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Find the Escape-Men 27: in the kitchen Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 27: in the kitchen

Find the Escape-Men 27: in the kitchen is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you are locked in Mr. EM's room. Find the 10 Escape-Men, and escape from there (or do something in there)! This game has 1 ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape-Men 27: in the Kitchen Video Walkthrough
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new game .... I'm no good at these, so hope to get some backup soon :)

got blue, green, orange, sepia, yellow, white and red escape men. Opened number drawer.
Got seaweed, chair, bowl, canned food, knife and spoon.

Got as far as 6 different colour escape men, need another 4# code, and don't know what to do with all the bowls, spoon, pickled plums and seaweed! Help!!!

I think we need to make food, like on the pictures on the wall.
First thing I need is rice, but can't find it.

Ah ... I found the rice. there's a trapdoor in the floor.

Where are the pickled plums?

found silver under bowl

boiled the rice and put it in the bowl.
I also need the plums ....

I have all the colour men except number 7.

Me too Clio, but still need those plums

Same....With the tools we havent used the screwdriver or serrated knife yet, have we?

Where is number 9 please?

the code door fridge has letters also taht made word MILK, but nothing happens

Not the screwdriver, not sure abut the serrated nife though .... Wish Anne would tell us where she found those plums.
Could be in the bottom of the fridge but have not found the code yet.

you need to add the milk amount and thats the code

And out, replay now

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No. 9 is on the lid of the rice cooker after youve cooked the rice.

Where is the key for the trap door?

Great find, the milk is a clue. Check the contents of all the milk cans.

Thanks clio -rose
green key is box in cb opened with tool/knife

how to cook the rice, mine wudnt go into the cooker

still missing man no. 7, got cooked rice, plums and seaweed and no idea what to do next.

LOL....same again, Cool.

@ontherocks If I remember correctly you have to add water first.

@cool, did you use the spoon in the rice to put it in your rice bowl? Then add plums and seaweed and serve on the table. Walk around and 7 will be there.

Where is 5/yellow?

I think 5/yellow was on the pineapple rings or somewhere in the pantry, Incognito.

Thank you @clio!! Totally missed that!

for the password look at the ascape man in inventory, there number next to each man, it shows which letter to take from name of the colour
for example
2 blue - L
3 green - E

After you get all the Escape Men, click them, and they will combine their powers, Captain Planet-style, to give you the keycard for the door code device. Swipe it through.

Now you have 10 places to choose letters. Conveniently you also have 10 escape men with names/colors. Click them again. Each man has a number next to their color. Count that many letters in the word, and then put that letter in the corresponding place. The order is the order of the men at the bottom of the screen (1 Blue, 2 Green etc.).



put rice with plums and seaweed on plate on the table and try knife on but...no!

OK! take chair and go to the table to see number 7 on the plate

where is the knife? and what's the code for the drawer?

@seb, all you have to do is to serve it and leave the table for a while. When you get back to it, 7 is there.

Finally out. Thanks for all help, everyone.

Really, I could have sworn I tried to put the plums on the rice before.
Finally out. Thx for the help.

@pamarina87, the knife is inside the drawer.
When you click the buttons you see them flashing in different colors: orange, green, blue, yellow.
Take the numbers from those men, orange man is 8 etc.

Thanks got it
knife is in drawer, look at colours for code 8...

The knife is in the drawer I think.
For the code look at the color of the buttons when you press them and check the colors of the men you got.

Where is number 2 - the green one?

Ah its on one of the frames

@ escapeartist - on the frame of one of the paintings

1- blue: on milk
2- green: on a picture frame
3- white: inside rice barrel
4- silver: in bowl below sink
5- yellow: on pinapples
6- sepia: inside drawer, use colors of buttons/men
7- black: when you serve the rice ball
8- orange: back of a chair
9- pink: on rice cooker after you boiled the rice
10- red: among tomatoes

spoon: inside cupboard next to table
bowl: under sink
rice bowl: above sink (use chair)
knife/can opener: inside drawer with code (view in inventory and click several times to use it)
canned food: in tall cupboard
seaweed: in tall cupboard
rice: in floor trapdoor (use knife on a barrel)
key to trapdoor: in canned food (use can opener)
plums: in lower fridge (add milk to open)

drawer: click buttons to see colors.
Use the numbers by the men with same colors:
orange, green, blue, yellow = 8215
fridge: add the milk from upper fridge:
exit code: when you have all men, click them to see new numbers next to them. The numbers tell which letter from each color name to use. Code: letsescape

I've been stuck looking for #6 forever--help?

@Kate, its in the drawer you open with a code - look at colors when you press the 4 buttons.

out! any new game?

Finally managed it - thanks for help

What a phat game!!!
Great idea with the coloured/numbered men - loved the door code & the Swiss army!
☺ ☻ ☺
Looked on pineapple cans, but didn't see the yellow man & saw numbers on milk, but didn't think to do the math for code under fridge...
Therefore: Thx, @ingognito, for the WIWT = Where-Is-What-Through!
(Btw: LTNS, welcome back...!)

       Anonymous  2/17/12, 11:14 AM  

I cannot do ANYTHING because I do not have the RICE.
First there is this advice:
"green key is box in cb opened with tool/knife

I have clicked ALL OVER the cupboards with the tool / knife and NOTHING happens.

