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The 3 Houses Escape Walkthrough

The 3 Houses Escape

[REPLAY] The 3 Houses Escape is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by Michael Hibbert for CafeCafeGames. In this game, you are at this strange place with only three houses. Explore this place and find objects and clues in order to discover the hidden secret in this adventure. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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placed the mask, puled handle upstairs and now there is a door under the rock outside on the right

this looks good reminds me of the submachine games. got a key gone down the trap door and found another house by moving the lever

found a key in the house and used it to go into the basement.

I got stuck in a white room and had to start over.

Solved 4 shapes puzzle. Got golden disc, put it on top of pole and stuck with hammer in inventory.

used hammer on floor in middle room of first house, to get a golden ghost?
Trying to get the symbols right now in the basement

use the hammer to break the board in the house on the left.

Hello!, I have a hammer and use it on the wooden floor and on the lion head... use the pearl on the golden chalice and now I have TNT and a lighter

Used coin in vase and astrange light appeared for a second.

having problems too with the dials need to learn to draw

use TNT on the basement of the first house and got another gem

roberto, only now the righttop and rightbottom and leftbottom, didn't see the shape for the arrow (lefttop)

put the gold ghost from floor in the bowl in second house

Got 2 green gems now.

@Carola - Set the 3 shapes you found and guess the last one. That´s what I did

@Roberto, thx, thought I missed a hint ;)

ok going in then going to bed

arrg can not do the dials,what happens when they are set correctly

nvm got it now

place green gems in the eyes of the statue through the tunnels of the second house.

Found 2nd golden disc and opened the middle door.

       Anonymous  1/13/12, 10:43 AM  

where is the second green gem?

       Anonymous  1/13/12, 10:45 AM  
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Pulled a cord right side of door with 3 holes but nothing happens.

       Anonymous  1/13/12, 10:45 AM  

And where is the 2nd golden disc?!

second gem is from the statue in the door you used the tnt on.

Just found a 2nd statue

you need 2 gems to get the 2nd golden disc

where is the tnt and lighter put the thing in the chalice now what

2nd golden disc comes from putting both the green gems in the eyes of the statue.

       Anonymous  1/13/12, 10:50 AM  

got it thank you. i dont even know where i found the first statue but i had one. where did you find the 2nd?

       Anonymous  1/13/12, 10:52 AM  

nvm found 2nd statue. come from ghost things... so where could we find the 3rd?

need one more statue to pull the string.

what happens when you do the dials right? i have been trying for 15 min and it doesn't work :(

nvm found them now

       Anonymous  1/13/12, 10:54 AM  

Oana. the middle opens up and you get a golden disc

I think the coins make the ghosts appear, but I can't find the 3rd one.

In the door that opened after I put both gold disks in 3rd house, on the left there are 3 columns. Put the statue on first. Where did you find a second statue roberto?

thanks TonyBO, it didn't happen to me

joining in, trying to catch up...

Oi Roberto, feliz ano novo!

Igualmente MissBrasil!

@alsal. Youi´ll find a second coin at the bottom of 3 pilars. Use it in another vase.

       Anonymous  1/13/12, 10:59 AM  

they are tricky top left was straight up and down but the others were slightly off center. the one that looks like an "M" with two lines over the humps was at a slope slightly upward (from left to right) and the Ram symbol one was at about a 45 degree angle down to the right. the last one i spun until it opened.

Um...I don't see a hammer anywhere....anyone???

NVM found the srcond statue..

Can´t find 3rd coin anywhere. Help MissBrasil!!!

haha I wish I could help, but I am still a little behind I'm afraid...sorry!

I've searched every room many times for the 3rd coin and I can't find it anywhere.

And out! That was nice!! Reminded me of Submachine

thanks a lot TonyBO but i still can't do it. i even took print screens of the doors with the symbols above and nothing :(

@al sal where was the 3rd coin?

