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Toaran Room Escape Walkthrough

Toaran Room Escape

[REPLAY] Toaran Room Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Sanpoman. In this game, you are trapped in a room and your objective is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Spoiler:   Use This:


got sd - took of plate - cant read
got scissors, winebottle

       Anonymous  2/6/12, 2:43 AM  

sd, book (with direction hint), scissors, water in wine bottle. All unused
Need to open bottle to use on wall

And a yellow 5, green 9.

Hi SM :)

where did you find a book? do you mean the thing you took off the wall with SD?

there is a red 6 leftside of cb

left of little man is a card slot.

Screwdriver remove sign on wall

hi zazie
where did you find the 5 and 9 pls

book hint shows outline on wall

Am i first? wow^^

But i´m stuck, huge language barrier.

Found bottle of wine and scissors. Hotspots beside the doll/statue (card-slot?), coloured cups and front side of the chair (zoom in) but scissoir doesn´t work...

       Anonymous  2/6/12, 2:48 AM  

Book is in unlocked drawer on cabinet

found yellow 5 on table, the number hotspost seem to be well hidden.

Not first, too slow^^

Hi all

Opened 4 colour drawer and got corkscrew.

Where is the screwdriver?

       Anonymous  2/6/12, 2:49 AM  

hotspot and movable opjects on cutting board, not sure what to do with it

I opened thecolor code and got a box with a card

Woot, a live! Going in...

Now i removed the wooden plate from white table and see the face.

       Anonymous  2/6/12, 2:52 AM  

Screwdriver under stack of plates on cabinet, found all numbers except green

Live one Hi swiss and co..

SD is under the 4 plates in shelf.

You can look inside the cups, but the only difference on the "dolls" is the first with closed eyes...

The navigation is a little bit difficult, missed the drawer-sight.

SD I think on blue chair

inserted card into doll - now I have to press a sequence ??

found hotspot on wall acc. book

zazie - code for corkscrew HOW?

hint from table for the coloured-eyes-drawer from moving spoon, glass, plate and finally tablet.

Stuck looking for a clue what to do with the big doll in the corner after using the card.

If anyone needs a hint for the drawer and the doors (number and color clue). By the way- I bruteforced both of them...

       Anonymous  2/6/12, 2:56 AM  

Had orange number on painting. opened drawer for corkscrew

Found all eyes except for the 'evil' ones
bruteforced that to white to recieve tied parcel

       Anonymous  2/6/12, 2:57 AM  

Opened parcel with scissors, received card
Used on statue and now have 4 buttons to press

Wall panel and book are still marked as unused?

The code is from the coloured numbers around the room and the sequence are the colours of cups.

I don´t get the cb open, missing some eyes ....

Hi all:)

Did anybody get the clue behind the panel in the inventory? it is the 4 digit code for the drawer.

threw wine on wall to see doll

still no clue how to press yellow/black dots on doll

opened color-code drawer for keycard

color/sign code



I'm guessing the colour pass code is Yellow, Pink, White, ____, Light Blue? Any clues on that?

Thank you SM !!!
Where did you find the X eyes ?

       Anonymous  2/6/12, 3:02 AM  

corkscrew drawer spoiler

Stuck on pattern
Possible japanese hints under painting and on panel... do we need a translation?

Zazie: The eyes come from the orange cup (inside), the blue armchair, the white table (see unknowns hint from 2:56 for that), the pink cookie on the table and the one on the green wall visible after spilling the wine on it.

black - just look one comment up

thx Zazie!


Zazie: the x-eyes are from the wall

stuck on yellow/black dots to press -
cant see doll on wall is a help

Ah, OK. Not sure why the first one's orange and not yellow, but eh! If it works, it works :D

Got box tied with rope from colour code cupboard. Cut rope with scissors to open box, got Toatan card.

I put the water on a spot on wall (hint in book)

It was for the geen X eyes lol.

Stuck on eyes now :(

black - look into the orange cup :)

are we all now trying to press the dolls eyes lol

Cheeks and eyes, I mean.

I only got japanese clues left

Yes, the first one bruteforcing the doll eyes order is the one who is out first... LOL.

Please try to remember the order then for us others.

