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Max Strong 2 Walkthrough

Max Strong 2

Max Strong 2 is another point and click room escape game. It has been two weeks since Laura Banks went missing, she was last seen on Halloween. The police assume that Laura is dead, though her body was never found. Your mission is to find out what happened to her. Good luck and have fun!

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well, I'll give this a go...

Hi Philomena!

Hoping this is a really good game....

have basketball costume, truth serum, key to nothing, and tape

key is to staff door at theater. where did you find truth serum and tape?

shall I join you?

i have a recording, photo, truth serum and a pocket knife

Oh, I have the tape, too. Also have button, knife (used), book (used), key (used), basketball costume, and cookie. Stuck outside of Frank's house with a kid dressed up like Harry Potter.

and a button and a cookie

serum was at the fortune tellers

glad I had some money to buy the costume! lol

lol...spelled "oreo" wrong!

I've spoken to everyone but Frank, who opens his door looks around, and slams it shut again. Can't get rid of the annoying kid in front of the house, either. Not sure what else to do

where are the button and the cookie?

found the button, still looking for the cookie

@Philomena, cookie is in the staff door at the theatre and the button in is the theater

and where did you use the key?

combined truth serum with cookie and gave it to the kid to sell to Frank, now in his house

found the shirt frank wore, drove him crazy and he dug up poor Laura.

and out

put the truth serum on the cookie and give it to the kid

thanks, got it all and stuck again in front of Frank's house with the weird kid

ewwwww what an ending!

button is in movie theater floor, cookie is in the staff door to left of movie theater. you use key found in box

How to wake him please? can't find a tapeplayer...

have to find a way to wake up frank. wearing costume, but maybe use tape but no tape player

@Tommy, just click on the tape

I have shirt...where is costume please?

@Nokra, you have to give the costume shop guy the photo, then you get the costume

In the house when I click the door to the stairs, it just goes a little dark...but nothing happens....what am I missing please?...anyone?

@Nokra, that's because you already have the shirt

good gosh! how did I not see the left arrow???? lolol

A bit creepy.....

on a lighter note....a new Sneaky coming on Monday!

I know Nokra, can't wait!

Thanks Jo-Ann

Where are the key?

I've been waiting for a new SD ... how do you know when one is coming? I'm so stuck in this game! arg...lol

haha ... finally got rid of kid at Frank's house! lol .... progress

well that was a weird ending .... guess I am out?!!

The screen must not be fitting my laptop because in the office, I barely see the left set of drawers. Is there a way to fix this?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Where are the key?

@nokra "Orio" isn't spelled wrong. I'm sure it's just a spoof. And apparently the pharmacist guy gives you something? There's a bug, I don't receive it.

where is the key


1. Check the file cabinets to find an audio tape and a personal diary. Go Downtown.
2. Go to the Pharmacy and take the knife. Talk to the pharmacist.
3. Go to the Psychic and talk to her. Give her the personal diary. Receive the picture. Click on the bottles behind her to get a truth serum. Go out.
4. Go left and to the Costume shop. Give him the picture. Go out and right twice. Go inside the Theater.
5. Click on the small door on the right side and use knife on it to get a key.
6. Click on the left door and use key on the Staff room. Take an "ORIO" cookie. go out.
7. Go inside the big door and pick up the button on the floor.
8. Go to Frank's House. Combine the Truth serum and the cookie to get a truth cookie. Give it to the kid.
9. Go inside the house and click on the closet. Match the button to the shirt.
10. Go back and click on the doors on the left. Wear the basketball costume and play the audio tape and click on the sleeping Frank. Watch the scene.

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