One coin was behind the 3 columns where you put the statues and for the last coin you have to go back to the golden lever on top of 2nd house, pull it back to the position it was in the beginning and then the stone machine in the door you opened with dynamite gives you the coin

can not find the third coin either

I hope what I wrote makes sense..

Where are the clues for the dials in the basement, please?

thanks al sal. Out now too.

Having pulled the golden lever to the left again the stone machine behind the dynamite door(1st house) has now two green lights on. Push the green button and you get a coin

I had tried moving the lever back but had not gone back to the stone machine after that.

I suppose I have become invisible today...have a good one, @everyone....lol

Nokra they are in the 3rd house. Pull the lever on top of 2nd house to get access

oh sorry nokra I didn't see your post the clues are in the third building under the rock. The symbols are above each door.

it would be wonderful if someone could post a print screen of the dials, i'm stuck! :)

TY @alsal...What lever?????
clearly, I do not get this game...or am missing a critical view....I have only gone into a cave...nothing there...and found key in house for basement....I'll come back another time ...TY!

I would if I knew how to do it Oana... I guess you need Premiere for that

Nokra on the left there is the house you went in. Yo the right of that there is another building. You can enter it and put on the hole in the wall the mask you must have found I don't remember exactly where... LOL. When you do that all of a sudden stone stairs appear and you can go up...

So.. Where is the dynamite? I've given the coin to the chalice and the light appeared but I don't see where the TNT and lighter are supposed to be.

have 2 statues a hammer and lighter now stuck, trying to do the pattern puzzle but not working

there is a button on the keyboard, mine says PrtSc SysRq, i push that and that open painter, go to edit, click "paste" then save the pic as jpg, then post it somewhere on the internet, then post the link.
it sounds more complicated than it it. :)

Red13 you have to use the hammer on the lion head untill it drops. Then you get inti a sewer-like corridor and you will find the dynamite and the lighter

I'm going back in to try it Oana..

thank you al sal!!!!! :)

I'm attempting to post a link


I have the right screen I am pressing the PrtSc SysReq button and nothing happens.
I'll try another way. Let's use the 90degrees corner with the small hands as pointer. If the circle was a clock then it would be at these positions

6 1
4 5(not sure for this one)

that didn't work lets try this.


thank you very much al sal for the effort, this game must hate me! i'm not usually that stupid! but i can't go to bed until i solve this! :)


oh yey and out! wow took ages lol

Actually use the long line at the end where it has the small 90dg corner as a clock hand at the positions I mentioned

I finally got it to work. Lol.

I'm glad jbg did it. So you won't have to go to bed frustrated Oana :)

yaaaaay! it worked!!! thank you jbg!!!!

al sal your a lifesaver, if it wasnt for the 6,1,4 and 5 id be pulling my hair out lol

lol, you're right al sal!

Well I guess I will know how to post a link to a picture in the future now. Thanks for explaining how to do it Oana.

Glad it worked @rimic... Will try to learn the way to post screen shots too....

jbg - THANKS!! That was driving me nuts!

Thanks Al Sal for the last coin. I was going around for quite a while. out now.

I only have one statue. Any clues on where the other two are?

i can't find the second green gem, does anyone remember where it was?

zoe, i think the second statue appears after you put the little smiley coin in the vase behind the door in the basement in the first house.

Zoe see my posts 11.06 and 11.10

Finally out! phew...should be called 3 'hours' escape for me :)

Oana for the second gem pull the "thing" on the wooden mask on the wall as far as it goes and then put it on fire.

thanks again al sal, i had pulled the thing but i didn't try to put it on fire.

and out!!! thanks everyone for helping me, i couldn't have done it by myself!

Thanks al sal! I got the 3rd coin, but now I can't find the genie to give the 3rd statue...

Hmmm... I think it was in one of the doors with the symbols..

POP found him in the 3rd house!

Thanks for all the help! How would I ever get through these games without my EG24 friendds!!

It's always teamwork around here!! :)

Yeah - otherwise, I would have burned out a long time ago! Thanks for your help!


