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Tamago Escape is a new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Robamimi. In this game, you have to find your way out by looking for items and some clues to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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I need help! Got the color code for a handle

Nobody's playing?

not open

I can't get it to load

would lke to join, but I can't get it. only a white screen...

I click start and get a white screen - ideas?

same for me LNS. tried english and japanese version, but nada...

Hi all - it worked for me the 2nd time


Try this as an alternative (took me a few reloads to get in)

waas going around the room and suddenly the screen went white

finally it work with the original link (I just refreshed several times)

thanks jon

try this link for it:

I can't view the items. anyone has the same problems?

Charge handphone with charger found in second drawer next to door.

I can view @Miller

suddenly I can view them...got several items now. some kind of bookmark, usb device, handle, plug and a box

code for clock 11:15, take key

Hi everybody! I can't see the items in inventory and can't change scenes. Refreshing

code for left right box on sofa...lllrrrlrr

thanks @jonthewatch! how did you get that?

Still can't view items after refreshing. Any ideas?

circle diamond pattern....tried both ways :)

I think the server must be stressed....lots of people having difficulties playing :(

@jon - where did you find the clock code?

can someone print the date of the phone mail for me please?

Sofa gives hint for opening box with 2 white buttons.

stuck with bookmark, box and windup key. cell phone disappeared after using jonthewatch's clue for clock

same here,
going around room, only got white screen, even from the other links (FF)...
will try in Chrome...

the symbols were in the phone indicating the time

I think the clock code was on the phone

I was going along but unable to see inventory, then suddenly I could only see inventory but no play scene :o(.

I guess I'll have to come back later when you will have done all the work!!!

and it won't load now I have refreshed :o(. A shame it looked nice!

@premiere: it's definitely not a browser problem

handle from color code, small to large

@Donas: place handle on box under cd player.
tried numbers from pastel (s-->b) on box, didn't work

code for box = 2011 / 10 / 10 * 100 = 2011

bookmark, key, box. thought the box code might be the shapes on the bookmark but not working.
No idea on other codes

thanks @jon - dont know how you got that

thx, Miller,
that's what I discovered, too (in Chrome, it won't even load properly)...

Now I can see more of the room (after refreshing a few times)...

thanks @jonthewatch! but how to that when the phone is already gone?

something wrong with game
first got white screen
reloaded started working then couldn't move around
reloaded again white screen
tried new link white screen
went back to original link loads get start page then white screen


not numbers but colors, sm to lg, see note in drawer

code for handle clockwise = c, anticlockwise = a:

ccaaccca, but you must complete the game on phone first

& now, I have to go (family business)...
ok, will finish later.
GL, L&G!
(& post some clever hints...!)

where to put usb?

don't take the key from the clock...it disables the phone (I found out the hard way)

Anyone figure out the CALL BACK word for the bottom drawer yet?

yep, had to restart as well (lucky me it loaded right away).

But the phone is gone - already used for clock time. Do I have to restart?

call 59624 (from pastels) on the phone after getting usb device and completing game

@Candibar: look at the back of phone (before it's charged)

don't understand the clock hint

Candibar: It was on the back of the phone: "walk"

I'm not going to restart to have to play a game on the phone.


Plug the USB devices in at the bottom of the phone. The phone+charger goes in the wall outlet.

get cd, play to get pass for egg, get duck, now get key from clock and use

....and out

thanks again @jonthewatch. there is now way I would ever noticed the anti/-clockwise hint!

just setting the clock disables the phone. And after restarting, still didn't see how you get 11:15 from theh phone

It looks like you have to do things in order or you have to restart....not for me.

Same with Zoe my phone is gone :( ganna restart to get phone back

out as wll. still don't get where you got that clock hint from @jonthewatch. I can see the symbols on the phone...was there a way to combine them with the bookmark?

This is really annoying, once you got one page visible you get a blanc page again when you move to another scene.

