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🖳 MyGames888 3 Doors Escape Walkthrough

🖳 MyGames888 3 Doors Escape

[REPLAY] 3 Doors Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from mygames888. In this game you are in a room and you have to search the room to find items and solve the puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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I shall try this before bed. Anyone else here?

a key, a number 3 button, and four strange looking pieces

used key for number clue, used 3 button, used blue funny looking piece for puzzle

well, have to be up and running again in less than five hours, so it's time to go to bed. Wish I had gotten a little further. Wish I could figure out where the bookshelf-chair-open door number goes...

put 5 blocks like this

Already done that :P

For 3x3 keypad, start bottom right corner

Now have another key but it don't work on the circle door

Still haven't figured either safe........ yet

POP: Found where the key went

Wow, this game is so interesting

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd Out..... LOL.... I was Angelina Jolie? haha


Little short and too big a DL

Hmm my circle key doesnt want to work on circle door....

Leroy - it goes where you put the blue block earlier

Groooaaan forgot that odd black shape LOL

stuck with a number 3...i'm soo bad at these XD

The three becomes a lever in the middle of the 3x3 key pad in the blue thing.

Do not know how to solve 3x3 :(

eidos start bottom right corner and follow the arrows clue after putting red 3 thingie in the T LOL

eidos: start from the bottom right corner and follow the arrows on the door


thnx Leroy


5 is the lever(that red #3)

(3x3 grid)

You too aL3xaNdRa

I am stuck here...anyone still around?
I don't see a 3x3 grid
I have opened the square and triangle door
I don't see where to put the 3 button...

POP before posting...lol
I put the blue thing back and the grid was below, I got circle key and put it where the blue was before....now, if I am supposed to see an exit code there....I don't! LOL

Aaaaannnd...POP again!!!!
The digits are a bit obscure, but I did get a 3 button from the black safe...and a key from the red one! Cute game!!!!!

Anybody here?
What's the last code for the red safe?

I got the black 3 button, put it in the red safe and tried all combinations of visible numbers in the room but can't get the red safe to open...

G2G.. Will come back later. Maybe somebody will help unstuck my stupid head!!!

for the final RED number think of the clock as a zero

Thanks Orit.
Never even saw that the chair, bookcase etc made a number code - got too fixated on the cupboard code.

Is there somebody ???? Help please !
I've put the circle key and nothing happen: the circle door is close and I don't understand the black code 325?


The circle key goes into where you put the blue block thingy
That will give you the code for the black safe

How is that a code? I dont see anything in the black sign with the key on top and i dont see anything else that changed after i put the key there...

Look carefully, Gaby

You should be able to make out the numbers that the key separates from the black markings



Thanks momma my head was focusing on the white parts, counted those. Made a 0 from the keyopenong etc but didnt look at the blck parts lol

:) I also spent ages twisting my head from side to side and squinting. When you know what the numbers are they are so obvious but before then its just a mess

       Anonymous  12/3/11, 5:43 AM  

What a slooow loader - but it was worth it to wait!
Reminds me a lot of Dghgbakufu games: Excellent game with brilliant puzzles!
Thx posters above for your hints, which I needed quite a lot this time...!

Fantastic game!! Not too easy, not too hard. I hope we see more of the maker in the nearer future!!

Thanks Orit! I kept using all the other numbers except for the clock!!!
I agree with everybody.. Great game

       Anonymous  12/3/11, 6:48 AM  


- note door with ROUND window
- note black & red safe
- go right

- put CHAIR beside
- take SQUARE KEY from LAMP
- go right

- note door with SQUARE window
- open door with square key for NUMBER HINT
- go left

- note RED NUMBERS from furniture
- go left

- put furniture numbers in red safe...
- Ooops! Now you broke the 3-BUTTON... well, take it then!
- go left

- note door with TRIANGLE window
- put 3-button in 3x3 GRID in pillar to turn it on
- take BLUE SHAPE from top of pillar
- note, panel from 3x3 grid has closed...
- go left

- take the other 4 SHAPES
- note strange DRAWING in first slot
- put all 5 shapes in slots according number hint in door
- take TRIANGLE KEY from now opened NICHE in wall above pedestal
- take BLUE SHAPE back
- go right

- put blue shape back in slot on pillar to reopen 3x3 GRID
- open door with triangle key for DIRECTION HINT
- click buttons from 3x3 grid according direction hint to open panel
- take KEY from niche
- go left

- put key in first slot with strange drawing to see NUMBER HINT
- go 2x left or right

- put number from strange drawing slot in BLACK safe & click ENTER arrow
(to clear one number back: click CLR-button)
- D'oh - empty!
- close safe door
- & again that darn 3-BUTTON is broken... well, take it then, too!
- replace 3-button in RED safe with the black one & finally open it according furniture hint
(don't forget to click ENTER arrow at the end...!)
- take CIRCLE KEY from now opened red safe
- zoom out & open door with circle key


You escaped thanks to your woman power...!



(click right to open links in a new tab)



- number hint behind square door:


3x3 GRID
- in blue pillar, blue shape put above: panel's open
- direction hint behind triangle door




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@premier, ur w/t was amazing! even had visual aides! haha u rock! I didn't use it until i got stuck with the circle key, but then I scrolled thru to see what u wrote & was very impressed! :)

       Anonymous  12/3/11, 8:45 AM  

nice game, not too difficult!

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very cool game. I was kind of hoping the circle door would lead to another room. Maybe they'll make a longer one next time (hint, hint)?

great game!! (Bit late but WTH)

Still worth it....yes loads veeeeery slow.

Needed no help up to the "put key in small hole" bit, was always looking for a box to open (or one tucked away in one of the two safes :))

BUT CLOCK = "0" !
This really beat me. Even tried three numbers from lowest to tallest in height, but I'd never have assumed that the clock ITSELF would be part of the puzzle (and not, as usual the time shown on the clock)

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