-turn left from the start screen and enter 1st building.
-click on the key in the upper right corner.
-go left twice and use the key on the trap door.
-go down and click on the mask in the lower left corner.
-go back up and exit the building.
-go right and enter the second building.
-use the mask on the oval shape hole and stairs will appear.
-go up twice and right once. Pull the lever.
-go back out of the building and go right.
-The rock will now be raised up and you can enter building three.
-enter the building and go all the way down the ladder and then go left.
-pick up the hammer on the lower left side.
-note the symbols that are above the door and on the floor.
-also note the symbols in the two rooms to the left of this one.
-go back outside and enter the first building again.
-go left and use the hammer on the floor board to get coin #1.
-now go left and down the trap door again.
-go right and use the symbols you found earlier in building 3 to solve the dial puzzle. The bottom right symbol didn't have a clue for it so do that one last and the door will open.
-take the golden disk and go back outside.
-enter building 2 and go up once. Use the hammer on the mask to open a tunnel.
- go through the tunnel and go left three times. pick up the lighter.
-go right twice and go through the hole and up the dynamite.
-go back down and out of the tunnel to the right.
-go up and to the left and put coin#1 in the cup.
-Now go back to the tunnel and go all the way to the left. get statue #1 from the genie.
-go back outside and back to building one.
-go down the trap door and right once.
-use the dynamite and the lighter on the brick wall to reveal a door.
-before going through the door pick up the green gem in the rubble.
-go through the door and go all the way right.
-click the key on the right hand side of the mask until you can't turn it any more.
-Use the lighter on the top of the mask and pick up the green gem.
-go back outside and enter building 2 again.
-go up once and through the tunnel.
-go left once and through the hole again.
-go up and right and use the 2 green gems on the eyes of the mask here.
-pick up golden disk number 2.
-go back outside and enter building 3
-go all the way down and left once.
-enter the door here and place the first golden disk on the stick.
-leave the room and go all the way left.
-enter this room and place the other golden disk on the stick.
-leave the room and go right once.
-pull the lever and enter the room.
-go all the way left. pick up the coin and place statue #1 on one of the pillars.
-go all the way right and put coin #2 in the cup.
- go left twice back out of the room and right once.
-enter this room again and grab statue #2 from the genie.
-go back to the middle room and go all the way left and place statue #2.
-go back outside and enter building 2.
-go all the way up and to the right.
-pull the lever again to make it go back to its original position and go back outside.
-enter building one again and go down through the trap door.
-go right and through the opening you made with the dynamite.
-go left and push the green button on the machine to get coin #3.
-go right twice and put the coin in the cup and then go all the way left again.
-get the last statue from the genie and go back outside.
-go back to building 2 again and go all the way up and to the right.
-pull the lever again and go back outside and enter building 3.
-go all the way down and left twice.
-enter the door and go all the way left and place the last statue.
-go right and now that all of the lights are on pull the rope and head out.
-you have escaped.

jbg - now THAT's an excellent WT!!

Very clear and concise WT, @jbg!!! TY so much!

What a great game !

Many thanks for the snapshot of the four symbols - had them totally wrong.

JBG, that was sooooo brave of you. Well done :)

Nice work, JBG - I badly needed help in a couple of spots - and there you were. Concise and accurate - can't ask better than that.

(And, yes, that snapshot of the symbols was one of them.)

Very Nice game.

       Anonymous  6/17/18, 12:20 AM  

caught this one while searching for games worth a replay

thx for all your creations, Michael ☺
& thx jbg for the WT

AlphaOmega AΩ For the life of me I couldn't get the symbols. Links are no longer valid for solution. Grrrr lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

oops bottom left was out for me in one position

Hi Alpha it does go ok I got bottom left just one position out, just need as above spin bottom right til opens, out thing is went back & forth to other house not realising door opened below duh, out now really enjoyed game thanks C C

       Anonymous  6/20/18, 2:44 AM  

finally had the time, to play, too
well, too late for NC, but not for later players:

symbol device

right click to open link in a new tab

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