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🖳 Challenge the Future - Sometimes Cloudy Challenge Walkthrough

🖳 Challenge the Future - Sometimes Cloudy Challenge

[REPLAY] Challenge the Future Escape - Sometimes Cloudy Challenge is another Japanese point and click type room escape by Haretoki. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Holy Crap this game is AWESOME!!!

Awww man, wish it was a bit longer....

Hint: With the dice, don't think about numbers so much, more rows :)

       Anonymous  1/9/12, 8:09 PM  

Oh man, I'm stuck!

I'm just not getting the dice thing. Another hint Guru?

I'm talkin' the second time you use the dice there

The first time, it's related to the upturned bin (including "missing" dice)

       Anonymous  1/9/12, 8:15 PM  

I can't figure out the dice either.

Guys, I don't wanna spoil this game too much :/

       Anonymous  1/9/12, 8:17 PM  

I understand, but I need another hint :o)

With the second time you use the dice.... again

Not about numbers, think graphically ;)

I can't even POP it. Just not seeing it tonight.

No more spoilers, I'm off to get some chips (fries).... hehe

OK, so "missing" dice....we have a one and a six in one corner. We don't have all of the rest. Does that mean that we have to guess where the others are? In which corner they are?

       Anonymous  1/9/12, 8:22 PM  

I don't understand "the second time" you see the dice....I guess I'm not seeing it either tonight.

Think picture frame clues.

You should be able to open three doors of the four using clues from other areas. You'll find dice with the values 1, 3, 4, and 6. So the 2 and 5 are presumed to be in the other door. Click the bottom of the waste basket in the order suggested by the dice.

Yes and I'm stuck on the three digit code.

Hi all, stuck with a blue opener and a round yellow thingee. Any ideas on the green dots clue?

And I have no idea how to use the doorknobby thing or the can opener thing! LOL

way behind you guys... Loading


Think "mini numbers" for the dots

The 3 digit is revealed ONLY after you flip the room


ps. Man, I overdid the chips......groans

finally some progress! got silver key after combining the last part of the yellow "doorknobby" thing :) - I liked your description@ jillydoc

Ooh, doorknobby thingy works on chest somehow...

Ooh, and can opener thingy works on a CAN! Out! Very cool game!

Hope you feel better GuruOne!

Flip the room? LOL

I totally agree with GuruOne - awesome game :) Thanks everybody, good night!

Lucky I'm not physically in that room, or I would be flippin' my chips right now...... LOL

what blue thingy?

I just escaped, and this was a good one! Some very clever puzzles that required some lateral thinking, but never obtuse. I also like the title: CHALLENGE THE FUTURE. Makes me wanna wear pointy orange sunglasses and bust through the heavens with my drill.

that took me a looong time to complete, but great game :)

OUT and big thanks to Leroy

Got as far as needing a 4 number code (green) and got stuck.

I suppose it was an okay game. Not so fun when you can't finish though

no walkthru?

completely stuck.

dont know where to use the completed yellow door knob thingy,
have blue "can opener",
need 3 digit code.
dont understand green dots

i am lost

dont understand thy crypted hints like "flip the room" or "think graphically"

is my yellow thing complete: I had 3 parts of it...where to use?

ppl say on chest - doesnt work...or getting a key after combining yellow parts?
not for me

oh my god - POP

take the yellow magnet thing from opening top right door back...


wow...after a long time of hard work finally made it :))

hint for followers: to complete the yellow doorknob you need 4 parts

the green dots: its not the amount of dots... its drawing a line along of them (sorry my english) and imagine what number you draw


im not good in wt´s so i am bit around if s1 plays

I don't understand anything... Which green dots? What can opener? I have a magnet and a piece of paper with strange things on it, nothing else. Please help!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Sue for your help :)

@jutti, paper gives clue for number (4173)

for bin, clic in order dices 123456

1 6 UP Left 4 up right
3 down left 2 5 down right

Thanks @sue for the spoiler -- I had the 5 and 2 reversed for some reason (too late to think straight?)

Hmm -- never opened the door at all!

Really good puzzles!

Thanks for your help, seb!! That brought me nuch further, but how gives the paper that code? I'd just like to understand...

@ Jutti the numbers on cb are made out of the "things" you see on paper... so the first number is made out of 3 long pieces and 1 short piece

if you go through the numbers you see that only 4 or 7 have 3 long/1 short.

then see how they are connected ... so the the first number only can be 4

Thank you sue! I'd never thought of that... Now I'm stuck with the chain connected to the wind, a can opener and a crowbar...:(

This comment has been removed by the author.

crowbar is a neil remover...lol

i meant nail

Finally I'm out! Thanks a lot Sue, I would never made it without help... Feel a bit dumb today... lol

Nice game though!

