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Pigsaw's Challenge Walkthrough

Pigsaw's Challenge

Pigsaws Challenge is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. Help Inka Games Team to escape from the evil game of Pigsaw. Good luck and have fun!

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Yippee finally here!!


only pokeball so far.

Ive got lots of things but done very little LOL

green hat, spray, crate, corn, iron stick and pokeball

add also lettuce, apple and greenish egg
Corn for zombie crow and crate used in several places

use an egg on the nest then spray = baby yoshi

And a red ribbon LOL

Thanks megi LOL

got crate, apple, yoshi, pokeball, turtle shell, red band, green hat, rod, corn, net, what next??

Now I have I assume grown yoshi

combine apple and baby yoshi

what can it do? i got it too

Use yoshi to get firestone

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anyone tell me what to do next??

I can see this being an epic game LOL

you can use the crate to get the bucket from the scarecrow. That gets used with the well in the street fighter world to get a bucket of water, that on charmander + pokeball to catch Charmander. The fire stone will cause Charmander to evolve into Charmeleon (really? no it doesn't, but fine, if the game says so...)

How do you getpast the skeleton?

corn is for zombie crow but dont know how to catch it

What skeleton?

anyone knows how to beat the plant at mario's area?

In Street Fighter world, look for net nearby building. Use it to trap the crow. Then u can use the bucket to fill water in the well and use it on charmander. But how to evolve it to charizard?? How to get past the cat?? How to get past the carnivorous plant? How to get past Balrog?? Those are my 4 main problems now

and the zombies too for me......

well, I got the car fixed - put on a new wheel - but it needs gas, I think. and/or a key.

Thanks I missed that net

where did u get the wheel??

got the sword

How, Dark? And Teoh, one of the graves has a cross wrench, use that to take a wheel from the car by the gas pump.

look you need to pass pokemon world, it gives you a ball, then you throw the ball to the zombie cat, and get filled with the bucket... now, where did you get the wheel for the car?

give the firestone to the charizard

thanks tris

jp, HOW? I've got charmander, but he wouldn't stand a chance against a Blastoise, even if it let me use him. I don't know how to get Link down, or grab the Master Sword. :(

*sorry, I have charmeleon. that was a dumb typo. >_<

use the charmeleon to release the guy in the cage than give back his hat, he will give u his sword

Passed it :P any thing i can help please tell me... btw the key you get the key from the store by the link statue... but after you need to get money from mario world

use yoshi to escape the sewer hole in Mario game

jp give us a hint for pokemon LOL Ive got as far as charmeleon

Geeze Dark you quietly sneaking ahead? LOL

charizard will ser link free, and fi you give him is hat(link statue, zombie world, he will give you his sword)

then you take charizard to professor oak, he will teache him something, and when you finish street fight level you will get pokemon cookies abd some poison for blastoise

use sword on flower in mario world

Hmmm, I think I need the head of the Rocky statue for the Street Fighter level, but ... how do I get it. I've tried the Master Sword, but that doesn't work. >_<

Oooh, use the Master Sword to break open the chest in the Mario world. got it. :)

what must i use for the support of rock in mario's world??

The rock that held the master sword.

use magic stone and bar on rock

Hmm, I need something to put the pokepoison in ...


Where do I get those? I"ve finished the street fighter level and I didn't get them.

i had no idea this was live. how to get baby yoshi i have painted egg

how do you get past the blue octopus or past the skeleton turtle?

mmm what do i do in the end ? when im in the castle (mario world) ,i already put the Planter with the soil and the seed but what now i dont have water and i dont know where to get more water....some help please?

how to get past the spiky thing??

use burning match on cannon

how to get the apple ? i miss something...

@liora - get more water from Street Fighter and ask tony to get it for you LOL

when you kill the moskitos with chopsticks, in that room there are pokecookies

Tom you need the crate

but i finished all worlds! the only one that left is mario. IM FUCKING STUCK

Thanks Megi...

In other words, it's possible to get stuck and be unable to finish the game. Great. >_<

Exactly.. like whats now ?

liora - how did you get past the blue squid?

how far are you at mario's?

rasmus- what blue squid?
jp amaral- in the last stage ! in the room with the cloud and that monster.. but now i need water and im stuck

the one with mental powers, in resident evil?

where to get food for the fat guy?

you have water at the monster statue... for the blue squid you need the cars battery, the ultrasoni device... you place it before the squid room, then enter and shoot him

LOL i forgot P:

This comment has been removed by the author.

i checked there already there is no water O: How do i make water there or whatever i need to do?

ok i got the water now the plant is big . now what?

how am i supposed to pass the room with the 4 guys ???

What about cutting Rocky's head????

you need a hand saw. but i forgot how you need to get it O:


Oh it is still live. I can't pass the streetfighter, the crates in Marios world, the little yellow animal is already a charmeleon an supposedly can't be taught anymore.

i try to get the apple, but its to high. i already have the crate in front of the tree, but he dont want to get up.

how to enter the castle in mario's world??

