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Good Memory Escape Walkthrough

Good Memory Escape

Good Memory Escape is a point and click room escape game from Bad Memory Escape series created by Ainars. You found yourself trapped in a puzzle house, best friends have locked you to test your escaping skills. Use your mind to solve all puzzles and find way out from this house. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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going in..

easy out.

Hopefully a Good Memory from Bad Memory Escapes, lol!
Thx, Ainars!

Is it a bug? Some of the zoom scenes have side arrows -- you click them and you can get a key from a police car out side (even though you are still inside!) The key opens 2 boxes.

notice there's field D1 and D2, going left after zooming in in bedroom

Joining..... Hi guys!

And in spite of the arrows, I seem to be missing a button and a view to place leaf-shaped pieces. Just found one in plain site, so hoping for POP!

joining in with you all!!

leafshaped pieces (if we mean the same things) go in bedroom, right arrow

use tongs to unbold some of the 'shields'

I think somethinig is wrong with this one...

I also have three leaves that go nowhere.

Hi guys! I also still have "tongs"/pliers, but can't find another place to use them.

Just hoping there's lots of stuff behind those pictures once I have button #6. Didn't notice "field" numbers!

Just found place for "leaves" - small panel in front of multiple pictures. Of course, I only had 3 of 4 needed!

oh, you mean those leaves. there's a little shield left bottom of field B1

Thats bottom left, Field B for "leaves"

sorry, field B

Just found blue key on stool in kitchen.

cant find no 1 :(

just got out with the police car without using everything, weird.

Did anyone open the box on the kitchen floor? And where to find clue to sliderpuzzle behind pink key?

Delight, what do you mean by no. 1?

I just realised I'm in a live! I'm almost finished, but can't find the 2 last pieces for the circle on the floor...

the colourful door codes :)

where did you find the other 2 leafs? I just found one on the wall

@PuzzledinCA -- which zoomed scene got you outside with the cop car?

My flash player just crashed!
Starting over.

@Erika, By the bed. (The D1 & D2 Ludje57 posted above)

Just realized i had the clue all along, came out of one of the sliderpanels or paintings. No 1 is on 3(= in the middle), is that what you meant?

ok, I found them...

i am missing a number code - no 1 and one of the 3 symbols (middle size) from c3

have used the pliers to unscrew those panels

last leaf in sliderpuzzle in A :)

I've got a key for the car, but it doesn't move. Probably out of gas?

oh and missing 2 pieces from blue round thing on floor in bedroom, and also i can't seem to access any hidden views!!

and now i can open the box on kitchen floor, hurray!!

hmm, my bed is E1 (a nightstand with a switch to turn) & E2 (some blue CD looking thing that you can click the red center of and it turns...nothing happens)

and i still have a box on the floor in a and in d to unlock?!!!

still missing 1 figurine for kitchen wall, the one left under. Does anyone know where to find it?

oh and aswell, still have a dark patch near the top of the wall in d, that can't be removed

Erika, you have to click the right arrow in E, otherwise you won't get in the view with the car etc

Right arrow in E gets you to E2, than you see left and right arrows

What a shame! Got the carkey, clicked the car - hoping to find last figurine or 2 paperclues i was still missing - now i got gongtats and am out!

Ludje, in E I only see 2 right oriented arrows -- I click the green one and it takes me to A, I click the little one towards the bottom and it takes me to E2. What am I missing??

in E2, I don't have any extra arrows..are they hidden?

seriously ludje, i do not have any extra hidden arrows in e2!!!

so much for changing the format slightly in the game, but it's not any easier and i can't find what i'm missing and i've took everything out of all the safes i've opened!!

thank you erika, my thoughts exactly!!!

I had no D1 or D2, found my number 1 in kitchen after finally getting of the patch over the frontdoor.

Erika, i just started the game again, and have no side arrows at all in E2, haha. Perhaps Puzzled was right and it was a bug (however, there was a key on the car mirror), or perhaps you have to solve other things first before you can get to go left and right?

ahh, perhaps! i restarted too thinking mine was buggy...back to being stuck again!

by the way, down in the items bar area, i can click my switch and it gives me one...not the little button, but the other thing that looks like the hand of a clock

oh, haha, you can remove the spot in D if you shove the lightbrown panel in front of the door :)

i bet ainars is secretly laughing at us!!!

