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Chamber Escape 2 Walkthrough

Chamber Escape 2

Gazzyboy Chamber Escape 2 is another point and click room escape game developed by Gazzy Boy. You have been caught deep down the earth's crust however you have few magical inventories to escape from the depth. Make use of it to reach the crest. Good luck and have fun!

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havent played a gazzy boy game in ages

Game loaded but it won't start...

found match box can see now

just wanted to go to get some x-mas presents, but of course I had to check out if there is a new game out...

100% loaded, but it won't start? a new low point in buggyboy history?

It took forever to load but at last, I'm in.

Found match box on the ground, turned back and lighted the oil lamp on the right. Now I can see and zoom on many things, but cannot take anything.

game crashed on me :( loading....

it loads 100% but won't start :(

@casual: just wait forever and it will start. :)

Opened the book, got a code, entered the code on the safe. Now there's a phone with a missing part.

Code: S3P7O1I1LER

finally I'm in! matches on wall and not on ground.

Same here. Load 100% and then ... nothing.

Found a fuse behind tin/can on left, but cnt put it in!

There's a key I can't take, a black ball in the red bag I can't take either, I can zoom on the jacket, the bins and the locked box and do nothing.


ok have opened a box, a fuse box?? cant click on anything hmmmm

Re starting - you have to wait till little man runs off to the right! far too long

LNS: drag the fuse to its place. Now the lamp is lit.

I opened the game in several tabs and one was working after some time. all the others are still not working (not even the 1st one).
I really wonder which monkey sits on the buggyboy chair

Now that the electric lamp is lit, I can take the hammer and the key on the wall. Opened the locked box and got a star-coin.

I've done that valerie - goes on the left?, but won't stick

Got also the black ball.

Use the hammer on the jacket and get a second key.

Hey all. going to give it a try while waiting for Shibitoshibari Escape to load. Suggest you go ahead and open it while you are playing this.

grrrrr gazzy boy

Waiting for it to load properly aswel... it says 100% loading! Hi everyone :)

where is the fuse? I do not see

could'nt place the fuse. BUT the game in other tab finally worked and all of a sudden the fuse worked there...

Second key opened the metal door behind jacket. Now I'm in second room. Use hammer on the gray and black tiles down right, and get blue ball with some numbers.

What is with the long intro before you can even play? Just start the game already!

Take also the wood pieces.

There is a pink ball behind the wooden box.

The numbers from the tiles gives the code to open the door.


Now in 3rd room.

Oh please don't say I had to wait for that little show to end (at the start of the game, waiting for him to get to the end of 'Gazzy Boy' while someone is shooting at him!)

Don't do that on all the games please if it is!

Black key behind the upper barrel.
Green ball behind the wooden boxes.
Zoom up on the chained red ball and click on the right pickaxe to unchain it.

where is the fuse? I do not see

ok, I've had it!
I will never ever play a f... gazzy boy again! everytime at least one bug! cu everyone

Helen: behing the closest bin. Click on it and the bin will reveal it.

Press on green button on the machine and it will spit a light green ball.

I give up! The fuse appeared from behind the can without the can moving this time, the music if muted, comes on willy nilly, and the fuse still doesn't work. good luck guys, i cannot bear to watch that little guy dodge bu8llets again, tho maybe next time one will get him between the eyes!

Got fuse but won't let me use it by dragging it, nor can I take star or balls. Not going to try to reload as intro is too long.

thanks valerie

When you're facing the entrance of the 3rd room (with the barrels and the wooden boxes), you can turn right. There are vans there, and a place where you can put the star coin and the balls.

My pleasure, Helen. :)

Zoom on the vans and use black key on it. The second van will move, revealing a yellowish ball.

this is sooo buggy lol have hammer and star following me everywhere now

And now I'm stuck with 3 wooden pieces and still missing 2 balls.

I randomly used the wooden pieces on the second room, somewhere up the left, and it sticks there... Is that a bug?

will not let me put the key in the truck, if you will not fault the game or I'm doing wrong
sorry for my English, because I'm using Spanish translator

Ok I got a white ball I could see (first room, by the ladder) but not take previously. Now I took it. Yay.

Still missing one ball and my wooden pieces are still floating in the air in the second room.

Now if I could but nothing happened when I put the star and all the colored balls

Correction: the wooden pieces are not floating in the air in the second room. There are following me everywhere. How sweet...

Another correction: the ball I took by the ladder in the first room was light blue, not white.

I'm missing the last ball. I want to get ooooout!

Helen, you got all the balls? Do you remember where?

POP! Got it, a cyan ball behind the green bags by the locked box in the first room.

Placed it, the garage door opened, and now I'm in a fifth room and my floating wooden pieces are still following me.

i press the green button for second door to open and does it open?? lol no of course not instead it says star everytime i press it...im out of here goodluck everyone :)

Which color do you need? are light blue, blue, red, black, pink 2 different green, yellow and purple
have the green ball machine?

Red wire on the floor to the left in fifth room. I can zoom on many places but do nothing.

Turn right, then left. Now in sixth room with two statues. The left one gave me a match box.

That is totally random!

I tried to place my wooden pieces under the cauldron (in the room with the statues) to make a fire but it won't stick there. They obviously prefer to fly...

Tried to use the red wire, the matchbox and a fuse that mysteriously appeared in my inventory. I'm stuck and fed up.

Ok that's enough. I quit too, this is way too buggy.

Good luck if anyone is still trying!

I have the same as you valerie, but I have to go now, we are in another, and thanks for the tracks, I finish it later

Used red wire on machine in truck room. got card, used card to get magic powder. now stuck!

magic powder goes into cauldron

then add the 3 wooden pieces and light with match.. then the door will open

and you have escaped!

what you supposed to do after youv'e put all the balls,nothing happened

Wish I had read these comments before I attempted playing this. Maybe instead of collecting items to escape we should make a new game of it and see who can collect the most bugs in a Gazzyboy game. One I haven't seen listed yet -- I can't take the red ball. I click on the pickaxe, it falls, but doesn't go into my inventory. And it's not anywhere on the ground. If I click on the ax again...it falls again.

What's the name of this game?
Gazzy's Bugfest?

Had click 10x on can to reveal fuse and then it wouldn't go in the fusebox.

Horrible waste.

better luck next time.....:(

JEB5JD how u did !!!

after 30 minutes of trying to find match box in the dark i give up. Game not worth rating,!!

after 30 minutes of trying to find match box in the dark i give up. Game not worth rating,!!

after 30 minutes of trying to find match box in the dark i give up. Game not worth rating,!!

Thought this game had some promise but it is the worst game I've ever seen, nothing but a bug-fest ... FIX IT !!!

Garbage bogieboy crap!!!! Im wandering around with the fuse hanging in the centre of my screen. And finally got key but it kept restarting the music etc, etc, etc!!
Im outta there!

Is there not someone(you game makers)that can take a few minutes of typing-he/she has potential.
123bee and Gazzy could be very good=maybe tell them why their games lag or their items get stuck on screen

annoying that with every turn tou make, the music starts again

annoying that with every turn tou make, the music starts again

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