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[REPLAY] Entrance is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by EscpR7. In this game, your objective is to escape the room by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


Hello = number = key which opened door to....
now loading
a different room but the same ?

Yum Yum but I have to sleep now :(

Red key under bed = Bar Code Book
and three number box under calendar !

got the hellow and clicking and getting nothing ... dumb game!

Got a picture-piece in first room but it
Disappeared in second room
so take Screen-Shots guys ?

Got the red book but can barely make out that it's a bar code, let alone copy, paste and google it!


43770 is hello, upside-down backwards !

how do you read the title of the book?

got the red book now i'm stuck. any thoughts?

when i use the magnification on my computer 404 came up on the tab of this game screen so i used that number for safe
in panda room now~

ok thanks larue

Found another puzzle piece under trashcan.

Didn't we play this a couple years ago?

code for panda room is on the calendar

I'm stumped because I was zoomed
in full to the game so what did you do,
anyway got the blue key, thanks, I was about
to shout to Shuchun!

lol i don't know what i do sometimes, but i didn't have it all the way zoomed i don't think~i just saw 404 in the tab

does anyone understand what press switch means

So in room 4 it says press SWITCH which I did when paper was opened in inventory. Now what!?!?

Stuck in the same place. Is there a clickable switch hiding somewhere?

it says ONE

Room got dark and when I went around I found another puzzle piece and the light switch which turned light on again, and stuck! LOL

type switch when zoomed in on the paper

Oh and paper says ONE...

and wall says ZOTTFFSEN

Moved panda on calendar to reveal
circle, star, square...
I'm only using one and a half eyes now LOL

Which stands for zero, one, two, three...

Refreshed, to find out that you late night people
do not leave many clues for us early morning people,

Leave clues please!

Night night and good luck......

Got it, slide chest sideways.

but wheres the combo

       Anonymous  1/17/12, 7:02 PM  

what to do on R6? I've already defeated all mimics.
stuck with a pickaxe

oh, keep making the chicken cluck for egg

       Anonymous  1/17/12, 7:05 PM  

on the chicken room, the "cluck" chiken will give you an egg. Then you will find a bucket with blue paint, a glue and a door handle. You have to paint the door blue and then the key blue.
Oh, the EGG is the clue for the piano.

wheres the code for R4



axe makes hole in floor

Hi Prufrock, made hole but now what? Can't go out that way, can't break anything else.

       Anonymous  1/17/12, 7:14 PM  

I made a hole on the floor, in the calendar scene, but nothing happened

move cursor below game screen and see how it changes

That was fun! Thanks for your help Prufrock!

so what is the code for room with zottffssen?
my paper doesn't say one when zoomed in

brin3m--you have to type switch while looking at the paper in about item. ONE will appear. What does O-N-E stand for if zot...means 0, 1, 2

wow finally got out of room 4

prufrock--i did that but it just shows a black square, no ONE.....must be my browser thanks

brin3m maybe you can still get to the next room if you type the code. did you try?

yes prufrock i am in the next room! thanks again

I just cannot figure out this piano thing

im out. was a bit frustrating tho at times

@autumn: try to figure out what the piano and the egg have to do with each other.

Help! what do I do with this silly piano and chickens!

click the first chicken and it lays an egg

open the egg for a puzzle piece

notice that when you click on the piano keys a letter shows up at the bottom. Now use that to spell egg.

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Finally Out

Had to go back twice, a little annoying but

This deserves a walkthrough!

what a cool, clever game! I love R6 - very creative1

Very good game

FUN!!!! Thanks for all the clues...I needed them!

If anyone's here who knows the three digit code for R4, could you please just spell it out for brain-deficient me?

Wait! Got it. Choose numbers that have the first letters O, N and E. My faith in my brain is tentatively restored.

(PS: I like how it goes "get!" when you pick something up.)

EscpR7 WT

The goal here is to make it through 7 rooms, collecting a piece of a puzzle in each room. The puzzle pieces will disappear when you enter a new room, but don't worry because they will all be there in the end.

North: the door is locked, fancy that!
East: you'll see a cross when you hover your mouse over the "No Smoking" sign. In this game, the cross means you can click on the object and drag it. Do that to find a numeric keypad.
South: Look in both drawers of the bedside table. In one drawer is your first puzzle piece. In the other drawer is a hint card with "hELLO" written on it. Every good escape gamer knows exactly what "hELLO" translates to in numbers, right?
West: nothing there in R1, so return to the East view and enter the code in the keypad [HINT: 5 digits; hELLO turned upside down and backwards]
Press the "Enter" arrow after entering the code and take the blue key.
Go back to the North wall, use the key, then slide the door to the right and on to the next room.
Nothing in your inventory carries over from one room to the next, but you'll have everything you need in the end.

North: A locked door.
East: Look under the bed for a Red Key.
South: Nothing here.
West: Use the Red Key on the desk drawer and take the Red Book. Look in the trash bin for what looks like a blank piece of paper. You can also lift the trash bin up to get the R2 Puzzle Piece. Above the desk is a calendar - slide it up and see a spot to enter a 3 digit code.
Go back to the blank piece of paper and click and drag your mouse across it to see a message: "Look at the title of the red book."
Now, this is the place where I needed help, so I'll let @larue give the SPOILER: "when i use the magnification on my computer 404 came up on the tab of this game screen so i used that number for safe."
I was never able to see a 404 anywhere, but the number worked to get the key to the next room, so a big THANK YOU @larue!

