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Island Escape

Island Escape is another point and click type room escape games developed by Amyamy. Try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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OK a small recess from finding stars LOL

Weird getting places but very unclear game!

hey, leroy =)

hmm..if you click the arrow to go left..we go right ..Lol.
so far got( not much):, aks, robe,stone, apple

Hey Alkmar good luck here LOL

and a key =))

I also got rope and used axe and stone

Hi leroy and alkmar. Made a raft, have two pieces of map. Can't find place to use rock

key opens treasurebox in first scene .

Thanks Leroy, you are out,right?

I also got lighter and did use key LOL

yo, annaby!! lol..you both do better than me..:))

used rock to get stone?

ok..used aks on a tree in treeview..lol..( with the cute rabbits)

No LOL stuck clickety clickety

and out - strange game

and used robe on bottle in 1st scene

use lighter on wall picture in cave

woow..annaby!! you did great!!! =)

Where to use lighter? Use stone on rabbit to get meat.
And where is the robe?

awww :(( ..I killed the rabbits with the stone???

just blind clicking alkmar!

That was it? and robe is actually a rope LOL

So Jon is having riddle night is he?

@leroy, I really dont remember where the robe was...sorry. I think in the scene from cave.

Where I can find the lighter?

lmao!! ...robe is rope...in english yes, but in alkish it is robe :PP

got the lighter =)

and out??

sure weird game..but nice for the sunday

weird...where to use the lighter?

@sapphire, on the wall in the cave ;-)

use lighter in the top right of the cave (on painting)
where is the key?

key is @escaping, in the scene with the trees, on the path/road..under a rock..( if I remember well)

thanks alkmar (it was a mask, in the middle of screen)

hiya! where's the key please?

POP! Thanx alkmar!! It was under the skull.

AI, I give up! I've clicked EVERYTHING, but it still tells me my rabbits are too fast. BAH!

@rachel, you hit the rabbits with the stone?

OMW I am so stupid! Mind you, sometimes walking away and coming back helps! I just clicked on the rabbits, thinking that would be enough. I didn't drag the stone to them! Sheesh! I think our heat is getting to me!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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