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The Adventures of Zomboy Walkthrough

The Adventures of Zomboy

The Adventures of Zomboy is another point and click adventure game. You wake up scared, confused and smelling like a corpse. Try to find out who you are and what's going on. Good luck and have fun!

Play The Adventures of Zomboy

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Going in... the adventures of Zomgirl :)

hi jo c . need some help here

Hmmm need to find key for little girl, got magnet from radio

Hi bigtank! Where are you?

Meaning in the game lol... fixed leak for lady in the cafe and got some money... think I need to buy the fishing rod to get key out of drain...

Hi Jo and Bigtank!!
Just started here and gave her brains to eat.

Hi Catqueen... just caught some fireflies now?

Ok just bit the drunk man LOL, got a map?

I fixed the water and gave key to the girl.
Bit stuck now. (have empty jar and fishing rod with magnet)

I talked to the girl: A is for apple and caught fireflies too.

No one seems bothered by this zombie kid lol... think I am stuck. I have a key which I need to use.

Jo the key is for the girl.

New quest: yaaawn 2 LOL

Think I need to give the man in the garden something?

well i opened the gate went in and came out again. i have 3 pieces of the paper

Copied the paper and traded it. Now I have 2 out of 7 papers.
How r u doing Jo?

Gave the key to the girl already... have another one lol, think the man gave it too me?

I have 5/7 pieces of map... don't ask me where! Lol, just wondering around at the moment

Did you read the newspapers in the girls room?
I now learned. See ? in corner to see progress or quests.

oh dear refreshed the wrong page , not sure i want to start again

Oh his diary is on the table in his house! Read that and got another piece of map

I have the 2nd key too and now 4 pieces of paper. (from the garden).

Now just wondering around again lol... I think we need something to get in the attic, it says he can't reach it

New quest: See ya later alligator LOL, what's that mean??

I have 5 paper pieces after reading the diary. I think you have 6 now Jo.
Still have the key and the fishingrod.

Oh I am out!! LOL that is what that quest meant :)

Got 6th piece of paper from rack in the coffeeshop. The fan isn't working there.

Erm trying to remember what just happened... I think I was in the girls room, looked at the painting of a girl... then when the new quest came up went to the next scene, clicked exit and that was it?

I don't even think I used that other key?

Jo: I'm still looking for that last piece of paper. Can't get up the attic yet.
I will visit the girl again like you said.

According to quest map: after looking at picture you need to leave camp.

Didn't go in the attic in the end... so are you out Catqueen?

Thats all??????? I got away with 6 pieces, a fishing rod and a key.
Hmmmmm maybe there is a sequel.

Lol glad my advice was correct then... It does sound like there will be a sequel, not a bad game. But was a bit slow in the middle (and I wonder what that man wanted in the garden lol)

That man? Don't know either, maybe alzheimer? LOL
Going to 'Episode 3' now. It's loading forever.

Lol I think your right! Waiting for that other game to load aswel... :)

I read the diary, saw the picture of the girl, but can't leave. Apart from that I can not see how many parts of the map I got.

Strange, I guess you have to read all newspapers around before you can leave.

Nice feel to this game but finding map pieces by looking at random objects was a bit dull.

i found 6/7 peices of the map at the garden the cafe little girls room his dairy the salesman and by the drunk i cant find the last one

I got all the map pieces during the night or after. Here's where they were:

1. On ground by dumpster after biting the drunk.

2. From the man at the diner after giving him the fireflies.

3. In the motorhome after reading my diary.

4. In the garden after the man went there with the fireflies.

5. In the diner after looking at all the magazines.

6. Trading with the man near the bus after the girl makes a copy for you.

7. In or on the dumpster as I was ready to leave.

You may be able to get some of these the first day but this is the order I got mine.

Where is the last piece of the map ??? ITS killing ME !!

How do I get something out of the garden? PLEASE HELP!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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