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Silent Hill: Distant Scars Walkthrough

Silent Hill: Distant Scars

Silent Hill: Distant Scars is another scary point and click adventure game by lonelyboy16. You try to escape the dephs of hell yet no matter how hard you try, you go deeper and deeper into the darkness. Someone is waiting for you in Silent Hill. Good luck and have fun!

Play Silent Hill: Distant Scars

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anyone playing this with me.

oh my this looks like a big game thought a had finished but no

ok out now all on my own

I cant seem to use the pin on the gate :(

YES!!! Silent Hill!! I already love it. It's a pity that I can't play now, only after like half an hour.

Oh, dad's coming later. Ah, I missed SH music.. <3

Something tells me that I've already played this game before.. Oh well, SH never gets boring.

Yeah, I've already played it. I haven't got enough time to complete it once again, this game is quite long.

got and used bobby pin, and antique key. Now I'm stuck

yeah, i'm stuck too at the altar/dial thingy

in the clue from the book, just read it and mark the up/down words etc and then change the dial accordingly

after i done the alter i got a gun and box of bullets and rusty key but cant get my antique key back to get out and i have only the rusty key in my inventory and cant put the gun down.

clue for alter.



Used rusty key,shot some beasts and have a bottle of white oil. Stuck

Have ticket to the amusement park.

In the hospital.

Hmmm. Very strange, came out of the hospital into town. shot a few beasts and went to church. End of part one? What did I achieve?

Hmmm. Very strange, came out of the hospital into town. shot a few beasts and went to church. End of part one? What did I achieve?

@cammy i have the same problem, now i have in the intentory only my rusty key, but i need my bobby pin again!

oh i got it, i found another bobby pin!

any clue about the car, plane, snake, dog thing???

where is the hospital?

or rather how do I cross the barbed wire??4

with you Eva... no clue anywhere

read below. only three....

ride, heard, fly

Ive killed a few beats... only have 9 bullets left and could not get anywhere

some place you will pick up a wire cutter w/o noticing. Thats how you go in the hospital. rest is a bit confusing. try...

end of part 1

ummm did anyone find the key for the cafe or the bar yet?

okay, its in the dog's head (?) ..... strange place to put it.

Wasn't too bad! Beat it in less than an hour :p

im here just got on

Put the white oil in the hole on the door inside the library. if you go inside without placing the white oil in the whole, you will die.

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ok i got it- take a ride (car), be heard (dog), fly into the sky (plane) then you will receive a ticket

finished the game. really easy.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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