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Molly's Mission: Grounded on Date Night Walkthrough

Molly's Mission: Grounded on Date Night

Molly's Mission: Grounded on Date Night is another new point and click room escape game from chixrus. Molly has been grounded, but she has a date with her boyfriend! Help her gather and collect things from around her room and figure out crafty ways to put them all together. The mission is on: help Molly escape! Good luck and have fun!

Play Molly's Mission: Grounded on Date Night

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Going in!

found one bad end, placed scrunchies on sheet and made a rope but dad caught me climbing down

going back in

codes are different every time

I think I have everything but dad catches me every time...

Hmm, not sure what to do now

clue for diary in posters, got key

key opens chest for cd, played it

bottles show code for box in closet, gives ripped paper

tv gives code for 3 digit lock, gives phone, charged now

so I have rope (sheet with scrunchies), charged phone, cd and ripped paper

do I play the music and escape? what's with the ripped paper?


did you try escaping while loud music is playing? I haven't tried but don't want to restart

can't figure out phone and ripped paper

Dunno how he can see me when he's outside the door knocking... :(

Yes, Tried with loud music. Have ripped paper but can't find another half or see anywhere to use it. I thought you could escape while the loud music was playing but no go...

Thanks @stealthXninja didn't want to restart if you had tried that already

I am stuck with the phone and the paper. Can't find the other half, thought maybe it had a ph number on it

I was thinking that too.. But can't find another half. We're in the same place. Tired of starting over every time...Guess I'll keep looking til I find something new.

well, guess she is not going out here, I have to run

good luck!

i wish i could save...keep dying with the same stuff as the rest...getting tired of starting over

Got it!! Other half of paper is on mirror! Looks like reflection. Play music then call bf then climb out window!!

yup...then play music, drag number on phone, and use sheet on window

although i didn't think a stealthxninja would need to go through all that trouble!! Just sneak right by dad without being detected...

Haha. No kidding. I guess I'm not so stealth after all!

hence the X??

What I want to know is why she was in trouble in the first place? Probably for getting caught sneaking out too many times..

Order of escaping

put cd in radio, dial phone number, put rope out window then run away into the night.

By the way, I just noticed (after restarting again) that the reason she is in trouble is because at the beginning it shows her Dad holding a paper (exam) with a big F on it lol

Thanks for the order @ AzaianSpirit77

Figured it out.. you escape while the music is playing but you have to text your date with the piece of paper 1st

the other half of the paper is on the mirror, when put together it reveals a phone number, the number is her boyfriends so you blast the music, use the cell phone and the umber to call him then climb down the rope and you've escaped

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