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The Crime Line: A Novel Murder Walkthrough

The Crime Line: A Novel Murder

The Crime Line: A Novel Murder is a free online challenging hidden object and adventure style puzzle game. In this game, you try to investigate crime scene to find the killer. Can you able to find the killer? Good luck and have fun!

Play The Crime Line: A Novel Murder

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Lets see what this is about...

I have 3 full statements and 3 pieces of evidence which none of the other 2 recognise!! Stuck!!!

Hmmm pick stuff up from crime scene and drop them on peoples houses to get information...

I've the dad's book, needle and phonograph left. And the Landlord and Barman. Can't do anything else?

Janet did you use the lighter on the bartender?
I'm stuck with landlord and art-dealer.

Some of the evidence is for two people. ;)

Yep catqueen bar tender took lighter, lamp and spoon

Art dealer took sculpture, wallet, box and plane ticket

Some items get comments from more than one person. Don't forget to look at the final summary statement when you have all four elements. Touch of trial and error, but I made an arrest!

My laptop turned itself off. (spooky)
Now I have to start all over :(

I have phonograph, book and needle that I can't place... But then again, would any of them admit to knowing he was on drugs lol

And I only have the two womens full statements.

Hi Jo! Maybe diabetes? LOL

LOL thanks for that Millie was going in circles!! Done and out!! (",)

Went through to full confession on my first arrest so not sure what happpens if you pick someone else!! (",)

Lol hi Catqueen... Possibly, but the agent woman did say he use to be an adict? But we will go with your idea, after all the poor man is dead now lol

Finally I arrested someone.
Janet: if you pick the wrong person it just says he or she didn't do it.

Jo.C and others, I have to go now.
Have fun and c u next time.

Did mostly try & error (or not) with the stuff...
A game for ventilating the brain (no thinking LOL) with nice music.

Finally have all the statements... But who done it??? No idea! LOL

Hahaha got the b*****d... And i'm glad the turtle has a better home :) lol, enjoyed this one!

Lol premiere, that is probably why I enjoyed this one, no thinking involved!! ;)

first pick is the right one!

Joining in

arey can any1 tell wat does the landlord and art dealer possess

This comment has been removed by the author.

who knows anything about the needle phonograph and book? im stumped cause the bar tender does not know anything about them and neither does the art dealer, those are the only two i need statements from

bartender is the killer

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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