4 1
6 3

only 4 dices to found

dices 2 and 5 are probably in door down right and used only for hint on bin

Hmmm...that piece puzzle is still a mystery to me...

seb you said "...that only 4 and 7 have 3 longs + 1 short"

Am I getting that right that you are NOT supposed to think in digi-numbers? (because there, a "7" could be made either as 3 shorts or 1 short (horiz.), 1 long (vert.))

great, great game! thanks for all the hints!!!

arbeitslooser, what I did was to compare the number of short and long links on the paper clue to the numbers on the panel. For example, if two straight long links + 1 short + 1 long on paper clue, i look for the same pattern on the panel.

@ arbeitslooser... right NOT DIGI-Numbers

the numbers on the panel are made out of the same sticks like on paper

the 2 long sticks are a 1 (2. number on panel & clue)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ahh thanks guys, I had overlooked that this "stick system" was repeated graphically on the panel too!

Personally, I'd rather think of children's toys there...you know, those where you could bend this sort of elastic material (equipped with hinges and links) to form 2D shapes, and, as here, numbers. (Made of plastic, though, I didn't mean "play-doh" ;))

OK, I'm out too. Really an excellent game. Liked the "flip-room" bit...only the "dot numbers" were a little difficult because the "4" looked really crippled ;)

anyone can write a GOOD WT?

I am only able to get 3 dices, 1,3,6

where to use the magnet?

completely lost

clic on "yellow thing" to separate purple can opener, then add the magnet on this yellow thing and use it on door right up to get another yellow thing and a chain

on safe at floor, another yellow thing

and another yellow thing in the bin (after clic with code dices 123456 see comment)

add 4 yellow things to have a key,
open panel up pipe, clic red button and put yellow thing into and catch nail remover

thanks seb

I got three yellow things, I think I miss the first one

chain? where is it?

got it, add the magnet to one of the yellow thing now

thanks seb, finally out!

super :)

I have magnet combined with 3 yellow things and a can opener. How do I open the thing on the floor with the chain? And what to do with the can opener. I'm stuck. :(

I do not have a clue what this game is all about!
I have only found a yellow thing and a magnet...
Thought I understood the trash bin thing, but....not getting it ...or the hints!

Maybe someone could give a mini start wt for those of us who are lost?

btw...the only dice i see are the 6,1...in the top left which I assume we click it 1st and last

OK...using @seb's spoilers....Guess I'll get it eventually....

This comment has been removed by the author.

zoom in cb: notice TL dice 6 & 1, BL needs 4 digit code, TR needs something to insert, BR cant be opened

- zoom out, zoom in chest, click bottom middle of chest and get YELLOW PIECE Nr. 1

- zoom out, go right, see red thing on wall construction: take MAGNET

- zoom in on cb, notice left needs 3 digit, open right door. get CLUE PAPER for 1. cb

- turn left again and open BL 4-digit door: the numbers on panel are formed with the same sticks as on paper clue. So look on length and amount of sticks, then find number (ex. 2. number ist made out of two long sticks = 1)

- open door. get YELLOW PIECE Nr. 2, and take CAN OPENER out of it.
notice dice 3, notice green dots

- now combine magnet with yellow piece 2, then insert in top right door. open it.

- notice dice 4, get CHAIN and YELLOW PIECE Nr. 3

- close door and TAKE YELLOW/MAGNET BACK

- turn right 2 times and connect chain with trap door on floor.

- zoom in BIN and click until its upside down

- see SQUARE with star like on 1. cb. Now click the sections like the dice in cb are numbered.
(we have 1& 6 TL, 4 TR, 3 BL. so we assume 2 % 5 in BR door behind star)

- so click TL, BR, BL, TR, BR, TL

- click on bin and get YELLOW PIECE Nr. 4


- it opens and a SILVER KEY appears

- turn right, use key in keyhole above strange machine

- push red button, left white lid of tube opens, put yellow thing in tube

- take CROWBAR from above the machine

- turn left, see picture with hint that you CAN LOOK UP in this scene. look up and see EXIT DOOR on ceiling

- use crowbar on panel underneath pic. notice: NEED GREEN 4-DIGIT

- back to 1. cb (2x left) open BL door, see green dots.
its not the amount of dots... its drawing a line along of them and imagine what number you draw

- enter green 4-digit code on panel, open pic, PULL HANDLE

- WHEEEE you flipped the room, go left, zoom on floor and push button, chain drags door, notice: need screwdriver

- go left, zoom in bin, take 3 dices, click bin and find 4th dice behind it Number: 1,3,4,6

- turn left, see 3 NUMBER CLUE on machine SP6OIL7E3R

- turn right 2x. enter 3 digit on cb. open door, get SCREWDRIVER

- zoom on floor, open panel . use dice on floor,

- I didnt really get why their position is how it is, i bruteforced, I think its something with the lines

- open door, GET CAN, use canopenes and GOLD KEY

- turn right, use key on door and OUT

cool game

Ahhhhhh...LOL...I finally got to the awesome part....
TY @sue for the wt !!!! Now I can look for only the clues I need!!!!

