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Snowflake Night Walkthrough

Snowflake Night

Snowflake Night Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Tomatea. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Tomatea are always good games

got a snow globe from matching the snowflakes on the wall.

snow globe, lever, wind key and 1 red tile.

Hi roberto and jbg, I got 10 minutes to kill and Toma Tea games are usually pretty good :o)

Just loading now...

my cursor keeps getting stuck. Is that my computer, or the game?

hi rambler. I can't get the candle clue to work on the cupboard.

Count the stripes on the candles.

Out!!! Very nice game!!

thanks crideen. I was trying to do it by their height.

out as well. It was easier after i got the candles.

height or stripes are the same. lol

This is ridiculous, I've been trying to post for the last 5 minutes, but all I get is an hour glass - grrr

Currently got

That was an easy one!!

Finally got a sD.

My star/moon/snowflake code isn't working. Isn't it by the candle colours?

Feeling like an idiot....I've tried everything with the snowmen, but can't figure it. Help anyone?

Got color code from star, do we place snowglobe somewhere before using it? Also have a winder from clock

g snow y cres r star i think

Yep Rachel,
I think it was green flake - yellow moon - red star

POP never mind.

@mrtelcom. You have to place the snowglobe behind the picture first.

The clue is in the window.
So let them 'look' up, right, left, up.

oh, from smallest to highest, not left to right? GAH! Thanx Small!

And out. Solve the wall puzzle to get place for snowglobe.

wow, I got out on my own, easy!!

er, why aren't my snowmen moving? and I can't get the one from the Tree

was about to sleep when i saw this!
Lemme see if it's possible to play the game on a tablet!

You need the scissors first. Casn't remember anymore from what code, sorry.

Thanx Small Tool! I'll carry until there's a POP or a WT :)

Thanks, s-t. Easy once I asked a stupid question! Happy New Year to everyone!

ahh lovely game put with no help

I played again. From using the lever on the lamp you get the number code (2856) and with using that number code you get a key. Use that key behind the tree and then the stars on the left give you the left-rigtht code. And using the left/right code gives you the scissors.

Accidentally put the "switch" into the light and colours came up for the number code!! YAY!!

Thanx ST!!!

Where is the clue for the snowflakes?

Colour me dumb, but how do I do the 'match the snowflake' thing to get the snowglobe, please.

Where did you get the snowglobe?

Tristin, I believe the snowglobe is from doing the match the snowflakes on the wall, but I can't figure that one out. Sorry.

The top left one you can't move, so start with the second one and make the same kind of flakes touching each other.

Me either. Hopefully someone will enlighten us!

how to match....

Thanks small-tool. Will give it a go.

happy holidays

Finally out!! It was a beautiful game! Pity I waas so pathetic at it!! LOL!

Yes! It worked. Thanks again small-tool. :-)

Thank you very much small-tool :) Happy new year!

Missed it live, but what a beautiful, fun game.
All puzzles were logical and well-clued. Took me a bit to figure out what to do when I'd placed the 4th snowman. Not too easy, not too hard ...

Thank you all for playing our games.
We wish you joyful holidays and beautiful and successful New Year
See you at next game. :)

And thank you back in return TomaTeaTeam for all your great games.
Happy New Year to you guys too :)

Great game... ahhhh... If only ALL games were this logical :)



- Before you can solve the puzzles, you need to find the hints first.
- After solving a puzzle, always click square BUTTON under display...!
- SOLUTIONS below...

- stars on wall
- keyhole in wall
- snowman in tree
- locked round cupboard (= CB)
- left CB with lamp, letter & L/R puzzles
- right CB with screwed left side, snowmen & a «hmm...» door... ;-)
- go left (as usual...! ;-D)

- take red puzzle TILE 1/6 from windowsill
- note DIRECTION HINT in window...
- right CB = left CB from tree view...!
- left CB with number & colour/shape puzzle
- take wind-up KEY from backside of clock on left CB
- go left

- right CB = left CB from window view...!
- note red PICTURE on wall with 6 missing tiles...
- left CB with keyhole & tunnel...
- note hint from CANDLES & bells with SHAPES on left CB
- solve colour/shape puzzle according candle/shape hint for red puzzle TILE 2/6 & HANDLE
- go left

- note WHEEL TRACK on floor...
- right CB = left CB from door view...!
- left CB = right CB from tree view...!
- solve snowflake picture puzzle for SNOW GLOBE

- put handle in LAMP slot & pull to see NUMBER HINT from red blinking dots...

- left side of left CB: solve number puzzle for star KEY
- push red SwITCH at the right side to see red LINES...

- unlock STAR HINT by using star key on keyhole in wall left of tree
- solve L/R puzzle on left CB according star hint for red puzzle TILE 3/6 & SCISSORS
- cut SNOWMAN from tree with scissors
- put snowman to the others on right CB
- solve snowman NOSE puzzle according direction hint on window to open «hmm...»-CB under snowmen
- take red puzzle TILE 4/6 & SCREWDRIVER
- unscrew left side of snowman CB for red puzzle TILE 5/6 & PAPER with red lines...

- put paper in left side of clock CB, where already other red lines are to see LETTER HINT...
- solve letter puzzle on right CB for red puzzle TILE 6/6 & round KEY

- open round CB with round key for STAR
- put star on top of tree for COLOUR HINT...

