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Escape from the Study

[REPLAY] Escape from the Study is another Japanese point & click escape game developed by Tesshi-e for MildEscape. In this classical game, you are trapped in a study of the mysterious Mr. Y, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and looking for hints to solve all puzzles in this room. There are two different endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Find his games hard, but going in...

What luck!!! I love Tesshi-e!!!

Have two bird pieces, screwdriver. Opened the hippo case by looking at the wooden pieces (open mouth). Potted plant had key for screwdriver in desk.

Lots of clues...akebekos are for the levers..got a light fixture thing?

I thought #'s under pillows was for taking picture off wall...didn't work
Hi @tommy ! Thanks for key!

Uh oh! Could this possibly be a live one?? Lemme catch up!

Found 2 parts of scale...keeping on looking...lol

Hi nokra, the numbers on the pillow seem to correspond to the shapes at each corner of the table. The same shapes can be found at the office desk, the lower right drawer. There must be a relation.

Got 3 digit code by putting thing removed from drawer by sd... over nail filled thing on wall....

TY @tommy...that will help us open right bottom drawer!

Got pink birdy now....lol

Hi @shannon...are you speeding ahead?

The numbers are for lower drawer with shapes.

I have a pink and light purple bird now. Need 2 more.

oh and a yellow bird as well.

the silver circular thing goes on the scale, but I don't know why.

I need another bird!...have yellow, pink and purple....anyone have the other one yet?

You can weight birds after placing silver circular things.

have weighed the three...
you need another silver thing to complete the scale, @jpg

Never mind numbers on pillow were for desk shapes after all, just click them in order as numbers..

Just woke up a few mins ago
live game~~

Now I can weigh the birds after putting both metal things on the scale.

looking for the fourth bird as well nokra

HI my first live game !
I have three birds and a screwdriver, now I am stuck

Welcome, @try!!!
I gave not seen a clue for the 4 colored picture on wall...and it seems we need water to "displace " the key in plastic tube in shelf....

has anyone found a clue for the picture hanging on the wall? or figured out what the cards are for?

Morning, @lottie...can you help with the pic on wall?

Hi all! We've got thunder and lightning here at 11:30 pm and now a Tesshi-e! Perfect.

I am missing one bird. What's with the playing cards and the clock?

Live right now?

The wall of books is a mystery as well...lol

Also, I have a hook not used

Hey there @zoz!!!! unstuck us!...please?

where di you get a hook, Shannon?

where to click to start the game ? its all jap

Looking for clue for picture with stars and Roman numerals in the centre. Can't quite match up the Roman Numerals with either the coloured slats or the angles of the star.

got a pale green bird from the color picture on the wall. Use the color of stars on the books.

I believe the hook after the first weight attachment. It was one of the first things I grabbed.

where did you get the hook?

Nokra, I take that back. I think the yellow bird was hanging on the hook.

@nokra, I'll do my best but I'm already way behind.
@raasti, when the game first opens, click where it says "Language- japanese" to make it English.

raasti: if you click FUNCTION in the startup window you go to a screen where you can change from Japanese to English.

can you give a little more, @jbg?? I don't get it...top to bottom? the stars are one color and the books another...help?

Hook to the right of "heavy-light" thing

found the last bird - combine bookks and numbers to open the picture

@nokra: The stars are different colors. Use those colors and the roman numerals to figure out the order you click the colors in.

do not see a hook...maybe I already used it! lolol

Trying to figure out the code to unlock the compute now, but I'm stuck.

slapping forehead now!!! Thanks!!!lol

pop! unlocked the computer. use "displace me" and the numbers on the flash drive.

got the drawer but not the star pic?

       Anonymous  3/20/12, 8:50 PM  

what's the password for computer?

got the key from weighing the birds...yea!!!!

Raasti, shape drawer is easy. Example: under the pillow next to triangle is #1, under the pillow next to square is #2 and # 3, and so on. just click shapes in that order

what to do with computer after unlocking it...

Still stuck on star pic.

pop, the bookeshelf is open

yea shanon i got the drawer after posting comment but the star pic im stuck

use the hook and the pole to get the box in the floor behind the bookshelf.

for star pic look at the stars on the books from top to bottom, then rearrange the colors according to the numbers on the star pic. Click each color in order.

Star picture is still not working for me:

I have colours, from top-bottom:r,g,y,b,r,g
Numbers, from top-bottom: 6,4,1,5,3,2
so I have tried g,b,r,r,y,g and vv. without a result.
(And a few other permutations without result. Also annoyed random clicking)

if I put the letters in order of numbers....does it start with p? and are there any spaces or caps? password not working for me!

