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Escape from the Room 205 Walkthrough

Escape from the Room 205

Escape from the Room 205 is another new Japanese point and click type escape the room game by Tsukisuna-sou. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Out ^^
Found two ending, but not sure if there are more

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 7:43 AM  

Great: English capable, LOL!

They did ask for feedback on their english translations..
Wonder if I should write in?

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 7:45 AM  

got a kagami-mochi (under dragon pic)... whatever it is, LOL!

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 7:46 AM  

& 2 hint papers (same place)

put the little statue on the hole next to the lamp

kagamimochi = mirror-shaped mochi (rice cake)
I could do with some nice mochi right now

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 7:55 AM  

another note behind lamp on floor (hole in wall)

hmm - my braille numbers not working either place

ah - another note behind the braille clue box

@annaby, one of the braille numbers go to the main door

out but there must be another ending

mhtyhr - had a number wrong. Don't think I did the code behind the wall hanging though

never used the clue in the small box - will try again

I had another ending where all the puzzles are solved.

i exited with the red animal

mhtyhr - what else do I do before going through the door?

What do I do with the thing in the closet?
I have 3 papers in inventory....stuck

ah - just remembered the goat clue, lol

okay - I'm out with the red animal

@nokra - did you put the small statue on the hole next to the light?

POP! I had been clicking all around it for ages...then found the spot on the handle....but still don't know how it works...lol

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 8:12 AM  

SIGNS (under mat):
B - cross
Y - triangle
G - square
P - circle
(well, seems more R to me...!)

the numbers you get from pulling the handle of the machine in the closet go with the BYGP note

Yes, annaby..TY..I saw your clue for that ...then the floor opens..and the colored #'s ...that is how I opened the closet...and I don't see any other clues....just code doors! lol

@nokra, just note the numbers for the colors that you need according to the clue note.

@premiere, the BYGP code is not related to signs under the mat

then use the numbers you get with the BYGP note on the machine on the left side of the closet. There's another note behind that machine too.

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 8:18 AM  

colour order from coloured code display (L->R):

TY...I'll try it, annaby!...but I have seen no yellow...lol

I used the numbers under mat to open BYGP door.

what do i do with the clues from the plate and the spinning thingy.

Ok...plodding along...I'll get there someday...or not! lolol

@nokra - just keep pulling the handle - it will give it to you eventually

@bigtank - compare the clue from the plate with the "goat" note

Pulling the lever I get:
6 yellow
2 green
8 blue
7 pink/red
Using the note BYGP I get 8627.
Where do I use this number?

I have no idea what the fish box clue means!!!!!!!!!

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 8:25 AM  

COLOURS from pulling handle on # device:
B - 8
G - 2
O - 1
Y - 6
R - 7
Pu - 4

@Roberto, I'm not 100% sure, but IIRC it's on the device inside the left closet

@roberto - it's
blue - 8
yellow - 6
green - 2
purple - 4
use 8624 on box in left side of cabinet

Comparing plate and note I get 1019. But it doesn´t work anywhere.

roberto - try that behind the wall hanging

Btw, Purple is 4, not 7

Oh! Now the P means purple.
Under mat P meant pink. is it?

@nokra - the fish box clue is from the note you get behind the machine with the braille numbers - it's another braille number

Thanks. I didn´t know there was a code box behind the dragon.

@roberto - the colors under the mat were only for the closet door

!annaby....I got it open, the fish box!...I don't know what the numbers inside it mean....lol

@nokra - use those numbers on the "goat" note

Yea! Lucky Hippo!!!

Happy new year everyone!!

I`m very confuse with those colors.
Counting colors under mat I get

2 green
3 blue
7 yellow
8 red/pink?

and I used the BYGP note to get 3728 to open
the door with colored numbers.
That´s why I thought P would mean Pink.

Yay @nokra!

My Gawd...TY!!!You are dragging me along...kicking and screaming !!! LOLOL I am an idiot today! And...I cannot blame it on drinking....way too early! LMAO!

is anyone not out yet?

lol @nokra - some days are like that!

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 8:40 AM  

aargh, don't like to reput codes again & again when leaving & coming back (there are so many)...!