Out with no help! Dice went in so the dots intersect all lines on each side.

I never opened the 4th cabinet with the star on it. Was there a wrench??


Thank you so much, Sue!!!!! Cryptic answers just don't help in this type of game for me. Finally got it done. woo hoo!!

Part 4 of this game developers work-through,

Opening scene,

Four door unit on wall with the six and one sides of a die and a chest on the floor, click on the bottom left cabinet to see a four number puzzle where the numbers are connected by points along their lengths,go through each number to see how they are connected.

Then on the floor is a chest, click on the bottom middle of the chest to reveal the first of four yellow pieces.

Go right, a two door cabinet and a ladder with a magnet attached, open the right side of cabinet to reveal a four digit clue that relates to the number puzzle in the cabinet to the left, collect the magnet on the ladder.

Go left and put the four digit clue into the bottom left box, 4173, it opens and gives the second yellow piece with a can opener in it, a green dot clue, plus the three side of a die.
Remove can opener.

Now if you look closely enough to these dots, you will go mad! but before that you can just make out 5042, crazy, I know.

Combine magnet with second yellow piece and place this into the top right door of cabinet which gives third yellow piece and chain
(use later or now), plus the four side of a die. Close the door and take back the magnet/yellow piece for later.

The bottom right of the cabinet shows a star...

Go left twice and click on the bin until it reveals a grid with a star. Now the four door cabinet with the star has to have the two and five sides of a die in the bottom right !
So click on the bin in order of one to six,
1,2,3,4,5,6, or
Which gives the fourth yellow piece.

Combine all four yellow pieces and get a silver key. Go right and use the key on panel above the thing with the piece of paper in it !
Press red button, it goes blue, opens lid, then place yellow thing into opening, the panel slides over to reveal nail puller.

Go left and use nail puller to remove panel below ‘finite picture’ unit, now use the green dot clue 5042 (crazy, I know) Now open panel which reveals a switch, pull switch,
ya gotta love this bit,
the room has spun around, ok, go right and notice the number 673 revealed, go left twice to the three digit drawer and enter number (sideways) open it to get a screwdriver.

Now use the chain on the pully device which reveals a screwed panel, use screwdriver to open panel, go back and collect three pieces of die on the floor and one under the bin.

Now this panel has four places for the four die sides, look at the sides of the four panels and
notice the marking placements then notice the the placement of dots on the die
(the handle to the right does nothing)
Click on the panel which opens to reveal something to use the can-opener on and there is the yellow key!

And to be honest I wouldn’t fit out of a door that size.


TY Sue ;-)

Can’t wait for the fifth/sixt game !

Well, once smart people explained MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF THE GAME THAT COMPLETELY ESCAPED MY PATHETIC BRAIN, I got on a roll and finished it and thought it was really inventive and fun. So I can't really say that *I* did it, but I'm really glad I got to see how it worked. Flipping the room was brilliant!

Thank you both Sue and Morgan. Before you wrote the w/t's I had two chances of escaping: None and Zero.

hehe..im out now though!! Thank you both so much for allowing me to finish such a brilliant game.

       Anonymous  1/11/12, 1:41 PM  

LOL - how many devices can be put in a small room...!
(completely the opposite from Dghgbakufu)
Excellent game incl. room flipping!
Thx, Sue & Morgan,
for sharing EGDALTWT (at least two...!)

excellent game, except I don't really understand the green dots clue. I get that you have to imagine the dots linked as numbers. That works well with the 0 and okay for the 5 and 2. But that doesn't seem to work well with the 4. And counting the dots works for all but the 0. Or maybe I am linking them incorrectly?

It seems to me that the author wanted it both ways, and I think that was a bit of a cheat.

The rest of the game was fantastic, though.

Out with just help with the green dots clue.

Don't get the green dot clue either, unless a T is a four somehow and the 2 and 5 are real stretches with diagonal lines. Also don't understand the whole yellow knobby thing and why adding pieces made it usable. Green dot explanation anyone?

Not live, but out with no help, by far the best escape game i have played in ages, thoroughly enjoyed it!

I meant to post this the next morning but forgot.

Anyway, to explain the Green Dot clue,

A “Digital Eight” is made up of,

Two vertical lines on the left
Three Horizontal lines in the middle
Two vertical lines on the right

Apply this theory to the dots and you
end up with 5042.

Easy when it makes sense!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Fantastic game! Thank you!!!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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