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DozenGames - Chinese Room Escape Walkthrough

DozenGames - Chinese Room Escape

[REPLAY] DozenGames - Chinese Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Dozen Games. Again You are locked you up in the Chinese room, try to figure out how to escape by using the items and solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Chinese Room Escape

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       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:23 AM  

Finally a new game...!
- key from red CB (start screen) & red box, nippers behind red vase

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:24 AM  

clue behind cup

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:25 AM  

sushi from table (behind girl)

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:26 AM  

purple 6 on sabre & coloured dots on abacus

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:27 AM  

& a lot of red herring views, LOL

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:28 AM  

chest needs coloured 5-digit-code

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:28 AM  

got 2 keys a stick and wire cutters, not sure what to do now

some keys - pliers - gave the lady food for buddah

Grrroaan an abacus code LOL

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:29 AM  

purple (or pink?) 9 backside plate on CB

opened red cb with plyers for scissors

Not sure why we had to give the lady the sushi, all she had to do is turn around and pick it up

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:30 AM  

flashlight from buddha CB

flashlight in Buddha cupboard

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:31 AM  

keys in vases (use flashlight) & a green 1

purple key in vase - seeing with flashlight
but I cannot get it yet
blue 7 under stone on game

green key behind rug. right side of start screen

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:32 AM  

dont get the abacus code

used scissors on picture for key

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:32 AM  

yellow 3 on cup

black key in a vase like the purple key but cant get it

opened chest with abacus clue for a thread

Can't reach the keys in the vases. Does the abacus from top to bottom say 91503?

SM - how did you enter the code? I can't enter any numbers

opened color cb - for magnet

color code on abacus

its the chest
orange 1, green 4, etc. like on the abacus

for the cb with color/numbers you need to "see" the clues first before it works

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:37 AM  

bat from gong

Do you need a key to be able to enter in the code in the chest?

wow im 1st

magnet and threat gives purple key

still need 3 more and have yellow key which does not fit

no miles - but have you looked at the abacus
it seems you need to see the clues first

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:39 AM  

finally got magnet in cabnet

sorry - yes you need a key - a green one
its behind somewhere

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:40 AM  

LOL, Unknown,
you may forgot to refresh...

SM - yes, I have looked at the abacus... still can't enter anything in the chest. This has happened to me before in DozenGames

I think key was behind that wallhanging in front of windows

miles I think you need to cut it loose with plyers

Hi all,
Bash Ying Yang pic with mallet from gong to open bedside cabinet and get blue key.

blue key in bottom of sidetable near bed

No pliers needed for that one swiss LOL

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:43 AM  

hit the yin yang symbol with the bat and it turned green

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:44 AM  

i just need the red key

Yellow key under big cabinet and POP!

I hammered that sextagon (or whatever ists called) and the ying/yang dots turned green - but no key forthcoming

looking for blue key

nice game & out ... can help if needed

Ive tried codes on that abacus chest grrr wanna spoil us swiss?

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:46 AM  

& out! Thx, L&G, for the teamwork!

SwissMiss, cut what loose? I already used the pliers on the cabinet for scissors. I think i have everything you do, but the thread

I need the black and red key

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:46 AM  

and out, good game

@conmanfan - red key as per first message in cupboard in first view.
@unknown blue key in bedside cabinet - hit the YingYang picture with the mallet from the gong to open it.

miles you got a key for the box lock?

SwissMiss - hammering the symbol opened the bedside cabinet

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:47 AM  


(hopefully the same in each game...)

@Swissmiss the black key is in one of the vases, I think.

out thank you

SM ~ black key u do same as u did for purple key

SM - i have red. green, blue keys - and a yellow one which doesn't work on the chest

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:48 AM  

black key in a vase (use magnet on string)

start scene was the one with the cups?
I cannot find a red key there

I think we have different colors
I am missing top left and bottom right key
one red one black

and the one in vase was purple

SM - move the lantern in the corner

LOL what I had so I go back again look at abacus then back to chest and voila it now opens???

miles if you put the code into box
14135 and then drag the yellow key over the lock it should open

did move lantern - that key was not red for me

i had two keys from vases

can anyone who is out pls tell where the keys were because it seems we have different colors

Thats my problem, SM - I can't enter in a code. I've looked at the abacus many times

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:52 AM  

i got the red key by cutting the picture

I got red key from cuttin dragon pic

my RED key was behind dragon picture

bottom right one to go now

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 6:53 AM  

no different colours (replaying)

Miles - on chest i found that two of colours were not in same order as abacus

I got a key from the dragon picture - use scissors... can't remember if it was red or green

Swiss .... check all vases with torch

And another key from inside the red box left of the chest where I can't enter numbers!!

I have one hotspot which I cannot to anything
that little plant on a stool

anyone for bottom right key??

Am I the only one having this problem? I really don't feel like restarting

bingo - thanks it was in another vase - thought I checked them all

out now too

I liked this one

miles did it work now???

Black key is in vase in same view as sushi/abacus table - use torch

miles did you enter the numbes correctly - the order in the abacus is slightly differen
only afterwards drag the key over the lock

@Swissmiss - my bad. The black key is in a different vase to the purple one - check them all.
@Miles are you using the gold key after you enter the code?

I think the last two colors where switched on the box

SM - no.. but I know where all the keys are, so I'm just going to say I'm out

emely ty - I am out - did not check all the vases

Emily - I can't enter a code, that's the problem

Impossible to put numbers on chest, a bug or something like that, i'm on Mozilla firefox

froggy - I'm having the same problem! Glad I'm not the only one

I'm on FF too

miles / froggy - try going back to the abacus - zoom on it and then back to the chest

I am on FF and did not have problems

You have to put numbers and use golden key also.

roberto - we can't put in any numbers

Oh! I see. So I have no idea! :(

Probably a bug - going to catch up on yesterday's games

No, impossible to finish this game
Tant pis!!! (French sentence impossible to traduct it!!!)

froggy - the best translation would be

"so be it" I think - but not an english speaking native

Where is the hammer?

