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Escape from the Haunted Room Walkthrough

Escape from the Haunted Room

Escape from the Haunted Room is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from mygames888. In this game you are in a room and you have to search the room to find items and solve the puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

Note: This game contains creepy scenario so may not be suitable for young players or the faint of heart people!

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Hope no language barrier

So do I

How ya going Tommy Ive got lots of things

ooooooooooo, SPOOKY!!! :)

hi all ... i've got a cup, a coin and a remote and so stuck?

Hmmm what to do with pic in bedroom? Wonder if it has something to do with the buttons on the wooden cube?

Tab key works, not helping me find the Tri shape tho'

and some funky M 1 clue???

linda door wedge under open bedroom door LOL

Guru same hint to you LOL
Linda where was the funky M clue?

took the pull cord from the window shade in the bedromm ?

A real slow loader.

in the bathroom clicked on the left side?

the cord from the window is a plug ... plugged it in the computer/tv thing?

O my, that crazy chick just killed me, I can CONTINUE tho'

Ummm, the M thingy goes with the Box thingy

Yeah I guessed that so where is that bloody clue (excuse the language)

after using the plug there is a square circle triagle thiny ... cup goes on the circle?

The M clue anybody and I might give some hints LOL JK

Turn off lights in bathroom, then look left

NOW, if I could only lock the inside door to keep that crazy chick OUT!!! LOL

There's a safe behind the bathroom mirror. Click the top right corner then use coin to remove screw.

you can click on remote and some places turn black ... but not sure what that does??

DAMN! Tried putting everything back, turning off the lights, closing the inner door AND still can't get OUT

Ugh..... we need a lateral thinker here :P

That's the safecode @ linda

Yippee I escaped LOL
TY Guru you saved me

The pattern on the remote is the pattern to the bathroom safe.

Guru I save you LOL take wedge back then shut door and wedge it!!

Get a cube and replace it where the light cube came from, put the triangle piece by the upside down glass.

bathroom mirrow top right corner does nothing for me? really dark? anybody got a flashlight lol!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thx Leroy.... LOL.... I tried everything but!!! haha

Great game... Genuinely spooky

ps toilet lightswitch is next to toilet door LOL

What do you put in the triangle spot?

Just see clue in toilet (left) with lights off. You can push the buttons on the cube then

Pushed buttons on cube without result.

Follow from the round dot so bottom right then bottom left etc

Just I also think you might have to do it in the toilet with the lights off and looking at the clue on the wall.
Not sure though

Ah, I see. Push buttons while in bathroom. And out!

I don't like this game!!!!
Not with the woman in red floating by or the hand below the bed......

Don't get the cube thing ...

Mhtyhr LOL you scaredycat you

Linda what I said look at it in the bathroom with light off and follow the instructions on the wall

did the M thing on the cube with light off ... nothing happens ... agree with Mhtyhr .. dumb game

I don't think it's dumb... just scary :D

@Linda, you have to press it in the right order, starting with the colored circle (look at the shape you have to make to know the order)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Linda you basically write a greek E on the cube using the buttons starting at lower right

Eeeks I guess I died??
Turned around and saw the woman in red after opening the door...

But then went up and saw Leroy's comment, and finally out!
Thanks Leroy

I still don't like this

Thanks Leroy, I had to pause a bit and now back playing.

are you all out? anyone here?
i can see the key but i can't take it. any help please?

Bug? Still can't do nothing with the cube even with all your help? :(

nevermind, i'm out (and happy to be out, creepy game!)

Oana turn the machine off first then you lift glass and take the key.

Linda Be in toilet light off and look left. Open cube in inventory and click on top (you should see buttons now)
I am also assuming it is the wooden cube not the dark one)
bottom right
bottom left
top left
top right

not a wooden cube ... it is dark blue and does nothing! killing game ... maybe try again tomorrow with a WT ... thanks for trying to help :)

LOL Linda go to the thing on the wall in the bedroom, put the wedge in take the wooden cube out and then put the dark cube back to get the wooden wedge

hello everybody, looks like i'm late

This comment has been removed by the author.

