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Lielpils Castle Walkthrough

Lielpils Castle

First part of point and click adventure game created by Ainars for Gongtats. Explore location around "Lielpils" castle, obtain different items to solve puzzles and complete tasks proceed further. Ged bundle of keys and enter in to the castle. Good Luck and Have fun!

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Hey...this one looks new....after all the latest retreads...who will join me?

going in....

I'm in

Oh...the green key was for the rock...lol

Click lower left at swans for a key

Out, pretty easy

Dang! Somehow i missed the pieces for the color circles puzzle....never found even one...got all the other things done and am out the door...but game is not over...lol

Anyone remember where the pieces to that puzzle are?

the color-circle-pieces are in the boxes which are bolted..you can open this boxes with the star-looking-piece..sorry for my english ;)

I'm left with an "unlocker"...confused ?

Okay...just found an "unlocker" thing on the other side of the 11 digit door....Where the hell do I use that thing????

oh...ok...thanks IsaBreeza!

what star-looking piece?

TY @isabreeza...where are those boxes? it is so dark some places, I missed it of course!

@ninja. Need to get 11 number code. Go through door into courtyard. Star thing is there

the unlocker-thing is the star-looking-piece..unbolt the boxes with it..
@ninja: behind the 11th-code-door..look at nokra´s post

Use star thing to open panels with red screws

just going in, isabreeza what language do you speak ?

LMAO!!! Oh yeah...Those boxes!!!!

well i am still missing last number clue, 11th digit. :(

@ignace: my native language is german..but living in spain and can speak spanish better as english..but english is the world language and all peeps here are speaking english..well, nearly all peeps here ;) therefore i have to speak english too..and it´s good..so i can practice a little bit

That was another fun G O N G T A T S for me!!!!

i've opened every wall compartment, still need pink key and last digit. does anyone remember where to got the pink key?

I must be missing a view. Don't see any swans.

Pink key comes from one of the boxes you use the special "unlocker" for!!!

The swans are in the furthest back scene...and the box with pink key is just before that !!!

but how do i get the last digit then?


there are 11...count them, ninja....how many do you have?

Hablas ingles mucho mejor de lo que hablo español.

i have 10, missing 11th digit.

Ninja did you get the one behind the rat?!

sorry, ninja...I have closed the game...have no idea where they all were!

oh...there was one on the roof of the house you need code for...did you get that one?

that was exactly it. :D thanks alot!

jejeje..Stryboh..seguro que hablas muy bien español también..que pena que no hay más juegos en español en vez de japonés..jijiji

Creo que debemos estudiar japones.

jodo..japonés es un poco difícil..pero merece la pena porque los juegos tienen buena pinta

not loading in FF :(

bueno..me voy..buenas noches a todos..
have to go..good night all..

Never did find the #1 paper clue. Brute forced it, still a goood game.

Wow, another outside Ainars...!
Doh! #11 is just above code door (& I already went about starting a dragnet operation, LOL)
Really cool, this new unscrewing small tool...!
ROFLMAO about magpie's call - could hardly stop clicking again & again on the animal (& there are two of them...!)
Nah-ha-hah! Nah-ha-hah! Nah-ha-hah! Etc.

@isabreeze, well my native tongue is dutch but live in france now, and yes we all speak english here lol

what are the numbers for the door?

well i dont want to brute force the code to get my missing number 1

i am missing the final concrete switch, any ideas?

ahhh, found the stone i could move beside the rat creature!! got the last concrete switch!

and so have last number - which number 2 not 1 as i said before!

I don't even find the white amulet to bribe the guard.

@friwi: try clicking the rock on the ground.

and so out with no help!! gongtats to you all!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, jbg. I reloaded the game and now the site wants me to register. I can not play the game anymore. To bad, I like Ayrnairs.

help! the final number to open the door?

There are only eleven numbers so if you are looking for a 12th number there isn't one.