Just click around a lot Erika. It may be buggy, if you cannot remove the patch over the door (where al those pictures moved) wich gives 3th celtic cross. Mine was buggy, took a lot of returning to that scene to finally get it off.

and there was the last figurine for the kitchen :)

oh can you now?!

oh, that's what that is, boxes? i wouldnt normally stand on boxes!!

i moved the patch over door....slid the cardboard boxes over there and then it could access it

I had those two boxes there all along Ludje, and I'm tall enough. Not light enough to stand on cardboard boxes though ;-)

Could someone please explain the h(#)v(#) clue paper...I don't understand where to use it???

i still can't find the 3rd one that goes in the bottom right position for the crosses in the kitchen. i find this game pretty frustrating!

and finally out!!! gongtats to you all!!

nokra -- h means horizontal -- in the puzzle that has the 6 volume sliders, just match up the h# with a particular line. like H2 means line 2

make sure boxes are dragged as far as they will go, cursor should turn to a hand over the patch

and nokra, third cross thing is behind that patch!!

sorry erika, not nokra

wait! i found a button i had missed in the kitchen under the microwave. duh!

Still no side arrows in E2. Begin to think it was a bug, that made me finish before everything was done. I think you're not supposed to find the key for the two boxes before you managed to open the door with the number code :). Guess Ainar's fixed it while we were playing :)

and there's the police car. had to solve the door number sequence to get outside

TY @erica...I am getting dizzy in here...lol

It WAS a bug, now fixed (no more side arrows)!

yay, finally made it out. very dizzying nokra, agreed!

OMG...and TY for that microwave button...I totally missed that one too!!!!

Does anyone remember which room the slider puzzle was? I am really lost ...lol

nokra, i closed the game window but the slider puzzle was on the wall (not in a subview either...just one of the main fields). was it over the fishtank?

LOL right id plain sight, behind the pink safe that I opened ages ago!!!!

Rrrright!!! And now i got my real gongtats! Thank you all for playing!

Just in case anyone is still lurking...I got the door open, and am left with a cylinder that I got from the leaf puzzle...don't know what to do with it...

Got it!!! That went into the kitchen floor safe....outta here!!!!! Thanks for the great clues and help, everyone!

@Erika -- many, many thinks for the 6th button!
@Ludje57, thanks for how to get that panel above door!

GONGTATS!!! to all

What's Where Through
Ainars has numbered the views for us (lower right) as Field A, A1, etc.
Gold arrows at bottom access zoom views

Field A (Aquarium)
>Need 11 code papers
-Pink safe
-Gray box on floor
-Remove picture above aquarium -- places for 2 pendants and a disk
Gold arrows:
A1 - paper#11
A3 - red safe, bolted panel
A2 - paper#7
A4 - paper#4

Field B (red painting)
>Need 6 button switches
- button
- panel in floor (for 4 leaf shapes)
Gold arrows:
- pendant
- button
- bolted panel
- Green safe

Field C (kitchen)
- Strange box on floor
- Blue key on stool
Gold arrows:
Field C1
- move gray box for pendant, button (right of arrow -- SNEAKY)
Field C6 (fruit)
- black key
Field C2
- red key, button, arrow
Field C3
- Place for 3 tombstones and 1 caduceus
Field C4
- bolted panel

Field D (door)
- purple safe (behind picture)
- tombstone (behind green panel)
- button (behind wood panel)
- bolted panel
- locked box on floor
- move floor painting for Blue safe
-tombstone (above door, move brown box to reach)

Gold arrows:
- paper#8
- gold key
-Tongs (pliers)
-Green key

Field E (bed)
> Turn 7 arrow switches (Behind left picture)
- wall panel, Arrow
-Black safe (behind right picture
- paper#9 (on quilt)
Gold arrows:
E1 - arrow, paper#5
E2 - gold safe, place for 3 splotches

Remaining items come from using tools and solving puzzles.
Pressing 6 buttons gives: paper#6, 2 switches, a tombstone, and a bolted panel
Turning 7 switches gives paper #2

Tongs on bolted panels give: 3 leaves, purple key, pink key

Use keys on matching safes gives: 2 arrows, a button, paper #3,
the caduceus, a disk, a slide puzzle, and the hv clue for the slide puzzle.

