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Red Goldfish Room Escape Walkthrough

Red Goldfish Room Escape

[REPLAY] Red Goldfish Room Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Sanpoman. In this game, you are trapped in a room and your objective is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


Ok going in :)

And me following!

Yellow square from drawer.
Coin from chair.

The fish nicked my coin.... Did it do anything?

Hi again small and Edgar! :)

Got the notepad with clues including tv and fish in the bowl...

Hi again everybody, loading...


LOL tried 'fish' on the letter drawer... didn't work (but didn't think it would be that easy)

Can't see a clue on the tv Jo.C ?

Another coin from left of plant in shelf and battery from clock.

Got battery from clock..

Solved yellow fish puzzle (4x4 grid to the right of drawers)

Look at the yellow fish on the pic and follow those directions. Got 2nd coin.

No me neither small sorry I meant in the notepad, there is a clue ABOUT the tv Lol SORRY!

So does the fish need 4 coins in total?

Letter code is from combining blue fish on the table with fish picture.

Opened blue fish drawer. Look at the directions of the fish in bowl. Get letters from the pic. Warning: start with left position.

For 5-color box: Look at the color of the wall 'holes/shelves' and the amount of 'waves'
Note if they are vertical or horizontal too.
Got 3rd coin.

Remote from lower drawer.

Hm, SYNG doesn't work

Got box from drawer open for third coin.

Hm. no idea what I'm doing wrong.
Tried YFGS AND FGSY, but no go!?

Urban it is SYFG


small - its SYFG

@faltu, where's the knob?

Got all the coins, now stuck on the red fish puzzle.

thanks to all 3 of you above

Can't open bottom drawer. Anyone?

I don´t get the direction of yellow fish...

Where to start and where to end ?

What does it say in the book?

Knob is on the self, you have to use the stick after making it long.

Start at bottom left.

ahh faltu - but where is the stick - tried to move the chair lol - too heavy

Zazie. start at bottom left. then go up one square. then northeast till top row/3rd column. go on...

What stick ?

and the stick is...?

SwissMiss - look under the big red fish.

Where do you get a stick from Faltu?

Ah ok, stick is left behind red fish.

Stick was behind the red fish.

Got stick. Thanks Seedbads!

Thanks a lot Edgar, got it now..

Where do we use the code from the tv?

Out. :)

thank you - got the tv working now and a 317

Combine tv clue with picture to get the code for the red fish.

Silly question here... where do I need to enter a 3-digit code???

Once you put all 4 coins in the fish, you get 3 buttons to push. You need the code for that.

Last hint is how many times to click on fish tail; from L to R

Arghh!! I am missing a coin? Help anyone!

Ah of course, put all 4 coins in the red fish and then you can use the code.

in the red fish Edgar combine TV and picture according to the book.

Did you get the on from using the yellow block to the left of the plant to the left of the clock?

Edgar - did you use the yellow block yet?

Don't forget to add number from red fishes to TV number

and out too - nice game

Had to re-read comments. Got my missing coin thanks to Zazie's.

And easy out after that. Thanks for helping me :)

Did you get the coin beside the plant? Have to use yellow square.

The one from left of plant was my missing one s-t. Thanks anyway.

LOL, and thanks everyone!!

Feeling blond, i get a 4 digit code at the end ?

Lol Zazie,
Just 3 numbers on the tv and 3 on the pic.

Yes i made the addition ....

TV says 317.

@Zazie. Clue from notebook says East-Southwest-South
Those in the pic should give 5-2-9.


Lol, couldn't understand/read the notebook. Just used the numbers from left to right.

OMG, i am so stupid, i added 3+5, 1+2 and 7+9....lol
I am out now :)
Thx for helping me out !

Stuck on yellow fish. Tryed hundreds of combination, it wont open...

Got it, damned stupid yellow fish...

Hint, the 4x4 not resets by itself, you have to go back and return or it won't work.

Got coin from chair, coin from solving grid, and coin from left of plant. Where is the 4th?

Ah from the little box I have in my inventory. Tried the color code from the spaces on the wall, but it won't open - any help?

Ok got it - have to look at squares above color buttons. The biggest vertical line is the biggest vertical shelf, followed by shortest horizontal, shortest vertical, longest horizontal and medium vertical.