WIW (Where Is What)

Directions from Start Screen
FW = go forward (if there's only one direction arrow)
R = go right
L = go left

1=4 - from crystal safe (black safe, 2xFW-L-4xFW-R-FW)
2=6 - from button safe (2xFW-R)
3=1 - from green safe (1xFW)
4=3 - behind magpie 1/2 in niche (3xFW)
5=6 - under stone, 2nd door view (2xFW-R)
6=3 - from switch safe (magpie 1/2, 3xFW)
7=7 - under mouse (2xFW-L-4xFW-L)
8=9 - left of canon (purple safe, (2xFW-L-4xFW-L-2xFW)
9=3 - in grass (2xFW-L-4xFW)
10=5 - from medal safe (2nd magpie, 2xFW-L-4xFW-L-FW)
11=2 - 3rd door view (2xFW-R-FW)

- safe 2nd door view (2xFW-R)
1) 2nd door view (2xFW-R)
2) 2nd guard (2xFW-L)
3) right on wall (red safe, 2xFW-L-FW)
4) under stone (left of mouse, 2xFW-L-4xFW-L)
5) in purple safe (cannon, 2xFW-L-4xFW-L-2xFW)
6) in blue safe (2xFW-L-4xFW)
7) in switch safe (magpie 1/2 in niche, 3xFW)

- safe above magpie 1/2 in niche (3xFW)
1) above magpie 1/2 in niche (3xFW)
2) right on wall (2xFW-L-2xFW)
3) in red safe (2xFW-L-FW)
4) in niche (black safe, 2xFW-L-4xFW-R-FW)
5) in wall above mouse (2xFW-L-4xFW-L)
6) right of 2nd magpie (2xFW-L-4xFW-L-FW)

1) right of 2nd guard (2xFW-L)
2) right of red safe (2xFW-L-FW)
3) in wall (pink safe, 2xFW-L-4xFW-R)
4) right of cannon (purple safe, 2xFW-L-4xFW-L-2xFW)

- screwed panels #1-2-3
- from pink safe (2xFW-L-4xFW-R)

- white gold AMULET under stone (start screen, use on guard 1/3)
- blue CRYSTAL 1/4 1st door view (2xFW)
- turning PUZZLE behind magpie 1/2 in niche (3xFW)
- green KEY right of 2nd guard (2xFW-L)
- SHIELD from green safe (1xFW, use on guard 2/3)
- MEDAL 1/3 (2xFW-L-2xFW)
- red KEY right of 3rd guard (2xFW-L-3xFW)
- black SHIELD from red safe (2xFW-L-FW, use on guard 3/3)
- MEDAL 2/3 under stone (2xFW-L-4xFW)
- purple KEY (pink safe, 2xFW-L-4xFW-R)
- black KEY (black safe, 2xFW-L-4xFW-R-FW)
- elephant MEDAL 3/3 from black safe (2xFW-L-4xFW-R-FW)
- crystal SLOTS (black safe, (2xFW-L-4xFW-R-FW)
- blue CRYSTAL 2/4 behind 2nd magpie (2xFW-L-4xFW-L-FW)
- medal SLOTS (2nd magpie, 2xFW-L-4xFW-L-FW)
- CRYSTAL 3/4 from purple safe (cannon, 2xFW-L-4xFW-L-2xFW)
- blue KEY in water (click on swans, 2xFW-L-4xFW-L-3xFW)
- blue CRYSTAL 4/4 from switch safe (magpie in niche, 3xFW)
- UNLOCKER :-D behind code door (2xFW-R-FW-click door)
- pink KEY from screwed panel#4
- car (escape) KEY from turning puzzle (3xFW)
- escape DOOR behind door (use car key & click door, 2xFW-R-FW-click door)

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information...!

This is a first...
And I like it...
Go Ainars for Gongtats...

Keep up the Good Work :)

Psst! nokra!!
If you went OUT of the door, you went the wrong way, pet ;)
We were supposed to be getting IN!

Strange, I never had problems playing these. Now I see several sensitive points but can't use them.

Everyone's gone and I can't find the 7th red button, the 6th switch or the middle crystal. I'm missing 3 papers. Can't use the code on the door until I find all the papers. Can't unbolt the bolts until I find all the papers...even with all the hints above

POP...just forgot to press the last switch. Everything went well from there.

Ainars: Is that your voice? (the crow)

qual e o ultima numero para abrir a porta ??

Loved the bird noise!!

Nope, that's not mine voice :)

great game; better than the others !
Thanks Ainars

loved the animal sounds!

I kept clicking the magpie? bird. It looked like it had some white, which means it's not a crow. (Or that was just my computer)

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