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Ather Asylum Walkthrough

Ather Asylum

Ather Asylum is a new point and click adventure created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. You went to sleep feeling a bit odd. When you woke up you found yourself in a strange place. Are you still dreaming? Is this place real? Good luck and have fun!

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A new SD!!! :-)
Going in...

turn left and the map is in the book on the sink


Map in book in E

Wait for me!!!

Found a flashlight (in I) and some batteries (in H)

Batteries in H
Torch in I

Found map in book left room from start scene, batteries in H and flashlight in I.
Book have some hints

Right behind you!

use flashlight in B for purple key

use book clue that is backwards to open safe in D

Got blue gem from safe

hmm... stuck need red key now

Is that a number on the wall in H ?

Safe in D, combo in book

Purple key on the floor in B
Use the flashlight

Blue gem and another hint from safe in D

red key in A

I am just starting !

Crowbar and clue in O

2 numbers from wall in O

use have to use flashlight to see the red key in A

And crowbar in O

my glove is called a knife :)

A glover called "knife" in N

Blue gem in safe in D

Got a knife in N that looks like a glove lol

Used crowbar in I for gold key

use hint in G (picture on wall) in T for purple gem

I have the lock combo but can't get work!

Thanks Selfdefiant! Going in (not sure what it will be like as never played these on laptop!)

Hi guys :)

Green gem from box in K (used numbers from O)

*get it to work. What am I doing wrong?

Hint from safe is used in P for orange gem

Lighter in P and plunger in Q

Fixed that knife glove. Oops!

Used plunger in M for green key


Which lock combo are you stuck on?
The safe in D?

Hammer in C

DUM--- the code is backwards.... start with left arrow and go to the number 21

Crowbar doesn't work on boards need hammer?

wow this is nearly a first I am live with you all woohoo !!

anyone found silver key yet?

Ah, I was going to the right, thanks!

g2g... be back later, have fun!!!

How do you solve the thing in A JEB5JD?
Have clou from book - but don't know how to use it

silver key

under box in t

have no idea why I always signs me in as diana and not diddlydi LOLbut still here so good morning

Ah never mind - forgot to click in the middle!!!!

note the size of the circles next to the times in book. Use the wheel in A to match circles with the corresponding hour number. Get white gem

Christall ball in N by using hammer

found the red key in A finaly by using the flashlight!!!

did anyone open the peg box? I have the clue but it won't work.
And I haven't found a place for the glove/knife yet

Can't get the box in T open

Old school, Loved it, Thanks Selfdefiant

Only got the jumping crystal after I had everything else but it made placing the gems in different rooms a lot easier :)

Where to use glove ?

Purple gem using hammer in T

Child of Light

The peg box you must hit every single peg
The small ones are flush with the box and the large are hit only once

And found the silver key - thank you Child of Light!

glove gets used in the room where you got the batteries (H?).
In the corner is green gloop

Anja - I can't get the code in the picture to match up with me knocking the box in T with the Hammer - whats the secret?

Lit the fireplace in R for red gem

Thx RSA for glove hint !

Anybody found a hint for the dial box ?

The box
pegs 1, 2, 3 etc

1 hit 3 times
2. hit once
3. hit twice
4. hit three times
5. hit once

Got the box in T! POPOPOP


One dial box hint is in the book
The other dial box hint is in the safe

I just can't seem to get that box in T

oh and don't forget to push the button on the peg box to open it

Anja wrote it at 8:23 (dial box)

Hint for dial box was in safe in D

Annnnd...out. Great game!

Wow! I just sat down at my computer with my Christmas-gift SSSG mug and there's a new SSSG! What could be better than that?

Nice roaring fire SD!!

Placed all gems and out!

Thank you Selfdefiant!!!!

That was GREAT!!! Thanks, SD!

And thanks Anja for dial clue in safe!

Feeling stupid.
I put all the gems in the slots but i am still in, where is the exit ?

@Zazie: From start scene down - where you found the purple key with flashlight

Thanks RSA for green gloop hint

Thanks again Anja, i did it lol....

Great game, thx SD !!

Help needed please for safe in D.