SwissMiss - yep!

That's a bit hard bruteforcing Escapism.
I mean we don't even know how many times to click :(

       Anonymous  2/6/12, 3:09 AM  

Wasted my time referencing the hirigana on the tablet.. it just says toaran >_<

where is the corkscrew, please?

I shall wait until someone translates the plate or whats written on wall and shall be back after lunch

good luck

Unknown, it is in the 4 digit drawer.

       Anonymous  2/6/12, 3:12 AM  

Corkscrew is behind 5 colour door

hi everyone
The words in bold is exactly the game name...

Yes, small-tool, I think so too. Bruteforcing wont help us if we even don't know how often to click. I'll also wait, like swissmiss, until someone translates the hints on the wall and on the plate.

@unknown and eric: I think corkscrew was behind number drawer and package with card in it was behind colour door.

thx Eric, but not for me it seems^^
i only got a box with the key-card after using scissors.

The clue for the eyes-cheeks is on the second page of the book. From Google - 左 left and 右 right.

Drawer spoiler:


I got the key.....

I clicked somehow as it was described the the book with the hint from MissBrasil, thank you.


I just combined the eyes and the cheeks somehow, don´t ask me how.

       Anonymous  2/6/12, 3:21 AM  

second page of book? I can't get to it/read it

Good thing the translation is unneccessary, the image is too poor for OCR, I got this

Incidentally got smoked for a while.
Four deceased 臓蒼 wrinkle type Wa (a) reports of your throat Omonbaka Magic: Well horse
Same 亡膜 No Shadow @ di di nearest army fathom fathom dream.
~Tsu 蟀 p fellows to 鐚鬢 Yuki gloss top and then piled well! 齎


And out.

sorry Zazie, missed your comment completely^^
but the 5692 doesn´t work for me.
Where are the hints for that? thought the coloured numbers in order of the cups, but the green nine doesn´t match...

For second page of book click somewhere on the middle right border.

It is 2956. The colours is the sequence of the cups.

SPOILER (hacking):


Left cheek x1
Right cheek x2
Left eye x2
Right eye x3


Thanks, MissBrasil!

Spoiler for eyes/cheeks thing:

Right Eye, Left Eye, Right Eye, Right Cheek, Right Cheek, Left Eye, Left Cheek, Right Eye

       Anonymous  2/6/12, 3:24 AM  

Thanks zazie

Got the key too.
When there's one sign behind left or right then it's the eyes, when there's two signs behind it it's the cheeks.

Aaaaaaand out. Woot!

Orange 2 on picture.
Purple 9 on the back of card.
Yellow 5 right of white table
Red 6 left side on cb.

Great find MissBrasil, thanx for that!! Geez, I can't remember how often I clicked all over that book, but didn't find that page. The rest was easy, google translator helped a lot.

Glad to be of help for a change!! :-P

need help
wine-not open
cups-miss the yellow one
eye-just miss the CROSS one...

out because of the cheats. i did not understand the clues. thanks all!

thanks a lot !!! Zazie!!

Who told the green nine? That confused me totally^^

Thx to all who helped.

Okay, after bruteforcing the purple nine the first time playing it, I now found it with zazies spoiler, and I must say what I don't like in this game that the pixels for interaction in the inventory are so ridiculously small. The pixel for the card is in the lower right corner besides the card, not on the card. And the pixel for the book is to small too.

Besides of that it was a good game.

Please...a WT if anyone would feel like it....I don't want to read all the spoilers to get the help I need....TY!


This was really as unnecessary as a load of hairpins in the desert.
Or somebody really was colorblind, mistaking purple for green.

Game won't load in Safari or FF?? Just a blank white square

White box only in IE and Chrome too. Must be something with the site.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Well, I got out....so forget the WT...lol

still not loading.

No game for me. Just a white box in the middle of the screen.

Found a link.

thank you so much for the link @5150!

Got out thanks @Miss Brasil for the L-R translation. Hey, the place looks like it would rent to escapers, no?

