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Mobile Phones Escape Walkthrough

Mobile Phones Escape

Mobile Phones Escape is another little point and click room escaoe game created by Ainars. Search for 7 hidden golden mobile phones in this game, solve puzzles to get key. Use key on door to escape. Good Luck!

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it is quite easy
nayana, India 02/24/12 1530ist

In and out. Very easy this time.

I think I am missing the exit and safe.

POP, safe in first room

Hi Urban, I'm looking for the exit too.

Where is the 3rd fish in the TV room?

Exit in view left of safe. There is a door in the background, use key there.

@catqueen, 3rd fish when you solve the colored wall puzzle. Need to find 4 notes with clues.

@maia: Thanks! Got it now.

Use glove (lower left side) in guitar room to clean up things for another phone and code.

Thanks maia, I tried that the first time and it didn't work. Now I'm out too.

i don´t get how to type the code in...

just got it. and out..

short and sweet

I loved it!!!!

I loved it!!!!

I love Ainars :) I am anxiously awaiting one of their *Collapsed Building* games! Lol...I loved the egg all over the walls...!!!! Great game...thank you Ainars...ahem *hint hint*....are any collapsed buildings in the works ;)

LOL, fried eggs on the wall & then flying ones...!
Thankfully, I saw at last box on floor in dinner room, where I found my last golden phone.

Thanks, @Catqueen for the glove!

- Colours on panel:
- # in inventory:
- code papers in inventory:
- colour order:

Cant find the last purple number for the safe, and I tried the color panel, it doesnt work. G-Y-b-r- Nada help please, As usual its me always need help

also cant find the green fish help please

- on panel you have to click coloured dots more than once, according paper hints (e.g. 1.G-5x), you get green fish
- purple # then from fish safe

@sherry, for the color panel: reset first just to be sure.
Your order is right: green, yellow, blue, red... but you need to click the number of times which is on the notes. Do you have the 4 notes?
green 5 times, yellow 3 times, blue 2 times and red 3 times. This gives you the fish, and the fish gives you purple note.

thank you Premier and Mala. Thats what I didnt do. Thanks so much to both of you, now Im out

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