The combination is at the top of one of the pages in the book you picked up

Turn the dial left to the first number then right and left again

@yvonne: Have you seen the clou in the book?
21 - 9 - 32

I noticed the addresses in the phone book as Pinckneyville, IL. That's about an hour from where I live! if SD lived that close, I'd LOVE to meet them and go with them on a photoshoot to get pictures for their games! I love old buildings like this, and there's a TON of them near where I live!

Thanks for the peg box solution.
And I'm glad I could help with the silver key. Usually when I come over here is already a walk-through.

RSA Momma Cyndi and Anja(Stu) thank you for your help. X

How to solve the box in A?

Btw, what does "Ather" mean ?

There are 4 clock times in the book. Use only the first digit.
Then click in the middle.

@Morgan - I assumed it was Æther, which is what makes up the universe...but I could be wrong.

Lighter for FP is in P (didn't see that mentioned before)

Final gem placement:
Yellow - A
Green - G
Orange - D
Blue - K
Red - Q
White - N
Purple - R

Thanks @Selfdefiant & Happy New Year!

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Sorry, can't read the numbers in O... Anyone willing to spoil?


The clue in the safe was three arrows

3 o'clock
11 o'clock
8 o'clock

(could be 3, 10 and 7 - I remember having to jiggle one of them)

The numbers in O are shown at the bottom of the screen in the comments

I think it was 151 and 59
(my scribble pad is a bit of a mess)

@Kate: You can see the numbers in the textbox.
151 and

Same here!

The clue I had from the safe was 9-11-7.

It seems that you can only get so many games onto one piece of note paper Anja :)

ok even with a flashlight I see no red key in A maybe i have a bug? or is it hidden do I have to move something? I have been clicking everywhere

The red key was to the bottom left side on the floor

TY RSA would have helped IF I had been looking for the silver ( and found that) and not the red key LOL

I often forget which key I'm looking for.
The silver is right up at the top under the box

Well that was as always very exciting.. still would like to know if you ( SD) use photos for these from abandoned asylums from around the world there are so many in Europe ??? If you like the pics in the games you can see many asylums at the site Urban Legend they are real places left to just fall apart with great stories to boot

out with no help. A couple of those keys were tough to find.

Thanks, selfdefiant!

Finally, another SD! I am so spoiled. Other games just don't compare! Thanks for the fix. It was a lot of fun.

Well, somehow today seems not to be an adequate gaming day for me...
had to peek for almost everything in the comments by making real silly boobs (LOL)...!
- I read safe code 21-9-35 (instead of 32!)... Doh!
- First arrow from code was pointing at 9 o'clock for me (instead of 3)... Drat!
- forgot about using flashlight or circle hint in book... Botheration!
Therefore: thx, L&G, for your hints!
& anyway, TVM, @Selfdefiant,
for another well-made game creation!
& yep, what does «ather» mean (didn't find it in my online dic LEO, LOL)...?

can't do the safe in D, I have the combination but it isn't working even if I start with left or right or the numbers backwards. Is there something i need to do inbetween positioning the dial?

@Sandman: I think I started with the left to 21, then right to 9, and then left again to 32.

i lov these games
but just wanted to kno
how to place gems in rooms
is there hint or
its trail and error
u hav to check all the rooms

raasti: There is not a hint about which rooms to place the gems. I think that's why selfdefiant came up with the crystal ball.

@Zoe ah thanks - I think I just needed to leave the view and start again and finally got it :)

okay very frustrated
can't find number for 5 digit code box

brin3m the code for five digit box is in N on the left side wall. the numbers you need are underlined in red.

I live bout 15 minutes from Pinckneyville Ill.

lol "The drawer is stuck. must be something important inside." funny, SD!

final score 231800.
the peg box and silver key gave me trouble.
thanks SD! another great game! and no orbs.

       Anonymous  12/28/11, 8:06 PM  
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@SD -- another great game (although I needed lots of hints -- had the numbers right for the safe in D, but couldn't seem to get it until reading a hint on LRL).
I really liked the flashlight, but didn't like the comments box -- there was always an "X" on the screen!

Hope you guys are enjoying ur hols, we in this time zone hardly get to play a live game. wishing you all a very wonderful and peaceful new year. SD I love your games, but for the new year give us a sneaky guy game with its exotic locales.

help i cannot crack the safe combination

help i cannot crack the safe combination

I suppose that there is a yellow gem, but I can't find it !
Thank you Child of Light for the silver key, I wouldn't have found it by myself.

