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Treasure of Big Totem 17 Walkthrough

Treasure of Big Totem 17

Treasure of Big Totem 17 is the next episode of Treasure of Big Totem point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In this chapter, there are two possible endings, depending on the decision you take on a certain part of the game . Good luck and have fun!

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okay, here I am, clicking like a madman and all I get is a lot of talk.

got a branche

poking around everywhere with that branche, getting nowhere.
Need help !!

pushed some buttun like thing on left side of a totem and got hand in water, but still can't do anything

got some weird hand from spot in water

Ah seen that, tried that, but the pointer does not really help mucht. Got the hand too, think it needs the fish.
You think we need a line to combine with the branche to make a fishing rod?

Need to combine something with branch to catch the fish?

@nooms I think so yes, but what?

I've run out of things to look at - not spider web, bag or socks. I've also run out of time and have to go out :(

i thought it could be spider web, but he says he doesn't need it.
the hand from water is for the totem. think it goes on top.
i'm lost, can't find any new hotspots, nor interact with those which have found.

hi there, i ve found a fruit somewhere between the blonde girl and the grandpa

I 've also found a second hand that went in my inventory in the water beside the blond guy

Hint... the blonde on the left is wearing a hair net. :)

and got the cap from left girls head...

Can't find the fruit and hate the pointer. Almost impossible to aim for a certain spot and this thing is pixely

@patzouri where? i can't find that hotspot. whenever i click somewhere near the person it starts talking :/

drinkmilk i found it inside thw water somewhere between the blonde girl and the granpa but i really dont know where exactly

combine branch and net to get fish for hand now trying to catch that bird cant find the fruit either :(

made a fishing net and caught the fish, gave that to the first hand and now have another hand on the right that wants a bird.
Have not found the fruit, or the hand at the blonde guy

drinkmilk was in frond of his feet i was clicking again and again..

caught the bird and have a feather think we need 4 of them....x

ting ting how you got the bird?

still haven't found fruit. and can't find fourth feather from a bird, found one on totem, one near the guy on land (in the forest), and one near the blond girl (in the forrest too). missing fourth. help anyone?

This is just too pixely. Real gamble when you want to find something, even if you know where to look.

nevermind, found it, in the water on the left. also took some paper from bag

I keep finding things to the right of the blond guy, I found a paper with a pencil. I really dont know what to do with that stuff..

I'm leaving, realy don't like this one.

I 'm missing a feather...

patzourie just click on bird with the hand ...gave the 4 feathers to the big tough guy and some birds have appeared stuck now not really liking this game :(

total bullsh**!!! after u find all 4 feathers, give them to the big guy on the land, then he does the bird melody, birds come, and i didn't remember bullsh** melody of his, so now i'm stuck, because he won't repeat it

this game is no good at all...

im with you lot on this on ...im off good luck if your still playing x

the best part is, now the girl on the land repeats (??) the bird melody, but the hand says that's not the melody.

i say; F U FN retard whoever made this extremely stupid game. i'm leaving too. good luck if anyone is playing.

everybody is gone? seems, that i am the only one who like these big totem games..! But i am really stuck with this birdsmelody...help:(((((

touch the birds in the correct sequence first with the hand and then once with the paper..

Do you know the sequence sukimoe?

Thx sukimoe, got it..:)

now I'm stuck with the sequence on the totem.. seems to be right but no effect

You need to place items and remove in correct order

Now where the hell is the helmet? Arrrgghhhh

Btw, this is tougher because it is the final chapter

Sukimoe, are you still around? Got the spiderweb now, but have no idea what to do with it1 Clicked everywhere...hm!

POP, found it, top right (coconut?)

Did anyone catched a spider? Need help

ann, take the big branch at the right, combine with the net, the fishbone will spill out a fly and out of the hole will come a spider.. :-)

ARARRgghh, where is the poisend container-spider???PLEASE

Guru One, thanks for the totemhelp, how did you cut the cane ?

only click one sound from each bird (if that makes sense) sequence Left Right Middle

Thanks for the helmet Guru, now let the battle commence!!!

Hi all...

ann, read my comment above your last one ..

OH, i didnt refresh! Great Sukimoe! You make my day:))

There is a spearhead hidden in the water

Btw, this is getting HARDER..... (sweating)

How do you catch the fly?

where is the seed???

I'm all tooled up now, but I can't make any more progress :o(

@ sally give the fruit from grandpa to the guy to the right.

Talk to the old man

So, my Problem is I CAN NOT TAKE THE BiG BRANCH!! its not moving! BUG???This game drives me crazy, lol

Trying to get a 'scent of food'

guruone, thks a lot..
Calibrax, the fishbone spills it out
sallyrhianny89, put the fruit (somewhere right of the blonde girl) into the earth in front of the mountains to the right)

@ann, it should move to the left when you click on it, the add the spiders web and click on the fish bones..

