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🖳 Aries Episode 003 Mountain Hut Walkthrough

🖳 Aries Episode 003 Mountain Hut

[REPLAY] Aries Episode 003 Mountain Hut is another new Japanese point and click type escape the room game. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room. There are 3 possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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okay I stuck with a missing heart number for 20 mins

1 End:
Bad End when you just walk outside the house~

miss one ball!!!

Four numbers' locations

hanged picture
hanged cb inside the 2nd room
under the desk

How do you enter the second room?

find the light and match (+match box)
then ok

I have used the match on the lamp, but that's it, it doesn't allow me to enter the next room....

oh I forgot !
You need a key!
Use your jacket to the dog then walk around the room once
got it

Oh thanks I haven't even noticed that tje jacket was in the game....

I still miss 1 ball !
(item track position maybe on the left side, bottom one...)

I opened one cupboard with the paper hint from the matchbox, but how do you open the other one. I have no key. Just 3 balls.

Where is the amount of heart? I'm way behind you...

Key under chair - goes in cb drawer. got ball...

got match from chimney, combine with matchbox and lit lantern.

got hint from matchbox.

Missing the heart number and can't open the 3 digit/letter code.
Tried SZ5 and 5ZS (it looks like that on the pic in the first room), but no go?

you mean the grey one in 2nd room?
I have no idea about that

I want to shout Arrrrrr..... now and still miss the nasty ball...

for heart number
it is located on the right side of the hanged cb
inside the 2nd room

Ah thanks Lottie, I was looking inside that cupboard.

for 3-digit code

see the horizontal line on the picture!!!!!

And now I can weigh the balls (but have only 3), and still have the matchbox. And what to do with the lighter fluid?

oops I miss out something ...
ignore my previous post...

it should be
Circle Triangle Cube....

logs and last ball inside the grey cb!!!

How to light up the right side of 2nd room?

Thanks again Lottie.
But how do we make fire now?
Already use string and a match. Are there more maches?

POP - missed one view

look at the bottom of the wooden ladder
use the thread to the 1st lamp

String at the bottom of the ladder, use that on the other oil lamp.

I'm weighting the 4 balls...
I think there should be something work with the fire
I guess

And after the weighting according to the note with 4 circles
The sequence is (from left~right)

Normal End
Get back your jacket
Try happy end now~

Yep, just found out too Lottie. And now we have the second match :)

After making up the fire
see clue on the floor where the dog initially located

and earring!!!!
Happy End~

Hm. my dog is sitting in front of the fireplace, but no code for me on his mat?

Replay now~

Nvm. had to walk around the house before I could zoom in on the mat.

Great game. Thanks for all the help Lottie :)

Waiting for it to load...


super happy with 3 ends clear~
And happy to play with all of you, s-t~

When you're in don't forget to save when you want to find more endings.

Need to have my dinner now
Bye everyone~(I guess the above hints is enough to clear ?!)

Whoops walked out and got bad end... Had a ball and thought I could throw it outside for the dog lol

Saw your comment too late small LOL, will do this time though ;)

That dog looks like it is made of clay lol...

       Anonymous  3/14/12, 4:47 AM  

Hi all! I did the same as Jo. Ball+dog=outside hahahaha.

Loaded and now I have lots of clues and stuff.
Two balls and 3 puzzle cb's in second room.

Have 4 Balls (ABCD) but what is the order? Tried different orders - Ball A on 1, D on 4, B on 2 and C on 3 --> nothiung happened. A/1 B/4 C/2 D/4 same result...

Math for Star: 357210 - but how to click the buttons in star puzzle?

Little bit stuck at this moment.

Do the math for the star again, your answer is wrong.

Ups! thanks s-t - the clouds are gone and i see clearly now...

       Anonymous  3/14/12, 5:00 AM  

I did the math and got key for cb which gave me scales.
Can't light the fireplace. I have the logs and fluid there.

       Anonymous  3/14/12, 5:03 AM  

Got it. Used ball note to get the order right for the balls and got a match. Doggy is now enjoying the fire.
Took jacket back and now what?

Thanks a lot for your help
please could you post a spolier for math, I'm not good :(

Where is the amount of heart, looked all over the right cb in 2nd room

You can go out now for the normal end.
But for the happy end you can find another code on the mat where the dog was on.

