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Find the Escape Men 22: Shinkansen 1 Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 22: Shinkansen 1

Find the Escape-Men 22: Shinkansen Part 1 is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you must find 10 Escape-Men to escape there. Let's find all the Escape-Men, solve some puzzles, and escape from the elevator (1 ending). Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape-Men 22 Shinkansen Part 1 Video Walkthrough
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my find the escape men never works

lol Unknown ....same here only find 7...

hi unknown... you have to make a escape man first... change how he looks like

i have 8... but now i have no idea where to look...

have 8 now....x

9... dont know how i made this... suddenly the item i've bought with the e-money changed into a mandarin

maybe it happened because i clicked the dustbin with that highlighted item...


now i have 10 and i'm searching for the end...

you've found the phone @mugglehead?

yes have phone

ROFL... he is the engine driver... so sweet
out now

can highlight e money but what do you do next...?

and you also found the code for it?

@ting ting... buy smth at the shop

no code Sabine

open the e-money app and close the item, but phone highlighted... then click at the (rememberremember...) right stuff a little below at the shop

looking for either money or phone code ... stuck

@mugglehead: there is a sign left above the shop... the depart time is the code for the phone

Thanks Sabine .....x

yw ting ting...

@ unknown...you have to disable adblocker to play these games

thanks Sabine, will look!!

and out ...thanks again Sabine ....x

hah, no departure time but writes "Delayed"

gongtats @ting ting... =D

ok got frozen tangerines

arbeitslooser: do you found the stamp for the ticket?

i opened the game again and noticed the "delayed" too... maybe you first have to stamp the ticket

there's one on the column right side, behind the paper over the word "exit". But can't take it...

no... it wasn't because of the ticket...

Sabine, stamped ticket then it disappeared!!

yes think you have to stamp ticket first...x

and found something like stamp or bell (can't really say) at the right side of the little shop.

8 men now, thank you @ Sabine!!!

if you type the train number in the found, the escape man at the pict city sign appears at the train...

arbeitslooer try going back to the sign the departure time should be there xxxx after you have stamped your ticket...x

thats funny, because i'm playing again and i stamped the ticket, but the "delayed" message is still there...
@doris: thats a stamp, use it at the ticket

where is the 10th one

oh... i typed the 0712 from the shop in the phone, then i get a japanese message with yes or no... clicked at yes and then the time appeared...

oh yes forgot about the yes/no ....hope you all make it out got to go now ....good luck all ....x

@mugglehead: you found the one in the front train view at the sign at the window?

ting ting, NO! Sabine already found out that stamping your ticket doesn't take any influence on the display mounted on the ceiling.

type the train # where?

or maybe this one at the green stripe in the same view? or the one under the bench?

yes @ Sabine

in the phone @mugglehead

Ahhh this is NASTY! I would never have bothered clicking myself more inside if I got the "BACK" message (= password incorrect).
Even though password 0712 is incorrect, you can make one more click on the phone and then you get the YES/NO question.

exit sign, green stripe, suitcase, tangerine, under bench, ticket, side of train,

phone, that makes 8, hm, I got 9 tho

hmmm... i'm a little bit clueless about the frozen tangerine... first i thougth the ice was melting in the dustbox view... the second time that doesnt works, but this time, when i clicked the kid... maybe it only need some time for melting...

oh the one you change, 9

@mugglehead: you clicked again with the phone at the packets in the shop and got one with an escape man?

and not only the escape guy at the exit sign, theres another sign in the front train view in the background at the window

10 men!!!that did it, the phone again. Now to get out!!

@ Sabine thank you for your patience!!

hey my tangerine turned from frozen (looked like white from mold first, ewwww) to shiny red! Finally OUT!

oh... and you don't have to tipe in the number of the train until the men appear at the train... it changes itself after a few seconds...

yw @mugglehead... glad if i can help =)

Now how did we do this?
Maybe by giving the tangerine to the child, the child's warm hands defrosted it?!!

1. change the escape man in the first view
2. under bench
3. green stripe in front train view
4. sign in the background at the window in same view
5. entrance view of the train: wait until the sign with the location changes
for unlocking the phone type a wrong number 3 times in, then you get a "yes or no" message... after this the "delayed" message on the sign above the shop view changes into the departure time, thats the code
6. after unlocking the phone
7. buy frozen tangerines at the shop with e-money at let them melt, after this open the tangerine
8. buy a packet at the shop with e-money
9. stamp the ticket
10. exit sign

@arbeitslooser: i really don't know it... this time i gave it to the kid... nope

LMAO... now i gave it to the guy in the shop and it melted...

the solution could be: try everything in every view with the tangerine... suddenly the ice is melting...
maybe different in every game

Awesome like always!

OK got the solution!!

It's just a timing thing.
Buy frozen tangerine and just RUN AROUND THE ROOM.
I did 2 cycles, just always click right arrow.

Tangerine will be defrosted then. No need to mess with stranger's kids, dustbins etc. ;)

Where is the e-money?

Oh, never mind, didn't realize I had to go back to the phone.

haha... arbeitslooser... you made me curious... will go in again... =D

woohooo.... you're right... and i found something else... i noticed, that i always played in japanese.... you have to click at the language till you read japanese, then you play in english... and then you read the message about the departure time...
i'm sure, you all played in english... its only me who is sooooooooooooo silly....

I can't find escapeman #4 (according to Sabine's WT).

lol... i still have the window open and everytime i want to close it, there's another message...
Pascale... look in the view of the front train, there you have found the one on the floor on the green stripe... then look in the background,... there are windows... and one sign... at this sign there's an escape guy...

know i have to pick up the kids from school

And thanks to @sab : I am out!! thanks,hun ,3 ,3

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I don't see an "exit" sign anywhere. According to posts above, I go to the view that shows you can enter the train, and then wait for the location to change?? The location never changes. It always says "Pict City"

POP...found it. Amazing how that works!

Installed ad block lately, now this game doesn't load anymore - never had probs before playing these series in FF...
Anyway, played in Opera:
Nice suitcase lock, LOL! Missed the CHANGED departure sign for phone code...
I see, tangerine was FROZEN, not mildewed - HOUW!

Yes, Premiere...I always have to disable adblock for these games lately....but it is worth it!

I think this is the only game I finished today...lol

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