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Love Letter Escape Walkthrough

Love Letter Escape

[REPLAY] Love Letter Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by 86Game. In this game, your aim is to escape the room by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


Break from pigsaw LOL

Anyone open the drawer yet I ve got all the clues...

hi Leroy
playing 86games's game now~

No Leroy Ive tried several combos but nothing has worked so far

LOL Hi Lottie

there is a clue on matches
I thought colors from numbers go into box but not working
and what about the knive you can take out of pencil holder but not put into inventory?

I am totally stuck... got the clue on oencil and match box but I cant open the lock... help please

pencil..... sorry

wrote something on the package.... hum guess we need a stamp

there's a clue on the pencil too..

Hi swiss I mailed you re riddle.
I cant work out pointers either for box and other lock or the colour box.

oops late.. lol

where to use the saw?

tried to click the pointers in alphabetical order.. not working :(

I assume you all lit the fire LOL

the Match/Pen clue should work on the barn door
I tried the order and anagram (Peach,Cheap) but nothing works

I also noted the stars on the colour puzzle box one is rotated slightly from the other....

mmh I run out of ideas

Send letter, receive letter, cry into coffee cup, then look closely at the sad panda's reflection...

letter not going into post box.. how to send it?

Hi to all...
Use the x,+ clue to find the order for the squares with numbers...

Letter needs to be rubber stamped. (If your stamper is already gone from inventory, go visit the goat.) Envelope needs postage stamp and address written on it.

How do you combine the hint from 'match' and 'pencil' with the hint on the paper from the glue?

Oops, sorry. That hint is for the colours of course.

where is glue?

The glue you get from clicking the stamps in the correct order (like Griniaris said use x and + hint from the other picture).

But now I stamped the letter, did put it in the envelope and glued the envelope, but I still need a stamp?

dont understand the x + clue... help please

Oh--by the way, don't bother with the match-pen thing until you're actually holding the relevant clue...

If numbers are green multiply and if numbers are red add them.
So green 11 is 1x1 = 1, so that's the first stamp to click etc.

How do I get a postage stamp?

ST please help

Nvm. the hint paper from the glue is the postage stamp as well :)

Oops, sorry I'm messing up a lot of things. Not the hint paper from the glue is the postage stamp, but the hint paper with the green stars.

Postage stamp-clue thing available from the colors pic on the wall. More than once, if I remember right.

Hm. I got the letter from the bunny back and I can zoom in on the postage stamp, but all the arrows are grey and I can't open the letter!?

same hear.... stuck

am not able to rubber stamp my letter.. do we need a stamp pad 1st? if so, where is it?

when u click the glue you get a clue

but i didnt get the meaning of the clue

Use the rumber stamp on the box on the chair to ink it.

is there a way of opening letter that we receive?

The hint from the glue, is the order for the colours on the box.
Use that hint combined with the picture with stamps.

i guess u'll have to cry into the cup like kate said, st..

Try the knife/letter-opener thing.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ah thanks Kate.
So you have to use the knife from the pencil holder to open the letter. Lol, tricky.

kate, I cant.... the stamp comes up with all the stars' points colored in..... dont unerstand!

Use the stamp on the box on the chair to ink it.

What am I doing wrong?
Is saw the hint from the letter PEACH, but the arrows still don't work in that way. Also tried HCAEP, because it was upside down?

I put letter in envelope, put glue and stamp on
and put it in the mailbox.
now I have another "empty" letter/envelope but no
I cant do anything with the knive in pencilholder

i cried into the cup.. ow what am i supposed to see in the panda's reflection?

u have to stamp the letter again swissmiss.. 1st is star, 2nd is heart.. there is another stamp in the color stamp pic

u get a reply after sending the 2nd letter.. use the knife on that

You have to do the same with that letter. The stamp you get back from the goat and the postal stamp you can take from the picture/code panel.
Then after mailing that you get a letter back from the goat.

