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Sometimes Sunny 3: Break Walkthrough

Sometimes Sunny 3: Break

[REPLAY] Sometimes Sunny 3: Break is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Haretoki. In this classical game, you are trapped in a room, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun!☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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live game~

Found a knob and used it to get something yellow (?)

hi Lottie...its looaading...

Used yellow thingie in the tank, got a key and a 3-digit-number

Used key at drawer and got a note. Found now 3 numbers: square 9, star 3, circle 4

Filled and used the first four inventory slots. Now I'm going around in circles because I can't find anything else! :(

me too....but i have to go to work,goodluck to u all:)

Check the back of the drawers for another number.

I'm only half way with loading it.
Big game by the looks of things :)

Found triangle number and opened the cupboard (where yellow thingie was). There is a strange machine in (?)

same as you Pete...

Ah clicked a few times on "machine" to get pincers

Used pincers for wardrobe and got a queque

oh - and out
Used queque on now open billiard table got a ball. Key was in it

Thanks Anja! Finally found the pixel on the right side, center of the box. After that it's a fairly quick out.

Great game! In and out, logical riddles

Thank you Anja & Szarra
finally out.

Where did you find the knob?
I've got a box type thingy but can't find anything else

Momma, if you open the box, there's a lever inside, flick it to up, shut the lid, and the knob should pop off

Thanks LNS
:) I kept trying to push the knob on the top - never though to open the thing

What a fun game!!!... I only had to peek to get started!!!!
When I first picked up the box it didn't do anything- I had to view it again to get it to work!

found yellow triangle is not helpful. where did you find it. I have been going around in circles for quite a while

When you have taken all the drawers out, click towards the top of the top drawer (the one that is now laying on the floor) and it will reveal the triangle

We have S4P2O5ILER + S3P4O9I5LER so the code for the drawer should be S3P9O2I0LER but it doesn't work.

What I'm I doing wrong?

Just got back so am also struggling with the code

Ok the triangle was upside down but we didn't have to flip the number over (that's not logical, but whatever). So it was:


The rest was easy. I'm out.

next to the star (3) where we got the yellow thingy there is a green X

the circle (6) where the drawers came out is below the line

the square (9) under the que has no other sign

the triangle (2 / 5) on the dumped drawers is also below a line

???? and what do we do with that ???

Great stuff.
Thanks Valerie.
Out too :)

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 11:00 AM  


POSTER (start screen)
- note POSTER HINT...
- take BOX from cupboard
- open box & put up LEVER inside box
- close box & take removed KNOB
- go right

- put knob in SLOT right of red lamp on DEVICE on 4-DIGIT-CODE cupboard
- turn (click) knob 3x to open CLAMPS & take yellow STRUCTURE
- note STAR#3...
- go right

- note COVERED pool table...
- lift PINK CUE up to see SQUARE#9...

- put yellow structure in water to see NUMBER HINT
(zoom in & click above water line to zoom in again)
- take also KEY from opened lid
- go right

POSTER (start screen)
- open UPPER DRAWER with key from aquarium & pull out drawer completely
(click 2x)
- pull lower drawer out completely to see CIRCLE#4 in cupboard's frame
- hover your mouse above stacked drawers to see NAVIGATION ARROW
- click on arrow to see TRIANGLE#2 at backside of drawers
- go right

- unfold paperball to see CODE HINT
- put CODE in 4-digit-code cupboard according code hint on paper
- click BAR under display to open cupboard for strange golden BOX
- turn LOWER PART of the box for PLIERS
(click silver border)
- go 2x left or right

- use pliers to cut RING on little golden DOOR on black locker
- open little golden door & light all 4 buttons blue to open locker
- take CUE from locker
(btw: did you notice the strange sound in the background...?)
- go left
(you can also click the pool table part left in this view...!)

- lid's now open, so you can play:
- click pool table & do the shot according poster hint for a really strange pool BALL...
(with highlighted cue click on table)
- open strange ball (more a polyhedron...!) for escape KEY
- go left

- open escape door with the escape key for your escape...!
(click clearance between door frame and door leaf)



- number from aquarium: 425
- paper hint: 425 + star-circle-square-triangle
- star=3 / circle=4 / square=9 / triangle=2

It doesn't matter, if triangle is upside down: turned 2= still a 2...!
(& it's NOT mirrored)

- button order to click:

nice, easy out (with no help)

nice game - too short!

Yes, that was nice!

It IS logical. Because a digital '2' stays a '2' when flipped. (You may have confused 'flipped' with 'mirrored')

POP as usual, premiere beat me to it. LOL.
(well concealed in her walkthrough)

       Anonymous  12/15/11, 5:05 PM  

Well, that's whackadoodle! File says it has been locked. WTF?

       Anonymous  8/29/18, 11:26 PM  

caught this one for the replay, as it was posted as new on another game site - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Haretoki ☺
& thx premiere for the WT ;-Þ

Thanks for reposting! Very short and easy, but still fun, that's the way I like it right now. A five star game.

Just replayed all of Haretoki's games last week. They really are quite good.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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