@Princess, code is indeed spaces on the wall. Combine them with the drawing on the box itself for the order of the colors.

Example, looking at that kind of laying down E on the box, you can see it starts with 4 vertical squares. They, on the wall spaces, are green, so green is your first color.
Then follows 2 horizontal squares... are you following too?

You´ve made it! :)

@ Zazie I did the same thing! I guess we made it more complicated that it needed to be!


Has anyone ever found an explanation why the cabinet letter code is like that?

When I played without peeking, I too tried YFGS which appeared the most logical to me.

So why is the blue fish's final move the starting point?!?

I need help with the yellow fish 4x4..

Got it!!! I Started on bottom left like the yellow fish on the 4x4, then continue moving that way until I get to another arrow then follow that direction until I get to another arrow and so on...

Fishy Walk Through
Note: Some spots are a little pixelly.
(This games seems worth a WT, and doesn't have one yet.)

Zoom on red fish, then on white box
See "xx400xxxx" (You need to put 400 yen in the fish)
(Note, you can add coins 1 at a time as you get them and watch the counter go down)
Back out once
Click on left side of table
Pick up pen from floor
Look at pen, click green end and it turns into a POINTER

Back out and go right
See TV on cupboard
Note gold line on cupboard right
Zoom on cupboard
- left door needs 4 letters: clue = blue fish
- open top drawer for YELLOW BLOCK
- bottom drawer is missing a knob
- right door is locked
Click to right to see YELLOW FISH PUZZLE
Back out and zoom on chair
Lift cushion to find a COIN #1

Go right to see 5 shelves
See that blue dot on the upper-left shelf?
Zoom on it and use pointer to get KNOB
Zoom on blue shelf
Pick up clock and remove battery
Zoom on left side of shelf and see sliding door
There's a coin, but door won't stay open!
Put in yellow block to hold door open
Take COIN #2

Back out and go right
See fish picture on wall
Zoom on yellow table
Open drawer and take notebook
Look at notebook for blue, yellow, and red clues in Japanese and a drawing of red fish and the TV (RED FISH HINT #1)
Look at fish bowl and click blue fish for BLUE FISH HINT #1
Look at fish picture BLUE FISH HINT #2 and YELLOW FISH HINT

Go back to cupboard
Put knob on lower drawer for pink REMOTE
Turn remote over and insert battery
Go to yellow puzzle and push buttons to unlock right door
Remove and open green container for COIN #3
Use remote on TV for RED FISH HINT #1

Look at your pink box
It has 5 color buttons that correspond to the 5 shelves
(The buttons are peach-pink-blue-yellow-green)
Open the the box for COIN #4

Place coins in red fish who turns around
Enter red fish number for EXIT KEY

The puzzle shows starting at bottom left
Trace the pattern of yellow fish in the puzzle to get the order for pressing the buttons:

Fish starts pointing left, then makes 4 turns
Using compass notation: W-E-SW-N-W
Corresponding letters on picture: SYFGS
It turns out that you start with the "S", not the "Y"

The fish in the book are pointing E-SW-S
Corresponding numbers on the pictue: 529
Fish on the TV trace out digits: 317
529 + 317 = 846
Tap the left key 8 times, the middle key 4 times, the right key 6 times

Oops -- forgot the last one


Notice each shelf has scallops in it
Vertical shelves Green has 4, pink 3, yellow 2
horizontal shelves are peach 2, blue 3

The "E" on the box has
4 vert - 2 hor- 2 vert - 3 hor - 3 vert

Great Game! Enjoyed the themed puzzles.
Not too difficult but clever puzzles are never too easy.

There is a lot of Japanese in this game but fortunately NO language barrier - no Japanese is necessary to solve the puzzles.

Look forward to more by this artist.

Nice game. blue fish drove me crazy until I saw I was starting with the wrong direction

       Anonymous  5/27/18, 11:26 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, San ☺
& thx Puzzled for the WT

Thanks, EG24, for giving us this wonderful game for replaying!

Epic loading times :)

Wowo I remember this one! Sanpoman has such great games! Thx for the replay.

Pixel hunts (no puzzle hints):
1) Below and left of big red fish
2) Right side of yellow TV cabinet
3) On left inside of plant shelf
4) Back of clock
5) Back of remote
6) Right edge of notebook to open

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