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Phineas and Ferb Monster Hunters Walkthrough

Phineas and Ferb Monster Hunters

Phineas y Ferb Cazadores de Monstruos - Phineas and Ferb Monster Hunters is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. Help Phineas and Ferb defeat the evil cookie monster, who's eating Isabella's cookies every night. Good luck and have fun!

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Looks cute. I'll give it a try.

help please, in view tv, map on the right, agent prisonner on the left...I can't move ???

toss the hat, Seb

ahhhh! thanks a lot :)

now I'm stuck. I have grabbed everything available but can't put the rails on the bedroom floor

I'm about to give up. Can't figure out what needs to be done before the rails can go on the floor. Already placed the banana peel, turned on the mars transporter

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How do i get the monkey down ?????

Can't get out of perry's secret hideout!

wow! Forgot to use the mummy on the rude lady in the park. Finally got it!

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How do you open the top door to get out of perry's secret hideout?

How to make the monster go out of the wardrobe? I already placed everything on the floor (rails, banana...).

click the watch

Oh yes the cookies!

go all the way right in the park, use the giant dog to jump the fence and get the banana

MissPepy can u tell me how to buy the burger ? Plsss

renn -- use the watch again

take banana on the right of the park with dog robot and give to the monkey

How bought how the burger ? How do i buy it ?

to buy the burger, use the hammer on the piggy bank to get coins

I already used the watch and when I click the ship perry just points at the top door.

ren - click the watch and it shows the green triangles .. Step on the green triangles that was stated at the watch ...

Where is the hammer ?

I'm in the room with Norm and can't get past him

Where is the hammer please?

When I click the watch it just shows the airship
when I click the airship perry just points at the door.

renn, you have to make the wedges around the ship look like the wedges shown by the watch

I cant stop the facebook eliminator :( I can go out of the cage using the hat, but whats next?

get back in your ship and fly out the window

ok joining in . i like these

Where's the damn hammer?

Ren - When u click the watch you can see the airship and green triangles rite ? Click on the triangles that is shown at the watch


the damn hammer is at mt rushmore, I think

Im in phineas's bed room. I've grabbed everything
do i have to open the lock with the key
if i have to i dont know how!

I put the mummy in view woman but I can't use the mummy control because "she's too far away" I'm stuck ???

The hammer is not at the Mountain ..

To get hammer you need sculpt machine, skateboard filled with energy, give the sculpt machine buford's photo, and when machine is done it will drop the hammer...

@ Reen, use phineas' teleporter to visit others views

seb - you must click in front of the woman then scare her

my apologies, the hammer was picked up in the secret room with the sculpting machine. It comes apart at mt rushmore

Thanks pamarina87

I am captured in a net and have no idea what to do...any ideas??

pamarin - they say tat the sculpt machine is ready to work .. What do i do with it .. The skateboard i already filled it with energy too ..

OK Husnaaa, thanks

The sculpt machine will make buford's head in the mountain and then it will drop the hammer...


POP...fling the hat!

Put skateboard in front of the mountain, step on it, then give him machine, it will ask for a model, then add photo to the machine....

How do i get up mount rush more?

renn you need skateboard filled with energizer....

how to fill the skateboard with energy?

YAY !! I have done it !! Any question ask me :)

How to make rail, do I need some nails? I can't put it together...

Where do i get the energy for the skateboard?

renn I think the energizer was behind the tree on the side of the fence where banana was...combine it with your skateboard in the inventory....

dammit i still havent do the platypus -.-

@renn, energy in view park, on the right where banana was, near a tree (use dog robot to jump)

how do i get the code from the monkey when he is down from the tree @pamarina, you need to cut the wood again

What do i do when i am in the room with norm ?

nvm used the xray glasses

bigtank- use the x-ray spects thing on monkey

how to have picture

@bigtank I did, I've cut it twice but when i try to combine wood and rail it won't work...do i need something else...?

pamarina- u need to put the stick on the carpet then put the rail .. no need combine ..

to have picture use camera on boy in view rushmore

OOOO thanks, it worked...

finally i done the whole thing !

ok how to stop the facebook machine

What about the burger? miner doesn't want eat it

The monster won't come out, I've put banana peel and everything, all i have left are cookies, what to do with them?

click on the green hair guy

seb- u need to take the mustard and chili at the restsurant

oh got it...

oh! super Husnaaa thanks

Where 2 put cookies!!!

No PRoblemm :)

Esther - U must press the green hair guy ..

Hi there, joining you all.
I've put the rails, wagon and banana peel in the room and activated the machine. Now stuck and hoping for POP.

You must press the green hair guy/give the cookie to the green hair guy ..

how to pass the last scene with facebook machine, I can get out of a cage, but what next?

click on the bad guy

well i can not even get out of the cage in the end scene

ok nvm got it now

please comments about last scene. because I can only get from cage...

