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Red Bedroom Escape Walkthrough

Red Bedroom Escape

Red Bedroom Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Gamershood. All these red walls are way too intense. Escape this place before you go mad, thats what happened to the woman whose bedroom it is. Good luck and have fun!

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Green key in plant.
Red key bewteen oranges.

Magnet between pillows.
Scissors from red key puzzle (look at picture for the hint)

Key from green key puzzle (look at clock and do the math).
Use scissors to get yellow key from bag.

Cloth from yellow key puzzle (look at book next to bed).

hi ST,yellow key puzzle a bit tricky,no go

Purple/pink key from using key on box to the left of bed.

Hi ontherocks.
Here's the yellow key puzzle;


Use magnet to get blue key from the paper thingy on the cabinet.

ken first line is 4132

thanx st, my top row was wrong

Here's how the pic puzzle should look like;


Use hammer on piggy bank under the sofa to get the orange key.

Can't find clue for numbers

Some kind of spray can or something like that from orange key puzzle (hint is above the keys cupboard).

Use spraycan and then cloth and then black key on door to get out.

clue for numbers is above where you use the keys.

For numbers check the cupboard.

no way I am doing that color project. No way!

I hope they cover that poor child...lol

1789 on the closet

and out

I posted a pic with the colours above but for people with colour problems this is how many times to click to get the correct colours;

5 - 2 - 2 - 8
7 - 6 - 10 - 5
9 - 4 - 3 - 1

Small-tool Thank you.

hi can anyone tell me where i can find those spin or turn type puzzles on line i love them

RED key:
(click right to open link in a new tab)


GREEN key:
(click right to open link in a new tab)


BLUE key:
(click right to open link in a new tab)


How to solve Ken-Ken puzzles (with very good explanations in vids!):
(click right to open link in a new tab)


Out without peeking....although I was going round and round the room for quite a while, looking for something to clean....lolol

I can't find the key for the case. Could someone help?

key for box is from clock time puzzle (green key).

I saw small-tool's solution for the yellow key puzzle, but is there some kind of clue for it?

Yep gmm,
I posted,

Cloth from yellow key puzzle (look at book next to bed).

On the book next to the bed you see the text and the different colours for the letters. And in the puzzle you use those colours. Sometimes just the colours but with some letter combinations you have to mix the colours, like Red and Yellow makes orange etc.

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and out...

Thanks small-tool! I completely missed that view.

colors of keyboard
pu brown brown red
or ye black pu
blue green gray pink

Is it just me or does the picture puzzle look like the parents are about to attack the kid with the lamp...

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