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Escape the Bedroom Walkthrough

Escape the Bedroom

Escape The Bedroom is another point and click room escape game developed by Tammam Nima. Some items must be used with things in the room – do this by dragging the item from your inventory onto what you want to use it with. Other items are hover-to-inspect. Good luck and have fun!

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Finally!! A new game we can sink our teeth into ^^

hi mhtyhr.. am already stuck! got a map of the room i think & some pie like things which says made for use in australia. Found a safe on which none of the given nos. seem to work

@radhu, for safe, only numbers 1, 6 and 3 can be pressed, for mine. so just tried the combi until you get one that words.
Sorry, can't remember what mine was.

We're supposedt o figure out the time, but am totally not seeing it

thx mhtyhr.. opened the safe & got a flat head screwdriver.. now to find the other sd.. me too no idea about the time..

Hi all, any one remember what the safe code is please i'm not getting it

thought save was 631
for time, also stuck tried everything of the pies, so 7.30am 7.30pm 10.30am 10.30pm etc.

yes the last code worked for safe.. how did u work out those times, Carola?

If dark blue on the pie = the light I guess we need pie 4, but if it's the shadow, I don't get it. Because the window right of door is the only one where the sun is shining throught the window.

the 5, 6 & 7 are not visible on my pies

If we look at the map, the window with the sun shining is on southeast, so at least it must be "AM"

631 not working for me on the safe

Okay, I'm out!

I'm not sure if the solution's the same everywhere, so here's the explanation.

You must look at the right picture. Look at the blue print of the room. For mine, if we are facing the bed, then North is on the left.
In the 4 pictures of sundial, that corresponds to my top left picture.

In top left, the line stops right in the middle of xi and x. But since it's made for a different hemisphere, so we need to flip the numbers, hence it's between 1 and 2.
So the answer for me is sp13oil0er
I tried both am and pm, and one of them was right.

p.s just to add that I have no idea how to use a sundial, so I sort of just assumed we need to make sure the needle thingy point to the North.

I put 01:30pm and got key, then got knob which gave
cross head SD and out!

southeast? from my view N is on my left..so the window near door is on my below right. So won't that make it SW? Am not sure .. was just wondering..

For the safe:
Look at the "comments" when you click on the safe.
My guess is, the last "possible combination" you tried would be the right one.. Evil developer :p

@mhtyhr, thx! (it was PM)

@Escapegirl, just try any combo of 6 3 and 1, 613
(you see the numbers you didn't try below in the inventory)

out too.. thx all for the help

@radhu, it's to your left IF you are facing the bed. (look at the blueprint. The top part indicates the wall there has two windows.

Btw, there is a newspaper clipping which tells you about flipping numbers horizontally.
You need to turn on the lap on the bedside table, and click on the thing it pointed to, to get the clipping

Follow the comments for remaining combinations
and press the button under the 9, go through them all
until the last one 631 will open the safe

@Morgan, not necessarily 631, since you can try the combination in any order.
But you are right.. just keep trying, and the last possible combo will be the right one.

@mhtyhr I see that you beat me to it! :)
Yep, I tried it 3 times, even in "spaghetti fashion" and everytime the last code I tried was the correct one. I bet (GuruOne might confirm) there is a hardcoded counter inside which says "if the 5th (or 6th) possible code has been entered, open sesame"

@mhtyhr, thanks for the solution, well found!

@Tammam, are you sure, have you seen my sis..? :P

LOLOL: «Feel free to contact me with your sister's phone number.» (CIT. at the end)
Sorry Tammam, but I don't have one, otherwise...! :-P
Liked, how we can turn in the room, but didn't get those sundials at all, although I understood mhtyhr's explanation...
Therefore: Thx, mhtyhr, for the solution!

Zoom on the left nightstand
Click the white switch on the lamp cord to turn it on
The game notes that the cards are casting an odd shadow
Still zoomed in on the nightstand’s top, click where the shadow points – behind the bottom right corner of the other cabinet
Get the NEWSPAPER CLIPPING -- hover over the clipping in your inventory to read it
Learn about sundials made for the opposite hemispheres
Click the BACK TO ROOM button to back up
Zoom on the right nightstand and open the bottom drawer
Read the blueprint (hover over it in the inventory to see it) and note there is an odd alcove on the wall opposite the one with two windows
So turn around to the wall with the picture
Click to drop the picture frame
There are only 3 working buttons – if you read the game’s narrative, it tells you all the possible combinations you can try (that have one of each number in them)
Whatever ones you try, it will ALWAYS be the last possible combination
Hit the Arrow key between each try until it opens – just keep trying the ones that the game tells you to
Go right
Zoom on the bottom drawer of the long dresser
Get the SUNDIAL from the bottom
Zoom on the left nightstand and then the clock on top of it
Enter the code into the clock and click the arrow button under the time to open the drawer
Get the KEY
Go left
Zoom on the lock on the top dresser drawer and use the key
Turn right
Use the knob to fix the top drawer of the left nightstand
Turn to the door
Zoom on the lock on the door and use both screwdrivers to open it

Solving the Clock
Thanks, mhtyhr for helping explain this!
When you hover over the sundial, you see 4 readings on it; one from each wall of the room (you can tell by the number of windows/doors in the background).

To properly read a sundial, you need the one with the gnomon to face north (the gnomon is the triangular piece that sticks up; see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sundial for help if you need).

You find north by looking at the blueprint – it is in the direction of the of the wall with a single window with no picture on it. So look at the reading of the sundial in the view with the window and long dresser. That sundial has a reading half way between 10 and 11 (X and XI). HOWEVER! The sundial is made in Australia, and the paper you found is from the Northern Hemisphere Times (hint hint). The article tells you that the sundial needs to be flipped so the reading needs to be subtracted from 12, so “10 becomes 2 and 11 becomes 1). That makes the reading not 10:30, but SPOILER1:30SPOILER. And since it isn’t night, it must be PM.

Just to add after a busy day,

If you switch the light on beside the bed the shadow that the cards form is an arrow, click around the point of the arrow and you should get a newsprint sheet which gives clues about Ten and Eleven O’Clock in the northern hemisphere.

The Blueprint (bottom right drawer of bed)shows windows and door, a north direction and the safe.

The only window that shines light is in the south-west part of the blueprint.

The Sundial (from bottom long drawer)
when about item shows four sun-dials but the only shadow that can be made by the south-west window is on the top left dial, which is between Ten and Eleven O’Clock, clue from paper! So it’s Half Ten so to make it northern hemisphere time, take 10:30 from 12 = 01:30
and because it’s daytime it’s pm so, 01:30pm that works on clock, for Key -> knob -> Philips screwdriver.

The safe only lets you enter the numbers 6,3,1 and on choosing any of these numbers a comment appears in the inventory box of possible combinations, type in, from first to last the given combinations into the safe and the last one will open the safe.
Remember to press the arrow button, under the 9 after each combination, you will see the combinations reduce until the last one 631,
the safe will then open and you’ll get a
Flat head screwdriver.

Hope to see more from this Designer :)

Hahaha! I love the other article in the newspaper!!!!!
And the "sister" comment. ;D
Agreed, Morgan - I do hope he decides to make a sequel =D

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