       Anonymous  12/29/11, 1:43 AM  

whats is this guys its game or some thing else its puzzle ..

@jai, the safe combination is in the book.

No help for the yellow gem ?

@ Pascale Yellow Gem

is in H in a bucket behind the bed

This comment has been removed by the author.

pascale yellow gem is in
beside bed in sme pot
u need glove for it

thank you, I didn't see this bucket !

AWESOME STUFF, Self-Defiant!!! LOVED this game so much!!! Felt weird not collecting orbs, but glad there was still a crystal. Wish the crystal was available earlier in the game, but oh well :) Thanx for all the hints, Escapers! Definitely needed some help with some of those keys :)

       Anonymous  12/29/11, 5:44 AM  

lost my red key ; can't find it in my inventory; is that a bug?

       Anonymous  12/29/11, 5:48 AM  

ok found the red key; sorry,it was not a bug :-)

white and red key is really tricky
tk hlp from wktr, thanks everyone
ನಯನ ಗೌಡ, ಮೈಸೂರು, india
merry x'mas

e - book with code for safe and time clue
h - gem in liquid(use glove from room N),bateries
d - safe 21-9-32 with arrow clue and blue gem
i - flashlight,closed drawer( use crowbar from O golden key)
k - drawer with code 15159 green gem
b - purple key in dark corner,use flashlight
m - clogged toilet(use plunger from Q,green key)
o - book with clue 15159,crowbar
n - glove,empty bottle,nailed boards(use hammer from Ctake crystal ball)
p - box with code(use clue from safe in room D ,orange gem),lighter
Q - plunger
c - hammer
a - use clue from book teke white gem,use flashlight for red key
t - peg box use hammer and clue
from picture in G,silver key under box
r - fireplace use lighter for red gem
But I can't find place for green gem

oki i found


F - go LEFT

E - open BOOK, get MAP, note COMBO CLUE, note TIMES CLUE

D - open SAFE using COMBO CLUE from E (21-9-32), get BLUE GEM, note CLOCK CLUE





B - use FLASHLIGHT, get PURPLE KEY (for L)




return to K, open NUMBER BOX using PHONEBOOK CLUE from O (15159), get GREEN GEM
return to I, pry STUCK DRAWER, get GOLD KEY (for P)

P - open DIAL BOX using CLOCK CLUE from D (3,11,7), get ORANGE GEM; get LIGHTER


return to M, plunge CLOGGED TOILET, get GREEN KEY (for C)
return to H, use GLOVE, get YELLOW GEM


A - set CIRCLES on BOOK using TIMES CLUE from E (7:34, 9:17, 4:21, 8:45), get WHITE GEM; use FLASHLIGHT, get RED KEY (for S)

return to N, pull off BOARDS, get CRYSTAL BALL

T - get SILVER KEY (for R); pound POSTS on CHEST using PICTURE CLUE from G (L,H,M,L,H), get PURPLE GEM

R - light FIREPLACE, get RED GEM; place PURPLE GEM

return to Q, place RED GEM
return to N, place WHITE GEM
return to K, place BLUE GEM
return to D, place ORANGE GEM
return to G, place GREEN GEM
return to A, place YELLOW GEM
return to B, ESCAPE!

Great game SD.

great game as always!!!!

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 2:40 AM  
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What was the crystal ball supposed to do? Everytime I clicked it, it said: Click on a map tile to travel. Not the most helpful information.

The crystal allows you to travel anywhere you have been before. If (for example) you are in room A and you want to go to room Y then you just click on room Y on your map and you instantly go there. It just cuts down on the travel time.

i don't understand how set the circle in room A...

how can i open the Vault on safe D ???? what was the rotation of the VAULT?

I can't even open the vault, im stucked!

howw do i get the hammer in c.

where the hell is the map?

need help dont what to do with the gems?

This comment has been removed by the author.

donde esta las gemas purpura y blanca ya estoy llorando

the book is blank wtf.....

@lachatonfou what does (L,H,L,M,H) means? i cant open the peg box

I can't open the safe. I know the code, it's 21-9-32. right?

my score 666.600 jajajajaja

where is the green key?

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