You see fire on the panda so burn it.

put stamp on but my "stamper" is gone from inventory

Hm, now PEACH worked as code. I think it was because I had the letter highlighted when pussing the arrows.

ty s-t .. but the PEACH hint is not working on the barn door?

thank you - caught up now :)

Wow, nice game, I'm out all on my own. Sometimes the hints don't work directly, the star point I had to do twice and the star lines go from fat to thin.

u can get it back from goat, swissmiss

The peach hint you have to use from right to left.

Wow, finally out.
Great game.

i have the letter highlighted.. doesn't work still

I used the peach hint just from left to right, but it only worked when I had the letter with that hint highlighted!?
Maybe gonna play again later to check that.

nope my peach thing still not working

mine neither.. getting frustrated now :(

I press r,l,t,bl,br and the other way round
with letter highlighted upside down, or proper

have no clue what the new stamp hint is either.. am clicking TL, TR, straight top arrow, BL, BR.. is that correct?

oh it should be TR, TL.. now it worked

Ok I played again.
What worked for me. Is having the note with peach highlighted (and also with peach on top of the letter) and then it still only works after you have zoomed in on (and maybe click) the postal stamp on the envelope to see the hint about from left to right.
And then it's just PEACH arrows.

I did zoom on letter (its gone now) I did highlight
Peach top and still not working
so I give up now

thanks anyway

am stuck on the door code now... woe is me!!! lol

Sorry I had a phonecall. I don't remember if I had the letter highlighted. It's a bit strange game, you have to do things in the right order or they won't work. I have to go to the docter now so I hope you all get out.

Doorcode is from right under to top and then down, right, left etc.

Swiss, you have to zoom in on the postal stamp, not only on the letter.

On the hint start at the right.
So on the panle click 43215

ty so much small tool.. am out now...atlast!!!

I'm confused!

Managed to get the stamp, glued it on package, wrote on package.. but can't seem to put it in the mailbox.. what am I supposed to do?

Oh ok... got it now... not the most logical of games @@


Solutions at the bottom.
In this game you have to see (maybe even click) the hints before a code works.

- Take the RUBBER STAMP from the table and the grey PENCIL from the pencil holder on the table.

- Take the MATCHES from the floor.
- Zoom in on the right picture and see the POSTAGE STAMPS ORDER HINT (green is multiply and pink is add)
- Zoom in on the left picture (it's a code panel) and use the hint you just saw to click the postage stamps in the right order, click enter and take GREEN POSTAGE STAMP 1.
- In your inventory; look at that green stamp and see the GREEN ARROWS HINT. (and it's a POSTAGE STAMP as well).

- Zoom in on the drawer and use the green arrows hint to click the arrows in the right order, click enter, zoom out, open the drawer and take the GLUE.
- In your inventory; Look at the glue, click on the sticker on the glue and zoom in on it to see the COLOUR ORDER HINT. Combine this hint with the colours of the stamps on picture/code-panel.
- Zoom in on the box on the chair and put in the correct colours and click the bar below it. Zoom out, click the box again and now it's an INKPAD (you can't take).
- Use the ruber stamp on the inkpad and take it back and now you have an INKED RUBBER STAMP.

- Take LETTER 1 and ENVELOPE 1 from the little brown mailbox to the left of the door.
- In your inventory; Look at the envelope. Use the pencil on it, use the glue on the top left and place the postage stamp (the green arrows hint) there. Look at the letter and use the inked rubber stamp on it and then put it in the envelope.
- Put the envelope with paper in the red mailbox.
- No answer to your letter, so you're gonna write another letter. Again take from the little brown mailbox LETTER 2 and ENVELOPE 2.

- Click the goat and it will eat. Go away and come back and now the RUBBER STAMP you lost is back (next to the goat). Take it.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Ink the rubber stamp again on the box and take it back again.