*then add

Rambler, me too, put the bread"krümel" into the water, but don't know how to continue..

ah, caught a fish now..

Dammit, go to go out. Good luck all..

@ rambler no, it doesnt move at all!!??

may be, i miss a step...??

But anyway thanks for help:))

Holy Crap, I'm out.... Can hang around for a few, but going onto the Flash512

It's Tree Roots, not Three Roots

Ann move the trunk and put the spider web on it

Guru one, Congrats! Still cannot move the branch for catching a spider...i got snake,leaf, fish, spiderweb,fishingnet- do i miss something?

take the coconut and throw it onto the sharp stone

And out! a difficult game but nice

it's getting more interesting, past that bird's song... i'm in the treasure "vault" now

helmet is on the most right palm, it's a coconut indeed, u have to cut it after u take it in inventory

in the palm tree, right side

o.k. guys, thanks for all the help, but i give up...
may be its really a bug, that my branch is not moving :(((((no moving branch, no spider...no escape!

ann, no, just click onto the big branch and it will swim closer to the totem

ann or just refresh and start again, I just did it and you come very fast back to your last "scene".. good luck

refresh your game Ann, maybe it is a bug. Ive moved the branch

Thanks locobuey,sukimoe, i will try that!

I can see a hand in water and I have a piece of wood (like a slingshot). Click click click, nothing.

Pascale, look at the blonde girl (in his head)

This is by far the worst of the Totem series. 50,000 clicks later, I have a skull, a snake, a hand, leaves, and scales(fish) and have clicked on every pixel in the game and cannot find a coconut or spearhead and cannot finish the game so good luck everyone.

anyone with me catched by the aliens?

can't do nothing at all

HEUREKA!!!It was a bug!Just refreshed and the BRANCH IS MOVING!!

In the aliens cage, you have fin the cane and paper

got to the point that i put the items on the totem, but now what do i do?

wll, where the prison is, there a three mecanical "hands" and a bat, but i still can't get manage all the movements in time, phhh

darth, u have to take them away now, in the order indicated in the note below: hand, head, etc.

oh THANK YOU negesta! never would have gotten that!

negesta, first move right machine. Then ame at bat. Middle machine, ame at stone on the ground. Click rigth machine so bat will go to the electrical wires.

have sock in the machine. Now what to do?

for those who have difficulties with the bat movements: middle button - bat - lower button - little stone on ground - higher button

that opens the first cage

thanks, Yvon, I managed it :)

maybe you can help me what to do after you placed the sock.

I would continue but my game froze, I can't do nothing, can't take things form inventory, the handle stays red and it can't interact... I think I have to restart :(

found white dots on the tube which are telling me to look for a control.

probally the ball outside. But don't know how that is working.

Yes, the ball is the remote control, look at the paper on the tree

look at that paper. Doesn't make any sense to me.

Thank you locobuey ! This game seems to be a simple pixel hunt.

compare the ball with a clock... 11:30 at the top

please, more help. Still don't understand that paper.

yvon, you have to arrange the fish, hand, skull, etc around the center pentagon using the hints on the paper.

otto wants "liquified tree root"
want to give me a hint?

oh gosh, i can't read. it says THREE root! not tree!
figured it out.

Darth, allready past that point.

Find 3 roots Darth to give to Otto.

thanks locobuey

still struggling with that ball. Blond moment over here.

If you read: 11:30 strong hands... Put the stone hand in the top (like a clock)

yvon, place the stuff in clock positions, leaves (bushes) at two o'clock, and so on

Thanks negesta. Never would have thought about that.

mmmm, all that trubble just for an earthquake....

live? lucky me cause i need help: where is the armor please

pop found it

where maya please?

This comment has been removed by the author.

no tresure, yes, but at the end the bad alien machine is destroyed :)

thanks to all for help and company:)

lol yes, you have saved the earth!

i need some help to find the armor, (found spear and helmet, catched the fish but can't proceed)

ok, after clicking and combining finaly found out that with the stone i could loose an arrow towards the beast

How in the world did this get more than one star?

I have always struggled with these in the past but they usually made sense after a bit....this one is beyond my tiny little brain's abilities!!!! LOLOL

I am stuck at the birds song...someone said to click them with the hand and then the paper.... what paper????? STUCK!!!!

Would some kind soul please make a WT? These hints are helpful, but somewhat lacking...

And...finally it IS making some sense....even though you can't do something once....it Does work later...keep going back to hotspots...and keep getting things for the HANDS....lolol!!!!

this game would be easier if you ignore patzouri's comments

Stuck Again!!! How do you get the spear...anyone????

I usually like these games, but this one is horror. I don't get how to record the birds' song.

friwi....I did it one at a time....I click the bird on right then while it is singing...click it with the paper...then the same with the left and last the right.