I'm out now. I will stay and help if anyone needs it.

r = 6, g = 4, y = 1, etc

star picture spoiler:


I am stuck on the water and the 2nd 3 digit code

yeah its g b r r y g

thats the order na

it starts with "m". You can also just anagram "displace me". No capitals or spaces.

Anita, I did the same and many other combinations. Just not working for me. The colors on the books are kinda funky. Is it possible that we are confusing blue and green, or green and yellow?

nvm, found clue on chair cushioin

ok jbj how u get this solution for pic i dont understand

Thanks for the star explanation. I think I make that kind of mistake often.

got it!!! thanks, jpg...but, what did it do???? lol

Raasti, I have tried g,b,r,r,y,g sooo many times. Do I have to click a certain spot in each corner?

       Anonymous  3/20/12, 9:06 PM  

is there a happy end?

POP!!!!! bookcase!!!!lol

shanon see the comment of jbg at 9:02p.m

but not work..

I still don't have the darn hook!!!!
Shannon says it is right of the heavy/light thing...the thing where we put the birds? I see no hook!!!!

for the star picture the colors are rgybrg from top to bottom and the roman numerals are 641532 from top to bottom so you get:

r 6
g 4
y 1
b 5
r 3
g 2

Push the colors in order of the numbers.

i got yellow ,purple & green ..where isthe 4th bird?

be sure to look for a happy coin....
of course, I am nowhere near there...lol


yeh nokra its on rite side of weihing thing from the yellow bird ithink

Thank you so much jbg
I over think the numbers

The colors on the books are : r,g,y,b,r,g
The numbers are: 6,4,1,5,3,2

The first number is 6 and the first color is r, so 6 = r, or the sixth color you click is r.
The second number is 4, and the second color is g, so 4 = g, or the fourth color you click is g.

combine them all to get y,g,r,g,b,r

@nokra: the hook is to the right of where you put the birds on the shelf. The orange bird was hanging from it.

I forgot to look UP....have the game zoomed too large...lol got hook!

where is the 4th bird ...got g y & purple

and i also cant get the key in that glass cyinder...

oh got it silly me in one of drawer :D

you have to get the test tube filled with water and dump it in the tube with the key in it to get the key.

OMG...filling up the water thing almost saw the end of me!lolol

Hooray out, and got my own happy coin without further hints.

lol nokra. I don't know why we couldn't just put the test tube where it needed to go in the first place instead of pushing it around everywhere.

Did anyone find the Happy Coin???
And if so, may I have a clue?

I was quite an ingenious contraption, though... lol...The water thing...lol

oh nevermind, i found it! i finally finished a tesshi-e without cheating :)

need help with the usb code
can't get the right one
and don't know why it should start with "m"

finally out ..thanx for all the help ...

@Lottie: The usb numbers are 9,2,5,1,10,3,7,6,4,8.
Now use the letters in "displace me" that correspond to that number. the 9th letter is "m", the 2nd letter is "i" etc. You should end up with the title of the game.

I was confused for ages on that one!....@lottie
there are numbers on the usb... 9,2,5,1,10,3,7,6,4,8
starting with 9....m is the 9th letter in displace me....
i is the 2nd....

coming up for air now. that was, as always, a great game! The star code is what really gave me trouble this time.
Hint for Happy Coin: check the water feature again.

LMAO...@jbg...it was almost word for word...our expanations.....

tell me where!!!@zoz!!! I checked everything a dozen times!!! lol

@nokra and jbg: obviously, great minds think alike! :oD

thanks nokra and jbg
got it now

@nokra, after you unlock the door (save the game first to be safe), then go back to the water feature in the "hidden room" and fill the tube again, then look in the bottom of the tube.
Gotta go, cat just puked (I know, eeeeewwwwwww)

I just noticed that too nokra. Lol

I am so tired...but cannot go to sleep without HAPPY COIN...

good gosh...I forgot I had that tube in inventory...lol....I just kept running the water
sorry about your pukey cat...lol

@nokra, no problem, I've had cats forever and I'm used to their furballs. What I'm NOT used to (and never will be) is what my dog does if she finds it before I do. Now that's gross!

Now I can sleep in Happiness! n8 n8, all!

Thanks @zoz for the happy coin.

Thanks for the visual, @zoz....and, It was a great game! hasta la bye bye...lol

finally out
use too much time

Playing behind, anyone still here?
Can't figure out what to do after I get the book case open.
Everyone seems to have jumped from there to the end, and all I have is 4 birds, a hole in the floor, a hook and 2 places to put something. Oh, and a SD.

POP! found stick to right of hole

wow, 90% solved with no help! Fantastic game!
(though a bit EASIER than usual I think)

I "only" forgot about the fact that there are TWO receptacles for metal levers. (Missed the one above the hippo lever puzzle, grrrr).
Well, I said "only", but it was a huge blocker for me!