- Zoom in on the left picture and take again a green POSTAGE STAMP (bottom right).
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Again, write on the envelope, use the glue and put the stamp on. Stamp the letter, put it in the envelope and post it in the red mailbox.
- Walk around the room a bit (maybe click the goat) and walk again and finally go to the...

- A mailmen is now next to the goat with the LAST ENVELOPE, take it from him.
- In your invenotry; look at that letter and zoom in on the stamp to see the GREY ARROWS HINT part 1 (it only says, go from left to right).
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Click on the orange knife in the penholder. You can't take it, but when it floats in the air you can use the envelope on it to open it. Then click the envelope and click the letter inside to see the broken heart. Tears will drop in the cup and the panda gives the hint 'fire'.

- Use the matches on the fireplace and then use the letter in the fire. Click the letter to turn it and see the GREY ARROWS HINT part 2 (PEACH).
- In your inventory; Look at the pencil and click it and see; GREY ARROWS HINT part 3 (arrows on P and E). Look at the matches, click it and see GREY ARROWS HINT part 4 (arrows on A, C and H).

- Take the BLACK KNIFE from the wall.
- Zoom in on the star-panel on the bottom right and use the grey arrows hints to click the arrows in the correct order. Then click enter and zoom out.
- Click the grey bar and a pink thing comes floating in. Use the black knife on it to see the DOOR HINT (start bottom right).

- Zoom in on the star on the door and let the lines glow up yellow in the correct order (first try a bit to see what button makes what line glow up). Click enter, zoom out, open the door, go out and you're out.


- Green is mulitply and pink is add. So;
green 11 = 1x1 = 1
pink 11 = 1+1 = 2
pink 12 = 1+2 = 3
green 22 = 2x2 = 4
pink 23 = 2+3 = 5
- So that's the order to click the stamps. So click; Purple, Blue, Pink, Green and Orange

- On the green stamp you see the arrows you have to click from left to right. On the drawer are the same arrows. So click them in this order; TopLeft-BottomLeft-TopRight-BottomRight-Bottom.

- The hint on the glue sticker is going from star to star, so top left, bottom left, bottom middle, top middle and top right. And those stamp colours on the picture are Purple, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange.

- The hint was to make the word PEACH. On the P is the same arrow as on the TopRight on the code-panel. On the E the same as on the TopLeft etc. Anyway the order to click the arrows is; TopRight-TopLeft-Top-BottomLeft-BottomRight.

- You have to make the star yellow, but in the correct order. So follow the lines from the hint to do that. And the buttons to cliock are 4, 3, 2, 1, 5.

Thanks for the walkthrough s-t. I was really struggling.

I had some solutions before seeing the clue, or rather, doing the correct order of things....but even after getting things in right order, I had to put solution in several times to get it to work!!!!
These games are usually easy for me, but this one was a chore...lol
TY for the WT @small-tool!!!!

Not a fan of games where you have to be so exact on seeing things in the right order.

Not enough to see the word upside down, you need to flip it over AND THEN see the arrows again. Nevermind that you already looked at the arrows a ton of times.


Thanks for the walkthough, Small-tool. I needed it.

       Anonymous  1/30/12, 2:07 PM  

Panda Blues with happy end - mercifully...!
Very nice game with clever puzzles!
Thx, s-t,
for another solid WT!
(was a bit lazy after being pigsawed, LOL, so I cheated more than usual...!)

Clever puzzles but I was really a bit frustrated with the PEACH clue. I forgot to flip the paper again and so actually *thought* upside down (so 6 o'clock would be 12 o'clock etc...)

       Anonymous  1/30/12, 2:21 PM  

Coloured box:
O - 0x/5x (start)
G - 1x
Pi - 2x
B - 3x
Pu - 4x

       Anonymous  1/30/12, 2:24 PM  

- colours:
O - B - Pu
Pi - G
- numbers:

need grey arrow code

       Anonymous  8/8/18, 4:04 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, 86 ☺
& thx ST for the WT

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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