       Anonymous  3/14/12, 5:06 AM  

Seb: star = (598+872) divided by 3 and then multiplied by 81.

Hope this will help.

Catqueen, go around and return to look at mat to see new number for cb in 2nd room


It's on the right side of the little cupboard/box you had to open with arrows clue.

thanks a lot, I took a bad number pfff!

       Anonymous  3/14/12, 5:07 AM  

Thx ST and seb. Mat is stuck to floor can't see a thing. Going round and round again. LOL

btw ST I finally finished WooDoo!

Finally out with many help and happy end! thx s-t and lottie!

       Anonymous  3/14/12, 5:11 AM  

Is the mat code for the second balls sequence? The other two are open yet.

Number is on the left of the mat

mat code is for 3rd cb (where circle, triangle, square was)

       Anonymous  3/14/12, 5:12 AM  

Argggg not just take the coat back but wear it also. Now I have a new code from mat.

       Anonymous  3/14/12, 5:13 AM  

Thx seb got my pretty earrings now and out happy.

That was a very enjoyable game.

403 Error code.

missing 4th ball ... have all cupboards open ... can't find anything left to do besides place balls and make fire ???

Ah! Got it. Cupboard with paper code from matches! Missed that one!

Link is not working for me: 403: forbidden.

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  3/14/12, 6:27 AM  

HTTP Error 403

Forbidden :(

403: forbidden...
There's an alternative link?

I hope so. Meanwhile I'm going inside the new RoseKey ;-)

This comment has been removed by the author.

im so stuck with the weighing scales and 4 balls ...dont kno wht to do i put balls like the clue on weighing scale but nothing happen ,,,it so frustrating ...plzz smeone kindly tell me wht to do with cale antd the 4 plates in cb ....thanks

With the scale you have to find out what's the order of the balls. The order of weight.
And then on the paper (on the shelf in the second room) you can see in what order the balls go.
For example, the one with the least weight goes first.

@s-t Thankx for the new link ! IT is charging.

@small-tool delete why? Just move it over to in-house server play.escapegames24.com.

Lol, no idea how to do that Arbeitslooser. But have to go now anyway. See you guys later, have fun with the game.

ok thanx small tool ..got it
there is another game im also stuck there..

This comment has been removed by the author.

@small-tool that was a subtle hint to the staff, one of them might come across and read my post

BUT...bug is now fixed!
Site runs as normal as before. The author changed E003.swf to N003.swf but did not remember to adapt the PHP script accordingly, that's what broke things.

Haha, that was like the Happy Coin in a Tesshi-e game! =D

(by reusing code wheels with a different code that is)

       Anonymous  3/14/12, 11:59 AM  

anyone playing? tried open the hanging cb with arrow codes and all combinations, to no avail. looks like i am stuck in this room, might have to eat the dog...sad.

Just do what the code paper tells you;
- Open right door.
- Open left door.
- Close left door.
- Close right door.
- Open left door.
But if you already tried something you have to zoom out, walk away, come back and try again.

       Anonymous  3/14/12, 12:11 PM  

went back and red comments. how does one get circle triangle cube out of sz5????????????

The horizon mirrors the top parts.
So the top part of the S connets with the bottom part and makes a circle.
Top part of Z with bottom part makes a triangle.
And the 5 is not really a 5 (it isn't curved like a 5) Anyway that top part with bottom part makes a square.

well im stupid,, cant get in second room

To go in the second room you need a key.
The key you get from putting the coat on the dog and then walk around the room and get back to the dog.
But the coat is kind of tricky. It's somehow already in your inventory. Clik the person (already on the right in your inventory) to get that coat.

Does anyone remember the location of the balls? I have three. One from behind sack in 2nd room, one from drawer in first room and one from opening L/R cupboards. Still missing one???

To EnJoy:
The last ball is in the tall cupboard with the padlock [where the logs are for the fireplace]. To open this you need a silver padlock key. This you get from one of the three small wall cupboards at the other end of this second room [if memory serves]. I hope that helps =)

Now - Happy end?
I've tried to get a hotspot to look at or under the dog's mat after he goes to the roaring fire, but all I can do is get the jacket back.
Lottie says above:
"Normal End
Get back your jacket"
Does this mean I should try NOT to get the jacket for the happy end?
This does not happen =(
small-tool says:
"Nvm. had to walk around the house before I could zoom in on the mat."