I mean the top is last...lolol...I need big help here too...lmao!

Thank you, Nokra, that did it.

Now...please help me get that spear....lol

I have tried everything I can see...surely missing something! I want to break a bottle, or get a piece of the sharp stone...nothing is working so I still cannot cut the cane...I am assuming that is the spear???

AT LAST!!!! thanks to the comment...

GuruOne 10/29/11 3:12 AM
There is a spearhead hidden in the water


spear in second scene near sharp stone use it on twig above waterfall and combine

I opened both cages and now the game froze... Not going to try again! Thank you Nokra for the birds!

take first sign as a shield....

stuck! the guy has a helmet, spear and shield yet the 'beast' is still saying i dont have it, have a stone in inventory (plus everything from previous scene) any help please?!?!

Wait...@friwi!!!How did toy get the cages open???

lol...toy = you....lolol

You need to get the fish with your net and put it on the stone...

Thanks to this comment....

Yvon 10/29/11 3:57 AM

negesta, first move right machine. Then ame at bat. Middle machine, ame at stone on the ground. Click rigth machine so bat will go to the electrical wires.

and timing is everything! ...Now what????

OOOPS!!!!! I got the frozen red arrowed hand when I went back outside....well, it was fun....now my brain hurts! lolol

Thanks Nokra...didn't see that fish in the next scene now...

where is the armour ?

i got the frozen red arrow too, well it was kinda fun...but not really lol way too long, im not out but im out : )

is anyone still playing? i'm so stuck with the two cages... read the comments (thanks @nokra for copying Yvons comment) but i don't get this... what machine? how to move?

Well, I'm at the cave door and can't figure out the order. Recipient of brains would be the skull, spears with poison, I think is the plant? Submarines with scales is fish, clips of the body should be the hand and lungs of nature must be the snake. No matter what order I use, nothing happens. It just says "I can't do that" frustrating. I think I need to stop now. I agree that this game is too complicated, and not very logical.

hihi... little bit progress here with the POP-moment... i combined the paper with the stick and made a blowpipe... now i'm playing with machine, bat and stone...

@Zoe: spears with poison is the snake... lungs of nature the plant... if you placed all right you have to empty your hand (click the hand symbol) and click the button...

Sabine - THANKS!!! All I had to do was empty my hand LOL !!!

@ arcarc armour is the sign on the left use stone 2 remove it

zoe...when you have it right...you need to change to a hand and press the button at the right....
I agree...these are complicated...and annoying sometimes...especially when they freeze!!!!!

yw @Zoe... hurry up now and help me with the opened cages ;o) i managed that, but found a little mistake in the hint of Yvon... first move the right machine, then aim the bat, then the middle machine and aim the stone and then the LEFT machine (not the right again) to bring the bat to the wires... now i'm stuck again... LOL

oh... i can go back outside... hmm... what now?

ah... ROFL... now i'm at this place with the frozen game... ahahahahaaaaaaa

Me too !!! Frozen red arrow. I guess that's the end - silly!

No way....It happened to you too??? bummer!!!!

thanks sallyrhianna89.. @sabine go to the screen where you met alien click the rectengular cap on the colum near the machine.. you find out that you need socks of otto.. and he needs 3 roots
one in the first screan with the beast 2 in the second where the door and the ball is.. give them to otto he will give you his sock

After all that playing, it has to end with a bug ! I hope the authors realize this...it said there are two possible endings. One is a bug, wonder what the other ending is??

I guess you have to go back only one room to the alien room. If you go all the way outside, you get the frozen arrow. Bad bug.

@nokra: Yes - and I'm not going to restart. Oh well, but I want to thank all the people who gave such helpful hints. I certainly wouldn't have got as far as I did without them!!


404. That’s an error.
The requested URL / was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

Thanks for the hints, everyone. The other ending was for not going into the cave - just cause an earthquake with the ball and leave the island. Hopefully the game is down now to fix the frozen end bug :)

Annoying game walkthrough

First Scene:

Press button on left side of totem to make hand appear in the water. Click on hand. It wants a fish.

Click hairnet on left girl's head. Click on stick on right side. Combine. Fish when you see fish appear in water. Give fish to hand.

Now hand is asking for bird song. Click on bird on left treetop. It loses its feathers. Collect 4 feathers, give to beefy guy on right, he'll sing a melody. Click on birds to recreate; won't work. Click on girl. Get hint to click on right, left and then top bird. Click on rucksack to get paper and pen. Click on each bird in sequence and use paper on them to record melody. Give paper to hand.

Hand wants a seed now. Click on old man, get fruit, feed it to beefy guy, get seed, give hand.

Hand wants 'poison container' which is spider. To get spider, click on wood on water so it floats to middle, click on spider web in trees, place web on wood, click on fish bone on shore for fly to come out and get caught, click on hole on wood to make spider come out, collect spider and give to hand.