@premiere - just don't click on the last door before you have the hippo

not out here...how to open the box with the frame on top on the left side of the cupboard? I have the animal....does it go somewhere?

Somebody just shoot me!!!!
I thought the 1019 was for exit door....won't work!?!?

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 8:42 AM  

thx, annaby,
but finally out WITH red akabebo...!

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 8:43 AM  

nope, nokra,
for code panel behind dragon pic.

LOL @nokra - that code is for behind the dragon wall hanging

@nokra - the door clue is the first set of braille numbers you got

too many codes to keep straight ...

That's nice...I forgot that I had used the spoiler earlier...lol...how do I get out???? Please????

Yes...and they are all so easy to mix up...I forgot what I had used or not used!!!
Please don't let this be a preview of the year to come!!!!!!

exit spoiler

use first set of braille numbers on door

Thanks Tsukisuna-sou - very nice game. Hope to see more soon

seriously...this is insane! I have a blank spot in the first place in inventory....did I miss the braile #'s you are talking about?
I have a ...BYGP, braile 1-10, fish box clue and the goal paper....

oh, got it....color code from right side of cabinet on the box in left cabinet

Anyway...used your spoiler to get out...TY!LMAO
I will go away and leave you all in peace, now!!!

the fist spot was the thing you put in the hole by the lamp

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 9:09 AM  

LOL, annaby,
really a fist spot...!

Out with no help. Good game.

[I Really Needed A WT And There Wasn't One]

First scene:
A door with a four digit code. You don't know this code yet.

Go left
You see a locked closet with a color/number code and a Koi box with a 3 digit code. You'll come back to these.
Zoom on the alcove where the dragon wall-hanging is, and take the kagami-mochi (sweet rice cake) from the top of the ornate box.
Click on the folders to the right and take the two clue memos.
On one you'll see BYGP (obviously color code, but for what?) and on the other you'll see a code for Braille numbers.

Back up and Go left
Zoom on the lamp in the corner and then click behind it to get another clue memo. This one has a map of sorts, with a Start point and a Goal. Or possibly a Goat. Either way, it will have to await further clarification.

Now back up once and place the kagami-mochi over the round thing on the wall. Apparently, sweet rice cakes can be used as caulk, not just for eating! You get a quick view of the floor mat under the large round window.

So back up again and zoom on the floor mat under the large round window, then click on it. It moves and reveals a lot of colored symbols. This is the key for the closet door code. Count the symbols for each color (7yellow, 3blue, 2green, 8red) then

Back up and Go right
Zoom on the closet door and enter the numbers in the boxes according to their colors, then press OK.

The door opens and you see a machine with a lever on the right side. Pull the lever over and over and over until you have a number for each of these colors (even though you only need four of them):
Blue - 8
Green - 2
Orange - 1
Yellow - 6
Red - 7
Purple - 4
The numbers will be used with the BYGP clue memo on the left side of the closet.

Back up and go to the left side of the closet and zoom on the machine. Enter the four digit code. You will see a Braille code on the screen. Compare this to your clue memo to get the four-digit code for the Exit door.

You can leave now, or you can stay and solve a couple more puzzles. If you decide to stay, look behind the Braille machine for another clue memo. This one has 3 Braille numbers and a picture of the Koi box.

Back up three times and zoom on the Koi box and enter the 3 digit code (*hint: what's the name of this game?), then press OK. Inside you'll find a grid of numbers. Use the map/Goat clue memo to work out a four digit code.

Back up and zoom on the Dragon wall hanging (you'll have to zoom on the mochi box first, then click near the top of the screen to see the Dragon). Click on the right side of the wall hanging and enter the four digit Goal/Goat code. You got an akabeko!

Now you can go to the exit door and enter the four digit code and escape for the Goal end.

There may be more to the game, but this is as far as I got. Feel free to add comments if you find more!


Closet door: 7328

Machine on left side of closet: 8624

Koi box: 205

Behind Dragon wall hanging: 1019

Exit door: 1022

out with no help for 2 ends -- leave with dragon statue for Goal ending, and leave without the statue for regular ending.

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