Thanks for your help...
for the bottom drawer "WALK" seen on the phone

the position of the symbols on the card are 1,2,3 and 5, the symbols are in the order 2315 23:15 = 11:15

I finally got the game working. I charged the phone and played the minigame, I opened the LR box , put the handle there... But I can't find the hint for the clockwise thing or for the clock


Combine bookmark with the book from the CD case. That gives you four letters, one per shape.

D for diamonds
H for hearts
C for clubs
S for spades

Then take the numeral values for the respective card in the phone's memory game.

once you complete the mini game on the phone, the letters in complete rotate, that's the clue for the handle

Oh! Thanks jonthewatch. I would have never noticed that

thanks @K. P. Norlin and (once more) @jonthewatch! now I got it! missed the hint where to use the bookmark!

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finally out after several attempts, thanks for all the help

lol....it seems I got the time by utter madness, missed the clue in the cd totally!

Well this is *pretty* annoying. I can't access the view with the loudspeakers >:( From the sofa view I can't turn left and when I turn right from the door view, screen turns white and game stops right there. This is so unfair :'(

Out now! Thanks for the help everybody. Nice game and cute duck!

You can go to the link "ミラーサイト ALTERMATIVE SITE" (http://robamint.seesaa.net) below the game on the main page, to play the game at an alternative site.

Worked for me.

Robamini games are just great !

POP, got it going finally. Whew!

Can anyone please tell me the answer for the handle direction? Cant look at the phone anymore. :o(

If you can't look at the phone any more you have to restart and play the mini game before you can move the handle. Even if someone tells you the spoiler, it won't work until you play the game...

every time you find something or do anything, click the hint button, this will tell you the order you must play the game.....doing things out of sequence will mean you cannot finish the game :(

Zoe, I did play the mini game, but concentrated my attention to the cards on the screen..not the direction of the turning letters.

post from earlier:

code for handle clockwise = c, anticlockwise = a:

ccaaccca, but you must complete the game on phone first

Too many spoilers here so I am asking sweetly...can anyone tell me where or how to get the cellphone? .... I see reference to it early on ...then many spoilers..so I quit reading...lol


look under the chair

POP! found cellphone under sofa....and it has the code for its charger! I do love POP!

Is anyone just starting now???? I would love to get some help...but all the comments are just filled with SPOILERS(jon) and can't filter them out to see the hints!!!!!

btw..TY @donas...for your help...lol..I Popped it first! lol


be careful of the order you do things, let me know what hints you need

hi, nokra,
back again & still playing...
(we may mess up cbox a bit with the riddlers on the roof there...!?)

there's hint button on bottom, if needed (IMHO, it gives good hints...)

TY @donas...I have the bookmark, opened the phone, but do not get the hint...I think bookmark and phone help to open the box...still don't get the combo...and that is all I have active in the inventory! LOL

I forgot about the "hint button" !!! Thanks, @premiere!!!

bookmark for later, first solve the colour puzzle left of door (hint in drawer & in pastell box)

sorry Nokra....I guess I did spoil too much :(


today * 100 is the clue, do the math

well I finished, but I never understood the clockwise/anticlockwise hint after playing the game on the cell? Did I just need to look at the way the word "complete" rotated on the phone?

Before I start, is so. writing a WT?

have a look on EACH letter rotating of COMPLETE.

Grrrrrrrrr....I had to put the 0 all the way around for it to take the code....lolol thanks, guys! ...moseying along here!

I forgive you, jon....lolol...All I sew in the comments is "I cant get it to load"...and a bunch of spoilers...LOL Good to see you in an escape game btw!!!
@premiere...I got the handle and used it first thing!

I mean...I placed the handle...haven't figured it out yet...I like to take my time...lol...these Robamimi are among my favorites!

how to turn handle, you will have the hint after solving a mini game in phone

Did anyone else think of the Rawhide song? LMAO!!!! where is Irish, I know she would get it! lmaop

I am not done yet! But I am enjoying this so much, I am savoring it! Too funny! Thanks again for the nudges, You guys!

