted with the romans numbers I, II, III ...

thanks Gazoline!

Now I have to go. Sure I'll see you later !

Almost 200 comments, so new comments will be on the next page!


Link to youtube

@egwandout..that is great!! now everybody will escape ;-)

( had to leave before..work )

alkmar: Thank you very much ...

The happy coin hint is when you use the heart shaped key on the door, but don't go out. If you go back to the clock, then you see the shapes are on different places.

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