Puuh, when you place the crate you should see a red arrow. Step on it and grab the apple.
Teoh Chi Charles, how did you pass the crates?

the red arrow is there, but it happen nothing. i used the crate also to get the bucket, there it worked.. i restarted the game already, but nothing happen

give somniferous plant to fat guy

Ok, for the crates in Marios world just watch how they move. But be careful, he dies even if the crates only touch his silly hair.

Where to find soil in mario's world?

I can't get the bucket. Used crate and corn on crow but he keeps attacking me.

Catqueen, catch the crow with the net. I have now got a mushroom, two beans and a somniferous I had not before. Still can't pass the zombies, the sceleton turtle or the zombicat. What about the pokemon fight? Can you do that, when the Professor does not teach the animal?

Does anyone know how to get the lightning to the little cloud in Mario?

stuck trying to fight bowser

Rasmus, no I am not that far. How did you get there?

the greatest joke ever: mario's mushroom evolves charmaleon nto charizard

how do we get rid of the cat? where can we get the magic rock and how do we evolve charmeleon into charizard?

Ok got net behind building in well scene and trapped the crow to get bucket. Filled it with water and put out the fire tail to get charmeleon.

need ball of yarn to get rid of cat, magic rock holds sword and mushroom makes charizard

The magic rock was in the scene with link in the cage.

Thx friwi! I didn't realize this was a live game! LOL

Well, I can't get the chopsticks, get past the sceleton turtle, the zombies, zombiecat or do the pokemon fight. Never start a pigsaw unless there is a walkthrough!

how can i beat Balrog?

Just won!
Any questions?

@Rasmus: write a WT ! :)

Which one was balrog? May, Rasmus, many. I planted one bean in Marios world and a liane appeared but I can not use it. Is it a bug, or do I have to move the cloud before?

yes, how can i beat Balrog (Tony´s World)

How do we get rid of the skeleton turtle? the squid? and what are all the objects in the street fighter levels?

friwi - you should be able to climb up the liana and use the shell on the gombat.

Use the rocky statue head on balrog

Rasmus, what do you do with turtle shell and ribbon?

Rasmus, how to enter the castle?

Do I need something to climb the liana? The arrow does not work.

thank you.. so i have to get the sword first to get the rocky head.. oohhhh

ribbon is for Ryu and the turtle shell is for the gomba on the cloud

Use Yoshi to reach the chain that is at the window

How to pass the big blocks on chains? (Lucas)

Rasmus might be easier for you if you write the WT LOL
ps Rasmus I have question or ten myself......

Catqueen, just watch how they move. First third position, second third, maybe again second, fourth, fifth, out I think. Rasmus, am I supposed to climb the liana with the red arrow only? If so, my game is broken.


How do we get rid of the skeleton turtle? The squid? and what are the items inside the street fighter levels? since I defeat M. Bison already but I can't go back...

I can't use the sword on rocky's head. Can't pass the big blocks and the bolts on the car are to tight. Oh gosh this is driving me nuts hahahaha

Ok Friwi thx! Will try that first!


for the tires try the the wheel that you CAN'T see

as for the head, you need a saw for it

friwi - you might have to restart

Mark - to defeat the squid use antenna and the car battery and place it in the room before. There is some items at the last scene or else, it's a bug.

...it's a bug then I can't see any items inside that room where the giant is...so...where can we get that bullet for the magnum? And for the skeleton turtle?

the bullet is at the scene where the car crash. You also need the battery from the car.
You need to defeat the blue squid to get an angry bird

where can i find soil for beans???

Took me ages to get past the blocks. Don't even let his hair touch the things. Sequence: 3434567
Now let's move on.

Yea I finally got down the squid! now...how do we open the door? and what's the lighting for?

open the door by using yoshi under chains...

how do you defeat the ghost?

How do I catch ryu's energy ball? LOL told you rasmus lots of questions LOL

I restarted and still can not use the liana. That is frustrating. I quid. Good luck everybody!

Nvm a matter of timing is all!

I can't beat Bison. Do I use the Shoryuken when he's moving, or when he's near?

the first been should be placed in the red cross at mario world
the second bean is at the mario castle, get soil by pushing one of the turtle statues

Just press the energy ball when it's near
Catqueen - when Bison is close

Thx Rasmus! Back to Bison.

OK finally finished a world LOL

how do you kill bowser?

use the soil in the pot and place bean. Put it infront of the cloud. The get water from bowser statue and crawl up to the cloud


how do you get the pasword?

help someone please - have been stuck for a couple of hours and have turned to the comment/blog for help. I'm stuck in the what may be the final room with the four guys, pigsaws mirror, the four coins in the door and the keypad that needs a code before we all get gassed. am truly having a blonde moment (tho' it's nearly 1am in NZ). help anyone please??

