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Fish Owner's Room Walkthrough

Fish Owner's Room

Fish Owner's Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Gamershood. Long story short: you need to find your way out before the angelfish turn into monsters and eat you alive! Good luck and have fun!

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Going in!

Finally a good one!!!

5 keys so far...


Anyone needs help?

no players?

Dont know where to use the pincers to get the last key...


Under table, next to big plant

..and once again I hit the brick wall of a Kenken

Ahhh thanks Jon never found that hotspot :) And out!

ken-ken top row: 3124

Thanks zoz

KenKen is easy :)


Out as well. Thanks again.

well, I'll go to dream valley... see you all tomorrow

Thanks Jon. Kenken easy for brainbrain, not for dumbdumb ..lol

where is the hint for the green key?

sorry jbg..got disconnect. If green key is coloured dots, then they are on the remote.

the green key is the one with the triangles circles pentagons and plus signs.

on one of the plates..near the candle. The design is round the edge.

finally found it. Thanks clio.

I can't get the ken-ken. I have the top row thanks to zoz. More numbers please?

'POP' figured it out.

If anyone is still out there: I am not able to pick up the orange key?

Never mind, forgot that there was still one puzzle I had to solve.

Colour puzzle (blue key):
(click right to open link in a new tab)


Picture puzzle (red key):
(click right to open link in a new tab)


Ken-Ken (yellow key):
(click right to open link in a new tab)


Shape puzzle (green key):
(click right to open link in a new tab)


This comment has been removed by the author.

Letter puzzle (pink key):
(click right to open link in a new tab)


- RED: in cup on couch table (use spoon)
- GREEN: in plant pot (use shovel)
- BLUE: under white seat left of lamp (start screen)
- YELLOW: in candle (cb left of escape door, use match on KEY, NOT on candle wick!)
- ORANGE: next to the fish on table right of tree (use hook)
- PINK: under table with fish (use pincers)
- ESCAPE: from letter puzzle (pink key)
--> KEYHOLES: in cb left of escape door

- SHOVEL on TV rack left of orange vase
- SPOON under TV
- MATCH from picture puzzle (red key)
- HOOK from shape puzzle (green key)
- PINCERS from colour puzzle (blue key)
- RED TRIANGLE 1/2 from Ken-Ken (yellow key)
- RED TRIANGLE 2/2 (orange key)
--> put triangles at door knob & use escape key

- COLOURS: on remote (couch table)
- SHAPES: on plate (cb left of door)
- TIME: on clock (above couch table)
- LETTERS: on Hi-Fi rack (shelf start screen)

LOL, orated codswallop in previous link, for here's one with a correct comment:

Time puzzle (orange key):
(click right to open link in a new tab)



the brown key, you get from pink key puzzle (letters) is the escape key. Use it on knob of escape door, after placing the two red triangles.

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