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Find the Escape-Men 21: in the Watch Store Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 21: in the Watch Store

Find the Escape Men 21: in the Watch Store is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you are locked in the watch store. Find the 10 Escape-Men, and escape from there. There is 1 ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape-Men 21 in the Watch Store Video Walkthrough
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Once around the room and i only have four plus a pale one, and a button

and no stool to look at the coocooclock?

I thought the button would go in green box behind display counter...nope. Im stuck.

Twice round and in the same place as you, clio_rose.

I also thought the pale one might need to tan in the sunlight on the table...nope.

tried to figure out color code with clocks but no chance

Yay, love these, keep them coming!

Opened the door!

Thats what i've been doing too, @katrin. No luck thus far tho.

How nooms?

The clocks with the dots - time for red, green, yellow, red again.

Thanks nooms. I thought that was the first one i tried...lol. oh well.

Dang, 9/10 so far

How do we catch that little guy, straight after turning the lights on. I dont think im ever gonna be quick enough..

The last one is on the floor, in a reflection when facing the wall of clocks.

Shine liquid, clio.

Nicely found, Nooms

Annnnnnnnnd Out

one on top of clock, now I´ve got 9

I am so proud of myself. I can't remember ever finding all the escape men by myself before :D

hi, live or not? loading....

Thanks Nooms and out too.

clio_rose: you're not wrong about the tanning thing - don't know if you've figured that out by now. You just have to back out, go to another screen and come back. He'll have roasted to a crispy green by then. ;)

I'm down to one guy left to find and nothing in inventory - anyone? Gimme a sec and I'll write down all the guys I've found...

You not only got yourself out nooms, you certainly got me out too. Thank you so much.

Consider it a repayment :)

Hmm. Seems I should have refreshed before commenting - clio's all done. But this MUST be an easy one if I nearly finished it on my own.

But I couldnt tan the little fella, till i'd found the note, telling me to.

Ahedonia, did you get the one behind the door in the second room?

have 8 men. need hint about green box and liquid on floor.

ok got shiny liquid with help of key and bird figurine. 1 left.

aneel72. The key for the green box is on the shelves in the second room. That will give you a bird to place in the cuckoo clock, and then you will get liquid from the little green door on the clock to pour on the floor. Turn light out and get luminescent green man

oops..too late.
I'll try to list the ones i remember

1. In picture bottom left,
2. Inside Clock,
3. Top of the Clock,
4. Watches' showcase,
5. Shiny Liquid,
6. Under the door mat,
7. In the reflection on floor (facing towards clocks)
8. Behind the door
9. I don't remember :P
10. You tell me :D

on the watch in display cabinet
on leg of table
on green clock
under mat
pale guy, on painting.
on top of cuckoo clock
inside cuckoo clock
using shine liquid
behind second door
and on floor in reflection of clocks

oh..that was ten...hope they're right..lol

failed again :D where to put those little green escape men to get the key? I wanna get out of here! :P

oh! they've become 1 only.. lol

about item them..they'll turn into a big guy. Zoom on his pocket to get the key...over to the glass door, use key, open box, hit switch to turn it green...and freedom awaits...lol

and this one has a pocket ... tada
nice game.

Thanks Clio_rose! You are always helpful...
i am waiting for the next game!

You're welcome aneel. (normally, im the one who gets stuck....like i did in this game too. Nooms got me out)

I feel so stupid, can't get the bird in the clock, can't even open that door. Do not know where the knob goes and never found a piece of paper.

POP .... placed the know, got the bird in, got the paper.

I can't get it to open in any FF, Chrome or Epiphany :( . It loads but when I press start, it doesn't.

yess!! green men !!! letś start to load the game :D

Terry ... games at that site gives problems when you have addblock running. You could try to disable it for that site.

@Terry..when my game loaded and I pressed start..the screen went black. but after a little time..it went green again..and now I am playing...hope you can play it too!!! ( I have FF )

thaaankss for the liquid hint!!! I never looked behind the green door :))

nice one.... i want more.

I just love these games. Thanks for making and thanks for posting.

I do have to disable adblock to play these game...but it is worth it!!!! This is the best one yet!
I loved the pale one needing a tan!!! And the hiding guy just cracked me up!!
These games are always fun, bur not impossible....

Hey,@jon...didn't that look like a real watch store???lol

anyone have trouble getting this game to load? All I get is a black screen.

The hours doesn't work for me on the door. I have SP3O8I6L3ER. What's wrong?