Jennifer I cannot remember - but I shall attempt a WT - give it some time please

Thank you SwissMiss :)

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 7:15 AM  

bat left side of gong

& Swiss,
so there will be 2 WTs...?!

duh....it was hanging right next to the large gong!

Hey Everyone!!!
I am in the same boat as Miles1 and froggy...no way to put in code...other than that, I liked the game! lol


Zoom in on chess (?) game board and move piece for a coloured number.
Zoom in on the cups and move one for a second coloured number.
Zoom in on the lantern in the corner and move it for pliers.
Zoom in on the tapestry and move it for the green key.
Zoom in on the bottom of the big cupboard for the yellow key.
Go left.

Take the mallet (hammer) from the gong.
Go left.

Zoom in twice on the red cupboard and open it with the pliers. Take the scissors.
Zoom in on the plate above and note the coloured number.
Zoom in on the table and take the sushi.
Zoom in on the abacus and note the amount of counters next to each colour.
Zoom in on the lady and give her sushi - she's so grateful she didn't have to turn around to get it that she gives you a buddha!
Go left twice.

Zoom in on the sword and note the coloured number.
Zoom in on the dragon poster and use the scissors for the red key.
Zoom in on the table at the back and take the gold key from the red box.
Zoom in on the wooden box, enter the numbers from the abacus (solution below) and then use the gold key on the lock to open it. Move the right jar for rope.
Go left.

Zoom in on the Ying Yang picture and hit it with the mallet (a cunning lock for the bedside table!).
Zoom in on the bedside table and open for the blue key.
Go left.

Zoom in on the red cupboard and use the buddha statue to open it for a torch.
Go right twice.

Zoom in on the dragon vase and use the torch for a coloured number.
Go right three times (Dizzy yet?)

Zoom in on the circles on the cabinet and change the colours around the numbers to match the coloured numbers from around the room (solution below) for magnet.
Combine the magnet with the rope.
Go right twice.

Zoom in on the vase and use the torch and then the magnet for the purple key.
Go right twice.

Zoom in on the vase and use the torch and then the magnet for the black key.
Go left.

Put in the keys and escape!


Abacus numbers for wooden box:
Orange: SPO1ILER

Numbers from around the room for the cupboard with the circle:

7: SbPlOuIeLER
9: SpPuOrIpLlEeR
6: SpPuOrIpLlEeR
3: SyPeOlIlLoEwR
1: SgPrOeIeLnER

Sorry if I cut lunch with the walkthrough - I should refresh before starting.

Make your game smaler and numbers on chest works

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 7:33 AM  

In the spirit of EGDALTWT
(at least 2, LOL)



(start screen)
- NIPPERS behind red vase
- BLUE 7 under game tile
- YELLOW 3 on cup
- GREEN KEY behind hanging carpet

- PURPLE 6 on sabre
- golden KEY from red box (far table)

- take SUSHI from plate on table
- note HINT on abacus (colours & numbers)...
- give sushi to girl for BUDDHA (she disappears...)
- PURPLE 9 backside of plate on CB
- use nippers on CB lock (right round side) for SCISSORS

- take BAT left of gong

(start screen)
- put Buddha in slot on CB for FLASHLIGHT

- use bat on YIN-YANG symbol (wall right of bed) to turn dots green
- after that, take BLUE KEY from now opened nightstand left of bed
- use flashlight on vase to see Purple Key (can't be taken yet)...

- use scissors on DRAGON PIC for RED KEY
- use flashlight on right DRAGON VASE to see GREEN 1
- put code from abacus in chest & use golden key for string (under right cushion)

- open CB with coloured number hints for MAGNET
- combine magnet with string & go fishing...! ;-D

- use flashlight & magnet on string on vase for PINK KEY

(sushi table)
- use flashlight & magnet on string on vase for BLACK KEY

- put all keys in their keyholes & click on door

ESCAPED! (hopefully with some sushi snack from the plate...?!)



- hint on abacus:
- colours on chest (L->R): O-G-B-R-W
- code:

- numbers around the room (on coloured circles):
B-7 (middle)
Pu-6 (upper)
Pu-9 (upper)

- keyholes (T->B, left side & then right side):
R - G
Pi - Y
B - Bk
- keys in inventory (L->R)

       Anonymous  1/8/12, 8:48 AM  

Perseverance worked on the chest. I clicked the colour and the numbers over and over and it worked in the end. Thank Goodness they were only up to 5 - lol

Yes!!! Thanks Zoran, to put numbers, we have to make the game smaller
And thanks Swissmiss for traduction

easy game other than having to click click click to get numbers into the chest.

yes, very nice game!

And easy...well, easy at parts but not throughout.
Some parts really required me some thinking (e. g. the "Yin Yang Mallet" bit :))

(btw, out with no help :))

BTW SwissMiss was partly wrong about the color bit...I only found 3 clues and bruteforced the 2 remaining ones...and it went really damn fast until the thing opened lol ^_^

There's a stupid ad right across the game, so I can't play!

There's a stupid ad right across the game, so I can't play!

Creepy frozen lady is creepy.

Thanks for both the w/t's Emily and Premiere. I needed them.

BUG: Numbers on chest don't work. 1 star..

Working link - http://www.dozengames.com/room-escape/chinese-room-escape

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