Need help yet Chelle?

need help!!
I can't find a spot that can click for the safe behind the mirror...
and can't switch on the bathroom light again...

WHAT ?? 16 MB of game code??!
That's quite an all-time record in escape games I think...

OMG...took 7 minutes to load here. I am NOT kidding.

Few minutes Lottie a WT will be here

Thank you so much Leroy!!

Escape from the haunted room

A Locked door (well derr LOL)
Back up once
Turn right and take glass from shelf
Turn right and watch cutscene
Take wedge from foot of door
Go forward to the bedroom
Click on pillow and take remote control
click on blue curtain and take powercord
Turn left & click on picture (something falls)
Back up and click floor end of bed
Take coin on floor and note the "horror" hand LOL
Turn right and zoom panel next to door
Put wedge in corner and take wooden cube
Zoom out and Turn right again to TV scene
Zoom the TV
Click remote control twice then click the red button
Another cutscene
Look at remote control and press all the buttons (aaaah a code)

No need to do anything else here for a little while so return to the kitchen.

Turn right and enter tiolet
Attempt to zoom upper right corner of the mirror
Cutscene again and lights go off (Damn ghostie girl LOL)
Zoom out and click lower right
Hmmm a clue on the wall
Open wooden cube in inventory
Hmmm so click top of cube and use the clue
OK cube opens up to reveal triangle thingie
Zoom back twice
Click light swith left of door
Forward twice for mirror closeup
Click upper right corner of mirror twice
Use the coin on the screw
Zoom out and click mirror to open it
Remember the remote control?
enter the code (white is the lighter shade on the safe)
Coool another pretty cube!
All done here so go to bedroom
Zoom panel next to door and place cube
Take the wooden wedge and zoom out
Turn right to TV scene
Zoom under the stool right of TV
Place powercord (cutscene)
Zoom out and zoom top of stool
What an odd machine?
Place wedge(square), glass(circle) and cube prt (triangle)
Cut scene and key appears
Dont try to take it LOL
Zoom and zoom under stool again
Pull the plug!(cutscene again)
zoom out and zoom top of stool again
Okay now take glass, key and wedge (cube bit if you want LOL
Alright a key so go to kitchen again


Ending one
Just zoom door and unlock it you die

Ending two
Close bedroom door zoom frontdoor and use key you die

Ending three
Close bedroom door and use wedge on it.
Zoom front door and use key!

If made a mistake in this tell me and I will fix it OK
Be nice though LOL

Just a quick note re cube code start at solid circle and follow the wall clue. It is not an 'M' shape but more an uppercase Sigma Σ

I should also mention the "dying ends" in the game allows you to continue til you get it right LOL

Thanks Leroy!!!

Great one!

I love scary games ... but most of them are ridiculous or gory at a level of a 16-year-old ghetto kid that loves parts of the body spread around in ego-shooters, going like Beavis & Butthead ;)

BUT...this game was REALLY scary and creepy as it should. Nothing for the faint of heart...

Just missed some scary music. ;-)

Creepy and I love it !

I can't play this...I get a blank white screen in Chrome and FF.

Or maybe not. Maybe it's just taking forever to load...

That was it...it took about 5 min to load in Chrome.

Creepy, but great!

LOL, another Angelina Jolie game...!
Maybe better, I'd have played in the dark with closed curtains to let my hair stand on end, LOL
& without music, it was even half as creepy for me...
& Yeah, it's Leroy, who made a WT - finally another one...!
Great - thx!

Btw: Unfortunately, we can't appease the lady in red with the red high heels...!

I loved this game spooky and with interesting puzzles. :)


Thanks Leroy for the walk-thru ...I didn't really have fun in this game (am I spoiled for a good Tesshi right now) Yes Annaby says find an old one and play it!

a little creepy, but not scary -- and I scare easily.

out with no help with all the endings. Not sure I should brag about dying twice, though

thanks Leroy for the WT,needed it.liked the game,creepy,thank god there was no music

too easy!! I started no more than 10 secs then escaped...

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