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Chick Room Escape - Xmas Version Walkthrough

Chick Room Escape - Xmas Version

[REPLAY] Neutral - Chick Room Escape - Xmas Version aka Christmas Mini Escape is another banner style new point and click mini room escape game developed by Neutral. In this game, you are locked in a little room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Christmas Mini Escape Walkthrough

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going in ...

stuck with bow, bear, and blue ball ...

Bow which went on the teddy (which you can take and sit down again)
A fork which was used on the fireplace for a star and another star picked up.
The stars went into the green box for a screwdriver
The screwdriver opened the picture to get a ball with a snowflake on it.

Now not sure what comes next.

Hey jtrangers...I'm stuck with blue ball and the WARDROBE hint...

Hey RSA Momma...use the sd one the foot of the lamp..

Hey jtrangers...I'm stuck with blue ball and the WARDROBE hint...

You can also unscrew the lamp. Got the same as you all, but dont know wardrobe hint

clio_rose do the adding up behind the lamp for corkscrew

wardrobe hint is in locked bottom drawer - where is fork?

Got the corkscrew now
(don't forget to add the stars on the box)

@jtrangers...I think fork was under couch

The fork was under the sofa

AAAAAhh...wardrobe is driving me crazy....does it have anything to do with the red/green cb??

Finally got wardrobe hiny! Look at the picture next to the fireplace and compare with red/green cb doors....


I must not be able to add because I can't open behind lamp.

@RSA MOMMA see what letter each door represents and then compare with picture on the wall above bear-seat.

thanks for hint, gyqz, have 2 white socks now

@MyKegs...have you counted all the bows/stars/bells/snowmen?


There are
4 stars
4 bows
3 bells
2 snowmen

Put socks on bear and hung him in the wardrobe...not sure what to do next!

@MyKegs....right...did you push the middle square?

Don't get the clue for the wardrobe
still fiddling with the possible combinations

i have a bear with a bow and white socks - he can be put in a stocking, sat on a chair, or hung in a closet - I also have a blue showflake ornament - anyone beyond this point?

I forgot about the stars to open the box. TY

@RSA MOMMA ppppssssttttt clue is the thing you can put on/take off the chair....begins with a B

Doh !

Thanks Gyqz.

Anyone knows what to do with the back of the clock???

You are welcome RSA!!

no, gyqz, did you get your bear to "transform" completely (top and bottom)?

Why do we have a bear hanging in the cupboard ?

Okay, to streach his ears and turn him into a bunny. Of ccourse

@jtrangers.....it is now a rabbit! Do I have to leave it in the stocking??

wow - got a new key - out the door - to an outdoor scene - and the game continues ...

Ahhh...TY rsamommacyndi...I forgot the star on the tree!

@jtrangers...NOT fair: you are ahead of me...LOL

Streached the bear's ears and put it in the stocking. Now?

@gyqz - your bunny has to have pink feet and ears, then put him in the stocking

Thanks jtrangers.
The many uses of red wine

@jtrangers!! THANKS!! awesome...outside now and found 0 tile under a nest!

yea! - I'm out - Merry Christmas ending!

Put the ball with the snowflake into the mole hole and he gives the clue for the 5 button chest

opened chest for another tile.

that was one of the best games i've played here in a long time - i will try to help if anyone is stuck

Another tile left of the owl in the tree

I still don't get the wardrobe...is it a word or just letters?

Its a word.
What is sitting on the chair?

put the three tiles on the rock with the shapes, pulled the handle and got a rock.

Thought the rock was to throw at the owl but it isn't

@nokra, it is the name of an object that is used quite a bit in this game

Finally out...thanks to jtrangers!! Merry X'mas!!
@Nokra put both word over doors of red/green cb ( in your mind) and see what letters the represent. Then see picture next to fireplace and make a 4 letter word.

I put bear...it doesn't work!!!! Is there a button to push? because I don't see any...TY...

I am sorry for my typing disorder!!!

Nokra...back out and simply click the doors...

Took me ages to remember the bottle in the fireplace!

Rock down chimney. Now have the clock working.

I have done that a dozen times...maybe I'll have to start over...also , I have zoomed it very large... I'll try making the game smaller..TY for your help!

:) cute game.
Even though I am having a blond day, that was very enjoyable

That is one crazy christmas tree at the end. Shrimp, chillies, bean and everything.