Then this advice from the walk through:
"ice: in floor trapdoor (use knife on a barrel)"

WHAT barrel???


Green key is inside canned food (not box), which you get from the tall cupboard by placing the chair first. Then you open it with the tool/can opener (not knife mode).
Once with the key, you can go to the basement by opening the trapdoor.

       Anonymous  2/17/12, 11:36 AM  

This advice doesn't work either:
"OK! take chair and go to the table to see number 7 on the plate"

This game is miserable.

I have taken each piece of inventory and CLICKED EVERYWHERE in each scene. Finally got the chair to do something and POP -- sorry I really hate that word.

You can place the chair in the kitchen scene and you have access to the cupboards where you get an empty bowl but guess what you don't get ..... (drum roll) - the key to open the stinkin' trap door. I still have not found a barrel or anything that resembles a barrel.

I now have (drum roll) an empty bowl and NO RICE!!!!

       Anonymous  2/17/12, 11:41 AM  


Tall cupboard??? Do you mean the one with the two blue paneled doors or the black ones in the kitchen?

I can get the chair to "place" in the kitchen scene with the black cupboards but one is empty and the other one has the empty bowl.

I cannot get the chair to "place" anywhere in front of the blue paneled door tall cupboard.

This is very frustrating.

canned food is in TALL cupboard: go left from door (start screen) & open blue CB doors - no chair needed here.

@4red3s, ignore my previous post, please.

CANNED FOOD is inside the cupboard on fridge/trapdoor scene. No need to use anything to open it or to get the can.
I just did what I should have done from start... replay!

       Anonymous  2/17/12, 11:48 AM  


I had the stupid can and I did not use the chair to get it. It was one of the first things in my inventory. Here is the answer for the poor gamer who is as lost as I was:

When you get the knife / tool in your inventory, click on it and then "About Item", then click your tool about three times until....... it flips to the "CAN" opener. Then you can use it on your can and it will open and there is the key!

Finally - I can move on! And thanks Edgar for trying to help! :-)

       Anonymous  2/17/12, 11:52 AM  


Bless you both - Premier and Edgar. This game is crazy.

       Anonymous  2/17/12, 11:57 AM  

Now I can't find the pixel on the barrel that was "under" the floor with the knife (tool). I am trying each flip out tool until I find the pixel that will deliver the elusive RICE!

@4red3s, the hotspot is not that pixely. Just 'about item' the tool again and click on it until you are sure to have it in the knife mode.

       Anonymous  2/17/12, 12:04 PM  

Things are just not working for me. I have the "knife" part showing. If I am right, it is one click after the first "saw" blade looking thing. I have cliked all over the bottoms of the both of the "barrels" and all over the tops and on what looks like a binding around each one. The knife does not work and neither do any of the other tools.

- tool order on knife:
closed-saw-knife-can opener-SD-closed-etc.
- use knife on right barrel (zoomed in), in the middle of the round front.

I'd say the hotspot is in the center (circle) of the right barrel, out of the 2 you can see when zoomed.
The knife is the one after the saw indeed. I have no idea why is not working for you.

       Anonymous  2/17/12, 12:09 PM  

It is just one of those days.... And I swear I click "THE" spot several times before. It is the direct center of the right hand barrel. Where all the material (I assume wood) come together to a point. It is that point that when you use the knife - it opens. Then use the silver bowl on the rice and click the same area again with your cursor for another surprise.

I do know the feeling...

I know how frustrating games can make you feel, especially when you get stuck on something everyone else found 'too easy' but don't mind to say it in the comments. It takes the fun away, even from quite good games as this series.
But well, I don't blame anyone in particular. It is really hard to know what will be difficult for someone, like to post every single move while playing live.

Good luck for the rest of your escape.

       Anonymous  2/17/12, 12:19 PM  

Well, I finally made it. It has been a while that I have struggled for so long on something really not that difficult. Anyway, Thanks for the help and support. Bless you all and have a good weekend.

Got through the whole game without help, then just when I started feeling proud of myself uh oh...stuck on the final code! I tried 'open sesame' LOL! :-P

well it fits...but still locked up without a clue!

Thanks for the exit code on the posts above! Couldn't figure it out on my own.

       Anonymous  2/17/12, 12:35 PM  

I might actually get to help somebody ... Wow.


There is a reason that the escape men are 10 different colors. When you get the swipe card, you click on the area where the 10 men are in your bottom inventory. When you do, they will rise up and something about them will change. Make a note of what changes and apply this information to the names of the colors of the men.

I hope this makes sense. I hardly ever get to help somebody.

Thanks @4red3s, I actually got the code from the posts above but it is good to know the logic behind it!

       Anonymous  2/17/12, 12:50 PM  


I hope you all have a great weekend! I have to go but I leave without feeling like such a hint moocher. I actually gave someone a decent clue! Whee!

can't load the link
refresh many times but still only black screen :(

@PT, try with one of the flash512 servers here:


Edgar, thanks!

Dang!!1 I almost missed this game...it is hidden here so far down on the page!!!!
Why is that, I wonder????

thanks incognito for the WT and all of you guys for the helpful comments.nice game

out with help with the last code. I was in a rush so I had to peek.

I had trouble with the knife cutting the rice bag. Finally worked on right bag.

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