I assume numbers for new box is the cards, but where's the clue for the order?

POP again -- look under cushion

I tried the hint under the chair, but can't get it right?

Nevermind, got it! :p

Hi please I can't fill the tube
i put it on the left, water open...

Ok found, click on lever's hippo to put tube under water

Please someone help me with the password. Can't figure it out. Why would it start with M? If you go by the numbers it would start with P... sooo stuck.

Wow POP works!! In case anyone else wonders. Check out the books in the middle lower left side...

       Anonymous  3/21/12, 3:17 AM  

I escaped without help, but I didn't find the Happy Coin. Going to read the comments !

       Anonymous  3/21/12, 3:18 AM  

POP, I filled again the glass and found it !
Great game !

hi everybody!

can anyone tell me where the hook is? i looked everywhere!

nevermind, found it under one of the shelves

       Anonymous  3/21/12, 4:01 AM  

Oana: click left of thing where you place the birds.
It's screwed in the bottom of the upper shelve.

       Anonymous  3/21/12, 4:18 AM  

Out with happy coin and some help from players above.
I love these games! Thanks.

I can't figure out order for birds. Anyone still playing?

Best part: The dancing plant!!!

Birds spoiler:

yellow, blue, pink, green

       Anonymous  3/21/12, 5:34 AM  

great game!

Finaly a great and logic game! Thx! :)

Another excelent game from Teshi!!!

ありがとう Tesshi-e

Anyone still there?
I have the box from under the bookcase, but no idea how to open it.

Well, I had solved the birds mathematically.
It's not as hard as it seems...
Y = yellow, B = blue, P = pink

Y + B = 1200
Y + P = 1000

tells us that because Y wasn't touched, B must weigh 200 grams heavier than P
So { P = B - 200 }

P + B = 800
or {{ P = 800 - B }}

Now we can set both equations as equal

B - 200 = 800 - B ==> 1000 = 2B or B = 500


P = 300
B = 500
Y = 700
G = 100

Never mind about the box. That was sooo obvious.

Where in the room did you get the [RGYBRG} clue? I cannot seem to click any of the books.

out with no help. As always, this is one of my favorite game makers. :)

@Chris zoom on the middle section of the bookcases. You can see the stars in the colors on the right bookcase when zoomed in.

finish with no help! :) nice game but i prefer the old songs... this was too sad. tesshi-e best games so far. everybody should vote excellent 5 stars

Before clicking opening start, click Language Japanese to change it to Language English. If you forgot to do this, click FUNCTION in the game screen to change the language. This is also where you save.

Click on the large potted fern plant to zoom in
Click it 3 times to shake it
Get the SPADE KEY that falls
Zoom on the desk drawers
Use the spade key on the top left drawer to get the SCREWDRIVER (yay!)
Zoom on the right desk drawers and open the middle one
Use the screwdriver to free the HOLES PANEL
Go right
Get the HANGING MR. BIRDY from the shelves
Still zoomed in where you got that Mr. Birdy, take the HOOK he was hanging from
Click the Mr. Birdy in your inventory and then hit About Item
Click it in the about item view for the ORANGE MR. BIRDY
Go right
Zoom on the panel with pegs on this wall over the couches
Place the panel with holes on it and see numbers!
Note there are also numbers below the pillows on the couch arms
Behind the right couch, there is a hippo picture (left of the bookcases) – zoom in on it
Set the switches
Solution below
Get the ODD PART
Go right
Zoom on the panel to the right of the bookcases
Use the screwdriver to remove it
Go right
Zoom on the left desk drawer and enter the code into the bottom left drawer
Click the drawer handle and get the LIGHT PURPLE MR. BIRDY
Zoom on the bottom right drawer of the desk and enter the shapes code
Solution below
Go right and zoom on the star picture
Click the corners of the picture in the correct order to open it
Solution below
Zoom on the scale on the bottom of the shelves by the star picture
Place the 2 odd parts on the pegs of the scale
You can now weigh the Mr. Birdy statues
On the shelf above the scale, you need to place the statues according to weight (left heaviest and right lightest)
Solution below
Turn left and zoom on the right desk drawers
Open the top drawer with the clover key
Click the stick in the about item view to see numbers on the back
Zoom on the computer on top of the desk
Place the USB in the blue adapter to the right of the keyboard
Zoom on the computer screen and click the icon for Unlock System
Enter the password and click OK
Solution below