Great, everyone is gone, leaving only half hints to help. Again.

Just a black screen for me too!

can't get the game to load in FF or Safari


It won't load for me. Just a grey box :o( and I love these games!


You seem to have slightly misread the second number for the door code. It's 7.

Okay, I see that I am not alone with not getting the game. My ad Blocked is off and all I get is a grey screen.

wont load here either with ff

it loads now!

knob goes on right side of cuckoo clock.

THANKS for the one on the floor.

Found 9 and really got desperate where the 10th might be.

won't work for me. I've disabled adblock and tried it on FF, Safari, and Chrome. No go. WTF?

Me neither, Trish. Have even tried IE in desperation ... sigh ...

Quite easy out without help - searched a bit longer for the one on cuckoo clock's roof (& clicked the reflected one accidentaly...).
Nice idea, letting bake the pale one in the sun...!

I've got in at last on my laptop at home! Here goes....

FINALLY got in from the No1 Games site. In and out (but not without help - thanks to everyone here!)

Hoping for POP
-- can't open cuckoo clock (knob won't go anywhere there), can't find the ones in the spill (must need a rag or something?) or in the reflections (clicked all over that floor)

Or maybe I had the one in the reflections earlier -- just got the one behind the door and now have 7 plus the pale one.

POP! Click on right side of clock is place for knob!
Then you can set time.

Only 9 men.
Tried to restart and just got black screen.

Note the door here needs a red, green, yellow, red number code
Zoom on the watch case under the pictures on the wall
Click the case to zoom in
Get the FIRST GREEN MAN from the back of the case over the green watch
Back up once and zoom on the pictures on the wall
Get the PALE GREEN MAN from the bottom right corner of the bottom left picture
Turn right
Zoom on the line of clocks on the shelf under the cuckoo clock
Get the KNOB from between the green and brown clocks
Back up and zoom on the table in the corner
Click the wall to the left of the back left corner of the table to see behind it
Get the SECOND GREEN MAN from the leg
Back up 2 times and turn right
Zoom on the rug below the door
Click to lift it
Back up and turn right to the wall of all the clocks
Do not zoom in, and instead, look at the reflection of clocks on the floor
There is the FOURTH GREEN MAN in the reflection of the green clock (above All in All right reserved)
Now zoom on the round green clock and then zoom on the clock’s hands
Zoom on the round clocks with the colored dots
Here is your red, green, and yellow colors
Read the clocks and find that yellow is 6, red 3, and green 8 o’clock
Back up and turn right
Zoom on the code panel by the door
Enter the code and then click the gray bar
The door should unlock
Back up and click the handle
Enter the storage room
When you first enter, a green man will gasp and go hiding
If you click the lightswitch on the left wall off and the back on, he will keep hiding, but you can’t catch him
Zoom on the upper left cubby of the shelving system
Get the KEY
Back up and get the STEP STOOL
Turn around
Don’t leave, and instead, click the door once to partially close it
Open the door and go back to the main room
Turn left
Don’t zoom in – just place the step stool on the floor below the shelf of clocks
Click the cuckoo
Click the top of the clock to find the SEVENTH GREEN MAN on the roof
Back up so you are looking at the cuckoo clock
Click the right side of the clock in line with the green door to see the side
Place the knob in the hole
Back up so you are facing the front of the clock, and from here, click the green knob to change the time to 12 (click clicks)
Get the EIGHTH GREEN MAN from the clock and the PAPER HINT
Click the hint in your inventory and then the about item bar next to the inventory boxes
See the hint about the sun making dark green
Back up and zoom on the table
There is a patch of sun so place the pale green man there to tan him (you can’t do this unless you have seen the paper clue)
While he is tanning, go left to the display case of watches
Zoom in twice on it
Use the silver key on the green box behind the display case
Get the BIRD
Back up 2 times and go right
Zoom on the cuckoo clock and place the bird where the green man was
You can now open the green door of the clock
Back up
Zoom on the table and get the tanned NINTH GREEN MAN
Back up and go left
Go into the storage room
Zoom on the floor to the left of the shelving unit
Place the paint in the puddle on the floor
Back up and turn off the light (green lightswitch on the left wall)
Get the glowing NINTH GREEN MAN
Back up and turn on the lights
Turn around and enter the main room
Open the about item view of the 10 green men
They will merge into a larger one
Click his hip and get the DOOR KEY from his pocket
Zoom on the panel to the right of the door
Use the key, open the panel, click the switch, and escape!

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