I've tried not getting the jacket, walking around the room, then both rooms, then entering every single view in the game, and a combination of some and all of these requirements. No mat hotspot. Hm.
Someone is witholding.....

Do I have to break open the torture chamber again to extract the information I need?
I gave my Pain Master the month off, and I'm feeling a little nauseous. Don't make me take on a temp, OR tell me I should clean my cache [winks at small-tool].
Happy-happy, joy-joy......

For the 3 ends
Happy End:
Get back your jacket ,walk around the room once and see hint on the dog's mat,then use hint to get earrings

Normal End:
Get back your jacket then o outside

Bad End:
Do nothing , just enter the room without leaving your jacket to the dog,
just go out again~

       Anonymous  3/15/12, 2:55 AM  

@Rookwings: I walked around that room a dozen times too!
Please look at my post at 3/14/12 5:12 AM

Better Late than Never WT
Part 1

Have patience – the intro only seems like it lasts forever.
Go through the door. Now see the woman wearing a jacket next to your inventory? That’s you, so click on her to put your jacket in your inventory.
The save button is the blue button above the gear. Click it now. Otherwise, if you go through the door at this point, you get bad end and you’ll have to sit through the whole intro again.

Click on the rocking chair, then under it to get pink key.
Click on table, then right chair and pick up match box. Open match box and get note #1. Click under table and see a spade. Note the number: 81.

Go right and use pink key on cabinet drawer for ball #1. Back out and click picture. Click again under the sun and see 3 symbols – if you connect the lines, you get 3 geometric shapes. Make a note of the order. Click on the right side of the picture and see a diamond. Note number: 3

Back out and go right again, pick up lantern from fireplace. Click on top left of mantel and see a club. Note number: 598. While you’re there, pick up the match on the left.

Go right and click on dog. He’s frozen! Jeez, how long have you left him here without heat? Give him your coat.
Now go around the room once and back to the dog. My, he thawed fast. take the key from his mouth.

About item the matchbox and use the match on it. Then about item the lantern and use the lit match on it.

Go left to door in chair view and use the new key. Go forward, up. left, then hang the lit lantern on the hook.
Go down the ladder and down again; pick up wick from floor.

Part 2

Go back up and light the wick from the lantern. Go right and use the wick to light the other lantern. Click on the bag and take ball #2.

Part 2
Go left and down once, go left and click box on left wall. Use the note to open the cabinet doors and pick up Ball #3. Click to the right of the cabinet and see heart. Note number: 872

Click doors in this order:
R, L, L, R, R

Go right twice and click on shelf on right. Get Note #3.

Back out and click on cabinets on left. Click on bottom cabinet and get lighter fluid. Move the baskets and see a switch. Click it and now you can open the right hand door and get note #2.
Back out and click on top right cabinet. Here’s where you use the shapes from the picture. Click triangle button and get key.

Circle, triangle, square

Open middle cabinet – balls go here but you don’t know the order yet.

Click left cabinet. Here’s where you use the equation on the note and get key.

The answer to the equation is 39690. Use as you would numbers on a clock (right, left, bottom, left, top)

Go left twice and click on cabinet on right. Use key and collect firewood and Ball #4.

Go back to first room and use key on top of cabinet. Now you have to weigh your balls :P.

Part 3

Determine order from lightest to heaviest and using the note, place them in that order in the middle cabinet in the second room.
I don’t know if it’s differs in games, but my order from inventory was 1,4,2,3
Pick up match

Go back to first room .
Put logs in fireplace, then lighter fluid, then light you match and light the fire.

Go around the room and the dog is now in front of the fire. Pick up your jacket and put it on. You could leave now for normal end, but for happy end, go around the room again and check the rug where the dog was. You see the number 527. Go into the other room and in the cabinet where you entered the shapes, enter 527. This time you get earrings.

Go out the door – Gongtats – Happy End!

As soon as I saw the dog, I remembered this game. Loved it the 2nd time around too :)

thanks for finding this, Peke

Thanks for the walkthrough! The balls in order: darkest, swirly, lightest, and striped.

Great game & great walkthrough! Thanks Annaby (& thanks for re-posting it!)

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