There is no way I can defeat Bison. Tried it over 40 times so I give up on this one.
Anyway, thank you all for the help and tips.
Have fun!

where did u get the ribbon ?

oh my goodness, that took me so long to figure out - you have to select each guy to get them to look at their numbers in the mirror, correspond with the coins in door and the arrows on mirror. Goodnight everyone :)

just got it...

nearly five hours it took me, what a challenge. the mini games were ridicously difficult but I was determined to not leave an inkagame incomplete - well done escapers

how do we crack the code for the final door?

Hmm second world done...
How do I empty bucket to get petrol if I refilled it with water or do I need another container???





I can´t get the apple. I placed the crate under the tree but nothing happens when I click the arrow.

LOL Kristi things all over the worlds.. I need to know what to use with slingshot to get by skeleturtle.
Also what to use for carrying petrol. I refilled bucket with water from well so dont know if I can now empty bucket again...

where can i find the turtle statue for the second bean

Where is the ribbon?

someone plz tell me where can i use second bean in mario castle

Where's the damn "greenish egg" someone mentioned before ? :/

Nevermind, found it on the scarecrow.

omfg nvm >.>
Didn't try/know you can pass safely near the plant in mario world -.-

Sentil tell me what to use on the skeleturtle and I will tell LOL I have slingshot but what ammo for it?

How do you defeat Blanca? I have the Hadoken from Ryu but not sure how to use it. Any hints?

Timing is all. I got it.

Jules Just get your timing right is all.

where can i get the tires for the old abandoned car??

The egg is in the Super Mario world. Its peaking out behind the tree by the lettuce

please anybody. i need a hint for the skeleton turtle....

Had to refresh as the silly blue haired boy won't listen to the arrow - must be a bug

SENTHIL!!! You want help give help I asked about ammo for the skeleturtle

Hi Momma How are ya?

how can i beat the big guy in the house

wow i hve finished 3 worlds except for mario world all other world completed

Ankn which guy? Im assuming streetfighter
Timing and if it is the boss click the fist in inventory

@ leroy - get the angry bird once u crash the car and use it in sling to destroy the turtle

Senthil you havent listened to me! pretty please what ammo do I use with the slingshot

Ohhh i didn't realise there are still people playing!! Hi everyone :)

So far I have cross wrench (which I can't use on car), Charmander, green hat, empty bucket, apple, long metal rod and lettuce?

ahh you must hit the skeleton with the angry bird !

Sorry we both posting at the same time LOL
I think I might be screwed cos I refilled the bucket with water after growing the magic bean and I cant empty it. So no petrol for me?

got it ... i throw the banana through the window for the guy (sorry for my english)

Okay... I defeated Bison, but it won't let me take the gold coin. Says I have to "pick up something else from this world". I got the slingshot, the poison (for the pokemon cookies), and the funnel. What did I miss?

Hi again Jo C

Hi Leroy,
Always good thanks, and you?
Just trying to get back to where I was before the silly blue boy refused to get the apple


In the scene with the petrol pumps and the zombie cat, use the tyre iron on the furtherest front tyre

So no petrol means no carcrash means no angry bird......

standing in front of the castle ... dont know what to do ?

LOL Momma angry now cos I cant get petrol and sounds like restart to me....

I am hopelessly stuck and clueless - and
the comments are so higgle-di-piggle that I have to wait for a WT

Yes Leroy, very unusual for Inkagames to have a bug but they definitely need an exterminator today.

And another re-start needed on my side too
Still can't get that &^%$!! apple!
I'm in Chrome at the moment, I'll give it a try in IE a bit later.

I think I'm almost done. I'm stuck at zombie monster and cannon. Can anybody help?

Leroy :answer is not the ammo its the angry bird that u get after crashing the car and u use that as it in angry bird game to defeat the turtle

Swiss...good to see you here. Agree with you on the comments. You can piece a lot of them together though and get pretty far without a WT.

ankn which window do u mean ?

Hello SwissMiss. I fear the same with me. Have also to wait for a WT...

This comment has been removed by the author.

where can i geht the soil for the second bean?

Yes i have completed the who;e game

Where can i find the red band?

Greetings, L&G!
I'm far behind you, & I will not even think of catching up, LOL!

I just restarted so with you somewhere momma

red band is on the scarecrow

stuck in front of the castle dont know what to do ... need soil for the bean and dondt know what to do with the lightning


It seems, that this game will get more than 200 posts...!
So to see the newest comments (from post 201), look on the next page (click blue word «newest» above or under comments)

Had to do a bit of work but back, now I have no idea what most people are talking about LOL.
Thanks RSA Momma Cyndi, I tried to get the wrong tyre! :)

LOL I had to restart FF so restart game as well Prem

where can i find the soil???

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