Hidden hotspot through

Zoom on the tall cabinet
Zoom on the colored cups on the top shelf
Click each and see that the orange one has different eyes
Back up
Zoom on the wooden cups and plates below the colored cups
Click the plates to find the SCREWDRIVER (if you have trouble lifting them, make sure you are zoomed on that shelf and not the one above it)
Zoom on the wine bottles
Zoom on the left drawer
Open it and get the BOOK (if you have trouble opening it, make sure you are zoomed so you are looking down on it a bit)
Note the right drawer needs a number code, and the bottom doors need a color code
Back up and click to the left of the left drawer to see the side of the cabinet
Here is the RED NUMBER
Back up 2 times and go right
Zoom on the white table
Zoom on the top pink cookie and note the face
Back up once so you are still looking at the table
Click the plate to lift it, then the spoon, and then the glass
Each will go back down when you have pressed the others, but you need to lift all 3
With the glass still lifted, click the front of the wooden tray to lift the whole thing up
Note the face underneath (thanks @unknown and @Zazie!)
Still zoomed on the table (it doesn’t matter if the tray is up or not), click the wall to the right of the upper right corner of the table to see the YELLOW NUMBER (thanks, @Eric!)
Back up 2 times and zoom on the picture on the wall
Click to zoom in closer
Now look for a hotspot down left of the left foot of the picture
Back up and zoom on the sign under the picture
Use the screwdriver to remove the cover
In your inventory, click the cover and then hit the about item button
Click below the bottom of the cover to turn it over in the about item view (you need to click on the purple background and not on the cover itself)
Note the hint and the PURPLE NUMBER
Close that view, back up, and zoom on the blue chair
Click the pillow to lift it and get the SCISSORS
Still zoomed on the chair, click bottom of the front of the chair in the middle
Note the faces
Back up 2 times and go left
Zoom on the cabinet and then on the right drawer
Enter the numbers
Solution below
Open the about item view of the wine bottle
Use the corkscrew to open it
Now open the about item view of the book
Click just to the left of the book’s spine to open it
There is a map of the room – you need to go to where the arrow is pointing
So back up 2 times and go left 2 times
The green robot guy is to your right and the chair to the left
Zoom on the center of the wall between them
There is an outline here
The book says to add liquid so dump the wine
Here is the last face

Back up and turn right
Zoom on the cabinet
Zoom on the code box on the bottom right door
Set the color code
Solution below
Open the doors and get the box
Open the about item view of the box and use the scissors
Click the blue latch on the front
Back up 2 times
Zoom on the robot guy
Click left of his head to see the side of it
Use the keycard to activate the puzzle
Open the about item view of the book again
Click left of the spine to open the book, and now click the edges of the pages on the right to flip the page (almost against the back of the book)
This is your clue for the eye and cheek buttons
If you can’t read Japanese, like I can’t, then look below for the solution
Get the KEY from the mouth
Zoom on the door and use the key to escape!

Solution to the numbers drawer
The back of the sign you removed from under the picture has a clue about cups from left to right. So that is the order: orange, purple, yellow, and red. The numbers are hidden around the room (on the picture, back of the sign, side of the white table, and side of the cabinet) SPOILER2956SPOILER
Solution to the color door
You can see faces around the room that relate to the eyes -- the orange cup, the pink cookie, the white table, the green wall, and the light blue chair. That is the order SPOILEROPWGBSPOILER
If you need help with colors, the puzzle starts with all of the squares on yellow. Click the first square 4 times, second square once, third square five times, the sixth one seven times, and the last one 3 times.
Solution to the face buttons
I can’t read the book, but @MissBrasil googled Japanese for left and right – the first symbol in the book is for right. The symbol after the first arrow is for left. @Small-tool figured out that, when there is one symbol with the left or right, it is for eye. When there are 2 after left or right, it is for cheek.
So the code is SPOILER/Reye,Leye,Reye,Rcheek,Rcheek,Leye,Lcheek,ReyeSPOILER

whoops! Forgot to thank @Eric again for finding the orange number for me

       Anonymous  3/30/18, 12:48 AM  

caught another Sanpoman game from the random section with the same figure, but didn't find working link on their homepage - played this one instead

thx for all your creations, Sanpoman ☺

to bruteforce you need sound on. You'll hear a click when you get it right.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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