I play many escapegames but don't often comment. I commented on this one because there were too few comments in the beginning......comments make eg24 what it is, so I bombarded it lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

why do so many of you just blurt out the answers instaed of just giving hints? and why don't you explain how you figured out the answer?

Hi silvergirl...I thought @premiere was doing a WT...do you have a question? or are you out already?

We normally do leave hints and explanations...just happened a little differently this time! lol


Solutions below

- take pink BOOKMARK under pillow
- note CIRCLES & DIAMONDS on blanket
- take empty cell PHONE under couch
- turn phone to see HINT
- note CLOCK with changeable hour & minute hands
- note COLOURS, COLOURED BARS & NUMBERS (under colours) on cupboard
- take BOX from upper drawer
- note HINT for coloured bars
- open lower 4-digit drawer (hint: CALL BACK) for BATTERY CHARGER
- put charger in phone & turn phone to see, you can plug it in now

- note white MAILBOX in door
- click handle on device left of door
- solve colour puzzle according hint on cupboard & in drawer
- click ENTER & take HANDLE

- note OUTLET & CD-PLAYER (without CD)
- put phone with charger in outlet to load phone
- make a round in room & take charged phone back
- have a look in MAILS to see SHAPE HINT 1/2
- open box from inventory according DATE HINT in phone for USB-STICK
- put USB-stick in phone for super easy (:-D) MINI GAME
- play mini game for CARD HINT & ROTATION HINT
- solve BUTTON BOX under shelf according hint on couch blanket
- box opens automatically; use handle on blue button=slot to see ROTATION BUTTONS
- rotate handle according hint in phone
- see satellite dish on house rotating towards tower

- make a phone call according numbers from colours on cupboard
- you'll receive a super express delivery: CD & CD-BOOKLET

- put CD in player & listen=look to get HINT for EGG (triangle button=PLAY)
(- you may listen a bit more to the lovely nursery rhyme... ;-D)
(- if not, just turn music off with the square button)

- prepare for explosion...!
- open egg with the letter code from CD/-player for windup BIRDIE
- note CAT FLAP (where's the cat...? But there's a birdie pic on the flap...)

- put pink bookmark from under pillow on couch on cd-booklet for SHAPE HINT 2/2
- combine shape hints for CLOCK TIME
- set clock hands according clock time for KEY

- use key from clock on birdie
- put birdie in front of cat flap (click door)
- Natch - it's a birdie flap! 8-D
- birdie goes in, you hear TWEET & it comes back with the escape KEY (sooo cute! :-D)
- take key from birdie

- use key on door (zoomed in) for





- hint from back of phone:

- from small to large

- 2011/10/10
- hint: Today * 100
- / = division
- * = multiplication
2011:10:10x100=2011 (;-D)

- hint on couch blanket
- circles left or right

- after solving minigame, letters from word COMPLETE are rotating
- C = clockwise
- A = anti-clockwise

- hint on cupboard & in upper drawer, after taking box
- colours from small to large

- solved minigame:

- hint word in RED from CD-player/CD

- in phone:
triangle-square : circle-star
- in phone from minigame (CARDS):
- from cd-booklet:
- combined for clock time:

- or visual:
(click right to open link in a new tab)


EGDAWT & I deserve now an icecream...!

What flavor do you like, Premiere?? Well Done!!!!

My fault silvergirl, I saw the comments were few in number so I gave answers......sorry

nice walkthrough Prem ;)

Excellent game - if it weren't for the phone locking down after you solved the clock puzzle. I guessed the time from the relative position of the shapes on the bookmark with the order laid down on the phone. Triangle-square suggests a short line pointing to 11 - and circle-star points to the 3 ... I thought it was quite clever reasoning until i realised I couldn't access the phone any more! Argh!

great game

This comment has been removed by the author.

This MUST have been fixed meanwhile.
I didn't have the time to play until now (i. e. 2 days later than you guys) and I can tell the clock does no longer work in the first part of the game! It will just do nothing.
Not until I did all the rest of tasks the key pops out. Before, I could put in the correct time as much as I wanted...no reaction.

Thanks to the developer.

current link:


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