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Cave Escape

Cave Escape is another point and click adventure style escape game developed by Mix Games 1. Assume that you have been trapped in a cave and use the object around room to escape from there. Good luck and have fun!

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So far five rings, bananas (used) and stone (used).
Levers are: SP/O-I\L\ER (don't know why, I brute-forced).
Pink/Yellow wheels are (from door across) SpPpOyIpLpEyRy (again, bruteforced).
Cant' get cupboard with blue/red dots.
Anyone here?

going in...:D

Levers are first Number (1233).Got 4 coins so far.

In the scene with the levers, you can take one of the rocks.

None of the numbers work on 4-digit-safe....

^Neither does the sum of the three digits. Not sure what to do with that.

But the sum of the last two digits work! (First is used for levers) ;o)) Thx Emily for the idea!

But the sum of the second and third numbers does...

4 digitsafe: count 1947 + 1982 :))

Now working on the blue/red dots for last coin!

Cheers, Dabbeljuh and OrangeFireFaerie! Now for the dot cupboard.

i have the bananas and the stone and 2 rings,i used the rings on the big wheel near the entrance and i don't know where to use the bananas and stone...?

Put bananas near mouse hole.

Wow, mute please...

Suusje88, Use the stone on the big wheel in the second scene.

Do we have t9o cut the redwire first? or can we cut it after finding the dots solutions?

Hey Alkmar,
Have you got a knife or something? I haven't found anything like that.

Use rock on spiky wheel

neither have I Emily ;-) I was hoping one of you found a cutter or something like that =)

Unfortunately not and I can't find any logical way to handle the dots cupboard. :(

I keep hoping the mouse will help, but it just sits there and blinks at me...

thanks for the bananas and the stone...:D

For the blue dots, change to red the ones on the far left and the ones on the far right.

OUT!!... Thanks Jumalansa..:D

where is mouse hole

@kmoorer: took me a while too to find it.
It's in the last scene.
Make the most left small dots yellow and also the one on the most right side.

where is mouse hole pls????

what is the logic behind each colour dots? wheres the clue?

Better than some of his earlier games, but seems the only way to complete is with brute forcing. What were the clues for the pink/yellow dots puzzle?

dots from mousehole. Big dot is alread pink, than 1st small 3th and 4th. opens door of mouse

where is the mouse hole?

@mafe, that is the little door left of the machine with the pink dots you can turn yellow

как выставить точки красные и синие?


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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