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Modern House Escape Walkthrough

Modern House Escape

Modern House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Dozen Games. You are locked you up in the Modern House, try to figure out how to escape by using the items and solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Modern House Escape

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doesn't seem to load.

Hi! Did you click the 'x' button on Ad? It's working for me. Going in.

Ok for me too

On shelves yellow key, coloured letters, "Epad" on table and pink bulb in box

an remote under box gives color code on tv

in kitchen, ice with key in, colored letters in cb

put ice on candle on shelves and big key
coloured code with plates

hammer in bedroom drawer
red key in safe under pic with code colour plates

oh! gotta go. I found a hammer, a pink key, a safe behind flower pic, memory card behind photo frame (used hammer), code for epad is on tv screen and you will find letters. I hope it will be an easy escape. but...

"black thing" in drawer cb bedroom, use it on miror bathroom, first put pink bulb, to get pink key

hammer on pic gives memory card, use on Epad , enter letters code and gives 4 numbers
put in bedroom on the right and gree key
put 3 keys on door and out...

didn't find the pink E but guessed it was that, thankfully it let me finish without having found that letter

I think that I have the right order for the coloured buttons of the safe, but I need a key.

I think that the key I need is in the icecube. How can I melt it ?

Sorry, I've just realized that Seb has already explained how to melt the ice.

ok going in

This game is buggy. I kept losing things, I would click them , they would just disappear before going into inventory. tried to play it a few times, I give up.

i don't see an ice cube in the kitchen??

Found it! In the sink!

Put pink bulb in - room turned pink - but didn't get any pink key? And seb says ""black thing" in drawer cb bedroom, use it on miror bathroom, first put pink bulb, to get pink key" --- Got a red key from that drawer - no "black thing"?

Geez! Found "black thing" and got pink key and Finally OUT! LOL!

OMG they have Pommac! I used to drink that when I was a little girl!

Sorry Linda, no clear...
"black thing" in cb drawer in bedroom is drawer which is near the left of bed

@seb, thanks for ice and how to get key from in it!

Where to find the letters:
- gold and green letters on shelves in first scene (one behind books, one under hat)
- bedroom: red under bed, pink behind suitcase
- kitchen: white an orange in cupboards

glass cutter was to right of bed, after using 4# code from handheld

- for a video WT, click HELP top right of game screen.


- on TV (use remote):
= order for handheld password
(use CAPITAL letters from around the rooms)


- on number code on night table:
(numbers from handheld after putting memory card)
--> CODE:


- on plates on table:
- click on safe:
G - 0x/5x (start)
R - 1x
Y - 2x
W - 3x
Bk - 4x

I cant find glass cutter.

Found it, Its in the closet on the left of the bed, there is a little drawer on its right.

I hate the navigation....too annoying to play!!!!!

where is the green key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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