- put all 6 red puzzle tiles on red picture on wall & solve puzzle to reveal a STAND...
- put snow globe on stand & solve colour puzzle according colour hint from star for clover KEY
- open right side of candle CB with clover key for SLEIGH
- turn sleigh & put in wind-up key

- put sleigh on wheel track for escape KEY

- open door with escape key for



(click right to open link in a new tab)
(with aid for colour challenged pple)

- hints on candles: from less to more stripes

- TL tile doesn't turn, so start from there:

- hint on lamp (like on a clock):

- hint from stars:

- hint from window:
- click snowmen's heads (L->R):


- buttons on snowglobe (L->R):
- hint from star on tree:


Thank you Tomatea for exercising our brains with your wonderful games!

Nice game... out with no help :-D

Snowflake Night Walkthrough
Note 1: The cursor has a white light when near a spot you can interact with
Note 2: There are white cupboards in each corner that you can see from either main view.
I'm chosing to go right to left, so I will describe each cupboard when it is on the left.
Note 3: Don't forget to click the gold button after solving the code puzzles,

Zoom on top of tree
Note that top ornament is missing, there's a KEYHOLE #1 to the left, and a snowman ornament
Zoom on bottom and see KEYHOLE #2
Zoom on left lamp -- note slot at bottom
Zoom on bottom right door -- a 4-LETTER LOCK
Zoom on bottom left door -- a 2-BUTTON LOCK

Zoom on window to get red SQUARE #1
Note pattern at top of window
Zoom on top of (left) cupboard
-Turn clock over for WIND_UP KEY
Right door has 3 COLORED SHAPE buttons.
Left door has 4-NUMBER LOCK

See frame where pieces will go
Look at left cupboard
On top, see 3 candles with colored stripes and 3 bells with shapes.
Right door has KEYHOLE #3

Zoom on the panel -- note that you can rotate the squares and the upper left one is fixed
Under the panel is a TRACK leading to a tunnel in the cupboard
Look at left cupboard
On top is a missing snowman
The left door is screwed shut
The right door is just locked ("hmmm...")

Let's start solving:
-Match the patterns in the gold panel (each row is the same)
-Take a SNOW GLOBE (you can play with it, but not do anything yet)
-Open the colored shapes door for SQUARE #2 and KNOB
-Place knob in lamp bottom and switch it right for a NUMBER CLUE
-Open 4-number door for STAR KEY
-Push red switch for HORIZONTAL LINES CLUE
-Use star key in KEYHOLE #1
-Back up to see WALL STARS CLUE
-Open 2-button safe for SQUARE #3 and SCISSORS
-Use scissors to take SNOWMAN ornament from tree
-Place snowman with it's brothers -- you can now move their heads!
-Open the door below for SQUARE #4 and SCREWDRIVER
-Open screw panel for SQUARE #5 and PAPER
-Combine vertical and horizontal lines clue (place paper in cupboard) for WORD CLUE
-Open 4-letter lock for SQUARE #6 and OVAL KEY
-Use oval key under tree for STAR
-Place star on top of tree for COLOR CLUE
-Place 6 pieces in frame by door
-Solve puzzle to reveal a STAND
-Place snow globe on stand and click it
-Enter color code for SPADE KEY
-Use key on last lock (under candles) for a wind-up SLEIGH
-Turn sleigh over and insert key
-Place sleigh on track under gold panel for EXIT KEY

happy holidays!

The only trick is to start with Upper Left corner because it won't turn
Match the shapes in the first row, then work your way down

The clue is the candles and bells
The order is by the number of stripes, so green 8-star, yellow moon, red 7-star
The buttons cycle through moon, 8-pointed star, 7-pointed star and for red-yellow-green
So I think that's 943 in clicks

Clue is lamp after putting in knob and switching base on.
There are 12 dots, so think of it as a clock (the 12 is behind the post)

Use wall stars top to bottom (LRLLRL)

Clue is the shapes in the window
Think of the triangle in each square as the carrot nose, so up-right-left-up

Switch 2 pieces by clicking them
Result in a centered Christmas tree with a ball hanging on left

Clue is star on tree (RYRBRG)
For color challenged: 121413

LOL, @premiere! This game deserves at least 2 walk throughs, but we both took the right-to-left approach. Happy New Year!

Enjoyed the game. My brain is not working on all thrusters right now, so I appreciate all the help. I wish you all a very Happy New Year!


Enjoyed the game. My brain is not working on all thrusters right now, so I appreciate all the help. I wish you all a very Happy New Year!


lovely and very holidayish.

Thanks, Tomatea!

beautiful game!

Thank you Tomatea for another beautiful game.

Happy New Year to you and your team. Can't wait to
see what you hve for us in 2012

I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why my Media Player wouldn't turn off. Turns out the Tomatea music sounds just like the album I was just listening to. That's messed up.

Fabulous game thank-you! Almost did it by myself so thanks for the hints

Going in late... Thanks in advance premiere for the walkthrough, I already know my head hurts and will not work properly lol.

And LOL @ Kate!

And out great game again hank you very much Tomatea! And sorry @ PuzzledinCA I didn't notice your walkthrough, thanks :)

Late playing but got through without help!

Thank you Tomatea for the most beautiful games. Happy New Year to all the team.

Happy New Year to all escapers too.

Thanks Tomatea - another great game!

       Anonymous  12/31/11, 2:49 PM  

Wonderful game.. I surely wish everyday was a Tomatea day.. Happy New Year!

I know I'm late, but this was an EXCELLENT Game!!! Love every TomaTea game!

Happy New Year!

the first tomatea game I solved without help.
Iam a little proud

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