I'm out of the cage but keep getting trapped in the net.

ok. got it too.

I try, I try to give cookie to green hair boy nothing
I'm stuck...

Seb did you get the anvil from the mine?
After that you can give the cookies.

Oh no a bug in the end!

Give the cookie to the cabinet.

Thanks catqueen ! out with your help ;)
thanks alls

yw Seb

Still stuck here after openening the cage :(

When i gave hamburger with ketchup to the man in mine he is not taking it what should i do

Senthil you need the mustard too.

somebody tell me wat still to be added with hamburger

Thx catqueen !!! where is this mustard now

I freezed at the sceen with Zuckerberg and keep hitting the profesor again and again... Why isnt there a "save" option I dont wanna do this from the start again.

Mustard is in the restaurant at the right behind the counter.

got the mustard

April I'm with you.
I hit the professor till he was out of the screen and then used the desintigrater. Now I can only walk around with Mark in the room.
Inventory is empty.

What do I do with the angry cloud?

how to put the rails in the room


senthil did you use the saw on the wood?

oh stuck!!!

yes catqueen i have got 8 pcs of wood then how to nail with rails

oh my god i should put the woods first and then the rails

Yo don't need nails. Put the rails on the ground then the wood and the wagon with the fixed wheel.

I got stuck and had to start over. Way behind you all :(

place the rails, wagon and the banana peel now the keyboard ask for password where can i get the password

The password was in the monkeys belly if I remember correct. Use x ray glasses.
The other password was later in the game on a picture.

catqueen now i have asked for the password in the next room i have magnifying glass but where can i find the password

got the password

Pfewww catching up again.
In the room with the robotman which I pick up with the magnet.

And stuck again in the last room.
So many people are out but no one left to help :((

catqueen i am getting trapped in the prof room how to stop him

This comment has been removed by the author.

To get out of the cage throw you hat on the lever.
After that you can punch the professor.
I did it 2 or 3 times and then quickly clicked on the desintegrator.

And this is the point where I get stuck.
Maybe I shouldn't have used the machine.

how to kill the norm

first time i throw the hat and get out of my trap then there is a line which i cant cross have only 20 seconds only inventory i have - mag glass photo hat agent watch

Catqueen, sorry...
in lab, use hat on levers then clic on doctor several times and use destructor on 3 things in lab and by window, and clic on boy and out by window

After you get out of the cage just click the professor.

how to pass the norm pls answer me

Seb: When I click the boy nothing happens. The only things that are left is the mirror on the wall and the lever. I can't use them.

Sorry Alvin, what norm are you talking about? In which screen?

after the doofenshmirtz room

everything over but i cant go out of window

have you clic by window with destructor first and see animation? then you can clic on boy

Alvin: combine vine and magnet and use it to get to the lever. Then use the magnet on the hook.

yes after taking the destructor there was an animation.. after everything now window is open there is a boy and the prof fainted i clicked on the boy but nothing happened

i can do that

seb: no I did not and did not see the animation.
I think it's a bug. I'm playing it for the second time now but I'm not going in a third time.
Thank you very much for you answers :)
I will stay in this room with senthil LOL

yeah catqueen !!! no other way lets stay for sometime LOL

Alvin: in the first room you have to get a vine (from the open window on the left). Then get the magnet behind the chair. Get photo from table and get magnifier. Use magnifier on the photo for the doorcode.

i cant combine it

Click magnet and click the vine in the inventory.

i cant combine it

probably bug :)after this animation (planet in the sky and satellit) we can clic on boy and escape by window

I've combined vine and hook

Major case of alzheimer here. Yes I did see that animation! LOL
But still stuck. I wish I saved that hamburger instead of giving it to the miner.

Alvin: in your inventory click the magnet and then click the vine. They should stick together.

or cookies...LOL :)

@seb: Yes!! Cookies!

Hi Megi. Did you escape or will you join us in the stuck room?

Okay....so I went in again.
After the hat I beat up the professor once (!!!!) and then clicked the machine. Now the window opened and after that I clicked the boy and ecsaped.
I will send some burgers and cookies for seb.

I've beaten up the Dr about 6 times now.
I've disintegrated everything in sight

..... what am I missing?

Its the hook and the vine that get combined.
The magnet goes on the other hook - the one which moves when the handle is pulled

Got stuck in the evil lab after hitting the doctor multiple times. Replayed and only hit him once. That seemed to do the trick.

Re-played and automatically got out after the dis-integrator did its thing.

Must be a bug

Cute game though

All these comments, and no rating of the game???

Hi not sure if anyone still here... I seem to be missing something, I am in the room and have placed the banana peel, the wood, rails, anvil and turned the machine on. But can't give the cookies to the green haired man (like mentioned above)?

Jo C hi!
I have to run so can't stay.
You have to get the anvil from the mine too. (see blueprint)

have fun and c u around!