Nope...didn't work!


Did you open the clue?

Went back in and the wardrobe won't open if you haven't opened the bottom drawer for the clue

@Nokra Maybe a totally stupid question, but did you get the wardrobe hint out of the locked drawer??

yes, I did thanks!!! looked at that clue many times! lol
Sometimes there is a bug for just one or two ppl....what the heck?????!!!!

Anyway...I am going to sleep, because it is 07:00 am here!! It was nice to have played with you all and I guess we see eachother next time!!

@Nokra...maybe something else.....try to open/close the doors on the red/green cupboard....

Get fork from under couch – use it on chimney brick to get star#1.
Get star#2 from under mattress.
Put stars on green box. Get screwdriver.
Use screwdriver on base of lamp.
Click on lamp to reveal safe.
Click on stocking to release paper.
Pick up paper to read safe clue.
Count the 4 objects all around the room.
Safe code SP4O4I3LE2R – Get corkscrew
Use corkscrew on bottle – pour wine into glass – get silver key.
Use key on bottom drawer – get wardrobe/bunny clue.
Look at picture above bear chair.
Use this to match doors on red/green cabinets.
Combine with wardrobe clue – you get SPBOEIALRER.
Use this code to open wardrobe.
Take white socks – dunk them in wine glass to make pink.

Get bow from red and green cabinets.
Put bow and pink socks on the bear – pick up bear.
Hang bear in closet – close door – spin around the room.
Retrieve bear with bunny ears.
Put him in stocking – get gold key.
Open door …

just played again...and IT WILL NOT OPEN!!!!
Dang!!! Goodnight!

Hello everybody! What about the cannon outside? It makes a noise but no more.


Put your ball with the snowflake into it

Thank you Momma Cindy. I had left it with the mole.

POP!!! I got it open...the problem was ....I had not clicked the hotspot that turned over the paper...and I had looked at it many , many, times!!!
I had only opened and closed...but this time it turned over and the word "wardrobe " was clear!
Guess you must see all the clues all the way for it to work! TY again for your help, everyone!
NOW, get to sleep, @gyqz!!!! lolol

Go up the ladder, get Tile #1 from under white nest. Get Tile#2 from tree left of owl.
(at this point, if you didnt already, go back down and use scredriver on nest picture to get Blue Ball).
Zoom on 5 holes in ground - use blue ball to get gopher to show you code. Retrieve blue ball.
Use gopher code on chest. Get Tile #3.
Put 3 tiles in rock slots. Pull blue lever.
Zoom on rock to left of big rock. Pickup rock.
Drop it down chimney.
Go down and get red key from fireplace.
Use key on red cabinet to get gear.
Use gear on back of clock.
Click on hands to get new time.
Go up and outside - it is night. Go to owl tree.
Get Tile #4. Put in rock slot.
Spin them for a clue. Then spin each tile until you spell the word. SPSONIOLWER
Pull blue lever - put blue ball in cannon.
Pull blue lever - Merry Xmas !!!!!

What a fun game!!! After the wardrobe fiasco...it was a breeze!!!

Merry X'mas!!!!!

What a fabulous game.
Thanks for all the help everyone.
It would never have occurred to me to dye the socks in the red wine.

What fun -- I had trouble finishing because I didn't want to "exit" the room until I had the red key! lol

Guessed the word for the wardrobe, but didn't realize that the cupboard doors were related! Thanks @gyqz for that connection! And thanks @RSA Momma Cyndi for how to dress the bear.

Are there different endings? I have 2 gears and a "Neutral" on final screen.

This was so sweet! Oh Neutral, why don't you come up with a new "big" escape game? It's been so long :(

Awesome game. Kudos.

very nice game, though needed a lot of help. thanks for the great WT jtrangers

Ahh, so it's only a replay... I thought hey, a new Neutral...

what a fantastic game - thank you for help on teddy/bunny transformation


More like this, please!

So glad this was picked for a replay. What an excellent game! The makers of the mediocre (or worse) pixel-hunts of today need to take notes.

So hard... but so nice, thanks a lot for WT, I would never get through without

This is a great game! I wish there were more of them! Thanks for re-posting it!!


       Anonymous  2/14/18, 5:27 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, Neutral ☺

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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