Pendants and disk give paper#10
Tombstones and caduceus give paper#1

Use hv clue on slides behind pink safe, click bullseye for leaf #3

Placing leaves gives a green cylinder which opens box in C for splotch.

There's a key on the police car that opens remaining 2 safes for 2 more splotches.
Repair disk with splotches, spin wheels for car key
Car key on police car for GONGTATS


if not, here's another WT...!

- pink keyhole
- key box 1/2 (on floor)
- slots for 3 pearl figurines & medal (behind left painting)
- code paper hint (on floor)

- 11=4

- red keyhole
- tong panel 1/4

- 7=5

- 4=4

- round switches hint above round switch ;-D
- 5 little paintings give hotspots
- round switch 1/6
- switch puzzle (in floor=B3)

- round switch 2/6
- pearl figurine 1/3(-4)
- tong panel 2/4

- green keyhole (under panel in floor)

- big box bottom left on floor
- blue key (on left stool)

- pearl figurine 2/3(-4) (behind panel)
- round switch 3/6 (sneaky one, on 4th white switch, bottom)

- black key

- red key
- round switch 4/6
- arrow switch 1/7

- slots for 3 cards & symbol figurine

- tong panel 2/4

- tong panel 3/4
- purple keyhole behind left painting
- card 1/3(-4) (panel)
- round switch 5/6 (panel)
- blue keyhole behing right painting
- arrow switch 2/7 (blue keyhole)
- key box 2/2
- blotch above door (move brown boxes to the right to reach it)
- card 2/3(-4) (blotch)
- door code panel (in door ;-D)

- 8=9

- gold key

- tongs
- green key

- 9=7 (on bed)
- panel & arrow switches hint (behind left painting)
- arrow switch 3/7 (behind panel above window)
- black keyhole behind right painting
- medal 1/1(-4) (black keyhole)

- 5=2
- arrow switch 4/7

- hint for slider puzzle in A (gold keyhole)
- disc blotch puzzle


- 10=5 (panel 3 pearl figurines & medal)

- round switch 6/6 (red keyhole) ==> paintings in B
- black leaf object 1/4 (tong panel)

B (from paintings, opened with 6 round switches)
- arrow switch 5/7
- 6=3
- tong panel 5/5
- black leaf object 2/4 (tong panel)
- arrow switch 6/7
- card 3/3(-4)

- pink key (tong panel)

- 3=5 (green keyhole)

- purple key (tong panel)

- figurine 1/1(-4) (purple keyhole) ==> slots in C3
- arrow switch 7/7 (purple keyhole) ==> panel in E
- black leaf object 3/4 (tong panel)

- 1=3 (slots for 3 cards & 1 symbol)

- 2=3 (panel, opened with 7 arrow switches)

- slider puzzle (pink keyhole) ==> solution below
- black leaf object 4/4 (slider puzzle)

- cylinder (slider puzzle)

- blotch 1/3 (cylinder box)

- go out (door code) ==> solution below

- nada (click left black part of police car)

- box key (in left mirror)

- blotch 2/3 (box)

- blotch 3/3 (box)

- car key (after putting blotches, click red button)

- Ready to catch the criminals! (drag car key on car & click on car)



- hint: h1v3, h2v5, h3v2, h4v4, h5v4, h6v5
slider on position
1) on 3
2) on 5
3) on 2
4) on 4
5) on 4
6) on 5
click button to open panel (gives gives black leaf object 2/3)


@premiere -- SGDMWT (some games deserve multiple walk throughs) Excellent!
Ainars is one of my favorite game makers (even thought I've been getting stuck a lot lately!)

@ Puzzled and Premiere: thank you so much for the WT. I found this one very hard. Finally I got to ride in the police car. Yeah!

challenging, i loved it!

PuzzledinCA... what is POP?

       Like us  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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