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Playroom 2 Walkthrough

Playroom 2

[REPLAY] Kayzerfish - Play Room Escape 2 is another point and click escape game developed by Kayzerfish. In this escape game, you try to escape the playroom by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Playroom Escape 2 Walkthrough
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Got a lot of things but it seems I`m stuck.

Lovely logo, game won't start.

Roberto...Hi! Going in!

Hello guys... is this live?

Hi all

roberto have you put the wheels on the cubes?

got key from orange statue at the window.

green and yellow cubes.

photo part from porthole on door

potion and cat pipe.

Hello Donas, nokra and roberto. andi go red cube and sheep pipe

Ruff Ruff LOL

Hi Dark_o_Heart

I love this game...very funny, and clever....but it is in super slow motion for me so I will be of no help to anyone....
Good luck, I'll just be slogging along...lol

take key from melted snow man candle (after turn on the heater) than take the plate and pour in the potion.

well..I have a SD from plant outside...looking for a place to use it!
Hi! @dark, donas and Leroy!

Donas and nokra, i think we need to play this with sound but i can't cause I'm in the office, so i need you guys help to identify the sound from the kids piano (btw need to put wind key on the side of that kids piano)

use SD on tile floor outside next to plant for purple cube

put pipes in piano, they give a letter when correct sound, so far I have cat 2, dog 3, and sheep 5

use SD on roller skates.

pig goes in the first position on piano.

i got copper key from tile outside after use SD, and use SD on the door for picture piece and clue behind picture.

I got a copper key from under a tile outside but I can't find where to use it.

bear pipe behind glass door curtain

thanks donas... i need that answer.

bear pipe behind curtain on our right, and @jbg - where is that pig pipe.

place cube car in camera room to use copper key on pad lock, turned on a projector

Pity there´s a walkthrough. I couldn´t resist.

I'm trying to remember where I found the pig pipe.

I got an orange key from a tile outside as well...
I have no sound in the game so far...only in the intro!

bear goes in 4

Thanks donas and i got cow from top left cb drawer, and i need pig pipe.

pig pipe is inside the purple cube you pick up.

there's picture behind picture on the drawing board ( not sure what to call it) LOL.

Thanks @jbg

There's a bug, I got the bridge (and out) w/out unlocking the bottom middle cupboard

I can move the cubes with wheels on the track but don't know what it's for!

Got cow pipe from top left of cabinet

How did you get the bridge? It´s inside the bottom middle cupboard!!!

Dark, how did you open the cabinet for cow?

you have to move the cube cart to the left to open the top left cupboard.

move the cube car so u can reach top compartment of the cb - @donas

seriously stuck here, need another chemical to mix in soup plate,

Still slogging along....where is the potion please, @dark?

green bottle with "E" label, if I'm not mistaken it at the window.

found a memory card outside underneath a third tile.

camera gives 3 images, but they're really small

the projector shows the image that is selected on the camera.

How to work camera auto-tracking?

use the projector to project the images on the wall

images give word "silver"

Using the pictures gives the color silver. So the piano gives orange and the camera gives silver. What for?

TY...potion was behind the paint brushes....lol

ok the block cart gives violet. Got second part of picture now.

silver and orange are hints for the panel beside the door.

I took a picture, now have four

Got the second piece of pic from door.

Coudda been a great game, but was ruined by crap clues and that bug

got bridge set and out. Good game.

I never found the pig...anyone say where it was/is??? lolol

where to use bridge?

@nokra, the pig is inside the purple block


pig is in purple cube

use the bridge in the view of the outside door. It goes on the tracks on the floor.

how to get the 2nd picture from door?

TY @ruff!

Thanks you @jbg. Out!

@Donas, on the panel to the right of the door, click the left button to purple, the middle button to silver and the right button to orange. The door will come down

@Donas: Use the three colors on the thing to the right of the door. Violet from the block cart. Silver from the projector and orange from the piano.

oops, I guess I was too late.

Thanks Ruff and jbg

How to open the center cabinet

Grrrrr...I'll never find that 3rd tile...it just keeps taking me to the same two, or the plant or the purple guy...or back in the house!!!!!

LOL sorry @nokra... short term memory lost regarding that portion, way behind you guys, how to get silver color as u guys mention, got the memory card and what should i do now.

more on your left @nokra

put the bowl on the table and pour the potion into it 3 times. This will give you the key to open the center cabinet.

@Dark_o_Heart, after you've inserted the memory card, use the camera to auto track three more pictures. Then use the projector on the top middle cabinet to project images on wall. Each of the six images will point to one letter.

can't place bridge

to get the silver color, put the memory card in the camera and then click on the camera. Use the camera to take pictures of the three pictures on the left side. Now set the camera to view on ot the six pictures and turn to where the projector screen is pointint. The picture will be on the wall and show which letters to use. These letters spell out silver. I hope that makes sense.

got it, Thanks Ruff and jbg .. got that SILVER word from picture hint, now dying to put that plate on the table but nothing.

finally out

I am just too tired of the slowness...it takes me 10 seconds to move or zoom anything!!!
I'll try to save it and hope it plays better, later! Thanks for all the help, @everyone!

Donas - Help plz, stuck now, I'm not sure where to put the plate,

POP... got it, have to put color code next to fake door - SpoilerPUGOspoiler
Color shape will appear on table and place the plate.

finally out... last escape the room.. LOL but still happy.

Sorry Dark, I'm helping on the Quest riddle and going back and forth

When I got the key I could not remove the toycar from the middle drawer. Too bad, otherwiese it was a fine game.

Wo, it suddenly orked but now the bridge won't stick on the balcony.

friwi, put the bridge in front of the balcony door, then go back and move the car, by clicking on the track, to move it to the balcony and all the way to and over the edge of railing.

       Anonymous  12/22/11, 2:42 AM  

What an excellent game! Loved the graphics and the puzzles.

I think that this game is buggy : I put the potion in the plate before I put the plate on the orange thing, and nothing happens.

WOW WOW WOW!! Merry Christmas to me from Kayzerfish! I cannot believe that I did that entire game all by myself with no help and it was SO good, my all time favorite. Just hard enough to be intriguing and just easy enough to finish alone. INCREDIBLE game ....THANK YOU!!

Pascale put another drop once it's on the orange thing. Two drops before putting it on.

CIT. from WT-site:
«Don’t be fooled by its whimsical design: this is a pretty tough point-and-click escape-the-room game! Are you up to the challenge?»
YEP cubed: 1)Whimsical design, 2)Pretty tough, 3)Challenging.
Phantastic!!! Just LOVED that one!
GREAT cubed: 1)Excellent elaboration*, 2)Clever puzzles, 3)Funny sounds
*e.g. if you open door & change view, you see open door again & you can even close it from that 2nd view (comprende? ;-D)

A whole lot of trouble - hust to escape by hurling yourself over the balcony railing - which seems to be of a height you could easily jump over right away :D

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