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Find the Escape Men 31: In the Bathroom Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 31: In the Bathroom

Find the Escape Men 31: in the Bathroom is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you are locked in the bathroom. Find the 10 Escape-Men, and escape from there (or do something in there)! This game has 1 ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape Men 31: in the Bathroom Walkthrough

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Found only 8 men
okay with foot cream and other stuff
what's next???

Hi again Lottie maybe I can help here for a change LOL

Hi there. I only found 7. What to do with the crushed pumice stone?

Got 9 now. Two more from drain.

Combined ziploc with crushed stone and bottle. This gave footcreme.

Footcreme goes with long stick/wire into faucet another man.

Hi Leroy
working with the Restore WT video...
Nothing do with this game now ^^

Use cream on wire

LOL got ten and out

Out through window. Easy but fun game.

Lottie after that I could put it in the faucet.

got 10 now
thanks Catqueen!

The Ending is hilarious!!!

Hi, thanks for foot cream :)
Hammer on SD to change it

Can't combine foot cream, bottle and wire. What am I doing wrong?

POP, suddenly it worked.

Where to find them
1 under shelf on tub
2 in "Mr.pict" bottle
3 in yellow soap dish
4 on ziploc
5 behind crooked tile (SD on flat head
6 break mirror with hammer
7 behind vent above tub (SD on phillips)
8 in tub drain (SD on flathead)
9 in drain stopper
10 from faucet, using wire & foot cream (see recipe above)


- Lift the left board and take MAN 1.

- Zoom in on yellow bowl and take MAN 2.
- Break the mirror with the hammer and take MAN 4
- Look at bottle, open it and take MAN 5.
- Zoom in on tile, left on the backwall. Look at your screwdriver and click it to make it a normal screwdriver. Use it on that tile and take MAN 6.

- Zoom in on the bath, use the normal screwdriver on the drain and take MAN 7. Click again on the lid of the drain and take MAN 8.
- Zoom in on the ceiling, look at and click you screwdriver to make it a philips head screwdriver and use it to open the vent and take MAN 9.
- Look at the pumic stone and use the hammer on it. Look at the white bag/card thinghy and use the smashed stone on it. Close it and look at it again and then use the bottle on it. Look at the wire/rod and put the combined white bag/smashed stone/bottle fluid on it and now you have a STICKY WIRE/ROD.
- Zoom in on the faucet and use the sticky wire/rod on it and take MAN 10.
- Look at the ten men and click them to make them one big man. Use him on the window and you're out.

ooh im late ....there is already walkthru by small tool...

I LOVE these!

Yay I was just wondering when we'd see this game

fun little game, still try to get in live game...grrr never find it.

still good

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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