Go left and zoom on the middle bookcase again
Press the button below the green light
You can see two holes now that the bookcase is moved
Click the hole in the left edge of the right bookcase for the STICK
Look at the about item view of the stick and click the top
Put the cup hook in the top
Now look in the hole in the floor where the middle bookcase was
Use the stick/hook to get the BOX
Set the dials on the box and click the switch to open it
Solution below
Back up so you can see all the bookcases
Now zoom on the opening where you removed the right panel
Put the handle in the hole
Back up and go into the opening where the left bookcase was
Get the POLE from the chair
Click the cushion to see a math hint
Turn right
Enter the code into the box and click the handle for the TRIANGLE KEY
Solution below
Go right and back into the main room
Go left and zoom on the left desk drawers
Use the triangle key to open the middle drawer
Go left and back into the second room
Turn left
Put the container in the left slot below the water machine
Click the handle to raise it
Turn left
Go into the main room and turn right
Zoom on the hole where the hippo picture was
Place the bent rod into the hole and click it until it goes all the way in
Now go back into the second room and turn left
The container has been pushed under the faucet
Click the white button on the green wall
Get the WATER when the filled container sinks into the right slot
Go left and into the main room
Zoom on the tube at the bottom right part of the shelves (right of the scales)
Pour water into it to get the BALL
Click that to get the HEART KEY
Go right
Zoom on the door

Save your game!

Ending 1
Use the heart key and leave

Perfect End
You can use the heart key now or wait, but DO NOT exit!
Go right
Zoom on the opening below the hippo picture
Pull the rod back toward you
Go into the second room
Go left
Lower the lever so you can place the container in the left slot
Raise it back up
Go left and into the main room
Go right and zoom on the hippo picture – push the rod back in
Go back into the second room
Go left
Push the button again
Take back the water container and get the HAPPY COIN
Go left and back to the main room
Go to the door
Use the heart key to leave!

There is a hippo picture over these switches. This is a hint that the puzzle relates to the hippo statues on the shelves. You need to set the switches like the hippos' mouths – open is up and closed is down. So the order is SPOILERUUDUDDUSPOILER
Below the pillows on the red couches' arms are numbers 1-8. Note the positions for each number – for example, 1 is in the upper right position and 2 is in the bottom left position. There are 4 shapes in the same positions on the corners of the coffee table. So first is upper right (triangle). Second is bottom left, which is square.
So the shape order is SPOILERtriangle,square,square,circle,hexagon,circle,hexagon,circleSPOILER
You can click the 4 corners of the picture to tilt it. The picture has a star on it and the colors for each corner are stacked, a bit like books. Turn to the bookcases and zoom on the middle section – now look at the right bookshelf. The books on there have stars in the same colors as the picture! From top to bottom, the colors are: red, green, yellow, cyan, red, and green. The star picture has the Roman numerals from top to bottom 6, 4, 1, 5, 3, and 2.

This tells you to start with number 1 (third position from the top), which lines up with the yellow books. 2 is the bottom position and the bottom shelf had the green books. Keep going and the order is:
You weigh the statues to determine how heavy they are and place them on the holder with the heaviest to the left and the lightest to the right. You don't need to know the actual weights, just how they relate to each other. So from left to right: SPOILERorange,light purple, pink, light greenSPOILER
The screen says displace me. The back of the USB stick had the numbers 9, 2, 5, 1, 10, 3, 7, 6, 4, and 8. There are 10 letters in displaceme and you need to read the letters in the order of the numbers from the USB stick. Start with the 9th letter, which is m, then the second letter=i, 5th is l, and so on. So the password is SPOILERmildescapeSPOILER
The clock on the top of the shelves has heart and club hands. Read the clock and the heart is on 7 while the club is on the number 4.
The chair cushion says spade x diamond x diamond. One diamond is on the computer desk, the second diamond is on the bottom shelf, and the spade card is on the coffee table. So the numbers are 8x9x6 so the code is SPOILER432SPOILER

end of spoilers

Great game as always !!!
Thank you all for your comments and explanations amd kitkatfox for the WT !
I needed help with the star code, I thought the books order was 1r,2gr,3y,4b,5r,6g and so i was clicking in the order given by romans but it was the opposite way.

Just replayed the beginning for just one minute...I wondered why I never needed that panel with holes! :)

It's just because Tesshi made the piece of art on the wall with nails a bit TOO obvious, heheh! :P
I've just found out that I really could "solve" the number without the panel when I first played it. I just went in the game again for a short while to verify if I hadn't attached the panel without noticing it.

thanks to all the lovley people who take the time to do walkthroughs

       Anonymous  10/11/18, 12:47 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

caught this one for the replay
a Tesshi-e is always worth a replay - enjoy!

btw, Tesshi-e is creating games since 2008, i.e. MildEscape has its 10 year anniversary – CONGRATS! ♥

thx all for using EG24 as your (fav) gaming platform - much appreciated! ☺

& thx for all your creations, Tesshi ☺
& thx KKF for the WT

AlphaOmega AΩ
EG24 admin
& managing director

I"m not sure I've ever played this one and that Mr. Y is such a great guy. Thanks for re-posting

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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