Collect hand and put in in first stone on top of totem. Totem gives you order to set things: hand, snake, head, fish, leaves. Now collect hand, head, snake, fish and leaves to proceed. If you mess up sequence, it just resets.

Second Scene

Stone giant won't let you pass until you have a shield, a weapon and a helmet. Also you need to lure beast with smell of food.

Collect loaf of bread. Click small stone in middle to take it. Near bottles, end of sand, beginning of water, there is an arrowhead. Click to collect. Use arrowhead to cut branch on cliff. Combine to make spear. Give to guy.

Click on coconut on right and then click on sharp stone to break it. Give to man.

Use small stone on sign to get the big piece of wood. Give to man.

Combine small stone and bread and throw in river. Wait for fish to swim by, then click to catch it with the net. Place fish in middle stone where you found bread.

Mask falls from giant, it's a kid... progress to next scene.

Third Scene

Kid is interested in ball. Programme of activities on tree can be used to set items around centre of ball. If correct, an earthquake will occur and you will all run for your lives. This is ending 1. No treasure, but at least you are alive.

Haven't been able to get ending 2 despite playing several times. Sorry. Hope someone else can write alternative ending.

Oh, now I can click on button on stone wall on right and I see a riddle: Recipients of brains... etc. head, snake, fish, hand, leaves and click button >> cave door opens up.

Scene 4

Alien explains the fate of Earth and you get put in jail.

Scene 5

Collect sheet of paper from right of jail and tube from left. Combine and get a paper cannon...

Hit 2nd button then big bat, hit 3rd button then stone, hit 1st button and the bat will hit wires which will cause jail door to open.

Go left and you are back in Scene 4. Click on button on pipe. Says no pollutants. Otto can help. Go right, click on beefy guy on jail and ask for his sock. He wants 3 liquified roots.

Look for plants with carrot tops. There are 2 outside the cave and one in the scene before that (near water and sharp stone). Hand them to Otto one by one and you get sock.

Go to previous scene with machine and click on pipe to make sock enter the big ball.

Guess nothing more to do than enter items on ball, cause earthquake and escape! At least you have foiled the aliens' plan and saved all the people on the island.

Big ball = sphere
ball = football

Hope it hasn't caused confusion. Please let me know if this walkthrough was helpful so I know for next time. Thanks.

I have finished the game with the soccer ball and explosion, but what is the second ending? What do I do after I put the sweaty sock in the machine?

Oh for Pete's sake! What's the timing on that stupid bat? I just can't get it!

I should be packing to move, here I am fussin over a stoopid bat!

Game subtitle:
How a sweaty sock can save the world...!
Lot of ROFLMAO, e.g.:
- beef-cake Otto as mad birdman
- fancy battle dress
- cuddly kitty beast
- chatterbox Veamur alien

Thx Tania,
for the useful WT, needed it only for 1st scene (after that, I was again in tune with the game, LOL)
- missed hair net
- had difficulties with the fact, that new items only appears after a fullfilled action, so you have to click some spots again...

Sport schedule changes each new game...

Same as 1st ending (before entering cave):
Code football outside of cave according programme of activities on tree (set items around centre of football & click on middle tile). If correct, an earthquake will occur.

To avoid mentionned bug:
(at least it worked for me...!)
Before going out of cave again, first read panel right of alien machine & talk with beef-cake Otto.

What about the pentagonal shaped sensors on the pillar. We need a remote.

never found & used a remote directly, but I think, the remote is the football (has also pentagonal tiles). Set correctly, it seems to activate the alien machine (earth quakes) for the explosion.

@Tania...great walkthrough!!!

favorite comment:

billy 10/29/11 6:55 AM
this game would be easier if you ignore patzouri's comments

Come on!!!!!!! What is the time sequence for the F'ing bat thingy? Pweeeze? *bats eyes sheepishly*

Great walkthrough, @Tania!
The ending you get if you ignore the cave means you sail off on the raft without your travel mates. Entering the cave and finishing those tasks means they all get rescued.

@Gayle - with pea shooter (paper cannon) hit middle button, bat, lower button, rock, top button all fairly quickly. The moving robot arm things and the water under the rock make the bat fly in certain directions.

You don't have to worry about timing in the bat scene if you first press the remote control button and then aim the bat. The robotic arm stays out for a while and you can click at leisure. However if you first press the bat and then the arm, then you have to hurry and it is unlikely you will be able to complete the sequence.

Re the bug (red arrow) I did not encounter it. I did notice the cursor going red but I didn't click, instead moved it around till it was white again and then clicked. I was able to play the game without freezing.

even with the walkthough this one is not playable for me ; very very bad one. Watch out: waste a time!!!!!!!!!!!

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