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Jogo de Carro Room Escape Walkthrough

Jogo de Carro Room Escape

Jogos de Carro Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Jogos de Carro. Your mission is gather items and solve puzzles in order to get out of the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Horray, the screwdriver was found!

Going in too.

Where did you find it?

Hi Urban,
you need the knife, and there is a hotspot right of the door.


Trying to find second key and antenna or something for TV.

Have 4 cars, key (used), scoop (used) knife (used 1) and magnet.

By the way: I'm a bit stuck, I'm happy about the reinforcement. So hi Jacqueline too.

I need to know what to do with the cars. I've got all and know the order, but don't know where to put them.

Where to use the battery?

Where to put cars? Have the order colour!

Dunno where to use the battery and where to put the cars, sorry...

I tried to combine the wire with the magnet but it didn't work. Replace the lighbulb for a blue one and have save opened. Don't know (yet) what to do with magnet and wire and cars.

Right of TV is now a hatch, but can't open it.

And in the cupboard, on the left side is written y=9z

Have battey too, you don't have to combine them.

What's up with the square in TV room on carpet - tried cutting it, magnet or SD doesn't work there...really stuck now. Even tried putting cars on stripes on TV!!!

And maybe TV brand says: z=4a

Open the long white cupboard with the fingerprint from behind the tv. Put the cars in the order of the tv screen which opens hatch.

Fixed the tv (right of cabinet, use string) and got color code.

Ah, thanx emily, I haven't seen that fingerprint. Now we need light!

White light not always the best...

And I need maths help! Found x=3y and y=9z and z=4a. What does that mean?

I'm downstairs now, fixed the light (put lightbulb in ceiling), found hotspot behind left pilar and safe, need code now and don't now what to do with battery and hotspot.

Kiki you rock!
And ... out!

Use blue lightbulb downstairs ;)

Found place for battery, on top of save, and found a=2 and x=? with blue light, where did you find the other codes Emily?

And out!

Jacqueline the other codes were in the left hand cupboard under the tv, on the tv (the brand part) and in the second or third draw.

Where's fingerprint?

Emily - great find for car placement! Completely missed that view! Thanx for help

How did you get downstairs? placed the cars in the white cupboard...

for fingerprint, zoom on TV screen and click on the rigth, in the blue

when cars placed, dowstairs is on the right of TV

Ok Emily, found them but I could hardly see them on my screen. Now working on the code.
Fingerprint is on top of tv, zoomed in.

Thanks seb

placed cars pi r y b g and the space right beside tv won't open

POP wrong order of cars

Oh, had a phonecall but I'm out, nice game and thanks for the help.

Isacus colors = pink yel blue green red look at tv screen

Really hard to spot x=... y=... hints, didn't like that, the rest was very well done! Nice game! Thanks for the help!

By the way: the codes change every game, tried to replay it and all codes where different (color code, blue light code, xyza-code)

I agree with escapism, I would never have seen them if I didn't know where to search, even then I could not read the one in the cabinet. Lucky for us we were in at the same time and had the same codes. Now I'm going to make some brownies and wait for another new game.

Amazing work guys, I would NEVER have spotted that fingerprint nor found the hotspot.

I'm missing red car, where is it please?

Arbeit: It's in the safe behind Mona Lisa.

AHHH thanks! Now I see why I couldn't move that picture - it's bolted on the wall!

My math went like this,
z=4a, 4x6=24
y=9z, 9x24=216
x=3y, 3x216=648
And Out.

Yw. Can't figure out the code for the safe downstairs. I have a=7 from the left pillar and y=9z from the cb under tv. Can't open right door of cb.

Thx Morgan. I need to find my Z code to solve it.

Catqueen Z on TV "zEQ4a"

Aha! Thanks Seb, I missed that. Out too now.

hint x is on the right in 3rd drawer

Replayed and yes, Blue light numbers and Car colours changed
but the xyz numbers stayed the same, this time around.

Why can't I figure out the clue for the safe???nobody seemed to mention it...just that they opened it.....help?

Okay it is the math that changes in every game....and I don't have time to figure it out!!!! lolol

cool game with some basic math.

You know what I LOVE to do for fun and recreation? Solve math problems! I'm just kidding. I actually can't stand it. One star.

Got a bug:
One colour order didn't work, hatch didn't open (yprbg). I needed a loooooong time to realize that. Opened the game in other screens and it worked. Nice game beside of that.

silverfish, what browser are you using?

@Guilherme: This is FLASH. It's never dependent on the browser you're using. If a game fails loading on IE (in mid-air), it will fail on Firefox, Chrome and Safari as well. (Rule of thumb)


I thought that too. I think you have to SET the cars from left to right according to the colors shown on TV.
Supposed the colors were

pink - green - blue - red - yellow

DO NOT set "as they come" in your mouse pointer as "red-4th, yellow-5th, pink-1st, green-2nd, blue,3rd"

but really obey the color order also when setting the cars. I wouldn't call a bug, the programmer just didn't think of people using random order w/setting up the cars.