Finally done it... You have to give the cookies to the wardrobe, then the green haired guy takes over!

Hi Catqueen, thank you for commenting.
I did have the anvil but kept putting the cookies in the wrong place! lol

See you soon :)

how to pass norm

Had to use the video walkthrough...too many random comments here for this incoherent game.


To pass Norm,
put the hook and the vine together
throw them over the pipe next to the lever
put the magnet onto the hook just to the right
try the lever
put some butter on the lever
pull the lever

that should work

I have set up everything in the room, I have left key and cookies unused. The green-haired guy won't get the cookies, what am I doing wrong?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Gina, I placed the anvil at the end of the rails as in the blueprint, but still can't give cookies to GHG!


Put the cookies on the wardrobe door.

The only key that I remember was for the coffin in the secret room and you had to have that if you wanted the mummy.

Also for Norm, for the code to the door, there is a magnifying glass in the office scene, under the big table on bottom left. Use it on the picture.

This game is so frustrating now. I put the photo in the sculpt machine before giving it to the kid and now he won't take it. Don't know what to do now and can't go on! I also don't see the button for newer comments to see if it's just me.

Oh duh ...you give the sculpt machine to the rock itself.

HELP i gave the sculpter machine buford's photo but now what do i do

Another ROFLMAO game!
Doofenshmirtz, hahaha!
Cookie monster's walk, heheheheheh!
Inka games are the only ones, where I'm chuffed about kicking the bucket to see what happens, LOL!
Was sure we have to destroy piggy bank, but didn't find the right tool...
& was stuck in lab for quite a long time...
Thx, L&G, for the hints!
Btw: no prob at all for me, if Fa(r)cebook wouldn't exist anymore...!
(& what does it mean: MSG_ENGLISH?)

you need flying board loaded with energy drink, jump on it & use machine on mountain.

This comment has been removed by the author.

in first room you'll find perry's pic & a magnifier, use it on pic to see code.

Oh yeah done it ^_^

i put flying board down but it will not let me get on it. does anyone know why?

---WALKTHROUGH 4 u GUYS ^_^---

-Give the HAT to Perry

-Use the WATCH to show the code.
-Enter the HOLE

-Click on the ENERGIZER behind Perry
-Click the WATCH again to show the code
-Use the ENERGIZER to the CAR
-Click on the CAR

-Choose any dialog between Candice & Mom

*Doofenshmirtz LAIR*
-Use the HAT to the NET to free Perry
-Go to LEFT
-Click on the CAR

*On the Clouds*
(Approaching the THUNDERCLOUDS)
-QUICKLY Click the CAR and press the RED BUTTON
(The CAR stops)
-QUICKLY click the YELLOW BAG behind Perry
(Perry's Falling)
-Click the BAG from the inventory

*@ d HOUSE*
-Click COOKIE on the table,go UP
-Click the STATUE @ d LEFT PART of the bookshelf for the SECRET DOOR
-Use KEY to the coffin to get the MUMMY
-Click at the MAP to Teleport

-Place MUMMY beside the tree,use the MUMMY CONTROLLER
-Get the MUMMY near to the woman, click the controller again choose SCARE
-Use SAW to the BENCH.
-Place ROBODOG and click it again.(click d RED button to make it JUMP)
-Get the BANANA & ENERGIZER(energizer below d TREE)
-Go LEFT,twice
-Use XRAY GLASSES agen to the MONKEY,(shows u d code to the PORTAL)

*Mount Rushmore*
-Talk to BUFORD
-Use ENERGIZER to the FLYING BOARD and place it below the 4th face (suppose to be. .)
-Click the F-BOARD and place the S-MACHINE to the mountain
-Get the HAMMER
-Talk again to BUFORD and get those RAILS

-Give COINS to Jeremy

-Talk to the MINER
-Combine KETCHP&MUSTARD to the BURGER, give BURGER to the MINER
-Get WHEEL inside the MINE,also the WAGON & ANVIL

-Use SAW to the WOODS,place them @ the FLOOR
-Click RAILS
-Combine the WAGON & WHEEL, place them at the RAILS
-Put ANVIL to the RIGHT tip of the RAIL. . the BANANA PEEL before the WAGON
-Click the KEYPADS OF THE PORTAL,enter code.(from the monkey)
-Place COOKIES to the CABINET.

*Doofenshmirtz' ISLAND LAIR*
-Combine ROPE&HOOK, use it on the PIPES,click it to make Perry clim
-Use BUTTER to the LEVER
-Place MAGNET to the HOOK,click LEVER
-Combine M-GLASS to PHOTO to show DOORCODE
-Enter ROOM

-Use HAT on the LEVER
-Click MARK Z.

0-0 THE END ^_^

♥Hope this may help ^_^♥ =miming_08

puta escreve direito nao to entendendo nasa

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