North: Surprise! The door is locked.
East: There is a eucalyptus plant - take a piece from the right side of it. Slide the sofa over to reveal a safe with a number pad.
South: A panda in a cage! Very cute. Possible very dangerous, as well. But you can give him the twig of eucalyptus to distract him and then slide the cage door open and take the note from the floor of the cage. I would suggest closing the cage door again.
West: Two more eucalyptus plants and two more twigs for the panda! But first, click on the calendar, then slide the panda on it to the right. You'll see a green circle-star-square code. Now look at the piece of paper you got from the panda's cage and compare the position of the three symbols to the calendar to get the number code for the safe behind the sofa.
South (again): Give that sweet panda more eucalyptus. You won't get anything in return except the satisfaction of feeding him. Leave the scene and then go back to give him the last piece of eucalyptus and this time you get your third Puzzle Piece. Good panda! [I left the cage door open at this point since I knew I'd be leaving momentarily].
East (once more): Enter the code on the keypad and take the key.

North: There is a switch by the door, which just happens to be locked, but the switch doesn't do anything.
East: Nothing. Keep going.
South: Nothing, again. Keep going.
West: The top middle desk drawer has a note that says "Press SWITCH." There's nothing in the other two drawers, but look underneath them on the floor for a blank piece of paper. Looking at the paper in About Item, type the word "SWITCH" on your keyboard and watch as the lights go out. Once the lights are out you'll see the word "ONE" on the paper. Go around the room and note the clue on the wall: ZOTTFFSSEN. You will also find your fourth Puzzle Piece and you'll see the switch on the wall to turn the lights back on.
South (again): Move the two drawer chest to the right to reveal a safe with a three digit code. Now think for a minute - that code on the wall, ZOTT, etc. - how could that be translated into numbers? And, if you did that translation, what would ONE translate to?
Enter the code and take the key and on to R5.

North: I know you were expecting a locked door, but here there's just an outline on the wall with no handle, lock, or anything. Odd.
East: Move the "No Smoking" sign to reveal part of a piano keypad. When you click on the keys, you'll see which note they represent (i.e., CDEFGAB). The game's makers were kind enough to let us know there is no sound when the notes are played.
South: Chickens!?! Except they all seem to be roosters except for the one on the left, who says "Cluck", as opposed to "Cock-A-Doodle-Do."

[Just an aside, here: has anyone ever actually heard a rooster say Cock-A-Doodle-Do? I mean, at least in some languages other than English they say "Koh-Ke-Koh-Ke-Koh" or "Kiri-Kiri-Kee". If you ask me, it sounds more like "Er-er-Er-er-Er". End of editorial comments and back to the WT.]

If you click on the first chicken to make it cluck, then click it several times more, it will lay an egg! Look at the egg in About Item and see that there's a musical note on it. So an EGG that translates to music? You can also lift off the top of the egg to get Puzzle Piece #5.
West: Look in the top right drawer of the desk and take the glue. Take the trash bin and look at it in your inventory then click on it and it will turn over and empty out blue paint. Lift the calendar and take the door handle.
East (again): On the piano keys, play the EGG tune. Get it? E-G-G? Ok, click on these notes (numbered from left to right): 355. Take the grey key.
North (again): Highlight the trash bin/spilled paint and click on the door to paint it blue. While you're at it, paint that grey key blue, as well. Highlight the door handle and apply some glue to it, then stick it on the door wherever it will stick. Use the blue key and proceed to R6.

North: Back to the familiar blue locked door.
East: Look under the bed and find a mimic!
South: Click on the drawer to find it's actually a mimic! But you can raise the bed's mattress and get a pickax, which comes in very handy in getting rid of mimics. Defect all the mimics with the pickax by inflicting 65535 points of damage on each one. Fortunately, you can do this with one blow, rather than having to hit each one 65535 times.
West: The middle desk drawer is a mimic! Defeat it!
East (again): Defeat the mimic under the bed, then look under the bed again to find Puzzle Piece #6.
West (again): Notice a hotspot on the floor in front of the panda calendar. Hit it with the pickax and make a big hole. Now, hover your mouse just below the line below the scene and you'll get a cross which you can drag down to reveal a basement with a blue key! (that was my favorite part :o)

Final R7:
North: No door this time, but there are all of your puzzle pieces on the wall. If any are missing, just click that spot to go back to the room to find the missing piece(s). Once you've found the piece you can click "return to final" in the upper right corner so you don't have to go through all the rooms again.
Once the poster is complete, move it and take the Power Glove.
South: Highlight the Power Glove and drag not just the door, but the entire game to the right and click on the darkened doorway to exit.

that was darned cute!

Great walkthrough zoz !

We played this years ago.

       Anonymous  1/18/12, 1:33 PM  

Ha - I saw 404! Don't look at the book, but at top of tab, in which game's open, while book in about item!
Never saw that in a game!
R4: Writing in about item? Never saw that either...!
R5: Loved to create door! But missed to paint key, too...
R6: LOL, poor mimic furniture (or furniture mimics? :-P)
& ditto (never seen) dragging under game screen...!
R7: or even the whole game screen!
Liked the cursor change into arrow cross & the Get! & Locked! pop-ups, esp. the hen ones, LOL
(& does a rooster really sound like that in English?)
Had to peek a bit in comments & WT, therefore
thx, posters above & @zoz!

       Anonymous  8/23/18, 1:24 AM  

caught this one from the random section & decided to post it as a replay - enjoy!

thx for creating this game, ER7 ☺
& thx zoz for the WT

That was different and fun, thanks for reposting!

Needed help a couple of times, that 404 was too clever for me. Perhaps if you play with a tiny device you'll notice the tab writing changing, but with the large PC screen the tab top is too far away to see that.

I can't get the handle to stick to the door. I even watched a walkthrough for the exact location.

Me neither, Notyou.

Also can't get handle to stick so can't finish. Too bad. Enjoying these older games but turned out to be a waste of time.

POP! Magnified about 200% and was able to stick it in top right corner. Didn't work at regular 100% view.

Clever game. Glad I was able to finish.

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