Addendum: the hatch will also most likely not open if you set 3 cars that you find first, and as a second step add the 2 remaining ones a lot later. You will have to take all off and set them from scratch. But apart from that awkward flaw, the game is excellent.

arbeitslooser, I am the developer of this game and it was not made with Flash, but HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I tried to keep the game bug-free in all modern browsers (IE 7, IE 8, IE 9, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari), but I don't know, I may left some bug. That's why I asked that. :)

If you find any bug, please report to me in the comments of the game.

arbeitslooser, I tried to reproduce the errors you said in Google Chrome browser but everything worked as expected:

I tried to put the cars in their places not in left-to-right order (e.g.: rgbpy), I firstly put g in the 2nd position, after p in the 4th, etc and it worked.

I also tried to put some in their places, find other cars, back to the scene and place them in their places, and the hatch opened normally.

Please tell me the browser/operating system you are using so I can test it and provide a bugfix.

Thank you! :)

Hello author! I think you have made an excellent start, judging from the rating they gave you.-
I'm really surprised your game is plain HTML/JS/CSS code. I was so sure it was Flash (as most here are).

I suppose you used HTML5? (that's supposed to let Flash become extinct one day :P (I hope I'll witness that day before I die LOL))

But seriously, to your question: that would be Firefox (more exactly Iceweasel) on Linux (Debian).

I'll describe again what I did: I found order for cars, but only had 4 cars.
So I set them and left a gap for the red car I was missing.
Then I set the red car and the hatch did NOT open.

I removed all cars and set them up, left to right, and then the hatch opened. (Same color order as before) That's exactly what silverfish described above as well.

Thanks for the motivation! :)

I will try to reproduce the error in Firefox/other browsers and fix this bug, it was really not suposed to happen, although the game can be completed normally.

P.S.: I don't know if I can say I really used HTML 5. I didn't use any of the new features, like canvas, native drag and drop, etc due to some older browsers, that are widely used (IE<9), don't support it, but I used some javascript libraries to cover these features.

Where is the yellow car? I can't find it anywhere.

Yellow car is on the pilow on the bed. Use the knife from the top drawer on it.

Clues in cabinets extremely hard to see, otherwise a solid game

5 star game knocked down to 3 stars because of dark clues inside cabinet.

Nice game!

I saw a lot of people hated the tips being hidden. I left them a little clearer, mainly because the contrast level can vary depending on the screen, and for some people it might actually be impossible to see them.

Thanks a lot Guilherme, it's Ok now, hints clear!

where is the pink car????

pink car left of bed on floor.


kmoorer, common, it's just multiplication. Nothing that complex. :)

arbeitslooser, I fixed that bug.

This comment has been removed by the author.

LOL, a screwed Mona Lisa...!
& LOL, I tried to scan the cars...!
& we never opened right TV CB, so its contents will be a mystery for ever...!



- DRAG the items
- CODES change each new game...!

Blue - bed CB
Yellow - bed pillow (use knife)
Green - left TV CB (use key)
Pink - left of bed on floor
Red - in safe (use SD & then numbers of lines)

- KNIFE (bed CB)
- MAGNET (bed CB)
- white BULB (lamp on bed CB)
- KEY (behind bed CB on floor, right side)
- BATTERY (hole left of TV, use magnet)
- SCOOP (left TV CB, use key)
- blue BULB (vase, use shovel)
- SD (under carpet, room corner right of door, use knife)
- SAFE (Mona Lisa, use SD)
- WIRE (outlet, use SD & then knife)
- FINGERPRINT (behind TV, zoom & click blue borders L or R)
- golden escape KEY (cellar safe)

- drawer, bed CB (x=3y)
- on TV (zEQ4a)
- left TV CB (y=9z)
- lines on wall (blue bulb in lamp, take it back...!) for safe
(change each new game...!)
- turn on TV (button, but first use wire on damaged cable right side behind TV CB)
(Sorry, colour challenged ppl, also colour order changes each new game...! :-/)
- x=? (cellar safe, use blue bulb)
- a= number (changes each new game...!)

- scan fingerprint on long white CB & click button under scanner square to open it
- put cars according TV hint to open floor panel (right of TV)
(all together, one by one, from left to right!)
- climb down ladder in

- put blue bulb on ceiling (middle top of screen)
- put battery in SAFE
- open safe according equations hints:
X=3y (bed CB)
y=9z (TV CB)
zEQ4a (TV, EQ means =)
- for example (as value of a change each new game...!):
z=4a, 4x8=32
y=9z, 9x32=288
x=3y, 3x288=
- or:
z=4a, 4x7=28
y=9z, 9x28=252
x=3y, 3x252=756
- or Cit.:
Morgan 3/13/12 3:11 AM
My math went like this,
z=4a, 4x6=24
y=9z, 9x24=216
x=3y, 3x216=648
(thx! ☺)

Guilherme, you redesigned the game enabling
the clues to be seen better, wow, nice one!

I love designers who hang around to see how things
are going and make changes as they are needed.
(remind you of someone)

But to be included in a premiere WT... Awesome ;-}

Morgan, I am glad you liked it. It's very important to learn with the mistakes, and this game experiment teached me a lot.

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